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					Countries & nationalities
By: D.Messaoudi The adjectives of nationalities are built with the addition of the suffixes “-ian, -an, -n, -ish, -ese, -i, -ch, -er” to the names of the countries, or with changing the final vowel. Here are the models; the change in the root is indicated with blue colour and the stressed syllable (in the list) with bold letters:          Egypt Chile Algeria Spain China Iraq France Iceland Argentina Egyptian Chilean Algerian Spanish Chinese Iraqi French Icelander Argentine

List of the countries and nationalities of the world:
Afghanistan Albania Algeria America Angola Argentina Australia Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Chad Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Cuba Cyprus Czech Denmark Ecuador Egypt England Ethiopia Finland France Germany Greece Guinea Haiti Honduras Hungary Afghan Albanian Algerian American Angolan Argentine Australian Bahraini Bangladeshi Belgian Bolivian Brazilian Bulgarian Burundian Cambodian Cameroonian Canadian Chadian Chilean Chinese Colombian Congolese Costa Rican Cuban Cyprian (Cypriot) Czech Danish (Dane) Ecuadorian Egyptian English Ethiopian Finnish French German Greek Guinean Haitian Honduran Hungarian Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Liberia Libya Luxembourg Madagascar Mali Mauritania Mexico Mongolia Morocco Nepal Niger Nigeria Norway Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Slovak Icelander Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Irish Israeli Italian Jamaican Japanese Jordanian Kenyan Kuwaiti Lebanese Liberian Libyan Luxembourgian Madagascan Malian Mauritanian Mexican Mongolian Moroccan Nepalese Native of Niger Nigerian Norwegian Pakistani Panamanian Paraguayan Peruvian Filipino Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Saudi Arabian Senegalese Slovakian

South Africa Spain Sudan Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand Togo Tunisia

South African Spanish Sudanese Swiss Syria Taiwanese Thai Togolese Tunisian

Turkey Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zimbabwe

Turk Venezuelan Vietnamese Yemeni Zimbabwean

How to ask about somebody’s nationality: - Where do you come from ? - Where are you from ? - What nationality are you ? How to answer: - I come from Algeria. - I am from Algeria. - I am Algerian. Notice: Nationality adjectives start with a capital letter.

Name ________________________ Date ____________________

Country names & nationalities Worksheet
By: D.Messaoudi

Directions: The table below contains words (country names & nationalities) that have been chopped into syllables.
Find the syllables that fit together and write them in the answer area below.

A Ar Eu Fi Gua In Ma Pa Pa Scan

da di do gen kis li me ra ro te

gas guay ma nav nes pe pi ri ta ti

an an can can ia ian lan na ni no


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