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Chip Repair Literature by wangping12


At NATIONAL AUTO GLASS we have assured the Insurance companies we are associated
with that we will

                          “Repair before Replacing”.
The industry target is 15% of interventions associated with windscreen replacement
must result in a repair rather than a replacement.

Not only does this attitude save the Insurance company money it also saves the customer
money as well.

Is it safe to repair a windscreen?
Absolutely, a quality windscreen repair by a trained NATIONAL AUTO GLASS technician
will restore the structural integrity of the windshield to that of a new windscreen, help prevent
the damage from spreading, and make the blemish much less noticeable, without having to
remove and replace the windscreen.

Where will we repair a chip and where not?
As a general rule NATIONAL AUTO GLASS would prefer not repair a chip that is in the
Critical Vision Area, preferring to recommend to the customer that he or she rather replace
the windscreen

CVA = Critical Vision Area

PVA = Primary Vision Area
Types of damage

Maximum Chip or Crack repair size
       Types of damage                           Within CVA                       Within PVA
            Crack                                  25mm                            100mm
             Star                                  15mm                             30mm
          Horseshoe                                10mm                             25mm
           Bullseye                                10mm                             20mm
            Crater                                  2mm                              5mm
         Combination                                  As above for each type of damage.

If the windscreen chip exceeds the sizes above NATIONAL AUTO GLASS would prefer to
replace the windscreen.

Why should the customer repair the windscreen rather than
    1. A chip can turn into a crack at any time and compromise the strength of
       your windscreen.

The windscreen provides a large part, up to 40%, of the structural strength of the modern
motor car, also the passenger airbag is dependent on the support it receives from the
windscreen to ensure it deploys correctly to protect the passenger from serious injury in the
event of an accident.

Driving over a speed bump, pothole or other uneven terrain can cause a chip to propagate
into a crack. The force radiates through the car and puts additional stress on the edges of
the chip, which can quickly lead to a crack appearing.

Although it is not possible to suggest how long it will take for a chip to spread, a study
suggests that factors like weather changes from hot to cold and vice versa and simple
driving will eventually cause or lengthen a windshield crack.

By repairing a chip as soon as possible you can prevent the chip turning into a crack which
would compromise the strength of the windscreen and probably result in the need to replace
the windscreen.

Other facts about cracking from chips:

Cold weather stress

In cold weather conditions, windshields will develop a more concave shape. As a result, windshield chips are
more likely to spread as cracks in a horizontal direction.
Warm weather stress

Warm weather conditions cause windscreen chips to spread mostly vertically. The excessive heat itself distorts
the shape of the windshield glass, which can lead to cracking by itself ie without any appearance of a chip.
However, the cooling effect of the air conditioning unit is likely to set off a crack from a chip.

    2. It is a QUICK fix.

A Chip Repair takes about 30 minutes from start to drive away. And a repair can be done
almost anywhere. The only condition being that the windscreen must not be wet when the
repair is carried out.

    3. It is a CHEAP fix.

Most Insurance companies will pick up the FULL COST of the Chip Repair and your No
Claim Bonus will NOT be impacted. So there is no excess to be paid. Obviously this only
applies to vehicles that are comprehensively insured or vehicles having insurance cover for
glass damage.

    4. It is EASY to do.

The National Auto Glass Dealer simply gets your Insurance details and gets authorisation
from your Insurance Company. He handles all the paperwork on your behalf with your
Insurance Company.

Insurance company guidelines:

    1. The NATIONAL AUTO GLASS Dealer undertakes to where possible to firstly repair
       the windscreens before replacing the windscreen.
    2. The NATIONAL AUTO GLASS Dealer must use his discretion to ensure the safety
       of the insured at all times when advising the customer on whether to repair or replace
       the windscreen.
    3. The Chip Repairs must meet the following requirements:

             a. Chips and cracks may not be in the Critical Vision Area as indicated above
                and may not endanger the safety of the insured, upon which the windscreen
                may be replaced.
             b.    There must be good optical vision and little visible distortion after the
             c.    A maximum of three chips per windscreen may be repaired, after which it
                may be replaced.
             d. The maximum length of a crack (from side to side) that can be repaired is 100
                mm, where after the windscreen may be replaced.

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