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Ch’s 12 – 21 and the Epilogue
          Hoot – ch’s 13 and 14
   technical - According to                  What do you think?
    principle; formal rather than           Mrs. Eberhardt gave Roy
    practical                                this advice: Use your best
   Page 159 - And I'm sure your             judgment to determine
    heart was in the right place,"           what is right between
    she said, "but it was still a lie,       what your heart is telling
    technically speaking.                    you and what your brain
   reconnaissance - An inspection           is telling you.
    or exploration of an area;               -Have you ever struggled
    scouting, survey                         with a matter between
   Page 174 - "I dunno. Maybe               your heart and your
    do some recon.“ "Recon?"                 brain? Explain. What type
    "You know. Reconnaissance,"              of conflict is this?
    Mullet Fingers said. "Scope out
    targets for tonight."
                                             -Is Mrs. Eberhardt giving
                                             Roy good advice? Why or
                                             why not?
 Chapter 15 and 16 Vocabulary
Page 180 - In addition to a fear of getting caught,
  Roy had serious qualms about trying anything
  illegal - and there was no dodging the fact that
  vandalism was a crime, however noble the
Page 202 - Then he began a methodical search,
  back and forth across the property, eyes glued
  to the ground.
               Your thoughts….?
   What do you think Roy’s mother meant when she said to
    him: ”The line isn’t clear between what’s right and
    what’s wrong; your heart tells you to do one thing, and
    your brain will tell you to do something different. In the
    end, all that’s left is to look at both sides and go with
    your best judgment?” Have you ever been faced with a
    dilemma similar to Roy’s?
   Why do you think Mullet Fingers took Roy to his “hidden
   Do you think Roy can help the birds without breaking the
         Personification Review
   Personification is a device in literature in
    which an author grants human qualities to
    nonhuman objects. For example:
             A pale sliver of moon peeked over
              the rooftops.

            What is being personified?
            How does this help you visualize
             the scene?
            Chapter 17 and 18
perpetrator - someone who is responsible for a
  wrongdoing, culprit, the person behind
Page 219 - We need a warm body, and the only
  one we've got is sitting in juvenile detention. So
  officially he's our perpetrator, understand?
inquisitive - Unduly curious and inquiring;
  interested, questioning, probing
Page 232 - An inquisitive pair of bright amber
  eyes peeked up from the blackness.

  Why do you think Roy decided to tell everyone in his
               history class about the owls?
What do you think Roy is going to do with the photographs
                        of the owls?
  What is the best course of action Roy can take at this
         Chapter 19 and 20
Page 253 - He wore pressed white trousers
  and a dark blue blazer with an emblem
  on the breast pocket.
Page 262 - Gold-painted shovels were
  handed out, an on Mr. Muckle's signal all
  the dignitaries smiled, leaned over, and
  dug up a scoopful of sand.
        Chapter 21 and Epilogue
melodramatic - Characterized by false pathos and
Page 276 - Roy and Beatrice had watched in
  helpless disgust as she'd locked Mullet Fingers in
  a smothering, melodramatic hug.
swelter - To suffer from oppressive heat.
Page 289 - It was a sweltering afternoon, But
  Roy had resigned himself to the fact that there
  was no change of seasons in South Florida, only
  mild variations of summer.
          Discussion Thoughts
   Do you think Roy should place himself at
    risk by becoming involved with Mullet
    Fingers and his cause?
   Why do you think Mullet Fingers would not
    accept help from Breatrice and Roy?
   Symbolism – A symbol in literature is an
    object, a person, or an event that
    represents an idea or a set of ideas. What
    does the burrowing owl symbolize?
         The end of the novel… 
   Why do you think Roy’s father granted his son
    permission to go to the groundbreaking
   Do you think that a group of students could stop
    commercial development as was accomplished
    in this novel? Would you ever participate in a
    similar cause?
   Has this book made you think about either
    ecological causes? Has it made you think about
    the roles of individuals and governments in
    these causes? What conclusions have you
   What was ironic about Kimberly Lou Dixon’s
    membership in the Audubon Society?
    Review for your final test…

  Synonyms, antonyms, analogies -Vocab!!
 Different conflict types, (character vs. self,
           character, nature, society).
      The impact of setting on the plot
    Irony – towards the end of the story.
Point of view – 1st person, 3rd person limited,
             3rd person omniscient

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