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    A Message from the President

    “There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little
    difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”
                                                                                  - W. Clement Stone

    Amid the ‘doom and gloom’ outlook that                                                                    GERMANIA FARM
    numerous media outlets continue to fuel, I            “I want to reassure                                MUTUAL INSURANCE
    found this quote especially timely. While
    a number of companies are certainly facing            our policyholders that                               ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                   507 Hwy. 290 East

                                                          Germania remains
    challenging times, I want to reassure our                                                                     Brenham, Texas 77833
    policyholders that Germania remains
                                                                                                                      David Sommer
    financially strong and committed to
    providing our fellow Texans with fair and
                                                          financially strong                                            President

    honest insurance protection.                          and committed to                                             Paul Ehlert
                                                                                                                   1st Vice President
    Remaining a stable company in the wake of
    a recession is not an accident. Germania’s
                                                          providing our fellow                                       Ron Rhodes
    Board of Directors and management team                Texans with fair and                                     2nd Vice President
    have maintained an old-fashioned, prudent
    approach — utilizing a conservative                   honest insurance                                            Derrell Krebs
    investment strategy and placing our
    policyholders best interests before our own.          protection.”                                               Laura Popp
    This mindset, originally derived from four                                                                Marketing Communications
    German farmers in 19th century Texas, has led Germania through the many economic                                  Manager
    ups and downs over the past 113 years.
                                                                                                                       Mary Nabors
    Trust is the basis of any relationship — and in today’s volatile market, it is a                                      Editor
    commodity that is hard to achieve. Germania’s success is built on a foundation of
    mutual trust, integrity, financial strength and the cultivation of personal relationships                         James Pharaon
    — ensuring our policyholders are not treated as another number, but as members of an                                 Layout
    extended family.
                                                                                                             Vol. 35, No. 2 • Summer 2009
    Germania is proud to be known as “The Insurance Texans Trust.” That trust is what
    distinguishes us from other companies and we’re honored that our policyholders                         Germania Today (USPS 086230)
                                                                                                           Published quarterly by Germania Farm
    continue to hold us in high regard. By entrusting Germania with your home, auto                        Mutual Insurance Association Postmaster:
    and life insurance, you have given us a great responsibility that we not only embrace,                 Send address changes to Germania Today
                                                                                                           at P.O. Box 645, Brenham, TX 77834.
    but one we revere.                                                                                     Periodical postage paid at Brenham, Texas
                                                                                                           and additional mailing offices.

                                                                                                           Subscription price is 50 cents per year
                                                                                                           included in yearly premium.



2       Germania ... The Insurance Texans Trust
Dollars and Sense...

                        Germania Credit Union’s
                       New Graduate Auto Loans
  You’ve waited 18 years for this day to come — and while your       HOW GERMANIA CREDIT UNION WILL
  teen might have two years of driving experience behind him,
  you want to pay homage to his academic milestone through           HELP YOU
  the purchase of a ‘new’ or ‘used’ car before sending him off       Teach your child not to make an impulse buy — even if
  into the world.                                                    he finds what seems to be a ‘great deal.’ Many consumers
                                                                     who are overly eager and make impulsive decisions end up
                                                                     spending too much. After choosing the right vehicle, save
  A MULTI-GENERATIONAL LOAN FOR                                      even more money by comparing your financing rates and
  YOUR NEW GRADUATE                                                  terms — starting with Germania Credit Union. Germania
  Grandparents who find themselves scratching their heads for        Credit Union combines convenient terms with some of the
  gift ideas can help with this purchase by either co-signing the    best rates around.
  loan alongside ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ or disbursing money towards
  the purchase. If you are thinking of getting a car loan for your   To apply for a loan, Germania Credit Union members can
  new graduate, communicate with the grandparents.                   either mail or fax their seller’s contract along with a completed
                                                                     loan application — available upon request or download from
                                                            Take advantage of a great
  KEEP YOUR GRADUATE IN THE                                          rate from Germania Credit Union while protecting the best
  FINANCIAL LOOP                                                     interest of your new graduate.
  Sit down with your child before you start car shopping. From
  researching cars online, looking through consumer reports
  and safety publications to budgeting — what would insurance
                                                                     NOT A MEMBER?
                                                                     If you are not already a member of the Germania Credit
  cost for the car they like? By taking your teen along for the
                                                                     Union, this may be the perfect time to join. Membership is
  ride and not presenting it as a ‘surprise’ wrapped in a bow
                                                                     available to Germania Insurance policyholders and, once they
  for graduation day, you will be teaching your child a valuable
                                                                     join, their relatives. Potential members can e-mail to
  lesson when it is time to enter “the real world.”
                                                           , or call 1-800-392-2202 to
                                                                     request a membership packet

                                                                                         Visit us at           3
On the Cover...

     Life Changes. So Do
     Your Insurance Needs.
                         It’s easy to forget updating an existing            paperwork is the last thing you want to deal with. But, in order
                          insurance policy when something significant        for Germania to help you keep the promises implied by these
                            has changed. Waiting until something ‘bad        unique and powerful documents, you must inform your agent
                             happens’ is the wrong time to find out if       when a change in beneficiary needs to be made.
                               you are underinsured or not properly
                                covered. The most important question         Expect the unexpected
                                 to ask yourself and your Germania           An unexpected occurrence, such as death or other personal loss,
                                  agent: Is your insurance coverage up-to-   is not an event you can foresee. Yet, the financial ramifications
                                     date?                                   can be staggering — not only for you, but for your family as well.
                                                                             A good rule of thumb; if it’s not in writing, it’s not covered.
                                       From “I Do” to
                                       “Sign Here”                           Be Proactive
                                      Far from romantic, insurance           Updating your insurance policy is comparable to an annual
                                      plays a substantial role in our        visit with your doctor. A short, noninvasive check-up usually
                                      day-to-day lives.       Marriage       prevents (or catches) unforeseen health problems. This same
                                        and beginning a family are           analogy applies to protecting yourself
                                            significant factors that         from life’s unexpected calamities. Proper
                                               affect the amount of          planning can prevent future setbacks.
                                                coverage you will need.      Call your Germania agent today if you’ve
                                                Combining two                experienced any significant changes
                                                households into one is       that should be reflected in your
                                              the perfect time to take a     policy.
                                          look at your insurance policy.
                                      The good news — Germania
                         issues a Companion Policy Discount when
                     you insure your home and auto or home and
     life insurance*. Nothing says “I love you” more than a spouse
     ensuring his family is able to not only survive — but thrive — if
     the unthinkable were to happen.

     The “D” Word
     Supposing the unthinkable happens — now what? In the case
     of a divorce, call your Germania agent and have them update
     your policy. Removing a spouse from a policy usually requires
     that the agent see a copy of the decree and then they can address
     your current insurance needs.

     The Other “D” Word
     One of the most challenging and heartbreaking aspects of keeping
     a policy up-to-date is when a family member dies. Whether
     a death is anticipated due to an illness — or unexpected —

 4         Germania ... The Insurance Texans Trust
In the Loop...
                                                                                 When To Update
                                                                                 Your Policy:
                                                                                 • Your address changes

                                                                                 • Job change

                                                                                 • New addition to the family

                                                                                 • Adding or deleting a driver from an
                                                                                   existing policy

                                                                                 • Marriage and name changes

                                                                                 • Getting a divorce

                                                                                 • Adding on or making renovations to
                                                                                   your home

                                                                                 • Purchasing expensive items for your home

                                                                                 • Purchasing an auto, boat, motorcycle, etc.

                                                                                 • Retirement

                                                                                 • Purchasing or leasing a house
  *Discount applies to GFM premium only, and the life policy owner must
  occupy the insured GFM dwelling. To qualify for these discounts you must
  have your primary owner-occupied dwelling, liability and auto insured with
                                                                                 • Placing land /home in a trust

  Germania Partners with Safelite to Offer
  Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Replacement
  Germania knows the importance of                   chances are the damage can be repaired.
  repairing your windshield or replacing             Germania even waives the deductible
  damaged auto glass and wants to make               for windshield repair service, so there is
  the process easy and convenient for you.           no out-of-pocket cost to you*.
  Keep in mind, if your windshield is
  chipped, it’s only a matter of time before         To report an auto glass claim, log on to
  it spreads into a larger crack and must   and click
  be replaced.                                       through the following path: “Claims/
                                                     Auto Glass Claims” or call Germania
  Germania Insurance offers cost-saving              Glass Service at 1-800-392-2202 and
  windshield repair to policyholders in              follow the phone prompts to report your
  need. If the chip or crack is less than            auto glass claim to a customer service
  the size of a dollar bill (six inches),            representative.
                                                                               *Certain restrictions may apply

                                                                                                                 Visit us at   5
Matters of Life...

  You Can Trust

  With Your
  Life Insurance
  Think about the person or people that         Let your agent help you leverage that     make these arrangements and provide
  should benefit from your life insurance       knowledge and information to make         suggestions on preparation for these
  policy. Now ask yourself if Germania          certain you do not have more — or less    important steps.
  Life Insurance Company is aware of            — life insurance than you really need.
  your intentions. You can expect the                                                     POLICY MANAGEMENT                 AND
  following benefits when you become a          APPLICATION MANAGER:                      SERVICE SUPERVISOR:
  Germania Life policyholder:                   Life insurance applications and           Your agent records all activity required
                                                supporting forms are legal documents      to underwrite your insurance and stores
  POLICY ADVISOR:                               demanding the utmost care and             this information along with policy
  Your Germania agent has a                     consideration. Your agent will manage     details on your behalf. Requests for
  comprehensive       understanding     of      the paperwork to assure correct           service can include changes to address,
  Germania’s product portfolio, which           and complete documentation. The           bank, beneficiary, owner, and marital
  will ensure your needs are met promptly.      complexity of modern medical and          status among others. You can rely
  Germania agents can suggest ideas for         lifestyle information necessary to life   on your Germania agent to manage
  matching your needs and budget with           insurance underwriting can result in      these changes carefully to avoid any
  the correct Germania Life product.            errors and unexpected increases in        conflicts in policy status. Including
  Our consultative approach to personal         premium if communicated carelessly.       your agent in the active management
  life insurance planning distinguishes us      Your Germania agent is an expert at       of your life insurance policy today
  from ‘bigger’ companies and focuses on        documenting all information required      can help prevent unforeseen problems
  finding the lowest cost solution with         in the life insurance application.        and disappointment for your family
  your individual needs in mind.                                                          tomorrow.
                                                UNDERWRITING ADVOCATE:
  BENEFIT ANALYST:                              Your agent is there for you during        To learn more about using life insurance
  Your Germania agent can help identify         the underwriting process to make          to achieve your financial goals and make
  the proper amount of life insurance           certain company underwriters are          sure your loved ones stay protected or
  coverage you (and your family) need           appropriately informed about your         to purchase a Germania Life insurance
  at any stage of life. A Germania agent        personal circumstances. Your agent        policy, contact your Germania agent
  that already insures your home or auto        will ensure any additional information    or Germania Life at 1-800-392-2202.
  will be familiar with you, your family,       requested by the underwriter is ordered   You can also e-mail us at
  your goals, your likes and dislikes and       accurately and delivered promptly. If We are
  is uniquely qualified to assist you in        your application requires medical exams   here to help.
  analyzing your life insurance needs.          or lab work your agent will help you

  6       Germania ... The Insurance Texans Trust
        FISCAL YEAR ENDING DEC. 31, 2008

Admitted Assets
Cash and Investments                $345,717,845
Real Estate and Equipment              5,676,338
Premiums Receivable                   67,836,796
Accrued Investment Income              3,008,136
Reinsurance Recoverable                3,180,914
Net Deferred Tax Asset                12,625,674
Federal Income Tax Recoverable        10,714,461
Other Assets                           1,874,152
   Total Assets                     $450,634,316

Liabilities and Surplus                               Germania Advantage Welcomes New Vendors
Unearned Premiums                 $153,425,865
Loss and Loss Adjustment Expenses    45,642,811
Life Future Policy Benefits          31,878,382
Federal Income Tax Payable                -
Other Liabilities                    22,749,247
                                                      Are you interested in purchasing a RV
    Total Liabilities              253,696,305        Travel trailer? Well, look no further than
Policyholders’ Surplus              196,938,011       Cliff Jones Autoworld/RV Center, located
    Total Liabilities and Surplus $450,634,316        in Sealy, Texas. Cliff Jones has been known
                                                      as the “low discount dealer” for over thirty
        CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT                 years. Their low overhead means that they can — and will — sell you one for less.
                                                      They have a full line of travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers.
Net Premiums Written                $285,146,688
Increase in Unearned Premiums          12,277,997     Discounts apply to orders through Kevin Whitton at or call
Net Premiums Earned                  272,868,691
                                                      1-800-299-7848. At Cliff Jones, “Our pledge is to sell you the best RV or auto at
Net Losses Incurred                     195,819,216   the best price. Come see us – you’ll be glad you did.” To learn more about RVs/
Loss Expenses Incurred                  25,079,889    Travel Trailers, log on to or check out the cars and trucks
Underwriting Expenses Incurred          86,893,273    available at
Increase in Life Future Policy Benefits  2,770,922
   Net Losses and Expenses Incurred 310,563,300

Underwriting Gain (Loss)             (37,694,609)
                                                      Now is the Perfect Time to Move Up to the
Net Investment Income                  13,246,335
                                                      Gold Standard in Home Security.
Other Income                           1,469,703
   Net Income (Loss) before Taxes    (22,978,571)     Need a new security/fire alarm system or want
Federal Income Taxes                  (7,084,455)     to upgrade your existing one? ADT Custom
   Net Income (Loss)                $(15,894,116)
                                                      Home Services offers you personalized local
                                                      service and fast alarm response. ADT offers
    GERMANIA FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE                    advanced security technology, professional
       ASSOCIATION CLAIMS BY PERIL                    customer service, six-month money back guarantee, theft protection guarantee
                                                      and a network of customer monitoring centers.
Storm                               $114,246,095
Fire                                 $24,477,325
Water                                $11,807,536      Find out more about ADT Custom Home Services and how you can qualify for
Theft                                 $3,146,891      a $200 mail-in rebate. Call 1-888-238-0030 and mention savings
Other                                $3,038,448       CODE: G35773.
Total                               $156,716,295

         Keeping You In The Loop:
         Visit our website at Hurricane season begins June 1, 2009 — find out how
         to keep your home and family safe! You’ll also find Germania news, tools and resources to ensure you feel
         confident and are making accurate and informed decisions when it comes to your insurance.

                                                                                                 Visit us at    7
                                        Quick Chicken and Noodles Stir-Fry

          6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs                          1 medium onion, sliced thin
          1 quart water                                                2/3 cup thinly sliced celery
          1 teaspoon salt                                              2 cups thinly sliced cabbage
          2 3-ounce packages chicken flavor Ramen oriental soup        1 cup thinly sliced carrots
          1/4 cup canola oil                                           1/4 cup chicken broth, warmed
          2 cloves garlic, minced

          Cut chicken into 1/2 –inch strips. In saucepan, place        Push all ingredients to side of pan or wok and add in
          water and salt and bring to boil over high heat. Add         center of pan carrots, celery and both flavor packets. Stir
          noodles (without flavor packets), stir to separate and       and cook about two minutes. Add cabbage and mix all
          cook about two minutes. Drain noodles and set aside.         ingredients together; stir-fry about two minutes more.
                                                                       Add cooked noodles and chicken broth, mixing well for
          In large deep fry pan or wok, place oil and heat to          about two minutes. Serve immediately with wide, crisp
          medium temperature. Add garlic and onions; stir-fry          oriental noodles as garnish.
          until onion is clear, about four minutes. Increase heat to
          high and add chicken, continuing to stir-fry until chicken   Yields four servings.
          is done, about six minutes.

                                                                                                   Jo Ann Reichle; Industry, Texas

You’re Invited                      sociation
                  utual Insurance As
Germania Farm M
                          rs to the
      invites policyholde
         113th Annual Mee
                          , 2009
       Wednesday, July 22
               9 a.m.

                       ce Boardroom
    Germania Home Offi
           507 Hwy. 290 East
            Brenham, Texas.

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