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					Last updated: 18-01-2012

Fabric Shopping in Christchurch
Address       580 Colombo St,
              Central City
Hours         Mon-Fri 9-5:15;
              Sat 10-4;
              Sundays: closed
Phone         3664093

Often very good for wool, from $2/m to $40/m, fine to heavyweight, depends on what’s come in.
Cotton drill or canvas, often $2-8/m, less if in bulk.
Owners Lazlo and Philippa know about the SCA and give reasonable discounts, so always ask for a best price; you’ll
often get additional length, especially when buying in bulk.
The $2 shop in South City Mall opposite often has large poly bags, good for emergency luggage.
Bernina Dress Sundries is a couple of doors down heading south and has good haberdashery supplies.
Fabric House
Phone:            (03) 365 0172
Email:             enquiry@fabrichouse.co.nz
Address:          121 Wrights Road, Addington, Christchurch
Website           http://www.fabrichouse.co.nz/
Furnishing fabrics from Europe, they also do upholstery and soft furnishing classes from time to time.
Fabric Vision
Address         39 Main North Road
Hours           Mon - Fri 9am – 5:30pm
                Sat 10am - 4pm
                Sun 11am - 4pm
Phone           3798899
Website         http://www.fabricvision.co.nz/
Lots of basics for the home sewer, not a discount shop.
Address           (temporary) 47 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch, New Zealand 8024
Phone             3526763
Email             haraldsfabrics@gmail.com
          Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:00
          Saturday 10:00 – 2:00
The following stores have closed after the Christchurch earthquakes

Fabric Bonanza
Address         24 Bedford Row,
               Central City
Hours           Mon-Thurs 8-4: 30
               Fri: 8-3:15
               Sat-Sun: closed
Phone          3666914

Ends of designer rolls so highly variable, often lightweight/coat wool; sometimes wool/angora mixes, linen or silk
Tell them what you are after as they often have other bolts out the back and will fetch if they know rough colour, weight
Has good sales (typically mid-July) where all material is $4/m; usually varies around $7-40/m.

Global Fabrics
Address     223 Tuam St,
Hours       Mon-Fri 10-5;
            Sat-Sun 10-4
Last updated: 18-01-2012
Phone       3772477
Website    http://www.globalfabrics.co.nz/

Provides a standing 10% discount if you mention the SCA, has had 20-50%-off sales nights for SCA
Particularly good for linen and wool; prices vary considerably but generally in the $8-40/m range.
Has Sydney & Melbourne retail outlets (The Fabric Store, 21 Cooper St, Surrey Hills), plus Auckland, Wellington &

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