Molecular Diagnostics: by bT4F324


									Molecular Diagnostics & the
      Solo Librarian
     by Patrick Clapp
        June 14th, 2010
Molecular Diagnostics:
 • IVD companies sell lab instrumentation and consumables (including
   tests) to clinical (medical) and research labs.

 • IVD-market segments include clinical chemistry, immunoassay,
   microbiology, hematology, coagulation, cytogenetics, cytology,
   histology, molecular diagnostics and blood banking.

 • A diagnostic test is a procedure which gives a rapid, convenient
   and/or inexpensive indication of whether a patient has a certain

 • An assay is a procedure in molecular biology for testing or
   measuring the activity of a drug or biochemical in an organism or
   organic sample.

      IVD Market Cap: $43B; Molecular Diagnostics subset: $4B
An Example of a Solo in a Molecular Diagnostic Company:

               Miscellany – 10%                                 Library Services – 10%

 Defense – 15%                                                          Knowledge
                                                                        Management – 60%

Research – 5%

QIAGEN, Gaithersburg Inc. Specifics:

    Senior VP of R&D (North Am.)  Manager of Technical Pubs. & Knowledge Mgt  The Solo
    ~$35,000 / yr (Literature, Standards, Conferences, Books, Subscriptions, & Tools)
    ~300 Scientists, Engineers, Managers, Marketers, & Operations people in Maryland and California

      Critical Keys to Success: Agility, Versatility, & Indispensability
Library Services Resources:

 • Library Services:             • Resources:
    –   Citation Tracking           –   PubMed
    –   Document Delivery           –   Infotrieve
    –   Copyright Clearance         –   Copyright Clearance Center
    –   Managing Lab Notebooks      –   Techstreet
    –   Managing Standards

   “Only” 15% - But Highly Visible and Valued by Non-Management
Other tools in the (small budget) MDx Solo Toolkit:
 • Resources:
     – Citation Database
         • Pubmed

     – In House Reference Database
         • Reference Manager

     – Content Management System
         • LiveLink (now Open Text)
     – Critical Software
         •   Adobe Professional
         •   Excel
         •   Word
         •   Snag It
         •   Notepad  absolutely serious

     – Modern Amenities
         • Sharepoint Wiki
         • Google Alerts / Gmail

     KM & CI Tools Need to be Fast, Functional, and Close to Free
Playing Defense:

 •   Become Needed
 •   Defend Your Territory
 •   Find a Champion
 •   Find Another Champion
 •   Make Your Manager Look Good
 •   Fill Your Plate with Visible Wins
 •   Educate Your Clients
 •   Listen, Listen, Listen

         Respond to Client Needs with Overwhelming Value

   Regardless of how you identify yourself:
       •   Librarian
       •   Information Professional
       •   Researcher
       •   Knowledge Specialist
   You possess a set of unique skills and abilities that
   have the power to stun and amaze your clients.

   The life of the Solo is filled with examples of handling
   odd requests, filling gaps, and tackling things when
   no one knows who to ask.

  “I don’t know how to do it, but you should ask Patrick. He might.”

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