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									Managing Employment Issues Procedure – Templates and Guidance

                     Notification of the Disciplinary Hearing




Dear <Addressee>

Notification of the Intention to Hold a Disciplinary Hearing

I write further to my letter dated <date of Outcome of the Investigation letter>
in order to formally advise you that you are required to attend a disciplinary
hearing as detailed below:


These arrangements have been made in consultation with [you/your
representative] and I would remind you that the hearing may proceed in your
absence should you or your representative fail to attend without advance
notification to me and without good reason.

The hearing will be conducted by a Panel consisting of <name and title>
Panel Chairman <name and title> Independent Manager and <name> HR

The specific allegations which will be considered at the hearing are:

<Insert allegation(s)>

In view of the seriousness of these allegations the Panel will consider what
disciplinary action to take, if any, and whether the Authority can continue to
have trust and confidence in your ability to carry out your job. You need to be
aware that all disciplinary matters are considered serious and a range of
sanctions are available including dismissal.

During the course of the hearing you will have the right to hear and question
all evidence presented covering the allegations and to provide a statement of
your own behalf. A copy of the evidence the Authority will be presenting will
be forwarded to you a minimum of 3 days prior to the hearing. Any
documentation you wish to present must be received by me no less than 5
days prior to the hearing in order to avoid unnecessary delays at the hearing.
Managing Employment Issues Procedure – Templates and Guidance

It is/not the intention to call witnesses to the hearing. These will include<name
of witness(s) if applicable>. If you would like to call any witnesses you must
inform me by means of return of the copy of this letter.

As this is a formal disciplinary hearing you may be accompanied by your trade
union representative. A copy of this letter has therefore been forwarded to
your representative [if applicable]

The above is in accordance with the County Council’s Disciplinary Procedure,
a copy of which was provided to you in earlier correspondence.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing the attached copy and
returning it to me in the pre-paid envelope provided by return of post.

<Insert/Delete> I have enclosed documents which will be presented at the


The documentation which will be used at the hearing will be forwarded to you
in due course.

Yours sincerely

Commissioning Officer

cc: <Representative/ Union>

I acknowledge receipt of this letter inviting me to a disciplinary hearing at
<Venue> on <Day> <Date> <Time> and confirm I will be attending.

SIGNED…………………………………………… DATE…………………………..

NAME (Print)………………………………………

I will be forwarding my documentation for presentation at the hearing by no
later than <insert date documents required>

Delete as appropriate: I do not intend to call witnesses
I intend to call the following witnesses

Name---------------------------------------                 Title-----------------------------------

Name---------------------------------------                 Title-----------------------------------

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