Kent Development Fund (Kent Film Office)

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					Kent Development Fund
     (Kent Film Office)
            Tanya Oliver
 Director of Strategic Development
           & Public Access
Kent Film Offer
•   £13m direct income to Kent

•   Plus indirect income to Kent

•   Tourism

•   Film Friendly Agreement

•   Road Closure Bill

•   Fabulous locations

•   Wider Creative Industries

•   Maidstone Studios
 Kent Development Fund
Region/Country          Amount of funding available                        Funding supplied by
East Midlands           £6 million                                         European Development Fund
Isle of Man             £50 million                                        Isle of Man Government
Screen Yorkshire        £1.2 million per annum                             Regional Development Agency/Lottery Funding
West Midlands           £4 million over 2 years                            Regional Development Agency/European Development
                                                                           Fund/Government Office for West Midlands
Screen East             £2.3m in the year 2007/2008                        European Structural Funds
Scottish Screen         £2.7m annually                                     Government Funding
North West Vision       £1 million in 2008                                 European Development Fund
Northern Film & Media   £1 million for network Television over 2007/2008   European Regional Development Fund

Wales                   £7 million                                         Welsh Assembly

Northern Ireland        £12 million                                        Invest Northern Ireland
Ireland                 £11.1 million                                      Government Funding
Germany                 £60 million over 3 years                           German Federal Film Fund

•     Film worth £4.3 bn to UK economy
•     Creative Industries – one of only growth industries
•     Link to Digital Age
The Challenge

•   Funding in other parts of the UK

•   London

•   Pinewood

•   Road closure ability

•   BBC strategic policy

•   Limited resources
The Solution
•   Strengthen Kent Offer

•   Pilot for Movie Map –
    The Other Boleyn Girl

•   Pilot for Development Fund

•   £75k – “The Calling”

•   £200 Development Fund

•   Launched at Edinburgh Festival

•   Aimed at:
    TV programmes that have the potential to return
    on an annual basis
    Investing in films that will raise the profile of the
    Investing in local talent
And Next….

•   Marketing the Kent Film Offer

•   Expanding or exploring work on:
     – Training
     – Moviemap
     – Tourism (set-jetting)
     – Opportunities for young people

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