cutting torch safety test by HC12021009104


									                                                    NAME            ____________________


Click the box next to the letter “S” for Safe or “US” for Unsafe.

       1.    S   or US        To use the torch to start a fire.
       2.    S   or US        To start the torch with another torch.
       3.    S   or US        To leave cylinder valves open when not in use.
       4.    S   or US        To use with Acetylene pressure above 15 PSI.
       5.    S   or US        To cut metal that has gas or grease on it.
       6.    S   or US        To face the flame directly at the hoses or cylinders.
       7.    S   or US        To leave torch running while working on something else.
       8.    S   or US        To cut in a ventilated area.
       9.    S   or US        To roast a steak with the torch.
       10.   S   or US        To use goggles while cutting.
       11.   S   or US        To cut without gloves.
       12.   S   or US        To cut with leather shoes
       13.   S   or US        To cut with sandals on.
       14.   S   or US        To step on hot metal pieces.
       15.   S   or US        To point flame at someone.

       I have taken the above test and have correctly answered the questions. I have
       successfully demonstrated the safe operation of the cutting torch with my
       instructor’s supervision. I promise to conduct myself in such a fashion that I will
       not create hazards that may cause injury to others or myself while working in the

                                                 SIGNED:            ____________________


                                                 DATE:         ______________________

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