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									4 Google Adsense Revenue sharing bookmarking websites
I joined hubpages just over three months ago now; when I joined I was wide eyed with
excitement. The opportunity to share my knowledge with the world and and earn
adsense revenue for it just seemed too good to be true. As the days past I realized it
wasn’t as simple as that, people just don’t visit your articles without promotion so I
started researching promotion and I was introduced to the concept of SEO (search
engine optimization). With SEO came back linking and with back linking came the
concept of bookmarking websites of which I learned there were hundreds. So I decided
to do some research on which bookmarking sites to use. I then learned that some
shared revenue with you whilst others didn’t. I decided I should join the revenue
sharers; my theory is if they are not the biggest now they sure will be in the future!

Below is a list of 4 google adsense sharing revenue websites to help you promote what
you write. Please use the available links to sign up as I get a referral fee, yepeee!!!

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Xomba is technically not a social bookmarking website, however it does offer you the
opportunity to do something called a xombblurb. This is a small summary article that
you can link to your main article. It gives you a 50% share of adsense time and also
does very well on google searches . A lot of the xombblurbs and xombytes I have
posted have got a lot of traffic, however it doesn’t have the usability that hubpages has.

Click here to sign up for an account with xomba!


She told me is a social bookmarking site that is easy to use and and gives you a 100%
of the adsense revenue from your page. It also has the option of putting chitika ads on
your posts. Thus far I have found shetoldme easy to use. However, I think don’t think
the site gets much activity, most of my posts have yielded very few click throughs.

Click here to sign up for an account with shetoldme!


Again it’s an easy to use bookmarking website, but this site gives you 80% share of the
adsense time. The site is done in a pirate theme which is quite funny and a break from
the routine. It also has a good search option that allows you to find articles that interest
Click here to sign up for an account with infopirate!


Once again, this is a straight forward social bookmarking website that shares adsense
revenue with you. Indiapad allows you to rate other people articles and search for
articles of interest. It isn’t quite as polished as the sites above but it does what it says on
the tin!


Redgage is another site that allows you to upload photos,blogs,articles and much
more.It pays in a different manner, it pays by page impressions. It also has a lot of
draws and other sorts of on going entertainment running all the time. I do find it a bit
slow sometimes but I think they are working on that.

Sign up for redgage here !

Above are just some of the adsense sharing social bookmarking sites I have used, They
are others a few of which I have experimented. I found simpy a little difficult to use and
there for not worth the time or effort and tagfoot wants you to be around for awhile
before it will share revenue with you.

As for using bookmarking as means of getting traffic the jury is still out some say it
works others say it dosen’t. In my opinion you need to be active on the site to yield
some benefit, simply entering tagging your article and leaving won’t do much.

Please give your opinion on the matter below, feel free to leave a comment!
Great new adsense sharing social bookmarking website

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Page 360.net is a great new adsense sharing social bookmarking website that I signed
up to recently.It gives 100% adsense share to its users and is very easy to use. I have
been only using it for a few weeks and find it really good and easy to use. Dont waste
time sign up now!

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