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First, the sale of products and
places in which direction?
• Sales direction and the right place, you are the principal customers or
   customer to decide.
   That is, your customers directly to consumers, customers or your agent or
   distributor or wholesaler. Understanding of these two concepts, we have
   made clear that if the direction of sales directly to consumers, usually refers
   to retail, consumers are most concentrated is the place we want to go. So
   what are our customers? This relates to the consumer location, consumer
   market segmentation analysis of variables such as geographical factors,
   cultural factors, behavioral factors, economic factors, which determine the
   target market, and this is the direction we want to sell. If you are looking
   for customers, through agents of the model or bulk sales. Then we "sell" is
   the direction where the customers, where we go. General fairs, seminars,
   President, MBA classroom, Alibaba, where the relative concentration of
   customers, the probability of a natural cooperation has been enlarged, the
   event of a major customer, that you eat enough of the time.
Second, how to open up the
market, how the sale?
• 1. Only make sure that the target market in order to
  carry out market development, for a start-up of people, I
  think more suitable for low-cost marketing. Relates
  specifically to the word: up and smoke.
  The so-called push, that is, the product, the company
  introduced to the market to sell to consumers or
  Comparison of steady walking on two legs. One leg is
  the promotion of network marketing. The formation of a
  leg is a small sales team, marketing to traditional
• 2. Look at your company's website, with some regret, such a good product,
   the site does not necessarily hard to do, let alone optimized Web site, must
   also did not participate in or GOOGLE Baidu's bid ranking.
   Whether it is site optimization or search marketing, as long as we can
   spend thousands of dollars in a very short period of time effective. In
   addition to marketing through publicity and education blog to your product,
   then more suitable for the opening in a blog Ali. Of course the real blog
   marketing is a systematic project, the need to blog the positioning of the
   subject of content-targeted blog, blog, site selection, writing and so on
   Bowen. Content can be related to products, energy saving and
   environmental protection, bamboo culture and customer experience-sharing.
   If there is no person to deal with blog, then less traffic Wait a minute, the
   effect of naturally slow. Of course, you may also want to consider
   community-based marketing, this will not repeat them.
• 3. On the formation of the team, in fact, there are two effects. One is professional
   engaged in e-commerce, you can say that it is a dedicated team of network
   marketing (network marketing low-cost, more suitable for the early start, and is also
   a natural trend of the times), and the other is of course the role of the market
   development of traditional marketing. I recommend that the telephone calls
   marketing + move. Telephone marketing low cost, call volume, plus take the
   initiative, the volume on high.
   The so-called aspiration, that is, leave no stone unturned, so that more people are
   concerned about you, so that active-site customers or clients. Common methods: co-
   operation with the model room of furniture to hang lights go, let consumers direct
   experience of the wonderful lamp; in the appropriate newspapers and magazines or
   television channels to advertise, but this depends on your company's specific
   economic strength of; held their own Bamboo Culture Festival lights or to participate
   in a particular exhibition to attract clients or customers. High point is to attract the
   influence of a certain person or team or bodies. For example if you have a good
   understanding of political figures, and this year is "energy saving and environmental
   protection", I think you passed under the banner of "energy saving and
   environmental protection" banner, has been the support of key players, and that the
   success of a much faster speed.
Third, with regard to your
company's products
• Your product can be said that every household needs, it was the
  light of local need, in addition to the website you mentioned, the
  fact that some small town if your products to the building, then the
  volume of amazing. I would think so, because the geo-art lamps,
  the lamp into the culture of the Chinese bamboo culture, arts and
  environmental protection at the same time, do you personally feel
  that their ability to meet certain city or park landscape (light
  concept) works it? When foreign guests, in the quiet under the night
  sky, in the small town, not only can feel the Chinese culture, but
  perhaps you will find you more business. The company's products
  for you, I talked about here, after all, I have not personally felt
  touched to your proposal might be biased.

• Looking for people who do things,
 enterprise development; the mistakes he
 made, business bankruptcy. In addition
 there must be sufficient cash

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