Merchant had a daughter, Beauty by 2NwXwjQ


									‘Beauty and the Beast’. Cut up and put story in order.

Merchant had a daughter, Beauty. He traveled to city
to try and make money. Beauty wanted a rose.

Merchant made no money in city and could not even
afford to buy a rose. Lost his way home and ended up
in a palace where he stayed the night.

Next day, merchant picked a rose from the palace
garden. He met Beast and Beast was angry that he
picked rose. Threatened that he will kill merchant
unless his daughter lives with him in palace.

Merchant tells Beauty about what happened at palace.
He tells her not to leave but Beauty feels she must, so
that her father will not die.

Beauty lives in palace but does not want to marry

Beauty sees that her father is ill. She goes home to
look after him, but returns to palace when she realises
she loves Beast.

Beauty finds Beast lying half-dead in garden. Tells him
she loves him and kisses him. Beast turns into
handsome prince.

Beast tells Beauty that he had been under a spell until
a beautiful woman released him. They marry.
‘Beauty and the Beast’. Cut up and put story in order.

    Merchant travelled to city.

     Lost his way and slept in a

   Merchant steals rose. Beast
      threatens merchant.

        Beauty leaves father.

 Beauty lives in palace. Does not
      want to marry him.

  Beauty looks after ill father.
       Returns to palace.

    Kisses Beast. He turns into

 Beauty and Beast get married.

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