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					                        Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America

              POW WOW            POW WOW            POW WOW   POW WOW              POW WOW
                                                      NOVEMBER 6. 2010
                                CATCH THE SPIRIT OF
                                  CUB SCOUTING

          DATE:                    November 5, 2011
          REGISTRATION:            7:00am
          OPENING:                 8:15am
          PLACE:                   Warren Central High School
           COST:                   Online Fee:              $20.00 per person (Before 10/28/11)
                                   Paper Fee:               $25.00 per person (Before 10/28/11)
                                   Late Registration Fee:   $30.00 per person (After 10/28/11)

What is a POW WOW?
In Native American culture, Pow Wow is a time when
people come together in celebration. They renew old
friendships and discover new ones. It is a time to remi-
nisce about the treasures of the past and to plan for
preservation of a rich heritage. With dancing and sing-
ing, one man honors another and traditions are passed

“Catch the Spirit of Cub Scouting” is an event that pass-
es knowledge from one generation of Scouters to the
next. It is a day filled with excitement and adventure
for any adult associated with Cub Scouting. If you are
part of a Pack committee, a Cubmaster, a Den leader, a
Webelos leader, any assistant leader, a Tiger Cub Coach
or parent, Pow Wow can turn you on to the wonders of
your Cub Scout.

How do we utilize the online registration?:
You can access the online registration by going to then by clicking on the Online
Registration Link on the left hand side of the page.             How to get to Pow Wow?
Please follow the directions from that point forward if            Warren Central High School
you are a new user or an existing user. Please pay close
                                                                      9500 E. 16th Street
attention to the directions on each page.
                                                                    Indianapolis, IN 46229
 SHERRY WEBB AT: 317-813-7117 or email her at
           2011 POW WOW CLASS SCHEDULE
Registration begins at 7:00am
Opening Ceremony is from 8:15 to 8:35am
Closing Ceremony is from 3:45 to 4:00pm

Period 1   Period 2      Period 3   Lunch Period   Period 4      Period 5     Period 6
8:45 to    9:45 to       10:45 to   11:40 AM to    12:45 to      1:45 to      2:45 to
9:35 AM    10:35 AM      11:35 AM   12:40 PM       1:35 PM        2:35 PM      3:35 PM
DL02       DL01          DL05                      DL01          DL02         DL01
DL05       DL04          DL06                      DL07                     DL03
DL11                  DL03                         DL08                       DL08
                         DL10                      DL09          DL10

W01        W02           W03                       W04           W05            W06

PC01       PC02          PC07                      PC01          PC01           PC06
PC03       PC04          PC08                      PC02          PC10
PC05                  PC09                         PC11                         PC13
PC12                                                                            PC15

CS01       CS02                                                   CS03          CS02
                      CS06                                    CS05
                                                                  CS04        CS04

O07        O02           O01                       O01           O03            O04
O08        O05           O06                       O08           O05            O06
                         O04                       O07           O04

              ST02                                                 ST01
 ST05       ST06         ST03                                    ST04

              N02                                                   N03
              N06                                                   N04
              N07                                                   N05
              N08                                               N08 Continued
              N08                                               N08 Continued
              N09                                               N09 Continued
              N10                                               N10 Continued
              N11                                               N11 Continued
              N11                                               N11 Continued
N12                                                N13
                                                   2011 CAC POW WOW REGISTRATION
                                     CROSSROADS OF AMERICA COUNCIL * BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA
                                        7125 FALL CREEK ROAD NORTH* INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46256
                                                                 ATTN: POW WOW
                                            (Please fill in all information - one registration per person)

           DISTRICT:________________________ UNIT:____________ POSITION:_____________________________________
           STREET ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________________________
           CITY:_______________________________STATE:___________ZIP:_______________ COUNCIL: ________________
           YEARS IN SCOUTING:_____________ EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________________________
           CLASS CHOICES: 1._______ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________ALT CHOICE: 1.__________
                                                                       SELECT YOUR CLASSES

                           PROGRAM IDEAS AND RESOURCES                                      PROJECT TIME
                           DL01 Cub Scout Knots                                             CS01 Cub Scout Woodworking
                           DL02 Cub Scout Games                                             CS02 Cub Scout Leatherworking
                           DL03 Cub Scout Cooking (2 Periods)                               CS03 Cub Scout Neckerchief Slides
                           DL04 Cub Scout Songs                                             CS04 Cub Scout Chemistry
                           DL05 Magic Tricks                                                CS05 Pinewood and Other Derbies (2 Periods)
                           DL06 Skits, Run-ons, and Cheers                                  CS06 Cub Scout Walking Sticks (2 Periods)
                           DL07 Flag Etiquette and Flag Ceremonies                               ($10.00 materials fee, class size limited)
                           DL08 Cub Scout Ceremonies
                           DL09 Academic and Sports Program                                 LETS GET OUTDOORS
                           DL10 Whittlin’Chit – How to Teach It                             O01 Cub Scout Campfires
                           DL11 Storytelling                                                O02 Summer Camp, Make it a Pack Event
                                                                                            O03 Do’s and Don’ts of the Cub Outdoor Program
                           ESPECIALLY FOR WEBELOS                                           O04 Geocaching for Cubs—NEW
                           W01 Webelos Activity Badges – Community                          O05 Cub Scout Astronomy
                           W02 Webelos Activity Badges – Technical                          O06 Advanced Cub Scout Astronomy—NEW
                           W03 Webelos Activity Badges – Outdoors                           O07 Animal Tracks—NEW
                           W04 Webelos Activity Badges – Fitness                            O08 Moms and the Outdoors—NEW
                           W05 Webelos Activity Badges – Mental
                           W06 Webelos Adventure Camp                                       OUTSIDE AGENCY TRAININGS
                           W07 Crossing the Bridge into Boy Scouting                        ST01 American Red Cross CPR/AED (3 Periods)
                                                                                            ST02 American Red Cross First Aid Training (3 Periods)
                           CUB SCOUT ADMINISTRATION FOR                                     ST03 Introduction to Project Wet
                           CUBMASTERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS                                 ST04 Introduction to Project Wild
                           PC01 Social Media - NEW                                          ST05 Introduction to Fish Indiana
                           PC02 Understanding and Stopping Bullying—NEW                     ST06 Introduction to Project Learning Tree
                           PC03 Advancement Basics
                           PC04 Year Round Recruiting                                       CUB SCOUT NATIONAL TRAININGS
                           PC05 Rechartering-Another Year of Fun                            N01 This is Scouting
                           PC06 Planning the Pack Program                                   N02 Tiger Leader Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC07 The Blue and Gold Banquet                                   N03 Den Leader Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC08 Duty to God                                                 N04 Webelos Leader Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC09 Helping Scouts with a Challenge (2 Periods)                 N05 Pack Committee Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC10 Pack Communications and PR                                  N06 Cubmaster Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC11 Awards and Recognitions                                     N07 Pack Trainer Specific (3 Periods)
                           PC12 Pack Committee Best Practices                               N08 BALOO (All Day)
                           PC13 Using a Den Chief                                           N09 Trainer Development Conference (All Day)
                           PC14 Recruiting and Retaining Leaders                            N10 Webelos Outdoor Leader Skills (OWL) (All Day)
                           PC15 What the Heck is a Roundtable?                              N11 Den Chief Training (BOY SCOUTS ONLY) (All Day)
                                                                                            N12 Youth Protection Training
                                                                                            N13 Severe Weather Training

                                                                       CALCULATE YOUR FEES
For Credit Card Payment

                   Card Type _____________Card Number ____________________________ Expiration Date ______________ 3 Digit Code ____________
          For paper registration, send your check and this form to Crossroads of America Council (CAC) to the address at the top of this page.

Early Registration Fee - Online             (before 10/28/2011) (CD, Patch, Lunch, Tote)               $20.00                   $______________
Early Registration Fee - Paper               (before 10/28/2011) (CD, Patch, Lunch, Tote)              $25.00                   $______________
Late Registration Fee                        (after 10/28/2011)  (CD, Patch, Lunch, Tote)              $30.00                   $______________
Walking Stick Class Fee                                                                                $10.00                   $ ______________

                                                                                     Total Amount Enclosed                      $______________
  1. After 10/28/2011 all registrations will be considered walk-ins.
  2. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-filled basis!                                                                CAMCODE 6AFPW
  3. Additional Pow Wow Books and Totes will be available for purchase.
  4. Online registrations that remain unpaid after 7 days
     will be dropped.
       PERMIT NO 633
                                                                  Indianapolis, IN 46256
            PAID                                                  7125 Fall Creek Road North
       U.S.POSTAGE                                                Boy Scouts of America
 NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION                                          Crossroads of America Council
Why Should I Go To Pow Wow?
Here is your chance to trade ideas, discuss problems and share solutions with hundreds of
other leaders. The best trainers and Cub Scout leaders will be available to give you infor-
mation on the subjects that you want to know about most. Sessions are available on Den
leaders, Webelos leaders, as well as any parent or Pack leader. You can come and take basic
training. YOU will find a wealth of information available at this “event” of the year.

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