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									                                                                                             Issue No. 36

                                          Three days to go!

    This term seems to have gone very fast indeed, because of all that has been going on. We
            have had many sporting events, football, netball, badminton and cross country which
               the Pupil Council wish to tell you about through a special Club’s Newsletter. Not
               wishing to steal their thunder, all that I’d like to say at present is that it is a delight
                 to go along and see all our pupils representing our school so enthusiastically and
                  with such good grace and manners. They are a real credit to themselves, those
              who take them and to us as a school. The younger pupils have also enjoyed
           sessions of ‘Hip Hop’ and the middle stages ‘Gardening Club’ have already started
     their spring planting! We look forward to seeing these clubs continue to flourish as spring
     and summer arrives.

Miss Sheila Wood
Head Teacher

                                            Easter Service

Rev Gall has once again agreed to conduct an Easter Service for the
children. If you are free on Thursday morning, do feel free to come along
and join us at 9.40am. The children will be walking down to the church, so
please make sure they have appropriate footwear and clothing for the
weather that day. It is hard to predict what the weather will be like, it has
been so varied these past few weeks!
If you wish to make a contribution to our church collection it will be going to the Meningitis Appeal.

                                          March Tea Party
                            The Nursery ran two very successful ‘March Tea Parties’ on the 10 th of
                            March. Thanks to the staff in the Nursery and Mrs Craig’s daughter’s
                            hard work £170.75 was raised for the Meningitis Appeal. It was very
                            well supported and we appreciate people taking the time and trouble
                             to attend and support this worthwhile cause. We hope that you
                             enjoyed being in and seeing the children learning through play in their
                             Nursery environment.

                                            Nursery News

The Nursery will be focusing on ‘Transport and Imaginary Worlds’ along with developing topics that
the children show interest in, after the holidays. The children will be taking
advantage of the outdoor area again next term so again we would remind parents
to provide the children with appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, as far
as possible.
                                   Childs Play on Northsound

Greigsy and Yazz from the breakfast show visited Primary 1 and recorded five games of childs
play where the children describe something for parents and listeners to call in and guess.
Well done to all involved who made it quite difficult to guess the answers when the shows went out
last week.

                                        ALEC Fundraiser

The P1 – 7 classes ‘Dress as you please day’ raised an impressive £298.41
for the Rotary Appeal to keep running and upgrading the ALEC
(Aberdeenshire Learning Education Centre), a mobile classroom that visits
schools regularly to promote health issues in an alternative way. One of the
approaches taken for our younger pupils is teaching through using a puppet
giraffe called Harold! Some of the staff therefore challenged the children to
create the tallest Harold they could using just newspapers and cellotape!
Such tasks get the children thinking about the strengths of structures, the
strength of materials, the design process and involves a great deal of co-
operative learning.     ‘Curriculum for excellence’ in action, motivating,
engaging and challenging the children’s thinking and developing their skills in
working together. Skills they will certainly need to draw on as they grow up!

                                   On the subject of health ....

Much has appeared in the press, over the past few days, about another school that had a sweet as
one of three ‘treat’ options they could choose from to reward a class of children if they had
behaved particularly well. On studying the ‘Healthy Eating in Schools’ 2008 document it would
appear that such a reward must not be used, even if free from additives and artificial flavours. We
are keen to do the right thing by our pupils, so will work with the children on choosing a suitable
alternative to food that will be even more enjoyable to them. We will get our thinking caps on and
come up with an alternative for after the Easter break. The children seldom chose this option so
perhaps this is an opportunity to find another that would be more tempting to them.

                                   2009 – 2010 Charity Update

Thought you may be proud to hear that the total raised for charity by the Laurencekirk School
Community this year is now an astounding £2221.97. An amazing amount, as this is just from

                                           Sports Relief

It was great to see many of our pupils taking part in the Sports Relief fundraiser on
Sunday afternoon here at the school. Rev Gall and the Rotarians co-ordinated the
event for our area and I’m sure all who took part raised much needed funds for this
worthwhile cause.

                                 Environmental Studies Topics

Next term the children will be focussing on the following Environmental Studies Topics:-
Nursery       - Transport/Imaginary Worlds      Primary 4 - Our Bodies
Primary 1 - Fairy World                         Primary 5 - Eco School / Wallace and Bruce
Primary 1 / 2 - In the Garden                   Primary 5 / 6 - Plants and Animals
Primary 2 - Houses and Homes                    Primary 6 - Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Primary 3 - Local Area                          Primary 7/6 - Animation
Primary 3 / 4 - Mini beasts                     Primary 7 - Animation
                                          Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be issued on 21st April next term. We hope you find these informative and a
fair reflection of your child / children’s abilities. Interview times will be arranged with teachers for
those who request appointments.

                                             Rotary Quiz
We were invited to enter a team for inter-school Rotary Quiz competition. After a few sessions of
general knowledge questions we identified our team. The pupils chosen to represent Laurencekirk
Primary on Wednesday night are Robbie Nicoll, Matthew Kramer, Sarah Reid and Callum
Barkworth. The team face competition from our surrounding schools. We wish them all the best!

                                   Laurencekirk Parent Council

The Parent Council met prior to the end of last term and have plans to run a ‘Family Beetle Drive’
here at the school on Friday 23rd April. Please keep this date free in your diary, it will be a fun
evening, where virtually everyone can play, from Nursery (with the support of their parents!) to
                         P6 – Secondary 3 ‘Health Information Evening’

A small group of P6 – 7 parents and Secondary 1 - 3 took up the opportunity to attend our CSN
(Cluster Schools Network i.e. all school associated with Mearns working together) Health
Information Evening on Wednesday 17th March. The evening covered information on how to
protect your child from dangers on the internet, healthy eating tips as well as displays.

                                         Awareness raising

National legislation dictates that from August 2010 all Primary 1 – 7 pupils will be
required to attend school for 25 hours per week, 9a.m. – 3.15p.m. This is a
major change for our new P1 pupils and our current P1 and P2 pupils (P2 & 3
next August).
Aberdeenshire Authority considered the proposal that Nursery sessions would
also change to 15 hours per week (instead of the present 12 ½ hrs) but this is
not to be taken forward.

                                   A ‘heads up’ for next term ....

All being well, in addition to all the ‘normal’ Term 4 events such as School Sports and Educational
Excursions, we will be looking to
      work on our Enterprise Skills in classes and plan to organise an Enterprise Day (to which
       you will all be invited! Date to be arranged!)
      take part in the Keep Scotland Beautiful ‘National Spring Clean’ initiative, helping free
       Laurencekirk of its litter.

                                           P1F – Miss Fry

                   We are pleased to inform you that Miss Fry is recuperating well and hopes to be
                  back in P1F after the Easter holidays.
                             Tesco for Schools & Clubs Vouchers

Last year from these vouchers we received various items for the school
including art & craft materials, artefacts for topics and number and
language resources. We are currently collecting the vouchers and would
be grateful if you could please hand them into your class teacher or the
school office. Thank you.

      Easter Holidays - Monday 29 March 2010 to Friday 9 April 2010

TERM 4 – School starts on Monday 12 April 2010 – School finishes on Friday 2 July 2010

             May Day             Monday 3 May 2010

             INSET Day -         Tuesday 4 May 2010

      Summer Holidays - start on Monday 5 July 2010

                 May we take this opportunity to wish you all a

                              All at Laurencekirk Primary

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