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									                    Unfair Bank Charges Still Fair Game to Claim
   Financial claims management company Hamilton Brady renounces Supreme Court ruling

02 December 2009 – The Supreme Court case which last week disappointed millions of bank
customers hoping to be refunded overdraft charges does not spell doom and gloom for the
consumer, according to financial claims management company Hamilton Brady.

The company has announced that the verdict, which overturned earlier court rulings allowing
the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the fairness of charges for unauthorised overdrafts, will
not leave the reclaim of unfair charges dead in the water and that millions of customers are still
eligible to claim back unwarranted charges from financial institutions.

Quy Tien, Managing Director of Hamilton Brady said: “In our mission to bring justice to the
consumer we were very disappointed with the judgement. Despite the Supreme Court ruling
there are still valid legal reasons to pursue new and existing claims.

“Consumers should be aware that claims against unfair credit card charges, Payment
Protection Insurance (PPI) and unenforceable credit agreements remain unaffected by the
ruling and customers that have had over limit, late payment, default or other admin fees
charged to their credit cards are still fully eligible to claim. Most importantly, people can make
claims on cards they no longer have.

“The legal issues involved are of much greater complexity than have been presented in the
media and one of the problems with the judgment is the court have stuck rigidly to the terms of
what was being appealed. In April 2008 the High Court Judge found that what is known as the
“excluded assessment” construction of the Regulations should be adopted, as opposed to that
argued by the bank which was what is known as the “excluded term” construction of the
Regulations. Such finding was not part of the Appeal in the Court of Appeal or the House of
Lords. Consequently the issue of fairness is still very much alive.”

About Hamilton Brady
Hamilton Brady Ltd is a financial claims management company based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
The business offers consumers a risk free way to claim compensation on unsecured personal
loans, mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), unwarranted bank and credit card
charges, unenforceable credit agreements and personal injuries. Claims investigated include
credit and store card charges, unsecured personal loans, secured loans, consolidation loans,
car loans, car finance agreements and hire purchase agreements.

Hamilton Brady Ltd was founded by Quy Tien and Pete Petrondas. Executive Chair Pete
Petrondas was the founder and remains a shareholder of the award winning Eazyfone Group
and launched the UK’s first online environmentally friendly mobile phone recycling website,

Hamilton Brady is regulated by the Ministry of Justice (authorisation number CRM19141) and is
a member of the Claims Standards Council.

Media Contact
Anna Nicholls & Rob Fox
T: 01625 511966
F: 01625 511967

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