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					“Dowsing- A Key to the Infinite Mystery” is the selected theme for the 45th Annual Convention at
Lyndon State College in the town of Lyndonville, Vermont. Wednesday evening opening ceremonies will
feature entertainment followed by a social hour. A wide variety of talks will be offered will be offered on
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Speaker introductions are offered each evening with only
speakers presenting the flowing day being introduced at that time. Saturday evening ASD is pleased to
present, keynote speaker, William Henry from Hendersonville, Tennessee presenting: Your Body
and the Pillar of Light.

We welcome both our new and returning speakers: Alicja Aratyn, Cindy Arseneau *, Dr. Daniel Benor*,
Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Zacchiah Blackburn, Glen Broughton, Leroy Bull, Marty Cain, Susan Collins*,
Dr. Jim Conroy *, Howard (Porky) & Bess Cutter*, Pat Dornik, Ellie Drew *, Marna Ehrech, Heben
Finnemore, Hans Giertz, Alan Handelsman, Mary Hardy, William Henry*, Linda Marie Hill, Florence
Horn, Michael Hornus*, Bruce Irwin, Sandy Isgro, Wendell Jones *, Judith Jubb, John Kelly, John
Madgwick Living*, Ron Krupp *, Sandee Mac, Dr. Constant (Connie) Madon*, Grace Maxwell *, Ivan
McBeth, Gladys McCoy, Harold McCoy, Kathy Martin, Jim Meigs *, Elivia Melodey, Bambi Miller, Tom
Millerin, Aime Trent Millet, Alanna Moore *, Michael Noll *, Bill Northern, Marion Peduzzi * , Tricia
Pope *, Marcine Quenzer*, Bill Russell, Gerald Shapiro*, Dorrie Shaw, Susan Shumsky, Alan & Sue
Singleton, Robert Sird, Craig Alan Siska, David Slater *, Jean Slatter *, Robert Swantak, Lauren Tindal*,
Atala Dorothy Toy, John Van Drie, Sr., Joe Anne van Gelder, Lynn Walker *, Mo Wheeler & Carl Betz,
Walt Woods & Mardi Gieseler, David Yarrow.                                                    * = First
time speaker at an ASD Convention.

  The American Society of Dowsers – Pre-convention Workshops: Monday, June 13,

#1 Pre-convention Workshop: “The Rings of Oden, New Technology for Quantum
Healing” with Aaron & Sue Singleton- 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. In this workshop you will learn
about the Rings of Oden, what their benefits are and experience the power of light and sound resonance
as amplified by the rings. Aaron and Sue Singleton are Founders of The Way to Balance, LLC®
Center for Advanced Healing and Training in Amesbury, MA. The Singletons are widely
recognized for their Medical Intuition and the Energy Of Life® (EOL) Integrative Healing Process,
which promotes total healing of “dis-ease”.

#2 Pre-convention Workshop: “Building the Light Body” Zacciah Blackburn 9:00 a.m.
-5:00 p.m.
Through building of the Light Body, we awaken the higher brain centers which sponsor the greater
powers of awareness known as the Siddhis. Zacciah will guide us in basic understanding of this
luminous field and esoteric/Egyptian alchemical practices to build and sustain energy and awareness
therein, including sacred sound meditations. Zacciah Blackburn is an international teacher, and sound
healer trained in classical esoteric healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is
practicing in Ascutney, VT, at the Center of Light. Zacciah is also Director of Education for the New
England Sound Healing Research Institute.

#3 Pre-convention Workshop: “Infinite Levels of Water- Health, Awareness and
Dowsing” with Aime Trent Millet 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. We will cover the medical evidence
plus statistics of the Eastern Water. Then we will review the results of last year’s workshop showing
water’s amazing reaction to intent, focused thought and dowsing. Aime has studied dowsing for 20 years
and has been teaching for 8 years. For the past 5 years he has concentrated on Water intent and dowsing.
#4 Pre-convention Workshop: “Psychic Self-Defense”Elivia Melodey 9:00 a.m.-5:00
p.m. Are you too sensitive or do your sensitivities make you feel like a human pincushion? Learn
methods to prevent negative situations from occurring in daily life, in meditation or dowsing or as you
enter into spiritual activities such as channeling or spirit contact. Elivia has been dowsing and reading
energies since childhood. Her unique style has been heralded as the birth of a new genre for healing music.

           Pre-convention Workshops: Monday & Tuesday, June 13 & 14, 2005

#5 Pre-convention Workshop: “Creating Your Personal Canvas Labyrinth” Sandra Jo
Ann Isgro: 9:00-5:00 p.m. This presentation will be for intermediate to advanced dowsers.
Students will create a canvas labyrinth with intention. Dowsing will be used to activate, change &
modify the energies for specific purposes. Sandra is a member of ASD, Labyrinth Society, is an artist and
teacher. She has been working co-creating earth energies for many years.

                     Pre-convention Workshops: Tuesday, June 14, 2005

#6 Pre-convention Workshop-“Using Colortherapy in Medical Radiesthesia”Alicja
Aratyn: 9:00-5:00 p.m. Radiesthesia is one of the most advanced fields in researching colors for
therapeutic as well as everyday life purpose. You will learn that certain colors can heal, we know about
negative green vibration and both its aspects, but what about positive and negative aspects of other
colors? Why is there “positive” and “negative” white, black, etc? Can colors really be negative or
positive? Come to learn how you can use colors to enhance your health, life, relationships, etc. Alicja,
born in Poland, is an Environmental Engineer by profession. She founded the Alicja Centre of Well-Being
and offers many treatments, counseling and channeling sessions.

#7 Pre-convention Workshop- “Shamanism and Dowsing: Ancient Disciplines to
Discern the Mystery” Sandee Mac 9:00-5:00 p.m. We will journey into the Lower World to do
a Soul Retrieval and recover lost parts of our Essential Self, and meet our powerful Spirit Helper. We
will learn about the luminous body, and how to skillfully and compassionately assist our loved ones in
their final journey because we have already traveled there ourselves. This will be a memorable day of
power. Sandee has trained with Medicine People from numerous traditions and has received Direct
Initiation from the Shamans of the last remaining descendents of the ancient Incas of Peru. Bring mats or

     Pre-convention Dowsing Schools: Tuesday & Wednesday, June 14 & 15, 2005

#8 Pre-convention Basic Dowsing School – Marty Cain and Rodney Berger, Co-directors “Dowsing- A
Key to the Infinite Mystery” is the theme of the two-day school, June 14 & 15, scheduled to begin
promptly at 9:00 a.m. at Lyndon State College. The emphasis will be on water and basic dowsing. It will
include both field dowsing and classroom instruction. The instructors will offer pointers to assist you in
developing your skills as a new dowser, stressing the cultivation of dowsing as an ability. No prior
dowsing is necessary. An open forum for the group will be held Tuesday evening. Advanced registration
is required due to limited enrollment.

#9 Pre-convention Expanded Dowsing School – Walter Woods, Director The expanded school is a two-
day school and will be offered opposite the basic school, June 14 & 15, beginning promptly at 9:00 a.m.
Only those who have already successfully attended a basic dowsing school will b eligible t participate. The
Expanded School will include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on work of the following subjects: 1.
Scientific evidence supporting dowsing, with some ideas on what may be happening. This will include the
Baxter effect, Galvanic Skin responses, Brain wave research along with other observed factors. 2.
Programming your subconscious to possible enhance the dowsing accuracy. 3. Using different types of
charts and tools including the circular charts. 4. The scientific evidence for Noxious Energies with several
ways to detect them scientifically, with dowsing and with ways to possibly influence their effects. 5. Map
dowsing with several methods and examples. 6. Some suggested do’s and don’ts while dowsing. 7.
Personal dowsing for effecting food, water, energy fields, and the hundreds of areas on yourself, etc. with
suggested detection and possible corrective influences. 8. Using dowsing to possibly effect genes, bacteria,
etc. with its history and possible use. Suggested test: “Letter to Robin” available at the ASD Bookstore.
Prerequisite: Basic Dowsing School.

                                           Specialized Schools

#10 Pre-convention Map Dowsing School – A comprehensive One-day school with Past President Leroy
Bull- Tuesday, June 14, 9:00-5:00 p.m. Leroy will show those attending how to use their skill to take a map
(of anywhere) and by dowsing, retrieve information about the area represented by the map. The class will
practice using all types of map dowsing, inside and out.

#11 Pre-convention Dowsing School: Susan Collins (Intermediate and advanced levels) Wednesday.
June 15 9:00-5:00 p.m.: Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing - one day school with, President of the
Canadian Society of Dowsers. During this hands on workshop you will become aware of your ability to be
the bridge between matter and spirit by choosing to recognize and accept the Divine within yourself. You
will learn to: reprogram the human computer; detect and transform detrimental earth, environmental and
thought form energies; find beneficial energies, and use remote sensing. Susan Collins, of King City,
Ontario, Canada is the President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. Susan works with traditional dowsing
tools as well as the power of thought to detect and transform non-beneficial earth, environmental and
human energy patterns. She uses dowsing to maintain and improve her own health, find water wells and
helps people learn how to use energy tools themselves.

                          Pre-convention Specialized School Wednesday

#12 Pre-convention Specialized School: “Dowsing & Drilling” Howard "Porky" Cutter and Bess
Cutter Porky is a second-generation well driller. He owned his own drilling business at age sixteen. Porky
is the 4th "Master Ground Water Consultant" of only seventy-seven to date. Porky consults, supervises and
teaches water well internationally. His teaching has taken him to: French West Indies, Cameroon, Taiwan,
Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile and Haiti. Porky writes monthly articles about him and his sons
growing up in the drilling industry for a National drilling publication. Bess has been a professional
dowser for forty-eight years.

 Post-convention Workshops-Sunday afternoon, June 19 and Monday, June 20, 2005

#13 Post-convention Workshop-“The Secret of the Rod of God” with Keynote Speaker William
Ancient myth and various sacred texts record the existence of a miraculous rod that produced blossoms of
energy and fruit that were agents of healing, self-transformation and spiritual insight. Osiris held such a rod
in his hand; Akhenaton used such a rod to channel the rays of life; such a rod was used by Moses to part the
Red Sea; and the rod may have manifested in the Garden of Eden as the Tree of Life. The Rod appears in
the hand of Jesus in early Christian art, and as the True Pillar of Light at the Crucifixion. Join investigative
mythologist and author, William Henry, as he does an in-depth exploration of the remarkable myths and
history of this miraculous Rod of God and explores the rod's connection to dowsing. Two days: Sunday
afternoon 2:00-5:00 Monday 9:00-5:00 p.m.

#14 Post-convention Workshop: 'Stone Age Farming' with Alana Moore Workshop Sunday June
19th 2-5pm - An esoteric approach to farming and gardening including using dowsing and rocks to
enhance environmental energies for improved plant growth. Workshop all day Monday 20th: “Geomancy
and Deva Dowsing” Dowsing the spiritual aspects of landscape using pendulum and deviceless techniques,
and understanding geomantic traditions in the light of modern day perceptions. We will participate in a
local field trip to dowse for devic energy centers, tree spirits, fairies etc. . Two days: Sunday afternoon
2:00-5:00 Monday 9:00-5:00 p.m.

#15 Post-convention Workshop: “Turning Dowsing into a practical Health Profession” with David
Alan Slater Along the way you'll learn a number of remedies you can use for your own issues. Also David
has developed one of the largest and deepest lines of Vibrational health remedies in the world. He teaches a
method of determining what the problem is and which remedies to use entirely with a pendulum. He has
trained healers in the US, Canada, Norway, Germany and Switzerland how to use the system. They now
use the pendulum to make a healthy living in the field of alternative health. It is not difficult to produce
results far superior to drugs and even herbs. The system is unique in its ability to eliminate inherited
diseases - even so called incurable diseases - for the rest of a person's life with no side effects. Two days:
Sunday afternoon 2:00-5:00 Monday 9:00-5:00 p.m.

#16 Post-convention Workshop “Use of the Virtual Cone Pendulum with Marty Cain This 2 day
workshop will cover the use of the Virtual Cone Pendulum developed in France for scientific research.
Marty Cain is an artist who builds labyrinths and sacred sites, dowses for water and geopathic stress in
homes and businesses. Marty is an ASD Life member & co-director of Basic Dowsing School. Two days:
Sunday afternoon 2:00-5:00 Monday 9:00-5:00 p.m.

                          Sunday afternoon from 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

#17 Post-convention Workshop “Creating with the Heavens: A Guide to Unstoppable Success” Join
Jean Slatter as she reveals a life-changing recipe for unstoppable success. You will learn powerful
dowsing programs and intuition tools to catapult you to new heights of accomplishments. Armed with your
celestial staff based upon the principles of her best-selling book, Hiring the Heavens, you will discover
your hidden beliefs that block your way to success and in the process reach new states of enlightenment
and joy.

#18 Post-convention Workshop “Working with the energy of the Soul” with Pat Dornik This workshop
will provide a handout offering effective techniques, which will help you absorb light and sound into your
energy system. As your “sight” processes you will grow in your ability to learn deeper perceptions of
feeling. Your “sensory” perceptions will expand as your connections to your higher self deepen and you
become more sensitized to the energy flows in your physical body. Pat Dornik is a spiritual and
metaphysical intuitive experienced in Gestalt Phenomenon survival. She developed Calibrated Energy
Therapy (CET) for better health.

#19 Post-convention Workshop “Programming Crystal Consciousness” with Frank Jordan: You are
a living computer, active and interactive an incredible grid of consciousness that connects all things.
Understanding how it works, and how to use programmed crystals to tap into the grid is the secret to
manifestation and the energies that hold your reality in form. This workshop gives you the understanding of
How Things Work, and the power to create your reality instead of being subjective to it. Frank is widely
known as a Master Dowser, healer and teacher. He developed Psi-tronics dowsing tools and is breaking
new ground on physics and healing.

                          Monday, June 20, 2005 All Day Workshops

#20 Post-convention Workshop “Practical Spiritual Table-Tipping” with Dr. Susan Shumsky:
Monday all day. The principle of table-tipping is: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them." In this workshop Susan will introduce proven techniques for opening your
heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact. With spiritual table-tipping, you: Receive
divine messages from Spirit at will, solve your everyday problems and questions, discover your life
purpose, and enjoy little miracles in everyday life. Susan is the author of Divine Revelation, and her new
books Exploring Meditation, Exploring Chakras, and Exploring Auras, has practiced self-development
disciplines since 1967.

#21 Post-convention Workshop “Soul Journeys Workshop" with Ellie Drew: This will be a fully
experiential workshop of being immersed with the spirit world. Ellie has been instructed not to plan these
sessions but to allow them to unfold and be guided so who knows what will really happen. Please come
with a sense of innocence and wonder, a willingness to explore the Inner World: and know you will leave
with very down to earth, practical life tools you can take home with you. Bring a blanket or mat, journal,
water bottle, wear comfortable clothes and eat light to avoid sleepiness.

#22 Post-convention Workshop “Change your energy –Change your Life” with Dr. Constant
(Connie) Madon In this workshop you will learn: The way the universe listens to your thoughts and how
your thoughts create your reality. How to use universal energy and how to differentiate it into the energy
you want. How everything in the universe has a consciousness, the field it creates and how to measure it.
Topics covered: energies from spirits and then how to create a specific energy for a specific purpose.

#23 Post-convention Workshop “Quantum Divination Workshop” with Loren G. Tindall in this
workshop, we explore the theoretical and scientific principles of quantum theory, numerology, pendulum
work and guided visualization that can take our lives to the next level of awareness and development.
Using t blend of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, you will acquire a powerful set of tools that you
can use daily to transform all aspects of your life - including physical, mental and spiritual. As a 4th
generation metaphysician, Loren G. Tindall brings more than two decades of experience to each of his
unique and memorable appearances. He has been a professional palmistry and numerology consultant for
over 20 years, and has presented lectures throughout the world

#24 Post-convention Workshop "Shamanism Workshop" with John Kelly This workshop will be a very
experiential workshop of everyone journeying. There would be a variety of journeys all based on Core
Shamanism from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Those would include journeys to various levels of
alternate reality and for many different uses. Please bring something to cover your eyes, notebook, drum
and/or rattle and a blanket to lie down on. No experience needed

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