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					                Volume XXXVIII - Issue 3                    Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada                               February 9th, 2010

                                                      Nick Renzetti on                       Nicola Nemy on
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Tiger Tribune            St.Valentine’s Day vs. St. Skeletor’s Day
                  by Mackenzie Fowler                                                    the perfect gift for your special someone, a gift that says ‘I love
                                                                                         you, you’re the only one for me, everything about you is perfect.’
                       Sixty-five Percent of Ridley students honor the Greek god-        Good luck with that. I believe that for everyone Valentine’s Day is
                  dess Aphrodite on February 14th each and every year. Thirty-           either a tear-filled reminder of your lonely life, or a big old pain in
                  five on the other hand despise this so called “holiday.” Although      the butt.
                  two thirds of Ridleians support this day of love, is it really all          By now you may be contemplating whether you’re even going
                  that pointless?                                                        to celebrate this holiday this year. Have no fear... there is a solution.
                       Every year on this wonderfully horrid, or horridly wonder-        For all those who already hate Valentine’s Day or plan to ditch the
                  ful, holiday – you decide what way you want to spin it – the av-       holiday this year, there’s a holiday to fill the new void in your heart.
                  erage Canadian spends an average of one-hundred and two                     February 15th, the day after the holiday of love, is St. Skele-
                  dollars on gifts. If every Canadian spent that much on Valentine’s     tor’s Day. Some of you may have heard of Skeletor, but for those
                  Day we would be spending three billion four hundred sixty five         who are unaware of his being, he was the archenemy of the hero
                  million six hundred fifty four thousand dollars every year on          He-Man in Masters of the Universe. Skeletor was chosen to rep-
                  chocolates and flowers. The saddest part about Valentine’s Day         resent this anti-Valentine’s day because he is simply the most evil
                  flowers is that fifteen percent of women send themselves flow-         character known to man. On this day, you celebrate by watching
                  ers. The male population purchases seventy-three percent of            the least sappy movies, eating all the left over Valentine’s Day
                  those flowers. The way I see it, spending money on flowers is al-      candy you find in stores, sending St. Skeletor’s Day greeting cards
                  most insulting. I mean if something that ends up dying in a            and of course the most important, destroying love.
                  week’s time is what’s symbolizing your love, you’re headed for              I have now presented you with two options for this upcoming
                  trouble.                                                               holiday season. You can continue on with the mainstream day of
                       The pressures of V-Day are overwhelming, whether you’re           love known as Valentine’s Day. You can spend money to send your
                  single or not. If you’re single there is that painful reminder that    loved ones flowers, watch movies like The Notebook, A Walk to
                  the love that is shared on Valentine’s Day is not there to be shared   Remember, or, Never Been Kissed, and eat conversation hearts. Or
                  with you, and of course the pressure to actually change your re-       you can fight the power of love by celebrating St. Skeletor’s Day
                  lationship status by that very day. If you’re in a relationship        and wreak havoc. Which will you choose? You decide.
                  Valentine’s Day can be even more stressful. The pressures to get

                    Happy Black History Month
                  by Julia Just

                        It sure is a beautifully colored world… for most of us. Now,
                  let’s break this racial-rainbow down into Skittles for a moment,
                  shall we?
                        Race. It’s a topic most prefer to veer away from, and with
                  good reason. In today’s introverted society you never can be too
                  careful with the words you choose to release from you lips, or
                  your heart. You know something’s off in the atmosphere when
                  preferring white chocolate to dark chocolate immediately makes
                  you a racist in the eyes of some individuals. There there, it’s all
                  right. We know all you wanted was a slice of vanilla cake with
                  your coffee before heading off to bed, not a racial debate.
                        For a moment, just a moment, let’s shut our eyes from the
                  world around us and create a social equilibrium. What do you
                  see? Hopefully, you see a “play” button itching to be pushed.
                  Well, go on. Push it. Your mental slideshow is about to begin.
                  1619. Almost four hundred years ago slavery flourished through-
                  out America.
                        Now, press the “fast-forward” button from the year 1619 for
                  a moment. No, not that far. Back up a bit. The year is 1831. Har-
                  riet Tubman was a notable contributor to the closely estimated
                  100,000 slaves led to their freedom throughout the 1830’s. Major
                  milestone marked.
                        1896. African-Americans are now racially segregated in
                  class and culture from others, but are gaining basic rights asso-
                  ciated with human life. Progress? Check.
                        1955. Rosa Parks is arrested for the refusal to give up her
                  seat for a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She be-
                  came cherished as the mother of the civil rights movement for
                  many and a symbol of hope for many more.                                                  On the inside...
                        1964. With the inspiration of a “dream” and the campaign-          Livin’ the Single Life...........................................Page 2
                  ing of nonviolent resistance championed by Martin Luther King,
                                                                                           Secret Admiration...............................................Page 2
                  Jr. beginning in the late 1950’s, the civil rights movement gained
                                                                                           How to Survive Winter .......................................Page 4
                  some serious momentum in the United States by 1960. On July
                  2, 1964, Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law.            The Decade in Review........................................Page 5
                        2002. Halle Berry became the first African-American ac-            Ridley Excuses ....................................................Page 6
                  tress to win an Academy Award in the category of Best Actress.           Valentine’s Movies ..............................................Page 6
                  She cried. We chuckled a little at her hysterical facial expres-         The Commercialization of Valentine’s Day ........Page7
                  sions, but silently congratulated her nonetheless.                       Valentine’s Messaging: Letters or E-mails?.........Page 7
                        In case you all forgot, January 20, 2009 marked history. For       Cabaret ...............................................................Page 8
                  all of us. Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as the 44th
                  president of the United States of America. As much as you may
                  deny it, you’ll be proud to tell your grandkids the story about         Photos in this issue are from Ski Day, The Cadet Mess Dinner,
                  where you were and what you were doing the moment he fa-                  the Police visit of February 4th, The Standard Basketball
                  mously fumbled his words of oath in front of the world. Just you         Tournament, the opening of the new rink, a free skate on the
                  wait.                                                                                 rink, and preparation for Cabaret.
                  continued on page 5...
Page 2                                                                               Tiger Tribune                                                              February 9th, 2010

          Tiger Tribune
     Editors: Luke Kessaram, Gaelan Martin-Timms, Nicola Nemy

   Writers: Nadia Eghbali, Bronwyn Fischer, Mackenzie Fowler,
         Lara Gradil, Emma Hudson, Julia Just, Isabel Kim,
 Christina Kompson, George Lee, Laura Pickard, Nicholas Renzetti,
              Erin O’Rourke, Baden Russell-Petigrow,
                        Emma Workman

                   Official Photographer: Brett Mortensen

          Faculty Advisors: Mr. Colin Brezicki, Ms. Anne Kubu

     General Disclaimer: The views expressed                                                                  Livin’ the Single Life
     herein are those of the writers and do not                                                 by Nadia Eghbali and Isabel Kim                  3. Freedom.
                                                                                                                                                      When you are single, you don’t need to
      necessarily relfect those of the school.                                                       Worried about finding that special
                                                                                                someone in time for Dean’s Dance and/or
                                                                                                                                                 worry about anything. And we mean any-
                                                                                                                                                 thing. Dress how you want. Eat how you
                                                                                                Valentine’s Day? Don’t. As important as so-      want. See whom you want. Instead of
                                                                                                ciety makes it, finding a significant other      sweating out your insecurities at the gym,

                              Awkward                                                           around this time of year is absolutely not
                                                                                                necessary. February has so much more to
                                                                                                                                                 don’t sweat it at all. Being single means you
                                                                                                                                                 don’t need to look your finest for anyone

                                                                                                offer than self-bought Mandeville candy          (but you still can for yourself). Go ahead,
                                                                                                grams, stacks of chick flicks (don’t deny it     order that garlic bread appetizer! Follow it
                                                                                                boys), and empty pints of Ben & Jerry’s.         up with a Sloppy Joe! Finish off with the
by Baden Russell-Petigrow                      quite the catch if I don’t say so myself), I’m   Keep these points in mind the next time you      triple-decker brownie sundae extravaganza
                                               all out of ideas. Between falling on my butt     find yourself asking, “Where is the Love?”       (serves a party of three)! No need to worry
     I’ve finally got my crush alone, and I    in and outside of schoolhouse, having him        Cue the Black Eyed Peas song.                    about the breath mint, napkin or caloric sit-
know it – I finally have the courage to ask    go offline before I hit send, and having staff                                                    uation, the single life is yours to live.
him to Dean’s. All it takes is the formula-    and students enter my perfectly engineered       1. Money can’t buy happiness. Only stale
tion of those words ‘Will you go to Dean’s     scenarios at just the wrong time, I’m find-      chocolate and wilted roses.                  4. Make yourself useful.
with me?’ Our conversation is flowing          ing it hopeless. Would one expect some-               While other people are panicking about       There’s more to February than the
smoothly so far, and there’s nothing hold-     body with only 16 years under their belt to      snagging the perfect gift for their loved one,
                                                                                                                                             14th. There’s even more to it than Nadia’s
ing me back. It’s now or never, so here goes   be an expert at this? Clearly I can’t be alone   rest assured your money will be kept safe    birthday (February 3rd - gifts are always
nothing… and then Mr. Sweeney walks in.        though, because if I were so good at rela-       from Hallmark’s diabolical scheme to guilt   welcome; it’s never too late). In fact, Feb-
Now, nothing against Mr. Sweeney (Hi           tionships, I’d be in one.                        society into purchasing one of their many    ruary also serves as Black History Month.
Sir!), but that moment was definitely ru-           Now, on the upside, at least I’ve got the   ugly (yet soft) teddy bears. Furthermore,    So get out there and inform yourself and
ined.                                          courage to continuously fail at asking. Per-     when lovebirds graduate from dining hall     others of past African-Americans who have
     Now, I’m 110% sure that I’m not alone     severance is key, for without it I would have    dates, appetizers, entrées and desserts will helped shape our country. Don’t be afraid
in the torture of trying to work up the        given up on this draining task ages ago.         eat up their money (pun intended). Who       to volunteer at your local animal shelter, or
courage to ask that special somebody out to    With my handicap of repetitive embarrass-        doesn’t love money in their pocket?          pay a visit to your closest senior home.
Dean’s, but what holds me separate from        ment in tow, and some friendly support                                                        Who needs a ‘significant other’ when
the rest of my fellow Tigers is my uncanny     (mostly I think they enjoy hearing the sto-      2. Cut the cord (unless you’re bungee you’re saving the world?
ability to have my plans thwarted. Each        ries and laughing), I can smile and wonder       jumping.)
time I work up the courage, something hap-     whether this will ever work out for me or             Without any strings to hold you back,        Kick off the month with the right ap-
pens. On a walk around the campus, mid-        whether I, like many crushing Ridleians,         you are free to try new and interesting proach, don’t fret over being single, em-
sentence, I’ll slip on ice. (Talk about        will never say a word. That is, unless he        things. The possibilities are endless when brace it! Enjoy the extra cash, time, and
tripping up on your words.) Or I’ll get him    should choose to read the Trib before the        you don’t have that nagging voice by your breath mints that are sure to make this Feb-
alone, the topic of Dean’s already having      dance.                                           side. Learn new recipes, host a Harry Potter ruary 2010 the best yet.
been conveniently worked into the conver-           Ladies and gents, enjoy the dance –         marathon (costumes and Quidditch in-
sation, and then having what seems like        with or without a partner. I know I will have    cluded), or even grab a friend and go sky-
every single one of my friends walk into the   a blast with my buddies. But, crush, on the      diving.
room. THANKS GUYS!                             off chance that you’ve recognized your de-
     I’ve lost track now of the amount of      scription from the above, care to go to
times I’ve attempted to ask. I must admit,
though a lovely potential Dean’s date (I’m
                                               Deans with me?
                                                                                                                              Secret Admiration
                                                                                                                          by Emma Workman

                                                                                                                                You’re shoving your bag in your locker, laughing with your
                                                                                                                          friends, when something catches your eye: a piece of notebook
                                                                                                                          paper. It’s filled with flowery words, and sweet compliments,
                                                                                                                          and signed, your secret admirer…
                                                                                                                          Getting such a letter is exciting, and is usually followed by some
                                                                                                                          high-pitched squealing. There’s intrigue, there’s mystery, there’s
                                                                                                                          plot twists; it’s a high school soap opera as you try to unravel
                                                                                                                          the mystery of ‘who?’ Every day, you check your locker to see
                                                                                                                          if there are any new leads on the mystery admirer.
                                                                                                                          Yes, secret admiration is fun, and understandable. Anyone who’s
                                                                                                                          ever asked anyone out can understand the fear that comes with
                                                                                                                          asking “the big question.” It’s much easier to hide behind an age-
                                                                                                                          old alias then to put yourself out there, and ask face-to-face.
                                                                                                                          But, there are some issues with the secret admirer plan. For one
                                                                                                                          thing, in your mind, it’s automatically your crush, professing his
                                                                                                                          true love for you, and everything works out perfectly. But, what
                                                                                                                          if it’s not your crush? What if when the mask is taken off, you
                                                                                                                          aren’t sure you really like them “that way”?
                                                                                                                                Also, sometimes these secret admirer things don’t ever be-
                                                                                                                          come anything; they fizzle. The admirers have to time it per-
                                                                                                                          fectly, and reveal themselves at the right time. Not too early, so
                                                                                                                          there’s enough intrigue, but not too late, so the admiree doesn’t
                                                                                                                          get bored.
                                                                                                                                The key with secret admirers is manners. If it isn’t your
                                                                                                                          dream guy or girl, be courteous, or even take a chance!
Page 3                                                                                Tiger Tribune                                                               February 9th, 2010

       This Particular Decision Was... Organic
                  Mr. Holmes and the Standard Basketball Tournament
by Gaelan Martin-Timms                         coach herself, when asked what her first re-    dentally, you do not mess around with Walt
                                               sponse was upon hearing that Mr. Holmes         and Whitt.”
     On Friday night, December 4th, 2009,      was at the game and not the dinner.                   “All week and at the three games at
Mr. Nicholas David Holmes was being rec-             Mr. Jay Tredway, head of athletics at     other schools, I was one of three drivers
ognized and rewarded at the Annual Board       Ridley College, said he was not surprised       going to the games and had a set of 4 lads
of Governors Dinner for his 36 years of up-    either. “If it's between receiving an award     with me. The coaches and athletes did not
holding the College's motto ‘terar dum         for himself, or supporting the kids, it's no    want to break the routine. Routine is one
prosim’ as a teacher, as a coach, advisor,     surprise Mr. Holmes was at the game,            of the keys to success. Incidentally, this
and Duty Master, and “as a landmark” say       where he should be.”                            was the way it was when I was invited by
the students.                                        Missing a Board of Governor's Dinner      Ms. Becken, Mr. Whitty and the girls to be
     “The Headmaster and my colleagues         is not something taken lightly. “But it's       with them in the fall at OFSAA Girls Bas-
ended up giving me a gorgeous watch at         Holmesy,” says student athlete Shelby           ketball in Cornwall. I supported the
our regular faculty meeting and get to-        Lyons, “he's always at the games.”              coaches and players but also ended up
gether we have each Monday at recess. I              “After 36 years I've gone to a multi-     doing whatever in a manager’s type role of
didn't know I was being recognized what-       tude of various types of dinners. I wanted      things that the kids or coaches wanted done
soever and was totally surprised and a lit-    to go to this one and replied that I was        or needed to be done that I can pick up on
tle overwhelmed.”                              going, as I enjoy sitting with the Ors, Pre-    looking in from the oustside. This was also
     On December 4th, 2009, the Ridley         fects, my colleagues, members of the            a terrific experience to be with this talented
Tigers Senior Boys Basketball team won         Board, and some parents, and spinning           and charismatic group.”
the Standard High School Basketball Tour-      some yarns and tall tales, but some things            He was kept busy on the Friday night:
nament for the first time since 1963. (71 to   changed during the week of the Standard         team dinner at 5:00pm, practice walk
54, over local power house and previous        Basketball Tournament. They kept on win-        through at 6:00, transport to St. Catharines'
champs the last two years, St. Francis.)       ning and winning and winning and then           Collegiate for a 7:30 game start; “There
Play-by-play score updates via text mes-       they are in the big show, where they were       was no chance to sneak out to even pop
sages kept the Board of Governor's Dinner      just awesome. I have personally coached a       into the Governors' Dinner. I thought about
energized and ahead of schedule right          large number of championship teams in all       it, but could not think of any way to work
through to the last speech, on the last word   types of sports. I know we got a bunch in       this one out, so on the Thursday I had to
of which, 14 of 18 prefects were already       football and 17 Schoolboys and 4 or 5           send my regrets”.
on their way to catch the last 3 minutes of    Stotesbruy Cups rowing in Philly. I have              As Holmes says, in life and - espe-
the game.                                      witnessed other teams’ matches and con-         cially Ridley life - there are “often these
     “It took us 3 minutes… including run-     tests and this one is right up there near the   conflicts of trying to be in 2 or 3 places at
ning out, maybe 6” to get to the St.           top. It was just simply fabulous".              once, and you got to make a decision…
Catharine's Collegiate high school, recalls          “I really did want to go to this one,”    common sense and practical compromise.
one school prefect, Dan Richardson. The        admits Holmes. “That’s it, this is my last      We have to do this all the time at Ridley
late arriving prefects were not alone in       year.”                                          College.”
their enthusiasm; busloads of Ridleians              This comes as a big shock for many              Had it been by anyone other than Mr.
were on the edge of their seats, including     who thought ‘Holmesy’ would never leave         Holmes, it might have been an issue; but
Mr. Holmes and some other faulty, retired      Ridley. As Dan Richardson says, “He's a         no one was surprised when told. Sadly
faculty, staff and parents.                    landmark. When the Alumni come back,            missed at the Governors' Dinner though he
     In fact, “Holmesy,” as he is affection-   it's him they all want to see.”                 was, Holmes stayed true to his Orange and
ately known by the student body, was off             Holmes truly was torn between the         Blacks, and it only seemed right.
his seat during the last 3-4 minutes, on the   two Friday night events, but, “when you've            “The decision was… let’s say, or-
sidelines by the boy’s bench, sporting Rid-    got Walt and Whitt,” (Walt Spelewski and        ganic,” Holmes smiles, “And Alex Gao sit-
ley's colours: orange and black, cheering      Holmes were colleagues at MacMaster,            ting in my front seat with the trophy on his
as loud as anyone in the stands.               and Dave Whitty is the boys' basketball         lap poking the roof and three guys singing
     “I was not surprised in the least. Mr.    coach and long time Ridley coworker of          away in the back seat to some Rap song or
Holmes is always about the students, no        Holmes,) “saying they want me there, then       whatever the hang dang it was going back
matter what team,” smiles Holmes'              I'm there. For them and the athletes. Inci      to Ridley was pretty cool too… no it was
coworker, Ms. Kim Becken, a basketball                                                         thrilling.”                                         Happy Black History
                                                                                                                                                        continued from page 1...
                                                                                                                                                by Julia Just

                                                                                                                                                Open your eyes.
                                                                                                                                                      What do you see? Most likely, it looks a
                                                                                                                                                bit different than what you remember looking
                                                                                                                                                at just a few moments ago. But what did you
                                                                                                                                                expect? This world is ever-changing and
                                                                                                                                                evolving, and it’s only inevitable. Each Feb-
                                                                                                                                                ruary, Black History Month is celebrated
                                                                                                                                                worldwide. Each February, a rich culture is
                                                                                                                                                built upon and further developed. Each mo-
                                                                                                                                                ment in history is another puzzle piece added
                                                                                                                                                to an infinitely expanding picture. When is
                                                                                                                                                every piece found and in place and the whole
                                                                                                                                                picture complete, you ask? Maybe it never
                                                                                                                                                will be. Perhaps the reason we celebrate Black
                                                                                                                                                History Month is the simple incomplete no-
                                                                                                                                                tion to that bigger picture: progress. We cele-
                                                                                                                                                brate progress.
                                                                                                                                                      Take from this month what you will.
                                                                                                                                                Progress or pride, it all holds meaning in one
                                                                                                                                                way, shape, or form. Let’s avoid the white vs.
                                                                                               Left: On February 5th the Grade 12               dark chocolate dilemma for a moment and
                                                                                               Film Studies class travelled to the Pen          choose not to celebrate Black History Month
                                                                                               Centre to see the widely acclaimed new           in order to be politically correct, but rather as
                                                                                               James Cameron film, AVATAR                       a congratulatory measure towards one color
                                                                                                                                                in this crayon box we call a world overcoming
                                                                                                                                                      Happy Black History Month.
                                                                                                                                                      Oh, and one last thought to, well, make
                                                                                                                                                you think. Be careful of what color Skittle you
                                                                                                                                                decide to eat first, or last for that matter. It
                                                                                                                                                doesn’t seem as though we are far enough on
                                                                                                                                                this progressive scale to enjoy candy for what
                                                                                                                                                it is: candy. Not a political statement.
Page 4                                                                                    Tiger Tribune                                                              February 9th, 2010

                                                                                                          Looking Forward to March Break
                                                                                                     by George Lee                                          Each break that the students get repre-
                                                                                                                                                      sents a time of freedom where the students
                                                                                                          Second term of Ridley is special and        are free from schoolwork and spend the day
                                                                                                     unique in a lot of ways. For one, it is the      as they wish. They are not guilt-ridden
                                                                                                     shortest term of the year, lasting only about    when they spend the day doing nothing be-
                                                                                                     2 months. However, because it is short, does     cause they don’t have 4 assignments due the
                                                                                                     not mean it is any easier to survive through.    next day. Also, they do not even remotely
                                                                                                     After spending 2 years at Ridley, I have         try to go to bed early because there is no
                                                                                                     found that second term is the hardest term       need for them to wake up early in the morn-
                                                                                                     to survive due to its lack of longevity. It is   ing the next day. All these conditions come
                                                                                                     inevitable that the teachers pile the students   with every break and are not that unique.
                                                                                                     up with homework because they need as-           March break is differentiated from the two
                                                                                                     signments marked and handed in before            major breaks of the year because of one
                                                                                                     every report card. Because there are two re-     thing: it signifies the start of spring.
                                                                                                     ports in this term, one that comes out at the          The second term of Ridley has some of
                    Advice Column:                                                                   beginning of February and at the end of the
                                                                                                     term, the 2 weeks time before the report
                                                                                                                                                      the worst weather of the year. There are
                                                                                                                                                      multiple things that give second term its
                  How To Survive Winter                                                              card date is always the busiest time of the
                                                                                                     year. As an example, I had 5 tests and 7 as-
                                                                                                                                                      title of having the worst weather such as the
                                                                                                                                                      snow and the lack of sunshine, but the worst
by Isabel Kim and Erin O’Rourke                                                                      signments due in the course of a week and        one of them all is the cold. Simply, it is too
                                                    B.Y.O.M (Bring Your Own Mug)                     a half. The teachers do their best to inform     cold for anyone to commit to an activity
Layer, Layer, Layer!                                      Having your own personal mug is use-       us of our assignments ahead of time so that      that is done outside during second term.
     With winter months upon us, it is im-          ful for many things. In addition to enjoy-       we may finish them beforehand, but it is in      Even walking to Ridley Plaza or The Su-
portant to stay warm. One of the best ways          ing cup after cup of fair trade coffee - you     all teenagers’ fundamental nature to pro-        perstore is a job that needs careful precau-
to do this is to layer. While you may think         are no longer wasting dining hall cups (sav-     crastinate until the very last moment.           tions beforehand during second term
that a simple sweater/blazer combo is               ing the earth) or sharing germs (saving               During this most hectic term of the         because, if not prepared, we are faced with
enough to conquer the elements – think              yourself). Plus, today’s selection of mugs       year, it is common for all students of Ridley,   the wrath of freezing temperature and the
again. This is Canada, people. Step one to          has significantly improved compared to a         and maybe even some staff, to look forward       icy, sharp wind. March break represents the
optimum warmth is to invest in a solid ther-        few years ago. Gone are the days of plain        to March break. March break signifies the        end of this turmoil with snow and cold. We
mal base layer. This is probably the most           colours, spills and perhaps worst of all –       end of the most hectic two months of the         start to see bits of green on the field and the
key component as it is the building block           tongue burns. There are so many new tech-        year and it signifies the beginning of spring.   sun stays up longer and longer everyday.
for what is to come. Next is the classic            nologies, grips and patterns that the possi-     After all the assignments are handed in and      This year, the weather has been kind
white LONG SLEEVED oxford blouse (for               bilities are literally endless. Whether you’re   the tests are finished at the beginning of       enough to us. Sun was seen on many occa-
especially cold days, you might consider an         buying yourself a matching pair for the bff      March, students are sent right into March        sions, it never snowed very much and the
extra shirt underneath) topped with the Ri-         – or for that special someone – mugs are         break, since there are no exams during sec-      temperature was not as bad as previous
dley sweater. Before placing the finishing          definitely the new must-have winter acces-       ond term. Therefore, after spending two          years. We were blessed for a while, but
touch (blazer), another sweater is recom-           sory.                                            frantic weeks of school at the end of the        March break, to most of us, is the beginning
mended – however be wary of teachers on                   P.S. The gourmet hot chocolates in         term to hand in all your assignments, people     of spring and a representation of the end of
the lookout for hoods, sleeves, colour, and         Hank’s are divine-a sure way to bring            go right into March break and do everything      the year nearing by and the graduation of
anything else ‘out-of-uniform’. Finally, do         warmth to your day.                              they have wanted to do.                          the seniors that will be done in months time.
not underestimate the power of tights (sorry
boys) or ski socks (gender neutral). Avail-         Get a Workout
able in a variety of grays, navys and blacks,            The last thing anybody usually wants
there’s a pair for everyone. So just remem-         to do in the winter is get up and go work out
ber: a happy student is a layered student.          when you could be wrapped in a big warm
                                                    blanket, sleeping the day away. And even
Fashionista Meets Warmth                            though all students play sports, some are
      Merritt Quad is always an interesting         more work than others. The more exercise
trip during the winter months. There are            you get the more your brain produces more
two items that can simply accompany this            neurons, which are like the wires of a com-
adventure and make it a little bit more bear-       puter in your brain. It’s been proven that
able. Boots have proven to reduce the wet-          after a good workout, you feel better. Get a
sock-effect in numerous cases, so invest in         bad grade? Have some relationship trou-
a good pair of warm booties, shove them on          bles? Just stressed in general? Take it out on
and enjoy a dry walk to all of your classes.        the bikes.
Gloves or mittens, which ever you prefer,
are key to ensuring your hands do not end           Keep Up on Work
up chapped. Simple black ones get the job                Obviously, the crazy amount of work
done and can be found at any local dollar           that Ridley students take on is just that:
stores. Beanies and toques keep the noggin          crazy. Every now and then (or sometimes
stylish and toasty warm. Another great way          more often) it’s easy to say, “I’ll do it to-
to mix it up is with scarves. There are so          morrow, it’s not a big deal.” That’s probably
many textures, lengths, colours and patterns        one of the easiest ways to dig yourself into
to choose from to add some spunk. This              a hole. The winter term goes by quickly,
special supplement to our daily attire is the       and it’s easy to get behind. Maintaining a
best formula for warmth and fashion. So try         good hold on your work leaves time for
some of these accessories and let your per-         other things, especially when you don’t
sonality shine through even on the dampest          have to worry about being on 24 hour study
of days.                                            or mandatory tutorials. Do yourself a favor
      Oh, just one problem. Teachers ab-            and save the stressing out; work hard, party
solutely hate said fashion statements so here       harder.
are some prime spots to make sure you are
in “proper” uniform: you can be positive            LOTION
that Ms. Lech will station herself on the                 This is fairly simple, always daily
main stairs by the library to ensure that her       moisturize. Why? Because you don’t want
two least favourite items, scarves and              ashy knees when your thirty, and because it
UGGs, are nowhere in sight. Therefore, it           can quickly make your day so much more
is in ones best interest to either use the stairs   comfortable. Sitting in class with chapped
by Hank’s or at least have proper shoes in          hands and itchy legs is one sure way to dis-
hand while briskly walking down to the              tract you from the task at hand. Therefore
lockers - keeping your head down.                   it’s strongly suggested to invest in both a
      During lunch, the long table of teachers      large bottle for after showers and before
is just waiting to send you back to the long        bed, and a travel size to keep tucked away
line that fills your bellies if you are caught      in your backpack for emergencies. Guys,
wearing hoodies, scarves or anything else           smooth hands are the key to eventually
deemed out of uniform.                              keeping a certain someone’s hand warm
      So stay warm, keep up with the fash-          during the winter months. So don’t think
ion and avoid arguments with teachers over          that strong, firm hands won’t look good lo-
uniforms, no one wants to make the dreary           tioned up. As a matter of fact they’re pre-
winter months any colder.                           ferred.
Page 5                                                                               Tiger Tribune                                                              February 9th, 2010

                                       The Decade in Review... Twice
by Nicola Nemy                                                                                  y Erin O’Rourke

     Fears of Y2K behind us, we bid farewell to the noughties, and it is once again time             6,797,086,222 is the current estimated population of the world right now, and I’m ex-
to ponder the question of how to address the decade ahead of us. We are faced with an en-       tremely lucky to be one in that couple of billion. As I look back on the decade, the thing
tire decade to decide whether these are Tens or the Teens. Or how about the Twenty-tens,        that pops out most in my memory is tragedy. Not politics, celebrities, movies, or contro-
or even the Xs?                                                                                 versial events, but tragedies. From the seat I am in right now, remembering the past, I
     The nature of news itself is changing. What were the big events of the noughties? Be-      don’t know how I’ve managed to cross the finish line of the decade.
tween global warming and global recessions you might think the task is an easy one; but              In my personal life, I have to admit I didn’t have too many devastating events.
it seems that we have reached a point where the superficial and irrelevant are front-page       Grandma’s death, Mom surviving cancer, no big deal…it seems like everyone is in the
news, and we have to turn (sorry, I meant scroll,) to the bottom of page 12 to read about       same boat. Having others surrounding you coping with similar situations makes it in-
the world. That crucial juncture at which no one can exactly say what is truly newswor-         creasingly easy to cope with, and well, there are some things we simply can’t control.
thy anymore. And so, let’s say about ten years ago and with a collective exhale from our             Control. I don’t understand why, but when I look back on my private life things out
population, the decade irritatingly named “the noughties” began.                                of my grasp seem natural, a way of life, but when I look at the world’s tragedy it’s like a
     Seven. That’s how old I was at the birth of the century. Seven years old and just en-      whole different ball game. Masses of people dying within hours or days of each other
tering Grade 2. The same month that 6,500 hundred Israeli and Palestinian citizens were         due to the same force. This sort of catastrophe I cannot comprehend.
killed in armed Palestinian uprisings in Jerusalem. My remembrance of the subject is                 Who gets to be involved? Why? Is there a point? Is it based on luck or karma? A cer-
scattered. Fragments of images and words like “religious conflict” and “Israeli occupa-         tain priest would tell me “there is no answer and there’s no use questioning it,” but I can’t
tion” that moved through my head and were filed away along with images of Brad Pitt and         shake these questions out of my head.
Jennifer Aniston’s wedding and my arithmetic homework.                                               328, 906 people died in catastrophes in the 19 horrifying events that occurred in the
     On October 20th of the same year, George Bush became the 43rd President of the             past decade that stood out to me. When thinking about the possibility of being encom-
United States, a position that he would hold for several years before I learned anything        passed within one of these incidents it almost seems surreal. With the sole exception of a
more about him than his soon-to-be infamous name. And perhaps because of my                            few infected swine flu friends, including myself (who survived), thus far, I know no
tender age or deep-rooted love of pop music, the tragic breakup of The Spice                                   one who has been affected by large-scale devastation.
Girls will always be news in my opinion.                                                                            Comparing the current population to the 19 events, it is easy to come
     We watched a series of coordinated suicide attacks kill 2,973                                                     to the conclusion that the number is somewhat acceptable in regards
people on September 11th, 2001, over 400 miles from the safety of                                                         to the people who are alive. I beg to differ. Each and every one of
my fourth grade classroom. Grouped on the floor and crowded                                                                 those 328, 906 people meant something to someone. The death
around a single television set, it was the first time the word “ter-                                                          of one person does not just affect a few here or there. No mat-
rorism” entered my vocabulary. The debut of the IPod, how-                                                                     ter who the deceased is, there is a ripple affect.
ever, followed soon after, introducing its own dictionary of                                                                               So, as I tell my story of what was important and cru-
terms that are still being fabricated nine years later.                                                                          cial to me during my past decade, I count my blessings twice.
     2003 proved to be the first time Mad Cow Disease was                                                                        I know that this decade isn’t the worst for tragedy, but it is
confirmed in Canada, and the last time a bodybuilder will be                                                                     what stuck out in my memory. Of course I remember other
Governor of California.                                                                                                         things, but the most prominent recollections aren’t too peace-
     A devastating tsunami hit Indonesia, Thailand and Sri                                                                     ful.
Lanka, killing an estimated 200,000 people, a close second in                                                                   I live in a world where half wants to evolve and advance our
newsworthy events of the year to the famed wardrobe malfunc-                                                                technology and our way of life and where the other half would
tion of the XXXIII’s Super Bowl Halftime.                                                                                 blow themselves and others up to take us back into ancient times.
     We cried when we watched 56 people lose their lives in the                                                                 I live in a world of controversy, split evenly down the middle,
bombings of the London Public Transport system, and cheered when                                                    where extremists making it impossible to resolve anything.
Lance Armstrong rode across the finish line of his seventh victorious Tour                                          I live in a world where people come and go.
De France.                                                                                                I live in a world where inspirational talk sounds fantastic, but it just ends up
     We witnessed the extinction of the West African Black Rhino, of religious freedom          floating away. Where politicians try to fix faulty systems but take years to do so.
in Israel, and of Pluto as a planet.                                                                 I live in a world where everyone is overworked, no matter what his or her class. In a
     The release of the final Harry Potter installment in 2007 was a distraction, however       world where most people don’t realize how lucky they are to be alive. In a world where
brief, from the reality of the thirty-three lost lives in the Virginia Tech shooting. And yet   some want to take their own lives.
another term to file away; school shootings.                                                         And in this world, no matter how hard I try to block the thoughts that haunt me, I can’t
     As 2008 found us in the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression, it seemed        help but to wonder why I am one of the 6,797,086,222 that are still alive when so many
there was only one thing left for the public to do. Go watch Heath Ledger and Christian         people lost their lives tragically this past decade. And every one of them meant some-
Bale in yet another Batman movie, that is. If not overshadowing the problem entirely,           thing to some one, just as I hope I do.
providing us with a brief distraction from that which we couldn’t bare to face.
     Sworn in on January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama became the first African American
ever to hold the position of President. And precisely one year later, is making his first
steps towards earning his Nobel Peace Prize with his efforts in Haiti. But perhaps it’s still
too early to say whether the election of Barrack Obama will be a false dawn. Maybe the
                                                                                                                     The Most Grotesque Article
true test will be in the number of people who are still around to listen to the outcome at                               You Will Ever Read
     At any end, news will continue to be made, and the masses will acclaim it as enter-
taining, but it will slowly continue to become a spectacle, as we lose the one thing on         by Baden Russell-Petigrow                        ‘Is it a bad thing if I borrowed your water
which the industry was founded: the truth. This is it. The X’s. We can only hope that the                                                        bottle…. and now the innards are clumpy?’
decade itself is as much like a new James Bond film as its title would imply.                        There are certain words that disgust
     And to be honest, I’m not sure that we actually got around to naming the noughties         me. I figured I wasn’t alone, so I asked oth-    ‘The date went terribly. He held my hand,
until the decade was in its final years. And so perhaps the same will happen now, and we        ers whether this was the case for them. As       and his hands were all clammy and moist,
are about to enter the nameless years, an ill-defined age while the 2010s figure out just       a result, I got a list of words that makes me    and when he finally dropped me off, we got
what they would like to be called.                                                              cringle and gag.                                 to the G West common room and saw cou-
                                                                                                                                                 ples fondling each other. I have a visceral
                                                                                                          Fester Crust Spew                      feeling that he’s going to stalk me after I
                                                                                                         Ooze Pustule Moist                      break things off. What a creep.’
                                                                                                         Fetid Slurp Fondle
                                                                                                        Bolus Smarmy Visceral                         Now if your roommate fails to react to
                                                                                                                                                 those comments, then I’m guessing they
                                                                                                       Pungent Clammy Clump
                                                                                                                                                 have a strong stomach. A very strong stom-
   RIDLEY COLLEGE                                                                                                                                ach. Though descriptive words are a good
                                                                                                     Call me a terribly malicious room-
                                                                                                                                                 way to express yourself, most are best left
   FASHION SHOW                                                                                 mate, but I particularly enjoy making my
                                                                                                                                                 in the English classroom. My daygirl is
   DATE: MARCH 27TH, 2010                                                                       roommate squirm uncomfortably – so I
                                                                                                                                                 probably scared for life thanks to my 8am
   TIME: 7:30 - 8:30                                                                            have taken to creating repulsive sounding
                                                                                                                                                 rants about festering, crusty, spewing pus-
                                                                                                sentences and watching her reaction. Try
   LOCATION:                                                                                    the following on your roommate, you’re
                                                                                                                                                 tules. She doesn’t even get to look forward
   ROSS MORROW THEATRE                                                                                                                           to getting through the morning, because at
                                                                                                sure to get a reaction:
                                                                                                                                                 lunch I manage to talk about odorous, cur-
                                                                                                                                                 dled, clumpy milk.
                                                                                                ‘I have a festering pustule on my cheek,
                                                                                                                                                      Now I am giving you this shout out,
                                                                                                and it’s been spewing puss all day.’
                                                                                                                                                 Brynn Hanna, as a ‘Thanks!’ and an ‘I’m
                                                                                                                                                 sorry!’ – I’ve been using you as a guinea
                                                                                                ‘What on earth is that crusty morsel of a
                                                                                                                                                 pig for a few weeks to write this article.
                                                                                                thing you are slurping? It has a fetid, pun-
                                                                                                                                                 Your reactions to the words I was told by
                                                                                                gent smell.’
                                                                                                                                                 people were priceless. I promise, I’m done
                                                                                                                                                 with the gross words - for now.
Page 6                                                                               Tiger Tribune                                                         February 9th, 2010

                                                                                                              Ridley Excuses:
                                                                                                                    A R e a di n g L i s t
                                                                                                    While Ridley is seen as an institution of higher academic education, perhaps
                                                                                                there are other skills besides Physics and Art that are being taught. Living in such
                                                                                                an engaging community, students often find themselves unable to fulfill all of their
                                                                                                duties (assignments, sports, activities, punctuality, etc…) And so, naturally, they are
                                                                                                subjected to the classic ‘Ridley Excuse’ that many of the pupils here find them-
                                                                                                selves falling victim to.
                                                                                                    Here are just a few of the classics…
                                                                                                    Late to class? Well perhaps your roommate locked you out. No, that’s not strong
                                                                                                enough. You were locked out of your room while you were in the shower, and so
                                                                                                you could not show up to class. Much better! This clichéd little line is sure to not
                                                                                                only get you out of trouble, but also ensures a little sympathy paired perfectly with
                                                                                                just the right amount of humiliation.
                                                                                                    If that isn’t good enough then there’s always the old slept through the alarm, or
                                                                                                saying that you were in the infirm. Some may find this a little vintage, but the
                                                                                                transparency of this little white lie isn’t clear enough even to the most durable.
                                                                                                    Next on the list is being able to leave class early. Now, it’s true that bathroom
                                                                                                trips here and there can satisfy temporary agitation, but sometimes students are in
                                                                                                need of a more permanent fix. This is when guidance meetings and sports games
                                                                                                become your best friends.
                                                                                                    As mentioned before, Ridleians always have previous commitments made for
                                                                                                them. Why not use them to your advantage? Having a guidance meeting is a com-
                                                                                                monly scheduled routine that does not pertain to a certain time of the year. This al-
                                                                                                lows for students to sneak away without any questions being asked.
                                                                                                    With that being said, sports games are not a guarantee. Rumour has it that we
                                                                                                have a few sports fans among our faculty.
                                                                                                    Finally, the truth of the matter is that late submission deductions can be disas-
                                                                                                trous to the GPA of many students. In order to dodge this costly bullet, our creative

       Valentine Movie Reviews                                                                  peers have come up with a few excuses to cover themselves. These fibs can range
                                                                                                anywhere from a computer crashing to the internet being down. My personal fa-
                                                                                                vorite is Tigernet being blocked. Considering students and teachers are taught the
by Christina Kompson and Lara Gradil           alike in dignity, In fair Verona where we lay    necessity of this program, our world tends to fall apart without it.
                                               our scene. From forth the fatal loins of these       And so the next time you find yourself anxiously watching the clock wonder-
     Movies come in all shapes and sizes, two foes, A pair of star-cross'd lovers take          ing if you will make it one time, or desperately hoping the time will pass by faster,
themes and theatrics. Some fit moods better their life.”                                        don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.
than others; sad moods require sad movies
and ice cream, adventurous mind-sets need Pride and Prejudice: “Sometimes the last                 And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.
lots of high speed chases and foreign lands, person on earth you want to be with is the            You know you love me,
whereas love requires something a little dif- one person you can't be without.”                    Xoxo Gossip Girl
ferent: someone you care about next to you
and a tissue box close by. We’ve collected The Illustionist: “Nothing is what it seems.”
some of the best Valentine’s Day movies
around and given each a quick review so Tristan and Isolde: “Before Romeo &
you’ll know if it’s your cup of tea. So grab Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde.”
you’re significant other, a couch, some pop-
corn, and enjoy. Here’s to a night in.         Sixteen Candles: “This is Samantha Baker
                                               and today is her 16th birthday. The problem
P.S. I Love You:                               is, nobody remembers.”
     With Hilary Swank and the charismatic
Gerard Butler, P.S. I Love You is definitely a Notting Hill: “After all... I'm just a girl,
movie that will bring out the waterworks. standing in front of a boy, asking him to
After Gerry, a lively Englishman, passes love her.”
away, his wife is guided on a journey of dis-
covery and hope by letters he has left be-          And if you’re not into that chick-flick
hind. Every step of the way, she feels closer  nonsense, try a few of the following for a
and closer to her late husband, revisiting the good dose of gore:
monumental places of their relationship The Exorcism of Emily Rose
mentioned in his letters. P.S. I Love You is The Orphan
classic tearjerker with a little Irish twist.  The Grudge
                                               The Ring
500 Days of Summer:                            The Blair Witch Project
     “Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl The Hills Have Eyes
doesn't.” The tagline of 500 Days of Sum-
mer is successful in summing up the plot of
the movie. Tom Hansen, a failed architect
falls deeply in love with Summer Finn, a
quirky secretary. Unfortunately, she doesn’t
believe in falling in love, despite Tom’s best
efforts. As he sardonically recalls his sum-
mer of love, he analyzes every move he
made to see where it all went wrong. 500
Days of Summer is a love story with a fresh,
inventive ending.

         This is a movie that’s shot right out
of the wood-work, taking the world by sur-
prise. As it’s now the highest grossing
movie of all time (beating the beloved Ti-
tanic), it’s gotten people talking... and for a
good reason. This movie has everything you
can ever want in a film: action, a scandalous
romance, a bit of political and spiritual in-
sight, and of course, blue people with tails.
It’s honestly a movie that will make you
laugh and cry all within twenty minutes.
Honourable Mentions:
Romeo + Juliet: “Two households both
Page 7                                                                                    Tiger Tribune                                                                 February 9th, 2010

       Quotable Quotes...                                                          The Commercialization of Valentine’s Day
 Compiled by Gaelan Martin-Timms

 Maddie Klimek: Mr. Beatty acts more manly when he’s around other                by Emma Husdon                                             one, while the average Canadian woman will spend
 male teachers.                                                                                                                             only $68.64, a difference of about $66.
                                                                                      I’m sure many of us can sympathize with the                 That doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day is stress- free
 Mrs. Becken: Does anyone know what euthanasia is?                               16% of Canadians who do not acknowledge Valen-             for women. While the expectations to deliver store
 Gianni: Young people in Asia.                                                   tine’s Day at all, and some of us can even count our-      bought- gifts are much lower, the stress of receiving a
                                                                                 selves as one of them. But corporations like               store bought gift- or an expensive night out- is much
 Mr. Sweeny (after two students are playfully hitting each other): Stop          Hershey’s and Hallmark are wondering: ‘what’s their        higher. With expectations so high, and competition so
 it! You can whack each other on your own time!
                                                                                 problem?’                                                  difficult, women anxiously anticipate the perfect Valen-
 Maurice Leung: How does a horse have six legs? I thought they only
                                                                                      That’s because every year, Americans spend up         tine’s Day, and often come out disappointed.
 have five.                                                                      to $37.8 billion on Valentine’s Day. Canadians don’t             How is it that this romantic holiday, started by St.
 Gloria Salvat: The horses in my world have four legs, I don't know about        keep as good a record, but it is said that 81% of          Valentine who died so couples could marry, get turned
 in yours though...                                                              Canadians plan to show love to their spouse this           into nothing but long lineups at the flower shop and
 Maurice Leung: What about their fifth leg?                                      Valentine’s Day- at a high cost. Ontario is the num-       rushing to get dinner reservations? It certainly has
                                                                                 ber one spender of all of Canada when it comes to          something to do with the media, says Pauline Wallin,
 Dan Richardson: If I lifted weights I’d hurt me self.                           the special day, spending an average of $111 per gift!     Ph.D. Commercials and magazines show models with
                                                                                      And with expectations so high, who can blame          seemingly perfect relationships, and all because they
 Tommy Lee: How many numbers are in the alphabet?
                                                                                 them? 53% of women will break up with their                buy things for each other on days like Valentine’s. The
 Mr. Devillis: None. But there are twenty-six letters.
                                                                                 boyfriend after not receiving something for Valen-         message is hitting us loud and clear- your love is meas-
 Hailey Edwards: Look she’s eating a chili lollipop.                             tine’s Day- and yet 73% of all flowers bought on           ured by what you buy.
 Jordan Fairn: Yeah, she’s Mexican.                                              Valentine’s Day are bought by men, meaning only                  How can we stop it? Tone it down a little. That’s
 Hailey: Who makes candy out of chili?                                           27% are bought by women. That’s a big difference.          not to say you shouldn’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day;
 Jordan Fairn and Gaelan Martin-Timms: …MEXICANS.                                And the gifts don’t stop coming; the top gift on           it is a good time to acknowledge love to your family
                                                                                 Valentine’s Day is a simple card, followed by candy,       and loved ones. Just remember what the Proverbs say-
 Gianni Bahadoorsingh: That movie would give Advil a headache.                   and of course, flowers. The average Canadian male          if you want to feel rich, count the
                                                                                               spend $134.67 on a gift for their loved      things you have that money
 Yara Alazzam: A man can't hit a woman like that… Ever!
                                                                                                                                            can’t buy.
 Chris Wismer: But a woman can hit a man like that?
 Yara: Yes... A woman can hit a man like that wherever she wants.

 Yara Alazzam: Why do boys always do that? They always hide from me!

 Dante Pires: Give it to me; I can talk all sensitive to a guy. Wait that’s

 Vero Brenninkmeyer: I think a gap year is necessary. You are gonna
 work for your whole life and so I think you should take at least one year
 off, before all the important stuff starts.
 Masha Mitrofanova: Yeah I know what you mean. Marriage, kids, uni-
 Vero: Not necessarily in that order.

 Ms. Longmore: Do you like Haggis?
 Mr. Brezicki: No, I can’t stand it. It’s like eating a fetus.

 Titus Kosloff (While doing a right hand dress): I'm so glad you're not

                                                           Valentine’s Messaging: Letters vs. E-mails
                                                      by Bronwyn Fischer                                you to move from your book on Shake-             that machines will begin to think like peo-
                                                                                                        spearean phrases and into a place where          ple, but that people will begin to think like
                                                           Valentine’s day is a day of gestures, of     you know what to say and how to say it. For      machines”
                                                      flowers, of rings, of “l love yous” and “I        those that are shy, an email might create a
                                                      like yous;” a day of giving and receiving         chance for you to become openly expres-          A LETTER:
                                                      like Christmas without religion, or like          sive, free of intimidation, free of erasing           A letter: a handwritten, perfume
                                                      Easter without bunnies; a day of roses,           and rewriting, a keyboard has a backspace        scented, stamped piece of paper; a repre-
                                                      chocolates and the unmistakable smell of          button where a letter does not. Boys may be      sentation of past traditions, of courtly love
                                                      pink. It is a day of shy smiles, of blushes, of   more reliable in a text or email: is this the    and of grace. Letter’s illustrate innocence
                                                      letters and emails. Blood pressures run           reason it is nice to open a love letter?         and ethics far superior to our every day ac-
                                                      higher; pulses beat faster: how to be ro-         Maybe, however, although the gesture of an       tions and dialogue. They are a revelation of
                                                      mantic, charming dashing, gracious, sexy.         email may be more impressive, is the con-        sincerity, passages written in precise hand-
                                                           Letter? Email? Is the simple gesture         tent? Again those who are uncomfortable,         writing, and envelopes decorated in girly
                                                      enough? Is romance affected by print, or by       or perhaps have not yet expressed their feel-    hearts and song lyrics.
                                                      the package it is sealed in? Would the words      ings to their recipient may take solace in the        It is a collection of these qualities,
                                                      of your valentine better affect you if they       Internet, it is a safe haven - a comfort zone    which make letter writing so idealistic, and
                                                      were presented differently?                       that some may not be willing to leave.           desirable. 79% of Ridley girls, when asked
                                                           Words: they have the potential to affect          Privacy: another pro for emails. Do         what they preferred, chose a letter rather
                                                      and infect so desirably. Their concept is per-    your parents or siblings rip open your let-      than an email. ‘It shows they care,’ was a
                                                      fected and protected by the imagination, the      ters, skimming their content before passing      common reasoning behind the choice. An-
                                                      love and romance, the blissful hope of re-        them along to you? An email would lessen         other justification was that ‘boy handwrit-
                                                      ceiving and giving and ruined by the sim-         the chances of invaded privacy and ensure        ing is the cutest,’ a statement proving just
                                                      plest mistake.                                    that you are given the courtesy you deserve.     how personal a letter can be.
                                                                                                             Hotmail may have been invented in                Write letters, allow girls to fall in love
                                                      AN EMAIL:                                         1996, and Yahoo in 1997, and email may           with your handwriting, to stare at some-
                                                           Shyness, intimidation, nerves, fear…         not be concluded as romantic or historic. It     thing other than a computer screen for a
                                                      There are several reasons not to send some-       could even be said that it is inferior to love   day. It is a chance to let yourself be pro-
                                                      one a special message on Valentine’s Day.         letters. However, email is a facet, a place      voked by a blank page, to let the romance
                                                      Those reasons exist in our heads, filling our     where love can be translated onto a screen       flow out of you, to act under the influence
                                                      brains with doubt and anxiety and leaving         and then to a recipient. It is fast and easy     of Elizabethan emotions, and to feel gen-
                                                      you staring hatefully, loathingly at a blank      and admittedly more commonly used than           uine romance.
                                                      page. You write sentences filled with clichés     paper. Should Valentine’s Day give way to             Now to end with a reassuring figure,
                                                      like ‘divine love,’ erase your messy hand-        technology? Should our boys take the short-      100% of Ridley boys, when asked, agreed
                                                      writing and rip the paper in frustration.         cut; should our girls graciously respond,        that come Valentine’s Day they would send
                                                      “Why am I not neater? More confident?             sending winking faces and ‘LUV?’ Tech-           a letter rather than an email.
                                                      More poetic?” Can a love email prompt             nology has the knack of arranging the world
                                                      your emotions more painlessly? Can a              so that we don't have to experience it. “The
                                                      blinking cursor calm your nerves, and allow       greatest danger in modern technology isn't
Page 8                                                                                   Tiger Tribune                                                                 February 9th, 2010

          Welcome! Im Cabaret, Au Cabaret, To Cabaret!
by Nicholas Renzetti                                 raw sex appeal, it seems that Cabaret will             In my interviews with cast members,         or even the audience. While interviewing
                                                     be the show to go down in Ridley history as       the prevailing emotions were enthusiasm          her, she admitted “I love the MC, because
     “Everyone is doing everything that they         one of the best musicals in years.                and excitement. Enthusiastically making          he doesn’t have a moral compass, and it is
can do” said one Briony Kemp-Griffin on a                 Recently, I was able to sit down with        her début to the Ridley stage in the lead role   challenging, but rewarding to be him.” This
Wednesday Cabaret practice, and that motto           some of the cast members for Cabaret, and         of Sally Bowles, is Briony Kemp-Griffin.         is Alanna’s first showing as a triple threat
seemed to ring true with one sweep of the the-       what impressed me most about them was             We have all seen Briony in chapel singing        on the stage, but she is no stranger to Rid-
atre. There are people sitting in the aisles, try-   how much they believed in their show.             in the choir, but she seems to have found her    ley theater.
ing to perfect their lines or songs, and             There is no doubt that Cabaret is an ambi-        place on the stage, and this part is perfect          Rounding out this trio is Colin Hous-
downstairs girls are trying out costumes and         tious productions, even for a seasoned            for her. Nervously, she admits that her          ton, as the sappy American love interest (no
kick lines that would make Chicago blush.            troupe of dancers, singers and actors, but        biggest fear for the show is that people will    surprise there). This is a more serious role
     On the main stage, the majority of the          this production will attempt to perform this      not come and see it. She is simply fantastic     than most of the ones that he has thus far
cast is practicing maneuvers that make the           classic with many first time thespians. Of        in this role, and in my opinion, could rival     portrayed, and we all certainly hope that he
opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games             the thirty or so cast and crew, for almost        Lisa Minnelli note for note, even on her         can pull it off without making a single joke.
look like a group of uncoordinated school            three quarters of them, it is their first show.   worst day.                                            All in all, Cabaret seems like it will be
children. All of this happened under the             Perhaps, it is due to this that the cast has           Now, no nightclub would be complete         a sure-fire hit, and everyone at Ridley who
watchful eyes of Mr. Leach, Mr. Hutton, and          been able to come together in such a short        without an MC, and doing this demanding          can go and see it, should go. So in the
Mrs. Ash, carefully looking for the slightest        time, especially considering the medley of        and vibrant roll is Alanna Kit. She truly        words of the MC, “Willkommen, Bienv-
misstep, or deviation from the notes. With           experience, grades and roles.                     shines as this quirky MC who can’t seem to       enue, Welcome! Im Cabaret, Au Cabaret,
such a combination of dedication, talent, and                                                          keep her hands off the girls, the orchestra,     To Cabaret!”

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