October Keynotes Digital Edition by 2NwXwjQ


									                                                November Keynotes 08 Digital Edition

Grand Knights Report                          from you and pass your ideas on to the
Last month I talked about making a
                                              May God bless us and our families.
difference, and I challenged everyone to
take a personal inventory every night. I
                                              Paul Vizina, Grand Knight
asked everyone to ask a few simple
questions of themselves. This month I         Auxiliary Report
want to continue to encourage everyone        Greetings!
to ask ourselves each day what                In less than 70 days it is Christmas and
difference did I make in somebody’s           the KC Auxiliary is getting the Spirit of
life. Now I want to put one more              the Season. A Holiday Arts and Craft
challenge out there. This time I want you     Show is sponsored by our Auxiliary on
to tell someone that did make a               November 22nd, 2008, doors open at
difference in your life. Tell them thank      9:00 AM – till 6:00 PM. A continental
you and how they made a difference in         breakfast is available at 9:00 AM. 12:00
your life. I think far too often we forget    Noon Lunch, 2:00 Cookie and Dessert
to say thank you to someone or tell them      Table. If you would like to have a
that they made a difference. We forget        booth, contact Mary Ardolf 334-4431 or
to give praise and instead only say           Julie Ochs 331-8916. Julie and Mary
something when we complain. So, I             have taken on this project and their hard
challenge each and every one of you to        work has had a very good response, so
make a point of it to tell someone good       mark your calendars for November 22nd.
job, thank you, I am proud of you. I          In planning events we like to respect the
think that if we do this, we will find out    Community Calendar, and some major
that we are more positive, but that others    events going on in December we decided
will be more positive and we will all be      to table the Christmas brunch, but on
happier. Give it a try; I think you will be   December 11th the Auxiliary is having a
surprised.                                    Holiday Pot Luck Supper starting at 6:30
Finally, I want to say thank you to all       PM. We are asked to bring your favorite
that attended our special meeting. I think    dish to pass along with an item for the
it was a success. We had many different       food shelf, a fun “white elephant” gift
points of views and ideas. We had a           bring for a gift exchange.
good open dialog and in a positive            Speaking of food, on November 21st our
manner. If you have any questions or          membership dinner will take place. It’s
ideas about what we can do as a council       a time to bring your dues up to date and
or club, please let me or one of our          enjoy a wonderful meal with your fellow
officers know. We would love to hear          members. It is also a time to see the
lovely quilts the will be raffled at the        membership Blitz, Pray the Novena for
Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair.                   Faithful Citizenship, schedule and hold a
On November 11th is our Memorial                First Degree, Order Council Free Throw
                                                Kit, promote Christmas Card Program. All of
Mass for our deceased members. Lets             us should think of doing our part in these
come to pray for our fellow Auxiliary           programs and than make it a point to do our
sisters.                                        duty.
Hope to see you at our planned events
for November and December.                                  Several      members          have
Thank you and God Bless,                        participated in selling raffle tickets for the
Marlene Gustafson                               "Scooter" contest, and the "Football Frenzy"
                                                contest, and we say "Thank You very
                                                      Others have helped sell raffle tickets
                                                for the Safeplace Banquet benefit also, so
                                                we do have some good workers. Now next
                                                time we need some help with anything
Meeting Notes                                   along these ideas, PLEASE, be one of those,
                                                if you didn’t get a chance to participate
No Meeting Notes Received this month.
                                                in these. Most all of these things do get to
Raffle Tickets coming SOON!                     be fun so find out by helping. We feel
Try your luck on winning a new                  that all of the Knights are very good
                                                people and can help with almost anything,
42” Sharp LCD. Find a ticket                    so     just    DO     WHAT      YOU      CAN!
seller or stop into the club for
your chance to win.                                         Live well, Love much, Pray
                                                often! Like our Pastor says, "pray ten
                                                minutes a day".
                                                Charles Ernste, Lecturer
Lecturers Notes
      If this keynotes gets to you before you
vote, remember that no Catholic can, in         Note from the Church
good conscience, vote for a pro-abortion        The Knights of Columbus has as one if it
politician.                                     founding ideals the strengthening of the
         Our "main" candidate has the
100% record of not only voting pro-
                                                Family. When Father McGivney
abortion, but 100% pro - partial birth          founded the KC’s the practical and
abortion.                                       financial needs of widows and children
                                                orphaned drove him seek ways to assist
            "Why aren’t you a member of the     them. Today, that need is less, but there
Knights of Columbus?" "That’s simple."          still remains many not the powerful and
Nobody has asked me. November is the
                                                rich, but the poor, the immigrant, the
month for our membership "Blitz". It is the
month that we ask. We must seek out
                                                elderly and others whose voice is
those who are not Knights and offer them        compromised – especially the unborn.
the privilege of becoming members in our
honored Order. When at Mass, look to your       I urge you to study the candidates and
left and right, seek out those who are not      how they are responding to the various
members of the Knights and have the             issues facing our nation today, especially
courage to ask them to become members of
                                                abortion. I dream of the day when we
your                               council.
                                                shall look upon abortion as we look
         November things to do; conduct
upon slavery in our nation – as an ugly
scare of nations past.

Check out the new KC web site:
ex.html. It offers many good resources.

Remember to Take Ten, Plus Two. Plus
needs to strengthen our families –
perhaps as never before.

As we approach our national and local
elections, let us be aware of our
obligation to vote in a manner consistent
with the Gospel, especially the Gospel of
Life so that families can be strengthened.
While there can be (and IS) much heated
discussion on just what that means we
need to remember that the most
important members of our society are


Father Kevin Finnegan

WANT TO HELP THE CLUB?                       move about 2/3 of her belongings
The Council is selling raffle tickets        which almost filled her present 1-
($10) for a 52” Sharp Aquos LCD TV.          bedroom apartment. She will need to
All proceeds go to our club. Tickets         do some organizing before moving the
can be purchased at the Club or from         rest but at least we have all of the
an authorized seller. If winner of the       large stuff moved. This is what the
TV does not want it, we will auction it      Knights are all about. Thanks to all
off that night.                              those who were able to help!!

KC’s Moves!
Ok, now that I have your attention.
For those who weren't able to come,
you missed out on a truly delightful
and tiring experience. While Mary
Zappa was thrilled with all the help, I
don't think any of us would have
guessed how much stuff could be
packed into a 1-bedroom apartment.
With a 14 foot U-Hall and 4
trucks/SUV, we were only able to
November Birthdays                       Gregory Thibodeau    Kevin Thomas
Randy Angell         Greg Balfe          Dennis Tousignant    Ellard Trnka
Daniel Bendzick      Gene Berge          Ronald Tousignant    Joseph L Trnka
Luverne Bongers      Andrew Bothun       Tom Trnka            Michael Utecht
Robert Braun         Frank Chappuis      Francis Varani       John Vogelsburg
Herbert Cook         Rickard Cook        Kevin Voracek
Dave DeGrood         Michael Donahue
Raymond Diedrick     Wilfred Donkers
Lawrence Dozark      Edward Dusbabek
James Gare           Dean Herda
Duane Herda          Joseph Herda
Theodore Herda       Paul Kasper
Edward Hoisington    Louis Kramer
James J. Langevin    George Lonien
Gerald Luckow        Luverne Malecha
Dennis McCusker      Michael Meillier
Mark O Brien         Darwin Peter
Richard Prokes       Sam Ramaekers
Michael Reuvers      Thomas Reveland     Bring your membership card to
Peter Rodosovich     Charles Schema      supper and get a free Burger if it
Thomas Schoenbauer   Davis Schweisthal   is   your    birthday    month.
Harold Schweisthal   Thomas Smith
Theodore Skluzacek   Gerald Smuda

Things to Note this Month:
Nov 11th Daughters of Isabella,          Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is
Auxiliary, and KC Memorial Mass.         a traditional North American holiday,
Nov 15th Euchre Tournament               which is a form of harvest festival. The
Nov 21st Membership Dinner Come pay      date and whereabouts of the first
you dues and get a free supper. Don’t    Thanksgiving celebration is a topic of
forget your surveys!!                    modest contention, though the earliest
Nov 22nd KC Christmas Craft Show and     attested Thanksgiving celebration was
Brunch (See Auxiliary Article for        on September 8, 1565 in what is now
Details)                                 Saint Augustine, Florida.[1] Despite
Nov 23rd KC Family Breakfast             scholarly research to the contrary, the
supporting BA Prom & Post prom. Lets     traditional "first Thanksgiving" is
see all the alumni come down and         venerated as having occurred at the site
support it!                              of Plymouth Plantation, in 1621.
Nov 26th Tom& Jerry’s
Dec 2nd KC Meeting                       Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated on
                                         the second Monday of October in
                                         Canada and on the fourth Thursday of
                                         November in the United States.
Officers                                     Fourth Degree
Grand Knight           Auxiliary Officers    Officers
**Paul Vizina          President             Faithful Navigator
Deputy Grand Knight    **Marlene Gustafson   **George Voracek
**John Zoubek          Vice President        Faithful Captain
Chaplain               **Marlene Gustafson   **Mark Reuvers
**Fr. Kevin Finnegan   Co-Secretaries        Faithful Admiral
Chancellor             **Julie Ochs          **Albert Koenig
**John McDonough       **Margaret Paukert    Faithful Pilot
Recorder               Treasurer             **Ken Mracek
**Richard Klatt        **Ann Herda           Faithful Comptroller
Financial Secretary    Trustees              **Ray Johnson
**Randy Ochs           **Audrey Tebo         Faithful Friar
Treasurer              **Joanne Wall         **Fr. Dennis Evenson
**Kevin Lang           **Caroline Heskett    Faithful Scribe
Lecturer                                     **Mark Winter
**Chuck Ernste                               Faithful Purser
Advocate                                     **Aldon Sammon
**Gary Voegele                               Faithful Inner Sentinel
Warden                                       **Ron Wermerskirchen
**Brian Hake                                 Faithful Outer Sentinel
Outside Guard                                **Tom Wirtzfeld
**John Lovold                                Trustees
Inside Guard                                 3 Year*George Fink
**David Krenske                              2 Year*Clem Wall
Trustees*                                    1 Year*Robert Staska
**Mark Reuvers
**Larry McHugo
**Butch Schwartz
**Kevin Voracek

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