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         Successes and Challenges
                             20 May 2010
Benjamin Kuscher                      Lorelei Hunt
RAPIDE Project Manager                Director of Innovation
                                      South West England Regional
                                      Development Agency

         European Regional
         Development Fund
RAPIDE Partner Regions

›   South West of England – UK
›   Galicia – Spain
›   Kujawsko-Pomorskie – Poland
›   Örebro – Sweden
›   Region of Western Greece
›   Saxony-Anhalt – Germany
›   Tartu – Estonia
›   Wales – UK
›   Presov – Slovakia
›   South Bohemia – CZ
›   Lapland – Finland
›   Észak-Alföld – Hungary
   RAPIDE’s learning curve... Past

› Learning Summit in Cornwall Summer 2007
   › 18 member states, 25 regions
   › Key factors preventing innovations reaching the market
   › High level of enthusiasm
› INTERREG IVC application 2008
   › 12 regions, 13 member states
   › 3 themes; partnership, finanbvce, risk
   › Identification of our toolkit
› 1st phase of the project 2008-09
   › 3 working summits
   › 2 conferences
   › Building partnerships,
     developing our working methods
RAPIDE’s learning curve...Present

› Four peer groups 2010
   › Innovation Vouchers - Effective Funding – Innovation
     Partnerships - Innovative Procurement
   › Developing and adapting proposals

› 17 Regional Action Plans 2010
   › Action Plans finalised
   › Beginning the implementation
   › Starting the action

› Drawing up policy recommendations 2010
RAPIDE’s learning curve...Future

 › Implementation of concrete actions
    ›   Innovation Vouchers+
    ›   Pre-Commercial Procurement
    ›   Business Angel Networks
    ›   Start-up Assessment
    ›   Innovation Partnerships

 › RAPIDE digital story telling for a better pitch
    › To be presented at the final RAPIDE conference

 › Impact on Structural Fund Programmes
    ›   Variable involvement of MAs
    ›   New projects
    ›   More efficient/effective delivery of existing projects
    ›   Improved outcomes
  Experience of a Fast Track Network

› Fast Track means just that!
   ›   Did we understand how hard we would have to work?
   ›   Benefits of a short, sharp, ‘task and finish’ approach
   ›   Continuity of personnel
   ›   Involvement of external regional experts

› Relationship between regions and the Commission
   › Sense of collective effort between regions and the Commission
   › Strong dialogue between the EU and regional practioners
   › Capitalise on new ideas and developments on the European level
   › Commission benefits from development, testing and
     implementing of new ideas within the RAPIDE regions
   › Variation in extent to which DGs and units engaged
   › Different expectations of the INTERREG JTS and the EC
Recommendations for Fast Track

› The project theme should be clearly defined at the
  outset to allow a quick start

› Each DG should nominate an expert on the theme

› DG REGIO geographical units need to be regularly
  briefed and to support the project

› Implementation of actions should start within the project
  life cycle to avoid any loss of momentum
Why South West England is the
  Lead Partner of RAPIDE?

           Lorelei Hunt
           Director of Innovation
           South West RDA
           20th May 2010

  European Regional
  Development Fund
   Advantages for Fast Track Lead Partner

› Direct involvement in leading search for new ideas and
  designing new approaches to innovation in Europe

› Direct contact to the Commission, influencing policy and
  ‘having a say’ in Europe

› Developing productive new partnerships across Europe

› Real opportunity to apply experiences from other regions
   For more information

   Interreg IVC
   DG Regio   

Lorelei Hunt                                   Benjamin Kuscher
Director of Innovation                         RAPIDE Project Manager
South West of England Regional                 South West of England Regional
Development Agency                             Development Agency

               EUROPEAN UNION
               European Regional
               Development Fund

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