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									       Shu-Te University
    College of Informatics
 Graduate School of Information

        Masters Thesis

Electronic Newspaper Project of
       Vinh Phuc Province

         Student: Pham Thi Thu Hang
         Advisor: Dr. To Chang
                 Dr. Ton Quang Cuong

             June 2009

Electronic Newspaper Project of Vinh Phuc

                Student: Pham Thi Thu Hang
           Advisor: Dr. To Chang
                              Dr. Ton Quang

                    A Thesis
                  Submitted to
     Institute of Information Management
               Shu-Te University
  In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
           For the Degree of Master
            Information Management

                    June 2009
Yan Chao, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China



 論文題目:Electronic Newspaper Project of Vinh
                   Phuc Province

指導教授:林 蘋 博士



研究生(授權人)姓名:Pham Thi Thu Hang           (請簽名並蓋


       中   華   民   國      年        月   日

中   華   民   國   年   月   日


    本校資訊管理研究所            陈嘉龙   所提之論文

Electronic Newspaper Project of Vinh Phuc



                          年     月      日



        資訊管理研究所 范氏秋恒 君所提之論文

題目:Electronic Newspaper Project of Vinh Phuc


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指導教授 ________         系所主管_________

    中華民國          年         月        日


                                            Advisors:Dr. To Chang
     Student: Pham Thi Thu Hang
                                                     Dr. Ton Quang Cuong

                  Graduate School of Information Management
                            College of Informatics
                              Shu-Te University

Global communication work (internet) is one of the greatest invention in the field of
information technology has begin and continues strongly widely develop affect many aspects
of social life.
Electronic newspaper better by far traditional newspaper, huge information capacity, rapid
interaction, no space time and geography bounds
Appearing about 10 years electronic newspaper has play a importance role in disseminate,
propaganda social informations, foreign affair‟s informations, enhance intellectual standards
of the people, satisfy people‟s information needs and come in for culture…
In take shape and develop itinerary, recent year in particularly, VinhPhuc television and radio
broadcasting station has formed drastic prestige in the city and many other place thank to his
truthfulness, precise, timely and day by day satisfy audience‟s information demand. Vinhphuc
electronic newspaper project found on the Internet for the purpose of combining all the strong
point of newspaper, radio and television into a unity, electronic newspaper increase ability to
interact with audience, overcome obstacles on space, time and geography.
Vinhphuc electronic newspaper establishment is not only to supply information in politics,
economy, culture, society, investment, study, entertainment … satisfy audience‟s needs, but
also advantageous channel to spread Vinhphuc‟s image and potentiality far and near audience,
in order to strengthen attachment to audience , especially knowledge young audience who
have a good condition in approaching information technology. Vinhphuc electronic newspaper
establishment in order to make the newspaper a breakthrough stride, step by step occupy the
information market, to be in a strong position (at information), meet demand of coming
Keywords: .: E-newspaper, Internet, NICTs (New Information and Communication
Technologies), VinhPhuc Television, Information market, Reader interactivity


After nearly 2 years to study the master of management information system programm by the
University Shu-te co-ordinated with the Faculty of Pedagogy – Vietnam National University
in Hanoi organization, I also like the students of first Course, have received the valuable
knowledge and very necessary. With the enthusiastic help of Dr. To Chang, Dr. Ton Quang
Cuong , MA Ha Linh, I have tried studying and survey to applying the gainned knowledge to
my job. Now I completed "Electronic newspaper Project of Vinh Phuc province" as thesis for
my graduation.
I expressed gratitude deep, sincere to the Professor, Ph.D. University Shu - te (Taiwan), the
Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy Faculty - National University of Hanoi and create favorable
conditions for us in the process of learning.
I would like to sincerely thank the colleagues, and leaders Vinh Phuc Television - where I
work. They created best conditions and provided information and documentation necessary to
help me complete this thessis well .
Once again, I would like to sincerely thank the enthusiastic help of Dr. To Chang, Dr. Ton
Quang Cuong, MA. Ha Linh has dedicated instructions and exchange information in time to
complete I discovered graduated with his progress was going.

                                                               Table of content

    ABSTRACT ....................................................................................................................... viii
    Acknowledgment ...................................................................................................................ix
Chapter 1 - Introduction........................................................................................................... 8
    1. Overview of E- newspaper ................................................................................................. 8
          1.1. What is an Electronic newspaper (Also called e-newspaper, e-news, or online
          newspaper)? ..................................................................................................................... 8
          1.2. Character of E-news ................................................................................................. 9
               1.2.1 Online newspapers allow the readers to update news quickly, frequently and
               constantly .................................................................................................................... 9
               1.2.2 Online newspapers are very highly interactive ones.......................................... 9
               1.2.3. The multimedia features ................................................................................. 10
               1.2.4. Highly associate feature .................................................................................. 10
               1.2.5. Easy to search and easy to archive .................................................................. 10
               1.2.6. Highly socialized and personalized feature .................................................... 11
    2. Research reasons: ............................................................................................................. 11
    3. Research Purpose .............................................................................................................. 11
          3.1. Common Purpose .................................................................................................. 11
          3.2 Concrete Purpose ..................................................................................................... 52
    4. Structure of the Thesis ...................................................................................................... 62
Chapter 2 - Literature Review ............................................................................................... 74
    1. Theoretical basis of the information system and the appearing of E - newspaper ........... 74
    2. Audience‟ culture under internet impact .......................................................................... 85
    3. Actual of e-newspaper construction (in some country) .................................................... 96
    4. Current state of building e-newspapers in Vietnam ....................................................... 129
    5. Actual state to build e-newspaper of Vinh Phuc province ............................................... 30
Chapter 3 - Research method................................................................................................. 31
    1. Analyzing, evaluating the initial reproduction of an e-newspaper in Sweden ................. 31
    2 - Statistical analysis and data processing ........................................................................... 37
    3. Analysis the results of interviews ..................................................................................... 38
Chapter 4 - Exprimental Constructing Model of Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper ...................... 40
    1. Requirements of Internet source and hardware and software knowledge for e-newspaper
    office ..................................................................................................................................... 40

           1.1 . Domain ................................................................................................................ 40
                1.2. Information structure ..................................................................................... 40
                1.3. Information content updated and managed .................................................. 40
   2. Structure model and website system ............................................................................... 41
           2.1. Software model ................................................................................................... 41
           2.2. Information provided to readers ........................................................................... 41
           2.3 Working procedure is easy and fast .................................................................... 352
           2.4. Capability of content and working management is close, flexible .................... 352
           2.5. Capability of integrating added values through services advertisements .......... 352
           2.6. To step by step build up and transfer ................................................................. 363
           2.7. To satisfy editing procedure ............................................................................... 363
   3.. Model on implementation, operation............................................................................. 374
           3.1 Internal network .................................................................................................. 374
           3.2 General model ..................................................................................................... 385
           3.3. Security of applied software layer ...................................................................... 396
           3.4. Webmaster hardware .......................................................................................... 396
                  3.4.1 Webmaster organization models ............................................................... 407
                  3.4.2. Expansion capability of the system ............................................................ 50
           3.5. Data storage system ............................................................................................. 50
                  3.5.1 Models of data storage organization ......................................................... 441
                  3.5.2 Storage technologies ................................................................................. 452
                  3.5.3 Selection of method for data storage, back-up and recovery .................... 463
   4. Security and safety......................................................................................................... 474
           4.1 Security and safety of software and user ............................................................. 474
           4.2 Security and safety for hardware in prevention and fighting natural disaster,
           lightning cut off ......................................................................................................... 485
Chapter 5 - Conclusions adn suggestion ............................................................................. 496
   1. Requirement about hardware model: .............................................................................. 496
   2. Requirement about development technology for Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper ................... 506
           2.1 Development technology..................................................................................... 507
           Expansion capability of applied software
           2.3 Implementation model of software build-up technology .................................... 518
   3. Personnel requirement for Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper ........................................................ 59
   4. Requirement about hardware infrastructure to maintain and operate of Vinh Phuc E-
   Newspaper ............................................................................................................................ 59

        4.1 Proposal of hardware technical configuration for internal system and working
        reporter ........................................................................................................................ 60
        4.2 Proposal of internal webmaster configuration and webmaster ............................. 60
        4. 3 Proposal of transmission service to operate e-news on Internet .......................... 61
References............................................................................................................................ 63

                                        LIST TABLES

  No                                       Content                                 Pages

Table 1    Newspapers hosts for questionnaires and number of respondents            30

Table 2    Table 2 : Summary of factors related to use experience                   31

Table 3    Background data in percentage of total data set                          31

Table 4    Demographic and background data of the questionnaire respondents         31

Table 5    Reasons for exchanging traditional newspaper                             32

Table 6    The rate of people are using computers with online                       35

Table 7    Rate of objects often see many types of press                            35
            Rate of objects express a desire to access Internet, electronic
Table 8                                                                             36
Table 9    Rate of objects express a desire to access Vinh phuc E - newspaper.      36
            Rate of objects express a desire to be collaborator of Vinh phuc E -
Table 10                                                                            36
Table 11   Compares Network load balancing and Sever cluster                        46

Table 12   Below briefly compares these two storage technologies.                   50

Table 13   Personnel requirement for Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper                          57

                                      LIST FIGURES

   No                              Content                        Pages

Figure 1    Application model at Tuoi Tre Newspaper                22

Figure 2    Function model applied at Tuoi Tre Newspaper           24

Figure 3    Technology model                                       26

Figure 4    Installation model                                     27

Figure 5    Internal network                                       42

Figure 6    Application model at Tuoi Tre Newspaper                43

Figure 7    Single webmaster model                                 45

Figure 8    Single webmaster model                                 47
            NLB model for IIS and single webmaster for database
Figure 9                                                           47
            management system
            NLB model for IIS Server Cluster for database
Figure 10                                                          48
            management system
Figure 11   Requirement about hardware model:                      54

Figure 12   Implementation model                                   56

Figure 13   Technology architecture                                56

                                         Chapter 1

 1. Overview of E- newspaper
 Someone said that the world is flat and made a lot of noise about it with a book. But no
 matter the shape of the world, the truth is that the earth is getting smaller thanks to the
 Internet, which has made everything near and fast to reach. Nowaday, globalization is
 expanding and people worldwide are communicating as never before with the help of the
 The information technology has been doing “Actually a part of life”. Information technology
 development is major premise for other branch of science. Along with science and
 technology‟s strongly development, need of update information enhancement day by day.
 Only when people got information, they can approach, understand and grasp of world‟s
 change. Anyway, the problem is what and how to supply information, which needs to be
 solved by information engineer, information architecture. A fulfil requirement new need to
 satisfy five condition: fast, accurate, adequate, up to date and have attractive lay out. Five
 conditions above are the reason make people think of electronic newspaper release.
1.1. What is an Electronic newspaper (Also called e-newspaper, e-news, or online
A remote access electronic newspaper is commonly called an electronic newspaper. An e-
newspaper must fit the definition of both a newspaper and a remote access electronic serial: a
serial publication containing news on current events of special or general interest, issued in a
machine-readable format, and “accessed via input/output devices connected electronically to a
computer. E-newspapers are accessed most frequently via the Internet. This definition will
evolve as the concept of an online newspaper continues to evolve. E-newspapers are often
associated with an existing newspaper in print. Most e-newspapers do not have enumeration,
though they do have chronology, and many maintain archives of back issues online.

“An online newspaper, also known as a web newspaper, is a newspaper that exists on the
World Wide Web or Internet, either separately or as an online version of a printed periodical”
(Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-newspaper#Soft-copy_news_sheets)
 Therefore, „what is electronic newspaper?‟ it is a web page, which designed base on internet
 foundation. Where information processed in sever then return audience a result via internet
 explorer, Netscape. This is very convenient to allow people could make information access
 whenever they have internet connection and a reach standard internet explorer.
1.2. Character of E-news

If the printed newspapers were born hundred years ago as well as other type of newspapers
were born for years, and they have been established a firmed foothold in the press world; but
the electronic newspapers, or online newspaper, were just being born in the late twenties
century. Despite of newly born in the press world, the online newspapers in fact are growing
very fast in the press world with its distinguish features, such as:
1.2.1 Online newspapers allow the readers to update news quickly, frequently and
Thanks to electronic technology, computers and especially the internet that help online
newspapers to get and deliver the news of the events to the readers shortly. With the internet
with broadband transmission, some events may even being communicated to the readers in
the real times, e.g. reporting a football match or a press release.
Online newspapers not only allow the reporters the ability to post the news instantly but also
continuously. This feature could not be found in other type of printed newspapers in which
reporters can only post news in accordance with the issuing timetable of the newspapers.
Therefore, another distinguish feature of online newspapers is unmethodical.
This feature helps online newspapers dominate other printed newspapers regarding the
transmitting speed and details of the news covering that ensure the readers to access the most
updated news with the most convenient. Therefore, a lot of readers access online newspapers
for updating news for this reason.
1.2.2 Online newspapers are very highly interactive ones
Interactive is one of the important features of the press. When the living standards are
improved, the demand for updated news as well as interaction with the press agency of the
readers are also becoming more important.
In any type of newspapers, this feature is highly interested in by the press makers. For online
newspapers, thanks to high technology, the interactive feature of online newspapers are likely
superior than the other type of newspapers.

Online newspapers not only allow to the interaction between readers and press agency but
also the interaction among readers; or even the interaction between the readers and the
characters reported in the online newspapers.
The interactive process in the online newspapers is quicker and more convenient for the
readers in comparison with other type of newspapers. There is response part for the readers
right under each posted article in the online newspapers. Besides, there are also some other
type of feedbacks for the readers to the press agency such as vote, email, forum… that are
very convenient for the readers to raise their opinions regarding the article. This feature could
not be found in the printed newspapers.

1.2.3. The multimedia features
It is said that online newspaper is one type of general newspapers which is intergraded the
multimedia features in it. In an online newspaper, a work of the online newspaper may be
intergraded the writing article with sound and video.
While a reader may actively read all his interested articles in any page in the online
newspaper similar to in the printed newspapers, he can also visually watch pictures, video
clips or listen to sound without any limitation of time and space.
The multimedia feature helps online newspaper become more interesting and lively than other
type of newspapers.
1.2.4. Highly associate feature
Online newspapers have a hyperlink feature which allows linking other related articles/files

with the key words of the reading article. From reading one article, the reader may find
related information through hyperlinks in the reading article for further reading of the
interested topics.
Or form one page of online newspaper, a reader may access other website through hyperlinks
with a single click.
The hyperlink feature of the online newspapers allow the readers access unlimited
information store in the internet.
1.2.5. Easy to search and easy to archive
Online newspapers allow a reader to systematically archive articles of the interested topic
with a huge amount of information and also allow the reader to search one interested article
easily thank to search engine integrated in the website. The reader can read articles sort by
time, article or topic... If reader does not have enough time to read immediately, he may also
archive the article for later reading or for re-reading after that with a very simple act. This
feature is not available in the type of TV or radio press.
1.2.6. Highly socialized and personalized feature
Thanks to the World Wide Web and the covering areas of internet in the world nowadays, the
online newspapers, without limitation of the space together with the highly interactive feature,
have another important feature of socialization. Nevertheless, the online newspapers also have
a feature of personalized one. This is at first seem sound contradiction, but in fact it is true.
The personalized feature of the online newspaper is expressed through reading options that
allow a reader to actively select a newspaper, a page of the newspapers, or an article of his
interest without limitation of the time.
Besides, online newspapers are highly pervasive, easy to edit or correct the wrong
words/statements with low cost due to there is only one data archive source of each article.
Furthermore, the using value of the information posted in the online newspapers is higher than
other type of newspaper thanks to the reading options provided for readers.
Yet, online newspapers still have some shortcomings that include: online newspapers
require the reader to have computer with internet access and simple computer using skills; and
that the reliability of the information is still not so high.
2. Research reasons:

Being one of eight main points economic of Vietnam‟s north area, Vinhphuc province had
become part of industry, urban, tour belt close support in development project in north and
north-eastern of Hanoi. In take shape and develop itinerary, recent year in particularly,
VinhPhuc television and radio broadcasting station has formed drastic prestige in the city and

many other place thank to his truthfulness, precise, timely and day by day satisfy audience‟s
information demand.
3. Research Purpose
3.1. Common Purpose
That new one –electronic newspaper – more and more prove their upper hand in: direct to
audience, simplify edit process, and enhance working effect…. With features: supply updated
amount of news to internet users (or LAN user); able to flexible vary to fit vary form of
audience‟s demand (this is not only for press units). This is supported tool to collect news
from other one, to enrich our editorial articles…
Today in Vietnam, there are many new communications firm and traditional editorial office
has established, operated and successful exploit electronic newspaper, as well as put applied
information technology into practice and computerize editing e-newspaper process.
Some success e-newspaper that got huge amount of audience has computerized all the editing
e-newspaper process, for example: Dantri e-newspaper (www.dantri.com.vn), Tienphong e-
newspaper (www.tienphongonline.com.vn) and many other e-newspaper from various
organizations, news agency all over country…
Our targets: Vinhphuc e-newspaper establishment aims at one of biggest e-newspapers in
Vietnam, with capacity allow 300.000 – 500.000 access at once ( in the year 2008-2010
period) allow 550.000 – 1000.000 access at once (in the period from 2010-2012): and be a
completely computerize operation e-newspaper for Vinhphuc broadcasting, television station.
I hope, this project can contribute a small part to strive for industrial province at year 2015
3.2 Concrete Purpose
With such as targets, in research and deploy process, project need to focus on several specific
- Research e-newspaper model at home and abroad, note their positive and negative point,
from there put forward demand of software, hardware, workforce to establish and operate
Vinhphuc e-newspaper.
- Research and check actual state of information technology infrastructure at Vinhphuc
broadcasting, television station, from there put forward IT investment solution, serve
Vinhphuc e-newspaper operation process.
- Research and survey of number of people in province who got searching need on e-
newspaper, from there put forward knowledge need to improve to Vinhphuc e - newspaper‟s

4. Structure of the Thesis
This paper is organized as the following:
Chapter 1: Introduces the E- newspaper, impact off E- newspaper and requires
to construction Vinhphuc Television‟s E- newspaper . Backgrounds and
Motivations, research problems and research questions are described in this
chapter as well.
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Combination of applied information technology and communicate information at a e-
newspaper operation, refer to some e-newspaper model.
Chapter 3: analyze and refer some e-newspaper, bring positive into play, overcome negative
for Vinhphuc e-newspaper.
Chapter 4: analyze the necessary for e-newspaper.
Chapter 5: provides the conclusions and suggestions
Information System is not simple concept. It is organised set of human, hardware, software,
stored data, modulation and transmit.

                                            Chapter 2
                                        Literature Review

1. Theoretical basis of the information system and the appearing of E - newspaper
 Information System is not simple concept. It is organised set of human, hardware, software, stored
data, modulation and transmit.
Base on information system to communicate to each other via hardware, information processing
instructions and procedures (software). Stored information channel and data (data source). The
creations of e-newspaper are combination between information technologies and communicate
information. So:
Professional demand:
Electronic editorial office: Website has to operate as a electronic editorial office. That mean; article
after composed by user have to be checked by editor. If the article‟s content and appearance is selected,
it then is move to stand by position to upload into formal website. Operation area of composer and
editor needed to separate into column. That is, administrator will locate user compose or edit article
into specific column. After pass all check up level, article will be publish up to website. Alternatively,
if there is a mistake found by administrator, article is return to right competence level.
Non-function demand:
- Friendly and easy to use property: Website user, who just reading news or search information for job,
doesn‟t have specialist knowledge of computing. So, need to have a visual interface, fine, limit
specialist vocabulary, foreign language using. Present a Multiple language website will be mentioned
- Secure property: there are 2 element: information and user. One, information upload to website, it
viewed by many people. Then, information secure is top priority. Article needed to check carefully
before publish. It just be repaired by competence level. All the modify action in order to private
purpose must prevent. All article after individual time stored, need to be backed up for safe.
User secure is keep the website user‟s personal information in secret. Open just to the user‟s

- Evolutionary property: feature of website have to have open ability. Administrator can change some
limited, desultory, constant…. attribute, for example: number of being accessing people, list of
website‟s column, group of user changing.
Comparison with traditional newspaper that slow at update news because of printing matter, radio got
limited at illustration image, e – newspaper is the combination of two ones above.                 Nowadays
newspaper is at once got information, image and sound, clip transmit via internet. E-newspaper can
fastest spread as well as most difficult to control, and easy make rumour if spreading information is
wrong. Once of the most importance property of e-newspaper is interaction with user. E-newspaper
can make exchanges with user via various forms: online exchanges, online survey, contribute idea…
A real e-newspaper firstly to be a newspaper organization, subjective organization, has authorization,
interviewer staff… (This used to distinguish e-newspaper from multi source supplier website). That
mean once you want to become a e-newspaper‟s interviewer beside press knowledge, you need to have
computer knowledge. Because each journalist will have his own account to edit, image processing,
and insert directly into his article. After finish this procedure, he post his article to editorial group, they
check then publishing.
Normally, when there is a event, reporter must come on the scene to observe, recorded, take a
photograph, interview… this step called data collect. From that data, journalist compose article, after
checked by editor, it is published. It is the same with e-newspaper‟s interviewer, but they have smaller,
more user-friendly work instrument, can update news any time as long as he got internet connection.
Non-function demand:
- Friendly and easy to use property: Website user, who just reading news or search information for job,
doesn‟t have specialist knowledge of computing. So, need to have a visual interface, fine, limit
specialist vocabulary, foreign language using. Present a Multiple language website will be mentioned
- Secure property: there are 2 element: information and user. One, information upload to website, it
viewed by many people. Then, information secure is top priority. Article needed to check carefully
before publish. It just be repaired by competence level. All the modify action in order to private
purpose must prevent. All article after individual time stored, need to be backed up for safe.
User secure is keep the website user‟s personal information in secret. Open just to the user‟s
- Evolutionary property: feature of website have to have open ability. Administrator can change some
limited, desultory, constant…. attribute, for example: number of being accessing people, list of
website‟s column, group of user changing
2. Audience’ culture under internet impact
The e-newspaper is predicted to combine the readability and overview from the printed newspaper
with the possibilities of online media such as constant updates, interactivity and video [13], and is
even predicted to replace the printed edition in the long run [14]. The potential replacement of the

printed newspaper with the enewspaper would dramatically reduce production and distribution costs
for the newspaper companies.
The introduction of the e-newspaper has already begun, during 2006 two experiments with e-
newspapers in real life settings has been performed.
During the reading, some of the things to look for in the reading are:
1) sources used; write these down along with the source's qualifications;
2) terms used in reference to your client subject. How is the news copy treating your subject?
3) issues; what are some of the key issues that are appearing time and time again?
Nowadays,        reading culture and update news, search information of audience via internet are
predominate. So e-newspaper is satisfying audience‟s reading culture:
      -Convenience for reader. More and more people working on internet with every passing day.
      - Timely update news, thank to internet‟s communicate news technology.
      - Create ability to interact between editor firm and audience.
      - strengthen demonstrator ability of editor firm.
3. Actual of e-newspaper construction (in some country)
In the world many country has researched, constructed and operation in various way.
No-one can tell what all the new media will look like. But the "electronic newspaper" provides a
In 1995, many newspapers rushed to produce electronic editions. At present, these are made available
freely on the World-Wide Web. Most require electronic readers to "register", giving their name and
address and getting some kind of password.
The publishers do not, of course, envisage giving their product away free for ever.
They could at some point ask for an annual subscription from electronic readers who want continued
access. But this is almost certainly not a good way of selling newspapers. Traditionally, a high
proportion of newspaper sales are "impulse buys".
The commonly-accepted model for commercial on-line publication is "pay-as-you-read". In the future,
an electronic newspaper might present you with a free contents page and perhaps some free stories and
pictures. It would then charge you a few cents to read each story. The stories themselves could offer
"links" to earlier stories on the same subject, or to background documents too large to include in the
paper edition.
The newspaper will in effect be syndicating its own current - and back - issues to its own readers.
Various companies are developing "electronic cash" additions to the World-Wide Web technology
which will make a "pay-as-you-read" newspaper possible within the next year or two.
There is nothing wrong with this in principle. Indeed, it offers exciting possibilities for creative
A recent survey about internet audience of Nielsen Net-rating show: 1/5 internet accessing people love
to read e-newspaper than other kind of newspaper. This is a motivation make traditional newspaper

immediate issue e-newspaper version in order to competition and follow computer age trend. Almost
article in this e-newspaper version is re-issue article from traditional newspaper.
In company with connect technical development, which speed up upload and download rate, more and
more e-newspaper are established in the world who can transmit every form of information. E-
newspaper can be considered as a combination kind of traditional newspaper (text), radio newspaper
and video newspaper. Internet audience not only can update information under text form but also can
listening radio, watching television right in the website screen.
Recent year, a new branch of electronic information field appears and creates a news fever. That is
personal website named weblog or blog. Basically, this is online diary or personal verbalization
channel. In fact, many of them (weblog) which got rapid update speed, keen comment has quickly
became more well known than the orthodox e-newspaper. Weblog make issue expenses down to zero
level when any one can create or use available service to show his own ideal and comment on various
respect of life. Moderately, weblog affirmed his revolution role in e-newspaper‟ development process
in general. It is not about his content but technology, which universalizes information expressions. In
the world, many weblog even got link form orthodox e-newspaper as a part of this e-newspaper, or
weblog owner is invited to work for big news agency.
As a website designed base on internet background, e-newspaper is not only focus on exchange
information, make profit but also support to customer demand. In other words, e-newspaper is a
enterprise form where vendor or buyer is necessary not directly exchange but more close to each other
with every passing day. Data sould be in a text form, graphic, video clip, sound or flash ….
Data processing step is executed at sever then return result back to audience via Internet explorer or
This is very convenient to allow people could make information access whenever they have internet
connection and a reach standard internet explorer.
When e-newspaper concept if form, it is time to care about free or not free of charge. Normally, all the
service be played by somebody. To e-newspaper, that expense almost comes from advertising, while
information is free. Anyway, some big e-newspaper in the world still apply monthly fee for
information. Other ones just allowing for monopoly, excellence article. In fact, both of them, free or
not, still have land to develop.
It will be a big mistake if the main role of online searching services whose names become unmissable
to people who often search online information such as Yahoo tools, Google, MSN... is not mentioned.
These searching service usually upgrade their properties; bring not only a multi-source info gate but
also a strong guide apparatus help users reach both text format content, images and videos. Accession
Statistic Company Nielsen/Net Ratings announced last May only, Yahoo News network achieved
number of readers up to 23, 8 million (3% grown compare with last year) while Google info channel
achieved 7, 1 million guests (4% grown)..[3]

It is said that e-newspapers soon become a trend and strongly developing on the world. Michael
Maier‟s case is an example. By setting up Netzeitung, Mr. Maier now fulfills his dreams. Becoming
popular since he still an editor in chief of the Berliner Zeitung in Berlin, the 42 year old German boss
kept an idea of building an e-newspaper in his head. When moving to Stern magazine, he was
considered as the trailblazer of a new era of newspapers in Germany. However, after 6 months of
preparing, in July 1999, he had left Stern to Jerusalem right before his “new era of newspapers” began.
Being through a wide and deep effective change n Jerusalem, Maier found out that he no more needed
to publish newspapers. He could find anything he wanted on the Internet. Maier put himself in a poor
furniture room: a desk, a computer and a television. There were a few newspapers on the desk in spite
of a big pile of ones like those days at Berliner Zeitung. Maier even thought fatherly: 2 newspapers
were still too much for him.
Maier started building the Netzeitung from the early of October 2000. The online newspaper with 30
staffs was testing. They hoped with the fore appearance, e-newspaper would revolutionize German
journalism. Even though this e-newspaper was installed without any other incomes, banners, even a
advertise strategy out of the Internet, Mr. Maier still believed that Netzeitung would become one of the
top info source in Germany on the Internet.
Maier explained: “if I read a newspaper and realize that I have seen all the news in this one on the
television yesterday, it will become useless for me”. And if the news on television start to attract
newspaper readers, then Internet news with the advantage of bringing every new event from 6 a.m. to
11 p.m. and upgraded every 10 minutes will make the e-newspaper more perfect.
The tendency of e-newspaper clearly expresses at American Info Situation Report 2007 (carried out by
the Pew Research Centre and the pre-eminence of newspaper Project, announced on 25 May 2007),
there are 66% of American who read news online (separated into 3 groups: about 57% see hot news,
32% see news while doing other online things, such as checking mails, chatting or online shopping,
and the rest is the ones who search information about the events they concern on purpose).

According to the statistics of the data center international Internet World Stats, Vietnam is
ranked 6 in Asia, people on the Internet. Nationality is also home to keep troops in South East

Asia Southern Asia, after Indonesia (25 million), while in terms of growth rate, Vietnam than
Pakistan (133,900 users in 2000 and is now 17.5 million).

                   Internet using people in ten countries of Asia
            Source: According to the statistics of the data center international
                                   Internet World Stats [22]
The lead of continents is China with 253 million users, followed by Japan and the India with
the corresponding figures are 94 million and 60 million. Timor-Leste has the lowest user:
1,200 / 1.1 million people. Cambodia has 70,000 people have opportunities for exposure to
the Internet in Laos is 100,000.
With the signal of the economy in general and business telecommunications in particular,
research hãng Business Monitor International (UK) last year predicted Vietnam will reach
31.5 million people connected in 2011 . Internet service Yahoo also recently affirmed that
Vietnam is targeting a number of them in South-Eastern Asia and want to give 30 million
users in 2010.
4. Current state of building e-newspapers in Vietnam
According to the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC), up to now, there
are 10.829 websites with the Vietnam domain names. Number of Internet users in Vietnam
has increased to over 7, 5 million with the rate of users per capita about 9, 1%. Total
International connection bandwidth of Vietnam is 2, 3 Gbps in which total International
connection bandwidth of VNPT/VNN is 1, 8 Gpbs, accounted for 78, 5% total capacity of
Internet and e-newspaper really became a new means of communication in the foreign
information operation of Vietnam Communist Party and Government. E-newspapers are more

and more developing in qualities, with abundant updated content such as Vietnam Net,
VnMedia, VnExpress....
Especially, Vietnam Net has had a large amount of accessory, approximately 60 million hit
per day.
Future communication trend is a special integration of Internet broad bandwidth and
broadcasting and content service. With information technology infrastructure, the new
generation broadcasting allows forming broadcasting technology on demand; VNPT is
building the “electronic television” system or the “Internet television” at the e-newspaper,
Vietnam Net. After going online, many newspapers like Lao dong, Nhan dan, Sai Gon giai
phong... have immediately attracted a lot of readers.
With all the advantages that the traditional newspaper cannot have, e-newspaper has updated
events, facts in politic life, economy and society. Number of readers is more and more
increasing because e-newspaper can satisfy every demand and provide fully information that
everyone concerns.
Comparing with traditional newspaper and broadcasting, e- newspaper has effective capacity
of storing and keeping information and timely serve for demands of reader‟s searching.
Besides, e-newspaper has overcome obstacles of traditional newspaper when brought out of
the country. On the other hand, e-newspaper also become a means to propagate policies and
guidelines of Communist Party and government, help friends over the world and overseas
Vietnamese understand the “Renovated” policy and developing situation of the country.
Before, in Vietnam, people must go to a bookstore if they want to buy a newspaper.
Nowadays, with only a connected computer, we can access to any newspaper‟s information,
which have had an online newspaper.
With e-newspaper, at home, you can find information of buying, selling, market prices, health
consultant, jobs...
Moreover, e-newspaper can clear up queries and satisfy suggestions of fastidious customers.
It offers various services for various kinds of customers.
With e-newspaper, opportunities to expand trading are numerous. Not only companies to
customers but also customers to customers by advertising service.
Only a few years from appearing, e-newspapers have asserted their undeniable strong points.
With the help of information technology, e-newspaper authorizes transforming information
almost immediately by texts, voices and images. It is a better advantage compare with other
styles of newspaper by far, especially the traditional one due to time of waiting for periodical

Beside the advantage of transferring information the fastest way to anywhere all over the
world, one of better advantages by far of e-newspaper is free of charge and time for printing, a
prevailing difficult problem of the traditional newspaper.
When publishing a newspaper, a series of problems relating to costs must be counted as
quantity of color printed pages, black and white printed pages, quantity of newspaper need to
be printed while with an e-newspaper, it is nearly meaningless. The multilayer designed
property of e-newspaper help publishers publish on demand and not limit amount of texts,
images and pages.
In addition, e-newspapers have better advantage by far in two-way communication with
readers. Online interviews have been carried out continuously recently improve it. Readers
can send questions while searching information. This capacity brings closeness between
readers and the e-newspaper.
E-newspaper can also carry out survives to sound out public opinion right on the web, which
other newspapers cannot do. Readers can fulfill information on the web and reply just by click
the mouse.
The strong points above explained why e-newspapers over the world and in Vietnam have an
amazing growth speed. After only a few years, Vietnam has built a network up to tens of e-
newspaper. These ones have the reader increasing standard (counted by Page views) everyday
even every hour.
Currently, most of popular newspapers as Nhandan, Lao dong, Thanh nien... have taken part
in e-newspaper market. Parallel with publishing traditional newspaper, newspaper houses
installed particular sections to focus on online newspaper. This amazing growth helps create a
more various, recent, modern newspaper market and especially suited for young generation –
who always cope suitably with new technology quickly.
According to Predictions of computer expert, with a force of professional experienced
reporters, current popular traditional newspapers have many prospects to become the most
popular e-newspaper in the future.
However, the role of traditional newspaper can not be denied. Both of two styles of reporting
are more and more competitive with each other drastically. Ms. Luong Bich Ngoc, who is
working for Vietnamnet firmly said “If an entry of an e-newspaper can attracts readers, it may
take 99 % because of the attractive title” . Journalist Thu Uyen, former editor of the TBT
VASC-Orient remarked “Foreign website such as BBC, CNN, AFT, Reuters... have writing
style “ Inserve Pyramid”, all the best are put on the top and let the readers decide.

According to WAN (source: BCC 1/6/2007), number of e-newspapers (world wide) has
increased 470% in the last 5 years.
In theory, definition of mass communications expressed clearly in e-newspaper actions. If
traditional newspaper can only publish about hundreds thousand or over a million printout, e-
newspaper can connect to millions readers not only in the country but also all over the world,
wherever a computer can access the Internet.
In early 2009 Yahoo and TNS has announced results of research first routine use of the
Internet    in     Vietnam.     Accordingly,    80%      of    visitors   aged       15-19.      [21]
The average time to access the Internet daily in 2008 (43 minutes) almost doubled compared
with 2006, while TV viewing time daily only 233 minutes (21% reduction). Internet access at
home       (66%)     are      becoming   more        popular   in     coffee       shops      (53%).
The purpose is mainly to access the Internet to read news (89%), use the search engine (82%),
IM (73%), downloading music (67%), email (58%), play game directly (46%). Statistics
conducted in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Danang and Can Tho, with 1,200 people interviewed
in December.2008.


                                                         1%               Internet cafe & wifi
                                                                          house freend
                                                                          Shool & Library
                                                                          at home


                                  Source: Yahoo and TNS [21]

VnExpress has 80 journalists and editors, average age 27, active mainly in Hanoi and Ho Chi
Minh city, with a team of collaborators in and outside the country. The journalists, editors
graduated at least one university or the university from many areas of expertise vary, use at
least one foreign language. Single source of revenue for newspaper operation as from

Launched on the Internet on 26 February 2001 and six months later this newspaper website
has become more English readers on the Internet and maintain a position until now.
- June 2002, average 800,000 audience per day.
- June 2003, entered the Top 2000 ranking system Alexa.
- June 2004, lot in the Alexa Top 1000.
- July 2005, standing in the Top 500 readers with more than 1 million per day.
- June 2006, lot 300 to Top. Number of readers increased to 1.5 million.
- October 2006 to Top 200, reaching 2 million readers.
- June 2007, one of 100 websites have access to many of the world.


Tuoi Tre Newspaper is one of the 5 leading electronic newspapers in Vietnam. According to
the statistics, there are 11.25 million turns accessing to www.tuoitre.com.vn from Jan 1, 2009
to March 30, 2009. Therefore, there is average 375 thousand turns accessing per day.
Proposed that each reader accesses average 25 news per day, there are 15,000 readers
accessing to the Website each day. This is the number accessing to the Website and online
interview only, excluding add value services such as streaming video/audio, Euro result
prediction contest, games, advertising page etc.
System model, application model
Website system (active) is divided into 2 parts: one is on INTERNET and one is on LAN
network of the association

                       INTERNET                    Intern             WEBSITE

                                         Network Lan




                             Edit          r
                     Figure 1: Application model at Tuoi Tre Newspaper

Website system on Internet
Website system on INTERNET includes contents as followings:
- Introduction page
- Economy-finance-law information page
- Consultancy – answer page
- Legal document database page
- Discussion forum system
- Internal e-mail system
Internal electronic page
In addition to the information provided to Website INTERNET, content of internal Website is
made from multiple information aspects which reflect internality and value services.
User model
According to application model on the figure, user is classified into 4 main groups:
INTERNET user group: is group of readers on INTERNET. This group occupies quite a
large amount requiring the server system of the Department is firm enough to meet all
requirements of this group.
Editor group: is group of staffs updating information into the system. This function does not
require high level of informatics but well use Vietnamese edition. However, the editor must
ensure skills of collecting information from multiple desultory sources and expressing it in
different languages. In order to deeply understand function on the Website of this group, we
can refer the system function.
Management group: is group controlling information on network. For editors, the
information they update into the system is in waiting list (has not yet shown out), this
information will be reviewed and shown out website through setting under Active by the
management group
Monitor Group: is group of informatics engineers with function to run the system stably, the
tasks including: to grant access privilege, to manage transmission, to back up, etc. The most
difficult task is to manage implicit treatment process on the transmission line in order to
synchronize database in 2 parts (the internal database and INTERNET database)
Function model
Above function models are acknowledged according to visual aspect. In the figure 2.1.
familiarized with application model and user model. Besides, figure 2.1 classified 4 function
groups correlatively to 4 user groups including:
Function for editor board:

           To update information for internal electronics page and Website on INTERNET
           To update answer for consultancy – answer system
           To update survey note for referendum system
           To update legal document for the legal document database
           To update enterprise information for enterprise information database.


                           LAN                                                  supporter
                           network                                              s
WEBSITE                                                offcer
                                                                           - To grant access
                                                                           - To configure
                                                                           - To back up
                                                                           - To manage
                                          Admin                                  implicit
                                                                           - To synchronize
                           Manager                                         - To secure system
 editor                                                                    To manage service

                                               - To censor
   - To update
                                               - To censor
     news                                            Forum
   - To update                                 - To censor
     answer                                      forum using
   - To update                                   registration
     survey note                               - To collect
   - To update                                   question and
     legal                                       answer
     document                                  - To manage
      Figure 2:         Function model applied at Tuoi Tre Newspaper

Function of website information management group including:
   - To censor news on electronic page and website on INTERNET.
   - To select news to post on INTERNET.
   - To censor information content of two forums: on INTERNET and on internal discussion
   forum. Forbidden information, image and culture are not permitted to post on the forum.
   - To censor information of forum using registration of the users with tasks including: grant
   access privilege, create discussion topic, statistic forum, etc
   - To collect question and answer: This is the main function of consultancy – answer
   system. The management group will select questions from users and send to person in
   charge to answer, as well as receive the answers and assign editor to upload on website.
   - To manage to expense website: Apart from above contents, the management group
   should expense influence sphere of new information, creating attraction for the website.
Function of monitoring group including:
   - To grant access privilege to Editor and management group conducting their tasks on the
   - System configuration: In order to operate the system, the monitor group has its function
   to configure the initial system such as: create aspects, update design, create column, create
   forum, grant access privilege, etc. Afterwards, the monitor will use this function to
   expense website structure (both internal website and Website on INTERNET).
   - The monitor group also holds function of system back-up, database back-up. These are
   functions to ensure safety of the system.
   - To manage implicit operation: Website is the system integrating multiple implicit
   operations. The monitor group must find out and control technology in order to have
   solution to overcome arising problems effectively.
   - To synchronize database: database synchronizing is so important because the system is a
   general solution but constructed basing on distribution database (located in two different
   places). This task requires specialize professional engineers on database. (refer to
   technical model to understand more)
   - To secure the system: When the system is uploaded on INTERNET, security
   requirement places on top priority. The monitor has function to secure the system from
   network, controlling to application. It is necessary to give suitable policy for present

   - To control the server system: The system needs to build in place, administrator installed
   nearly 20 operating server webmaster, the monitor group controls 02 servers (one on
   INTERNET and one in LAN network) to well connect with present server system.
   - To create Mail: with function of monitoring system, the management group will create
   email for all staffs to use if necessary
Function to provide for user:
       As we know above, users include user on INTERNET and staffs of the Ministry
(figure 2.1). These users look for information on website. The system provides several useful
functions help users seek information effectively:
    To check information in multiple format
    Seeking function
    To register, upload news on forum
    To require supporting by sending question form or suggestion from, etc
Technical model
     On the basis of application (figure 2.1) and model (figure 2.2), the general technical
model for website system can be suggested as following:
                                                    ww   C
                                   Copy             w
       Input                                        ww
                                                    ww       Replication
                                                B   ww
                            A        INTERNAL
                                      WEBSITE       ww

                           Figure 3: Technology model
 Model to install server


          Mail server                                                        DNS, FTP …
                                         Web server


                                     ODBC                                          Forum



                                       SQL Database
                                          Server                                    Forum

                                                                         Virtual Directory

                                        (Windows 2000 advanced)

                                        Figure 4: Installation model

      System software
o         Method 1: Orade database/Apache Web Server/Unix OS
          + Development tools
          + High feature, stability, easy to implement on the large system
          + High security
          + Difficult to implement
          + Complecated monitoring

o         Method 2: SQL database/ IIS web server/ Win NT, Win 2000 Advanced Server
          + Easy to implement and monitor
          + High extension
                    + Difficult to implement on large system
 Tools to develop:
 Other services: FTP, DNS, TELNET, …
5. Actual state to build e-newspaper of Vinh Phuc province
At present, “e-newspaper” of Vinh Phuc province has not yet popular. It is easy to realize
that it is not enough in both quantity and qualification of editors, technician, professional on
information technology in period of establishing and building.
Equipment      of   some   of   provincial   e-newspapers     as   www.tnmtvinhphuc.gov.vn;
www.ubdt.gov.vn, etc includes: servers, personal computers and supporting equipments,
management software, etc has not yet invested synchronously and not yet developed
absolutely due to weakness and lack of staffs.
Population living in rural area in Vinh Phuc is so populated (occupy nearly 80%), however,
number of the readers are limited for lack of computer, not access to computer. Event in
urban area, not every family can buy computer or event they buy it, they do not have habit to
access internet, read electronic news. Habit of reading newspaper and watching television
takes majority in Vinh Phuc people.
To be the pioneer in Vinh Phuc electronic news, it is sure that project of Vinh Phuc e-
newspaper under Vinh Phuc broadcasting and television station will meet with much
difficulties. However, with advantage of the behider comparing with other countries and
having opportunity to share experience with the domestic e-newspapers, the Vinh Phuc e-
news will promote advantage which the headers in the press corp built, as well as overcome
disadvantages to well satisfy the readers everywhere.
E - Newspaper of Vinh Phuc province is a solutionto in order to create an electronic
information page. This permit global audience to access anywhere and unlimited. With its
ability to publish information quickly and have updated , E – newspaper of vinhphuc include
a content management system - allows editing news, images, sorted by categories, the rights
to each of the editors, news approval. And the management interface allows easy interface
customized graphical user web. E - newspaper of Vinh Phuc can fit a lot of objects in using.
However, this solution promotes more effective in using for the following purposes:
- Construction E- newspaper with information large, continuously updated, linked closely in
many categories and topics.
- Construction E- newspaper with information / items and major categories.
- Construction an electronic information page for the organization / business have more

                                           Chapter 3
                                    Research method

Document analysis: Analysis of source documents, data available on the project of building
electronic newspaper of the Vinh Phuc Television. This project have collaboration with
Company software ESS to implement. Base Vinh phuc‟s on facts the raised requirements, the
technical features, analysis, technical design, present the requirements and characteristics of
infrastructure projects and technical requirements of human resources, the recommendations
for investment and business planning charge made for the construction and operation of
electronic newspaper of the Vinh Phuc television.
Investigation by the table of question: Conduct research to calculate the number of 500 votes
for the investigation of the farmers, workers, civil servants, officials ... .. data processing
method of the study.
Depth interviews: Conduct interviews depth for some subjects as staff management of the
rapid, timely information of the electronic newspaper.
Besides, using the method of analysis, evaluation methods and observations, summarized the
Research methods discovered by this basic approach based on analysis and a reference model
in electronic newspaper and abroad, development of strong to overcome the surface are
limited to the project electronic newspaper of Vinh Phuc Province.
1. Analyzing, evaluating the initial reproduction of an e-newspaper in Sweden
(Maria Akesson 2007 - Sweden) In the DigiNews and UbiMedia projects, have conducted
several studies concerning audience preferences and demands of the future e-newspaper. In
this paper we report from two of these studies, i.e. a survey with 3626 respondents and an
evaluation of an early version of an e-newspaper with 10 families over a two week period.
The survey was done through a web-based questionnaire. We presented the questionnaires at
the news sites of the three Swedish newspapers that we have collaborated with in developing
e-newspaper prototypes within the DigiNews project, i.e. Aftonbladet, Göteborgs-Posten and
Sundsvalls Tidning (Table 1). Aftonbladet is a tabloid with the most visited news site in
Sweden, Göteborgs-Posten is a local morning paper covering Göteborg (the second largest
city in Sweden) and its surroundings, and Sundsvalls Tidning is a local morning paper in the
north of Sweden.

        Table 1: Newspapers hosts for questionnaires and number of respondents
     Newspaper                   URL               Unique visitors/day     No. of respondents
     Aftonbladet             aftonbladet.se            1.200.000                  3757
  Göteborgsposten                gp.se                   41.500                   135

 Sundsvalls Tidning              st.nu                   14.500                   447

The questionnaire was divided in four parts concerning background data, business models for
electronic news, preferences for future electronic news and use of mobile media services. In
total, 127 questions were asked and 4339 respondents answered the questionnaire. The
respondents that had given an age under 15, those who did not complete or answered the
questions included in this study contradictorily were excluded form the data set, resulting in a
dataset containing 3626 respondents.
Moreover, Buchanan and Smith [20] have argued that web samples can be as representative as
or more representative than traditionally collected samples because of the heterogeneity of the
online population. Although, admittedly there are inherent problems in controlling whom
responds to online questionnaires. Control for cases with multiple submissions from the same
IP number was handled in the data collection. Since the e-newspaper concept was not known
to all potential respondents we provided them with the possibility to read more about e-paper
technology on a separate page which consisted of a simplistic picture of the concept as well as
links for further reading.
Further, it provided three concept videos of future e-newspaper scenarios in conjunction to the
questionnaire for the respondents to watch. The movies envisioned the benefit of the e-
newspaper for three different personas: the business women, the student and the senior citizen.
Close ups on the designed user interface together with examples of functions showed the
future e-newspaper in detail. The scenarios were based on the assumed preferences of the
three personas and showed how a future e-newspaper could support their media consumption
in different contexts. Watching these videos provided the respondents with an idea of what
functionality the future e-newspaper could provide.
Data to the respondents from the survey (Table 3) and the test persons in the evaluation.
Thereafter we compare the results on preferences and opinions regarding the e-newspaper
from the two studies. The test persons in the evaluation were 3 women and 9 men with the
average age of 39,7. Their educational level was: elementary (3), grammar (5), and university
level (5). 9 of the test persons work full time, 2 were students, and 1 a senior citizen. 9 of

them subscribe to printed newspapers and all 12 read online news. Finally, 5 regularly use
mobile services.
                   Table 2 : Summary of factors related to use experience

 Demographic data                  All                    Men                      Women
     No of                        3626                    2216                      1410
         %                        100                     61,1                      38,9
       Mid age                    37,1                    37,9                      35,7

                   Table 3: Background data in percentage of total data set
                   Occupation                                        Income
Full time              55                                        Low 30,0
Part time             7,7                                        Medium 41,9
Unemployed            5,8                                        High 28,1
Senior citizen      6,3                                          Education
Student             19,0                                         Elementary 9,1
Sick leave           3,6                                         Grammar 45,5
Other               2,6                                          University 44,0
                                                                 Other 1,5

     Table 4: Demographic and background data of the questionnaire respondents
    Newspaper               Read online news        Possession of mobile           Use mobile
    subscriber                                            Phone                     services
     YES: 48,8                    99,4                       97,5                     53,8
     NO: 51,2                      0,6                        2,5                     46,2

Availability anywhere and Added value such as new services are the most important reasons
for both groups. The least important reason in the survey was Environmental reasons and in
the evaluation Time savings. Notable is that all reasons were rated higher by the test persons
apart from Time saving. Some of the test persons mentioned that the e-paper device should
not only contain their morning paper but also support all their reading, as illustrated by one of
the test persons: “I want to read everything on this device…it has to be good enough for that
to make up for the inconvenience of downloading and updating. It has to be as good as what I
have today.”
Reasons for exchanging traditional newspaper
What reasons are critical if you sometime in the future would exchange your traditional
printed newspaper to an e-newspaper?

                  Table 5: Reasons for exchanging traditional newspaper
                                 Mean                    Std dev                  Mean
Environmental                                                                       4,8
                                  3,6                     2,59
Cost savings                      4,0                     2,64                      5,6
Time savings                      3,9                     2,76                      3,9
Availability                                                                        6,3
                                  4,8                     2,69
Added value such as                                                                 6,0
                                  4,2                     2,60
new services
Satisfaction with new
                                  4,0                     2,64                      6,1

Eindhoven, 4th December 2008 - The world‟s leading provider of e-reading solutions,
Netherlands based iRex Technologies (www.irextechnologies.com), has offered an
environmental Christmas present with the announcement of a deal to offer over 800
newspapers from 81 countries on its new iRex Digital Reader 1000 series. And as an added
Christmas gift the subscription will be offered free of charge for one month for existing and
new customers from the launch date of Thursday 11th December 2008. With the world
consuming over 300 million tonnes of paper annually, the potential implications of receiving
and reading newspaper electronically are huge, but until now devices such as the Amazon
Kindle have only offered around 30 titles and the restrictions of their small screen size have
caused headaches for publishers wishing to replicate the newspaper experience for the digital
consumer. The iRex DR1000 developed with the business market in mind offers the world‟s
largest display allowing full page pdf files and now e-newspapers to retain their original look
and feel and layout thereby offering the reader an unparalleled digital reading experience.
The positive:
The above analysis partly describes the positive of the electronic newspaper. Advantage
which electronic newspapers achieved is to break down frontier barrier, people can organize
dialogue or exchange not only within country but also over the world. In a small space, small
room, readers over the world can ask question for interview.
The online dialogue is the interaction between the leaders in society with all classes of people,
answering all their questions. Through the dialogue people directly receive information from
the person in charge of the State, Government. From received information, all suspicions,
difficulties, etc can be immediately solved.
The negative:

It is easy to realize the negative of Vietnam electronic newspaper, series of e- newspaper
established (from end of 2003 to first half of 2004) required high specialization of e- news
reporters. However, 75% reporters working in the e-newspaper office are transferring from
newspapers, 23% from other businesses and only remaining small number are professionally
trained from overseas short term courses. Actually, market of “e-reporter” training is still
open. E-reporter in newspaper office usually republishes information on newspaper. Mr. Do
Le Thang, International editor of e-Labour newspaper said: “there are only 4 e-reporters and 1
manager working in the e-labour newspaper, although being transferred from the newspaper,
we mainly edit content from newspaper and upload on internet. News edited by ourself or
from press agency takes minority. It is not for technical method because uploading an e-news
is so simple, it is not necessary for e-reporter to use computer professionally but only can use
word fluently and can access internet.”
(Theo http://www.chungta.com.vn/Desktop.aspx/CNTT-VT/)
Attraction of e-newspaper sometimes depends on reader‟s mentality or attractive display of
the newspaper. Changeable reading and watching culture, e-newspaper is restricted by display
ability comparing with other newspaper, however, the famous e-newspaper such as
VnExpress and Vietnamnet, etc still affirmed their trend in attracting their readers. Although
it is different in expressing and exploiting information of each e-news, reader is still the first
priority of the e-newspapers. It is still open in training professional e-reporter to attract reader,
to orient aestheticism and to create good condition to access information of reader. How to
make it true, how to make it attractive? How to improve professionalism of e-reporters? These
require serious research and investment for a new communication: E-newspaper.
Apart from positive, the negative of internet and e-newspaper must be paid much attention. It
is too fast in development of e-newspaper like using a sharp knife to reclaim, it is fast
effective but easy to cut the finger if using it unskillfully.
Many e-newspapers over the world are criticized for posting information sensationally, on the
other hand, they make news snatchily. Not only e-newspaper but press in general needs to pay
attention on quality, culture, scientism and professionalism, etc.. In Vietnam, our e-
newspapers still remain limitation and shortcoming. Idealism, politic orientalism, struggling,
scientism and professionalism in several e-newspapers are not so high. Some are
inconsiderate when uploading information of national issues and do not concentrate on
selecting documentation and article outside; some news and articles follow the commonalty,
snatch direction for attracting readers. Some e-newspapers do not give effective solutions to

prevent hostile forces, reactionaries, politics opportunities inside and outside the country who
take advantage of internet and e-newspaper to fight our revolution.
According to statistics of service suppliers, there are 3,000 to 10,000 turns accessing to local
e-newspaper; 50,000 to 150,000 to e-newspapers under the newspaper in Hochiminh city;
over 200,000 to e-newspaper under the central ones. High amount of 250,000 turns each day
accessing the independent e-newspapers such as Vietnamese Communist Party Website.
Recently, Tuoi Tre Online e-newspaper made a survey of 100 readers studying, working and
living in America, France, Italia, Malaysia and Thailand. As the result, 2/3 of interviewees
have habit to read Vietnam e-news everyday, 9/10 interviewees like to read Vietnam
newspapers. According to Vnexpress newspaper survey, people online to read e-news under
34 years old take 27.2%, over 54 years old take 18.5%, women are 47.6%.
The above result shows that our e-newspapers have been affirming their role in society, their
readers are increasing time to time.
However, uploading information lack of orientation, politic sensation of some e-newspapers is
higher than other newspapers. This is fast uploading information but not selecting,
unconsidered pros and cons, concentrating much on exploiting foreign newspapers (occupy
40% to 60% in several newspapers), incorrect and identical information. Almost of them do
not improve quality of documentation page, subject page, forum to attract reader accessing
frequently. Role of Party organizations and unions of the e-newspapers are limited, politics
skill of leaders, editors and reporter are inadequate. It is not clear and unify in organization
and operation structure. Copyright matter of the e-newspaper remains alarmingly.
Network security and internet in general and e-newspapers in particular are increasingly
fighting with network crime hourly and minutely. Besides virus, spams etc, e-newspaper is
usually fighting with hacker. Most of countries in the world set up Computer Emergency
Readiness Team (CERT for short). Our country has not yet established this organization, so
our computer system always meet problem and cause danger when they are attacked in recent
years. Website of some businesses sometimes is blockaded, counteracted or changed
information content by hacker. Sometimes Vietnamese hacker said to attack and own any
website with domain of .vn. Domain of some websites is proudly robbed and sold on internet
publicly by hacker.
Reason of the shortcoming:
E-news governing office is insufficient in capacity; lack of measures of monitoring, strict
management. The editor board of many e-newspapers, especially editor-in-chief in some e-
news is weak in organization capacity, operation monitoring management. Many of e-

reporters have not yet basically trained on profession, skill and technique. Works of Party and
union construction, structure organization, office management have not yet paid much
attention; it is limited in technical skill, material facilities and equipment
Some of executive committees, authorities, unions of some levels and officers, party members
and people have not yet awarded of role, importance of e-newspaper and internet, both its
positive and negative parts, making it strictly, restrictly or easily in management. It is still
lack of legal documents to control operation, development and management of e-newspaper,
lack of close and synchronous co-ordination among relevant agencies in direction and
management on this aspect.
2 - Statistical analysis and data processing
Investigation by the table: Conduct the research to calculate the number of 500 votes for the
investigation of the farmers, workers, civil servants, officials ... .. data processing method of
the study.
                  Table 6: The rate of people are using computers with online
             farmers                            workers                   civil servants, officials
 Number           Using       %     Number         Using         %      Number        Using      %
   200             10         2        150            50         33        150        105        70

From the the we can see only 2% farmers (rural areas have access to computers. 33% workers
and 70% of civil servants, officials have access to computers online. While the Rural areas in
Vinh Phuc province accounting for 75% of the population that show that most people in Vinh
Phuc not have access to the Internet, electronic newspapers.
                    Table 7: Rate of objects often see many types of press

                       Newspaper                  TV                   Radio             E-newspaper
    Objects        Numbe Usin           Numb       Usin          Numb Usin            Numb Usin
                                     %                      %                    %                   %
                   r          g         er          g            er        g          er        g
 Rural               200     10       5   200      160      80     200    80     40     200     4    2
 urban               300     90      30   300      270      90     300   105     35     300    60 20
 farmers             200      8       4   200      164      82     200    80     40     200     4    2
 workers             150     22      15   150      127      85     150    52     35     150    30 20
 intelligentsia      150    141      94   150      145      97     150    30     20     150   120 80

The table shows a big difference between hard objects between rural and urban areas of
access to the types of press. For rural areas TV is mainly, printing newspaper is lowest. With
people, who are university graduates with up to 80% use the Internet, Electronic newspaper.

   Table 8: Rate of objects express a desire to access Internet, electronic newspaper.
         farmers                         workers                    civil servants, officials
   Number   desire         %      Number    desire           %     Number      desire      %
      200         120      60       150           115        76       150            145   96

Results from the analysis we found the majority of people in Vinh Phuc want access to the
Internet, electronic newspapers or even rural areas to also have 60% of people want access to
Internet, electronic newspapers that confirmed the potential of Internet use, electronic reports
when large most people are eligible to equip a computer with online.
       Table 9: Rate of objects express a desire to access Vinh phuc E - newspaper.
          farmers                          workers                     civil servants, officials
   Number    desire          %      Number   desire           %      Number       desire       %
     200      120            60       150     125             83       150         137         91

This table showed that the expression most people Vinh Phuc especially workers, civil
servants, officials expected the birth of Vinh phuc E - newspaper.
              Table 10: Rate of objects express a desire to be collaborator of
                                   Vinh phuc E - newspaper
          farmers                        workers                       civil servants, officials
   Number    desire          %     Number desire             %       Number       desire       %
     200       4             2       150     9               6         150          15         10

General rate: 18%
The above results show it‟s high rate for people want to be collaborator of Vinh phuc E –
newspaper in all fields and areas. That help e – newspaper of Vinh Phuc to receive more
content and information in all fields of economic, political, cultural and social.
3. Analysis the results of interviews
By analysis tables we can draw the following comments:
* Advantages:
- Show the number, the rate of Internet use, electronic newspaper at the Vinh Phuc province.
Separate rural areas, urban farmers, workers, civil servants, members chuc.vv.
- Show the number owned a computer that has Internet connection that allows them easy
access to e- newspaper.
- See rate desired owned computers, looking forward to Internet access, electronic newspapers.
- See the desired rate of the birth of electronic reporting Vinh Phuc is very large.
- The percentage who expected jobs report's electronic Vinh Phuc (making the report has
information quality)

* Restrictive:
- The number of investigations are limited, only 2% of the population of Vinh Phuc province,
local surveys are limited so can data and information collected is not representative high
- Number of workers, civil servants but have use of the Internet, electronic reporting high but
does not mean that they are owned separately computer mainly as a computer equipped in the
body can not be statistical accuracy rate of the property own computer, so when leaving the
office on their home will not have to access the Internet and electronic.

                                           Chapter 4
        Experimental Constructing Model of Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper

1. Requirements of Internet source and hardware and software knowledge for e-
newspaper office
1.1 . Domain
Domain is address of website on internet, it helps users distinguish with other websites.
Domain helps users access internet by login domain on internet browser. The domain requires
brief, easy to remember and associate with owner‟s operation scale. Vinh Phuc e-newspaper
registered 01 domain www.VINHPHUCTV.vn at Vietnam Internet center (Ministry of Post
and Telecommunications) and Email is: ptth@vinhphuc.gov.vn
1.2. Information structure
Information display on e-newspaper for user depends on way of arranging and uploading
news for editor board and the system monitor. The details include:
                         Beginning of BAOVINHPHUC page
                                  Information detail
                                     Information /
Menu/Advertising/                 advertising detail                 Menu/Advertising/
    Statistics                       Information /                       Statistics
                                  advertising detail
                                     Information /
                                  advertising detail
                                    Ending of a page

+ Modules expressing information allows design similar to that of the e-newspapers attracting
much reader such as www.dantri.com.vn, www.tienphongonline.com.vn, www.cand.com.vn
1.3. Information content updated and managed
Building or operating a synchronous solution to update, manage and express information for
website (the solution is built and transferred by supplier) .
Easy to update and change information content, interface and information content presenting
and image advertising.

2. Structure model and website system

                                                                                Browse web
                      Lever interface                                    (Internet Explorer, Firefox)

                                                 https   http

                                                                                      Sever web
                    Lever application                                               (IIS, Apache)
                                                                Thành phần

                     Lever database                                                Database
                                                                              (MSSQL Server, Oracle)

2.1. Software model

                             Update, exchange                         Information supply
                                                    User interface
 Safety, security

                                                  Applied software

                                         System software                             Database

                                        Network, communication infrastructure

2.2. Information provided to readers
                       Interface: The website is nice, elegant, friendly, attracting access person.
                       Information structure is easy to understand, easy to find, emphasizing content of
                       information needs to be inserted.

       Capable of bringing readers different kinds of information such as images, sound,
       films, etc.
       To be a professional e-newspaper with ability to update content to each information
       column in a quick, timely and flexible way; to be capable of managing inserted
       information content for the user; capable of finding, displaying, etc.
       Capability of interacting with the user through e-mails and fora, respondent articles to
       one special subject inserted in the newspaper.
       Satisfactory capability: E-newspaper must have capacity to serve, meet a large number
       of access people at the same time.
       Capability of accessing content in terms of time, column, special subject, etc.
2.3 Working procedure is easy and fast
       Capability of full self-control in presenting interface of the entire newspaper interface.
       Working environment for reporters and editorial board is flexible (wherever internet is
       Section of content update has easy-to-use interface, not demanding the user too much
       beside text drafting skill. Interface is totally in Vietnamese.
       To support the user with decisive right to temporarily store or send an article content
       under draft.
       To support article send-back mechanism for reporter when considering for approval.
2.4. Capability of content and working management is close, flexible
       Capability of building up approval procedures through many levels according to each
       different theme, depending on theme and working procedure set forth by the
       Viewing and making statistics activities of reporters, editors, articles, inserted columns,
       Capability of management: It is easy to decentralize power to each capable person to
       monitor, adjust, update content of the system. The user on the system shall be stored at
       the time of working on the system.
       Security: The system has a high security, censoring content updating person by
       username and password.
       Making statistics of website access number, article contents accessed by the user.
2.5. Capability of integrating added values through services and advertisements
       Newsletter services – provide latest news, news of special subject to readers‟ request
       Multimedia services such as sound, films upon reader‟s request

       Managing advertisement columns
2.6. To step by step build up and transfer
       Having comprehensive solution and operation transfer according to each stage
       Having solution for training, using of each stage
2.7. To satisfy editing procedure
       The solution is built on a homogeneous and consistent basis in terms of data, working
procedure for the entire operation of the website (process of news circulation, data of
reporters, editors, editorial board of the website).
       - To enhance ability of working exchange for the whole system, helping executive
board to always have an overall look at work progress and personnel.
       - To enhance ability of collection, information finding and exploitation.
       The system has the following features:
   -   To allow the user to write and send articles from wherever internet is available.
   -   To allow the user to edit, view received article content, and forward to seniors or send
       back to juniors.
   -   To support co-editing mechanism: the article sent to a group of users so that all the
       users can read that article. However, when one person opens the article for editing,
       only that person has the right to adjust it.
   -   To allow an easy management of user, defining the right to sending article among
       groups of users.
   -   To support edition management mechanism: All editions of one document are stored
       as per each edition and through each stage.
   -   To support encoding of news content when transmitting through internet so as to avoid
       a close watch/change.
   -   To support ability of finding, making statistics, reporting.
Benefits brought from the system:
   -   To improve working capacity of the whole editorial office. Collaborators, reporters,
       editors can easily work at any computer with internet network. Article sending, back
       sending are implemented quite simply.
   -   Because article in the system is circulated according to workflow as mentioned,
       documents are better managed, not causing mistakes, losses. Editors always have a full
       list of articles waiting for editing. Reporters can know their own article status (printed
       or not, who is editing).

    -      Being easy to manage staffs. Seniors can make statistics of juniors‟ activities
           according to time and can watch working implementation process of juniors.
    Flexible model on network decentralization and data exchange (Network Database and
3. Model on implementation, operation
3.1 Internal network

                                                                          Network Map

                                             Sever web in VDC

                                 fiverwall /VDC

                                                                                                                   We        L
                                                                                        Sever CSDL copy from

           Internet/Customer                                                                sever internat

                                                                                                                     us C
                                                                                                                             hor     c
                                                                                                                           fiverwall /VDC
                                                                Press reporter
                                                  Press reporter
                                                                                           Press reporter

                                                               Network internal


                                                   Press reporter         Press reporter                            no
                                                                                                               o ro

        InternetPress reporter

                                  Sever Web internal


                                      Figure 5: Internal network

           Reporters work at internal LAN network room of the editorial office and through
            Working host computer and database are gathered and managed at internal computer
of Vinh Phuc newspaper.

          As for reporter working on internet, there must be time management mechanism, IP
address and working right, access password, access right to ensure maximum safety for the
System management staff needs to follow advices on system security safety which is attached
to this document.
3.2 General model

                                                                                internal network

                                               Press reporter
                                                                               Press reporter                Divice

     Internet/Press reporter                                                          internal network

                                                                                                         Press reporter
                                                                     Press reporter

                                          Sever web internal

Figure 6:                      Application model at Tuoi Tre Newspaper

Data homogeneous mechanism helps prevent database change from web master. Web
database master only accepts data pushed up from internal database host which has been
censored at Vinh Phuc editorial office.
Reporters working outside internal LAN network of the editorial office can directly connect to
the internal web master through username/ password mechanism which is changed time by
time by the system management to prevent possible risks on password disclosure and made
the most use of it by others. It is important to have management mechanism about working
time from webmaster, about direct working ability outside the editorial office through internet
to restrict tampering, etc.

3.3. Security of applied software layer
When developing programmes on website, it is necessary to pay attention to securities to
prevent sproofing, tampering, repudiation, information leakage (accessing internal news,
secret news beyond one‟s authority, refusal of service (DoS), etc. Security, safety are quite a
big matter. We only accentuate on system security at database design level and system
development programmed as reference and selection for application when carrying out
application development.
Some safety mechanisms have been applied when designing this system. Firstly, all
information inputted into the system is through a checking, approving process prior to
providing to the public. This is always necessary because it is possible for news inputer to be
taken unfair advantage (e.g due to password disclosure. In that case, information supply is still
safe because the inputted news shall not be immediately provided to outside.
At database level, data update softwares can also use accounts without right to deleting and
editing database but append only. Particularly, with information supply application to the
public, apart from programming and using checking softwares of security risks due to
carelessness in programming, it is important to use database access accounts read-only. As for
internal, secrete news, safe channel as SSL (https protocol) must be used once providing.
3.4. Webmaster hardware
       According to the overall design model in item 2.8.2, webmaster hardware system
includes webmaster and database. Webmaster software and database management system
operate on the same hardware webmaster or they can operate on two separate computers, or
thanks to cluster technology, each webmaster software and database management system can
operate on many linked computers.
In order to select webmaster hardware, we should pay attention to factors affecting its service
quality. The service quality of one webmaster depends on two main parameters, that is,
network transmission speed and satisfied time of webmaster. The network transmission speed
mainly depends on connection broad band from webmaster to internet. This broad band can
be easily improved, not much affecting other parts of internal network infrastructure and
application layer. Satisfied time parameter of webmaster depends on treatment speed of CPU,
RAM capacity, speed of in/out equipments (mainly it is speed of hard disk drive and network)
and software speed on webmaster for each transaction. Treatment speed of webmaster
software mainly depends on treatment speed of active websites. Static websites do not require
much treatment time of webmaster. Websites of this commercial information supply system

are mainly active websites, and they update, seek information with database management
system, so capacity of database webmaster is also important.
Hence, to determine necessary capacity of these both webmasters, we need to determine
satisfied time of one transaction and simultaneous transaction quantity at peak hour. These
estimations have been draftly calculated as above but there is no high accuracy, thus this
system needs selecting the method that webmaster has capability of satisfying at the
highest level and with the most reasonable investment cost. The next summarizes
webmaster models available at present and proposes method for this system.
3.4.1 Webmaster organization models
Single webmaster model
According to this model, each logical webmaster operates on one independent, separate
physical webmaster. This is the simplest model, the easiest for management. Webmaster only
functions to create websites through data taken from database webmaster. Database
webmaster shall operate database management software. In actuality, only one computer can
also cover all such functions as webmaster software, installation of database management
system and storage system. This model is usually used in the development, formation of
software and operation of e-newspaper in initial time when data volume and number of access
persons are still not many.
This model has some restrictions, once webmaster has error, the whole system shall stop

                                                          Network Map

                                         Sever web/CSDL


                                 Figure 7: Single webmaster model

Webmaster cluster model
In this section, we shall focus on introduction of two webmaster cluster technologies that are
quite popularly used in Windows webmaster, concretely Windows Server 2003. Windows
Server 2003 has two webmaster technologies serving different kinds of use objectives:
      Network Load Balancing (NLB),
      Server Cluster.
NLB is used to assure high willingness for applications of big connection quantity treatment
such as Web Server, proxy server, while Server Cluster is mainly used to assure high
willingness for applications of important data treatment such as database management system,
entrepreneur management system (ERP). The table below compares these two technologies.
              Table 11: compares Network load balancing and Sever cluster
       Network Load Balancing (NLB)                              Server Cluster
                                                   Usually used for such services as
                                                   Database,      email;       applications    of
   Usually used for Web services, firewall, etc.   important      duties,       e.g.     assuring
                                                   production       business      activities   of
   To assure high willingness, big capacity and    To assure high willingness, data safety
   expansion feature                               for webmaster system
   Usually acted out on one network, but can       Can be acted out on the same network or
   also be acted out dispersedly                   dispersedly
   No special requirement about hardware,          Need to use general database, or
   software                                        replication database
Selection of webmaster organization method
Substantial requirements of the system:
      Configuration basically meets the project requirement up to 2010.
      Easy for upgrade, expansion.
      High safety.
      High treatment efficiency.
      Easy for implementation, operation.
      Suitable for software foundation (IIS, SQL Server).
When upgrading.
Vinh Phuc e-newspaper should apply single webmaster model in initial stage for development,
application process, because there is no need for many simultaneous connections to the

system at this time. But it is important to reckon expansion ability to webmaster cluster model
at later stage when studying, appraising the project.

                                                 Network Map

                                Sever web/CSDL


                               Figure 8 : Single webmaster model
Later, when there is a need to increase capacity of webmaster system, the editorial office
shall transfer to system of many service computers and it only needs to supplement
webmasters to the system.

                                                    Network ahead front - end


                                                 Network Load Balancing

                                                          Network back - end

                                                                          System saver SAN
                                            Sever CSDL

   Figure 9: NLB model for IIS and single webmaster for database management

For database webmaster (running SQL Server) we propose two solutions.

The first solution is used single webmaster for database management system (SQL Server).
Since storage system (back end) stays separately, in case database webmaster has error, it
only needs to restore database management part. Dealing time is several hours. The second
solution is used if needing high willingness

                                               Network ahead front - end


                                                Network Load Balancing
                                                   Network back - end

                                                                           System saver SAN
                                    Group Server Cluster

  Figure 10 – NLB model for IIS Server Cluster for database management system

Due to condition of investment efficiency and estimation of activity scope we propose
method of one webmaster in present duration and this system when Vinh Phuc e-newspaper
has a large number of access persons (over 1.000.000 tern/day).
3.4.2. Expansion capability of the system
Expansion capability of hardware
The system shall need expanding, upgrading when number of persons accessing, seeking
information are increased in future. Webmaster system can be easily upgraded through NLB
system for many webmasters and it only needs to supplement webmasters to NLB system.
According to the above selected WLB model, NLB webmaster cluster can be increased to 32
webmasters, more than enough capacity to meet demand of information supply system.
3.5. Data storage system
To select one suitable storage system, we need to reckon such factors as data access speed,
expansion capability, error resistant, security and management. Based on the above analyses

we find that requirements of this system are very high. To select an appropriate technology
for this system, first of all, we summarize popular storage organization models at present.
3.5.1 Models of data storage organization
DAS (Direct attached storage)
DAS is a storage mechanism with storage equipment directly attached to webmaster. This is
considered traditional storage technology used by many businesses. By this model, each
webmaster shall have a separate storage system and storage management software. Advantage
of DAS is installation easiness, low cost, high efficiency. DAS is the most suitable storage
model for single webmaster system, not having sharing need with other computers in the
Yet, DAS also has some limits about expansion capability on one computer because the
expansion capability depends on webmaster‟s design. When having many webmasters, back-
up and management are more difficult. To overcome the expansion capability, method of
outside storage cabinet in connection with webmaster is set forth, which its cable is usually
used through interface port SCSI. Number of hard disk drives and total support capacity by
one outside storage cabinet are quite big (up to Tetra bye), being enough to meet almost
practical storage demands. The outside storage cabinets also have advantage of further
supporting back-up solutions, data recovery, allowing direct connection of back-up devices,
e.g. magnetic tape, optical disk to the cabinet, and carrying out simultaneous replication
without affecting webmaster‟s activity.
Network storage (NAS and SAN)
       Network storage is given out to deal with DAS‟s limits in the expansion, management
and data sharing. Storage system is separated from webmaster and stays independently on the
network, allowing many webmasters and users to access simultaneously. Accordingly, data
protection and management become easier, simpler and total cost is also usually lower.
Network storage is divided into two substantial types:
      NAS (Network Attached Storage) – is method to use special storage devices directly
attached to LAN network as one normal network device (computer, conduit converter or line
determiner). Devices of NAS are also named with fixed IP addresses and accessed by users
through webmaster‟s control. In some cases, NAS can be directly accessed without the
webmaster‟s control. NAS provides ability of storage resources sharing to many users at the
same time. Besides, NAS allows the expansion implementation about storage capacity when
use demand is increased.

        SAN (Storage Area Network) – is a separate high speed network used for data
transmission among webmasters participating into storage system as well as among storage
devices. SAN differs from NAS in using a separate high speed network for stored data,
whereas NAS‟s stored data still run with other network information which affects the speed.
SAN allows concentrated management and shares stored data and resources. Almost SAN at
present bases on optical channel technology. SAN networks have possibility to expand, high
speed and willingness. SAN is especially compatible with applications needing fast access
speed and small lateness such as application of transaction treatment in financial, banking
sector. SAN systems can also build up on broad band network, enhancing willing capability
of the system in case of disaster. Bad point of SAN is that initial investment cost is higher
than DAS and NAS. But cost of SAN systems is reducing, and when role of information
technology is more and more important, not only large-sized businesses but also more and
more medium-sized businesses are using this SAN system.
              Table 12: below briefly compares these two storage technologies.
                                                SAN                            NAS
    Access methods of applied    Access as per information bloc     Access as per file
                                 SCSI on Fibre Channel iSCSI CIFS, NFS; AppleShare
                                 (SCSI on IP)
                                 Concrete storage technologies Normal          LAN       network
Physical network technology      such as Fibre-channel or high such as Gigabit Ethernet
                                 speed Ethernet

3.5.2 Storage technologies
Like other hardware technologies of fast development, present storage technology is quite
diversified such as optical disk, magnetic disk, magnetic tape, flash, etc. Magnetic tape and
optical disk are the best storage devices for data back-up solutions thanks to low cost, high
lifetime, easy storage and keeping. And magnetic disk technology (hard disk drive) is still the
best storage medium of random reading and writing at present and the most widely used in
computer systems. The following section introduces data storage techniques by magnetic disk.
Single disk drive storage technology
This is the simplest solution, each physical disk drive shall be compatible with one logical
disk drive in operating system. Disk drives on one computer are totally independent, possible
for addition, reduction with a certain quantity. Good point of this method is simple, easy to

use but only compatible with normal PC. For webmaster systems needing to continuously
increase data demand, this solution is not appropriate because we have to replace disk drive
with a bigger one and transfer the whole data system to a new disk drive, causing interrupted
activities. Even replacing with hard disk drive with the biggest capacity, storage capacity is
still limited. In brief, this technology is only appropriate with desk computers of users.
3.5.3 Selection of method for data storage, back-up and recovery
To set out proper method for storage back-up and recovery of data, we base on the following
       Capable of expanding storage capacity in appropriate area,
       Safety compatible with the importance of data,
       Back-up, recovery method is convenient, suitable for actual condition,
       Reasonable cost with the project‟s scope.
Organization method and storage technology
As regards data storage model, we propose the use of inside disk drive system (DAS) to
store separate data of database. Disk drive system runs as per RAID 5 mechanism supporting
Hotswap according to interface standard SCSI.
RAID 5 is safety level widely used and supported by all popular softwares, hardwares. When
one hard disk drive in the system has error, system data is still safe. With Hotswap feature,
one hard disk drive can be plugged out or plugged in to the system while the system is
operating. SCSI is interface with high speed and popularly used for webmaster hard disk drive
Method for data back-up and recovery
        Hard disk drives themselves run in RAID 5 mechanism, when one hard disk drive
breaks, data shall not be lost, and it is only necessary to replace the error hard drive with new
one, hardware system shall automatically recover data on the newly replaced hard drive.
Data back-up is carried out to prevent the case there are more than 1 hard drives being broken
or there is problem breaking the whole storage system (in case of power shock, fire and
As regards separate data on each webmaster, with only program content of operating system
and applied software of small size, we propose method for back-up when there is change
with systems (additional installation, adjustment, gap rectification, or software upgrade).
Because these data are not changed during the operation of the system, when the system
encounters a problem we just need to recover. If the back-up is not implemented, once the

system breaks we shall have to reinstall system from the beginning, which shall claim a slew
of time.
As for outside storage cabinet, we propose method of automatic back-up by magnetic tape.
Magnetic tape system shall be directly connected to the storage cabinet and the system is
scheduled for automatic back-up. Back-up frequency could be daily. When there is
occurrence of data loss, the data shall be recovered by the magnetic tape.
4. Security and safety
4.1 Security and safety of software and user
Security of applied software layer and database has been described in Section 2.9. Security
safety of information on transmission line is also assured because of using security safety
protocol based on SSL. In addition, as mentioned above, security matter is a very large one,
impossible to list in detail in the framework of this document. A timely prevention, watch,
fighting always plays a vital role. Internal network of the editorial office allows persons
outside Internet to connect to the internal network through account and password. This is a
potential risk when user, due to lack of enough necessary knowledge or being made unfair
advantage, is disclosed password to tampering persons. These persons can intervene in
separate network and tamper the system from inside and outside. Thus, webmaster system
also needs to be protected against both risks from network and personnel. Username and
password of user have to be periodically changed. The user‟s password needs to be coded
according to algorithm MD5.
Further, manager needs to monitor, update and repair the system when gaps are discovered.
Even when security technologies are applied, manager has to always monitor logs to find out
attacks, interventions in the system to prepare timely preventive methods.
Here, we would like to list some general, very basic principles:
      To regularly back up data and store in safe place.
      To prevent access to physical webmaster, taking precaution of tampering, stealing
      To use file system NTFS, not using FAT32.
      To protect operating system password of all computers in the same network.
      To protect webmaster software IIS:
           o To limit writing right with account IUSR_computername in order that
               anonymous person does not have right to writing.
           o To put executable files in a separate folder to easily assign access and control
               rights of management.

             o Not to allow anonymous persons to run any programmes in Windows folder.
             o If managing from distance, restrict as per IP of allowable computers.
             o To put minimum right to applied programmes (e.g. Scripts Only instead of
                 Scripts and Executables).
             o Not to assign right of Write and Script source access or Scripts and
                 Executables, avoiding the case the user uploads dangerous codes and run them.
         To close unused ports and turn off unused services.
         Not to install incredible programmes.
         To install virus checking program right on in, out information.
         To set up firewalls.
         To update the latest repair versions of all used softwares.
         To regularly check logs to find suspect activities for timely measures.
         If webmaster belongs to one Domain, that Domain needs to be protected thoroughly.
It is necessary to build up overall security system, from network design stage to operation,
4.2 Security and safety for hardware in prevention and fighting natural disaster,
lightning cut off
          It is important to have safe protective mechanisms for hardware system such as
protection of fire and explosion prevention and fighting, natural disaster prevention and
          Environment of system installation and operation needs to be protected and prevented
against moisture and temperature, not too low or too high.
          It is necessary to prevent possible fire and explosion
          Particularly, system of lightning cut off for LAN network is needed.

                                                   Chapter 5
                                Conclusions and suggestion

For long term, we should be more widely aware of concept “E-newspaper” because one e-
newspaper website does not have discrepancy with other normal introductive websites. In
other words, e-news has been gradually lost discrepancy with websites whose main function
is to “insert information on network”.
E-newspaper is a need of use all over the World and Even in Vietnam
In each province need to build the e-newspapers system to bring the information and province
introduce to public.
Vinh Phuc is a development province so need to have e-newspaper access.
From analysis and survey, the e-newspaper reach the realizable and Potentiality.
1. Requirement about hardware model:

                                                                       Network Map

                                          Sever web in VDC

                              fiverwall /VDC
                                                                                                                We        L

                                                                                     Sever CSDL copy from

        Internet/Customer                                                                sever internat
                                                                                                                  us C
                                                                                                                          hor     c

                                                                                                                        fiverwall /VDC
                                                             Press reporter
                                               Press reporter
                                                                                        Press reporter

                                                            Network internal


                                                Press reporter

                                                                       Press reporter
                                                                                                            o ro

     InternetPress reporter

                               Sever Web internal


                Figure 11 – Requirement about hardware model:

2. Requirement         about     development         technology        for Vinh Phuc E-


2.1 Development technology
At present there are many languages for programming to develop applied softwares such as
ASP (Microsoft Active Server Pages), JSP (JavaServer Pages), Perl, PHP, Cold Fusion. These
languages can be existed parallel with each other on the same webmaster. So applied
softwares in this system can be written in different languages. Yet, when carrying out build-
up of applied softwares or selection of solution, Vinh Phuc editorial office should limit one or
several popular languages like ASP, PHP or JSP so that the integration, maintenance and
expansion of the system are convenient and the build-up of general features of the whole
system like search, composition, security is convenient.
With the selection of IIS, the consistency of using ASP/ASP.NET language to develop
applied softwares is the best. For ASP.NET, applications can be written in many different
languages like VB, C#, J# but still can be connected with each other. Additionally, Microsoft
also provides plentiful laboratory sets and new application development environment (MS
Visual Web Developer 2005) to permit the applications development in an easier and faster
   To use tool set: ASP.NET – SQL SERVER – IIS. This tool set is quite widely used in the
world, strong in web design. It has high stability and security, totally compatible with system
software and popular exploitation software in Vietnam: Windows and Internet Explore.
2.2 Expansion capability of applied software
Softwares built on website permit an easy upgrade and expansion. Abiding by standards like
XML for information supply system allows data transfer easily to other formats, supply
information on hand devices like SMS, explore on mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC.

2.3 Implementation model of software build-up technology

                      Figure 12: Implementation model

 Work Station :
                                                             Web Browse : IE,
 W95 ,98,2000,
                                                             Netscape, Mozilla,

                                                             Web Server : IIS
     Win 2k
                                                            Server Application :


     Win 2k
                                                           Database : SQL Server

                        Figure 13: Technology architecture

3. Personnel requirement for Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper
Operation scope and work load need carrying out: System of Vinh Phuc e-news needs at least
12 staffs in field of content edition and 04 informatics specialists with work levels and
concrete requirements as follows:
               Table 13: Personnel requirement for Vinh Phuc E-Newspaper
No. Number             Position                  Assigned job           Profession
                                                                       - Knowledge of
                                            Maintain the e-news
                        System           operation round the clock.
01        02          management,         In charge of Webmaster
                      Webmaster          work, user management, e-
                                                 news interface
                                        To build up images of e-news
                                                                       Knowledge of
                                          interface, arrangement of
02        01          Web Design                                       e-news, sense
                                             locations, colors of
                                                                        of fine of arts
                                           advertisement columns
03        01         Editor in chief       E-news editor in chief       Professional
                                         Content management, work
04        02         Editorial board                                    Professional
                                          and strategy management
                      Editors and             Content edition,
05        08                                                            Professional
                        reporters       advertisement business, etc.
          14                                 Total 14 staffs

E-news system is operated together with pictorial newspaper, vocal newspaper under issue by
Vinh Phuc Broadcasting and Television. Thus, information content shall be selected from
information content of pictorial and vocal newspapers. Nevertheless, due to particular
environment and activity procedure through computer software and information transmitted
on network through specialized software which is different from normal procedure, the
editorial board, reporters, editors, network managers need to be trained for operation and
informatics basic use in addition to the training and instruction for use by the software
solution builder.

4. Requirement about hardware infrastructure to maintain and operate of Vinh Phuc
(Pursuant to requirement about software and hardware solutions analyzed above)
4.1 Proposal of hardware technical configuration for internal system and working reporter
The system is operated as LAN/Intranet/Internet model:
Hence, it is necessary to build a LAN system with different configurations at the editorial
Satisfied capability is for 24 computers at least. There are two ADSL lines connected outside,
of which 01 line is directly connected from internal webmaster to webmaster, o1 line for
information exploitation and working on internet.
Building computer room operating on this LAN network for working and content edition
01 printer, 01 Scanner, 20 Cameras, 12 PC, 05 laptops, 01 internal webmaster, 01 UPS –
power back up helps maintenance and operation of internal webmaster
All hardwares have strong configuration, enough capability to work on system environment
such as: Window XP, Window 2003, management system CSDL SQL 2000,
Web explorer: Internet Explorer Browse or FireFox
Requirement about webmaster: Installing operating system of Window Server 2003 and
management system CSDL SQL server 2000 or Oracle 9i
4.2 Proposal of internal webmaster configuration and webmaster
1 1 internal webmaster: Minimum configuration Xeon 2GHz (possible to expand to 4 CPU),
1GB RAM (possible to expand to 2GB), 2 hard disk drives 75GB (shall configure RAID5 into
1 drive 150GB)
1 webmaster put on VDC: Minimum configuration Xeon 3GHz (possible to expand to 4 CPU),
2GB RAM (possible to expand to 24GB), 3 hard disk drives 75GB (shall configure RAID5
into 1 drive 150GB)
4. 3 Proposal of transmission service to operate e-news on Internet
In order to well operate Vinh Phuc e-news and well serve user demands, the following matters
need solving:
- Fast access speed, for the time being number of users are 200,000/time and orienting to
1,000,000 user/time. High professional support capability for reporters and editors is needed,
safety capability of data backup, transmission capacity on internet of webmaster.
Proposed solution:
- To select provider of ESS transmission line with advantage of strong telecom infrastructure.
Transmission capacity to the world is high.

- Vinh Phuc e-news shall manage its own webmaster and hire location to place webmaster at
- Vinh Phuc e-news has one internal webmaster at an editorial room of the editorial office.
This webmaster is connected to the one placed at ESS through 02 high speed transmission
lines ADSL.
 (Your answers to the questions below will help us understand your background and needs in
   order to support and help you achieve the best results in electronic newspaper prọect of
                                       Vinhphuc province
  Please respond to each item in this questionnaire and do not hesitate to contact with us for
                                       futher references)

Full legal name: .......................................Date of birth:................................
Sex:      Male                                      Female
Occupation: Farmers                     Workers                        CC,VC
Education:          common basis                             High school                                 University
Do you reading newspaper everyday?
          Yes                           No
If you choose YES, please answer the question below:
What‟s kind of newspaper do you watch?
          Newspaper                                Television
          Radio                         E - newspaper
Do you have a computer in your house or your office?
          Yes                                      No
Do you use the Internet connection?
          Yes                                      No
If you choose YES, please answer the question below:
Do you often access Internet?
          Yes                                      No
Do you like reading E-newspaper?
          Yes                                      No
Do you often reading E-newspapers ?
          Yes                                      No
Why do you like e- newspapers?

       Easy access                         View more information
       Low cost                      View many websites at same time
                                           Rich information
Do you desire of Vinhphuc Television to set up E-newspaper?
       Yes                           No
The reason desire of Vinh phuc E-newspaper?
Vinh phuc Television is a familiar and reliabilityaddress?
       Yes                           No
Support rich information of Vinh Phuc province
       Yes                           No
Do you access Vinhphuc E-newspaper everyday?
       Yes                           No
Would you like to be collaborator of Vinh phuc E - newspaper
      Yes                            No
You will buy a computer for your family?
       Yes                           No

(Thank you for cooperation)

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