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					                                                             The Municipal League of King County
                                                                       810 Third Avenue, Suite 224
                                                                           Seattle, WA 98104
                                                                  (206) 622-8333 ∙

2010 Board of Trustees                                      2010 CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE
Kathy Elias, Co-Chair                                        FOR NON-JUDICIAL CANDIDATES
  Prospect Delta
                                   The Municipal League of King County requests every candidate who participates in the
Gabe Meyer, Co-Chair
Mike Repass, Treasurer
                                   candidate evaluation process submit background information prior to his/her interview with
Laraine Volkman, Secretary
                                   a candidate evaluation committee. The questionnaire is the basis of the League’s research
                                   and interview process. The League’s ratings are non-partisan; they are based on standards of
                                   Involvement, Effectiveness, Character, and Knowledge, all of which have been developed and
Alex Bolton                        refined over the past 98 years.
Deryl Brown-Archie,
  Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
                                   A copy of this questionnaire will be provided to Candidate Evaluation Committee members to
Steve DiJulio,
   Foster Pepper
                                   help them prepare for your interview. Candidate responses, except the confidential section, will
Joel Emans                         be available to the public on the League’s website.
  UW Law Student
Mary Gates,                        The Municipal League requests the following materials from candidates. Please check to make
  Federal Way Symphony
                                   certain you have sent in your:
Andrew Greene,
  Perkins Coie
Ryan Harkins                           Candidate Questionnaire
                                         Sent by:      Email           US Mail        Fax                   Not Sending
Judy Jenkins
  Philanthropy Planning Services       Resume (education, employment, and professional activities)
John Jenson,                             Sent by:      Email           US Mail        Fax                   Not Sending
  Jensen Roofing
                                       Campaign Materials
Chris Johnson,
  Office of the Attorney General         Sent by:      Email           US Mail        Fax                   Not Sending
Lauren Kuester,                        Constituent Newsletters and other publications
  Communications Chair
  GGLO                                   Sent by:      Email           US Mail        Fax                   Not Sending
Cynara Lilly                           Photograph
  Events Chair
                                         Sent by:      Email           US Mail        Fax                   Not Sending
Vanessa Lund
  Cocker Fennessy
Matthew Stubbs,
  Candidate Evaluations Chair      Note: Electronically submitted questionnaires are strongly preferred. All materials can be
  Seattle City Light
Nick Verwolf,
                                   emailed to They can be processed and made available on-line far more
   Davis Wright Tremaine           rapidly than handwritten or typed submissions.
Adam Walters,
  Stoel Rives
Rodney Wendt                       For non-electronic submissions, please print clearly and legibly and return the application as
  Operations Chair
                                   soon as possible in order to allow the committee the greatest amount of time to prepare a
Nick Williamson,
   UW Law Student
                                   complete report on your skills and experience.
Greg Wong                          If you have not yet been contacted to schedule an interview, or if you have questions about the
  K&L Gates
                                   candidate evaluation program, please contact the League office at 206-622-8333.

Staff                              If you have a disability and require accommodation to participate in the candidate evaluation
Maria Manza
                                   process, please contact the CEC Coordinator at the League office.
  Operations Manager
Brt Sojka
   Candidate Evaluations Coord.
                                        A League volunteer Candidate Investigator is waiting to receive your
                                        questionnaire to begin his or her work. Please complete and return the
                                        questionnaire to the League office at your earliest convenience.

                                        Please have your materials to us no later than June 15th, 2010.

                                        Email the completed questionnaire and other materials to:
                                        2010 Candidate Questionnaire
                                            BASIC CANDIDATE INFORMATION
1. Name as it will appear on the ballot
               First Name                     Middle Initial or Nickname                   Last Name
     Jillian                         Jill                                        England

2. Office sought (include office, jurisdiction, position/district number):
     36th District Legislature Position 2
3. Are you the incumbent?                       Yes            No

4. How long have you resided in this district/city?
     10 + years, since 1998
5. How long have you resided in King County?
     10 + years, since 1995
6. Is the office sought partisan or nonpartisan?               Partisan      Nonpartisan
7. If partisan, please indicate party:
                                                 CAMPAIGN CONTACTS

     Campaign Name:                 Jill England for 36th District Legislature AKA Elect Jill England

     Address:                       656 NW 86TH ST

     City/State/Zip:                SEATTLE/WA/98117

     Campaign Phone:                206) 427-2620

     Campaign Fax:

     Campaign E-mail:     

     Campaign Website:    
                                                POLITICAL BACKGROUND
1. Beginning with the most recent position, please list public offices you have held. Include positions on
   appointive boards or commissions.
                Public Office                    Elective or        Dates Held      Leadership Role (if any)
     Never held public office

2. If you ran for public office but were not elected, please list those races below:
                                            Office Title                                       Year of Run

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    In this section, we are seeking responses that reflect the four ratings criteria: involvement, effectiveness,
    character, and knowledge. These are defined as follows:
         Involvement: What has the candidate done previously in family, neighborhood, community, volunteer
          work, employment or public life to suggest readiness to accomplish challenging objectives? How do
          these activities demonstrate readiness for the challenges unique to the office sought?
         Effectiveness: Has the candidate demonstrated promise of being productive in the office sought? Has
          the candidate shown the ability to work with other people?
         Character: Do the candidate's personal traits show the ability to take on the responsibilities of
          campaigning for and holding the public office she or he is seeking? Is the candidate a leader,
          participant or observer? Is the candidate trustworthy, reliable and candid?
         Knowledge: Has the candidate demonstrated the willingness and ability to learn and adapt? Does the
          candidate understand the duties and challenges of the office sought? Does the candidate have a firm
          grasp of the issues important to his or her constituency and their potential effects?

    1. In one page or less, why are you running for this office? (Note: the interview committee will be given a copy
       of this statement before your interview; at the beginning of your interview you will have the opportunity to
       expand on this statement in any way you wish.)

        I’m very passionate about our country and our state. I’m fiscally conservative and believe
        that high taxes take away the incentive for people to create productive businesses and grow
        the economy.

        I believe that the legislature should not hide and then push pension fund obligations off into
        the future, thus making the problem worse. We need to find ways to reduce our obligation
        through early payouts or similar programs and fully fund the remainder of the amounts we

        The sales tax is a regressive tax in that it hurts low income people by taxing them at the
        higher percentage of their earnings. However, an income tax with a sales tax would be a
        disaster to local small businesses. We could follow Oregon’s model and have no state sales
        tax and an income tax but even with an income tax the state would run into a problem with
        revenues as you can see in Oregon’s budget problems today. The only way to fix our budget
        problems is to find ways to cut the budget and to do it now rather than later when the problem
        will be worse.

        Besides the declaration of independence and the constitution I believe in three pillars of
            A true civil government where laws and justice are equally applied and not extreme.
            A true social life where a stable family with kids is the building block for the next
            A true religion where people can admit their faults be humble in the face of creation
               and regardless of who they are can strive to be better people tomorrow.

        These ideas are not my own I take them from Martin Luther (of the reformation) and they are
        as applicable today as they were 800 years ago.

Municipal League of King County 2010 Candidate Questionnaire                                         Page 2 of 6
    2. Describe your most important personal characteristics or traits as they relate to the office you seek.

     I am a software designer and my analysis and implementation skills are very good.

     I’m more than willing to admit mistakes and look for and accept better ideas from others.

     I’m a private pilot and that has taught me to make decisive designs and take decisive action to
     avoid serious consequences.

     I’m not afraid to take calculated chances. Typically in software development there are safe
     and then there are risky projects, you want to work on the risky projects because that is
     where there is the most reward, for the developer, for the manager, and for the company.

     I’m not a natural leader so I am always looking for new leadership ideas and methods. My
     leadership training will never be complete.

     I believe I make friends easily, even with people that have polar opposite political view points.
     Ultimately any problem is not about the root cause or finger pointing it’s about leadership and
     cooperation in the solution.

    3. Please describe, in sufficient detail, one to three accomplishments or contributions of which you are most
       proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to the office you are seeking.
       These accomplishments may have occurred at any time in your personal, professional, or public life.

     I installed as lead engineer a Unix based internet news server in support of Microsoft’s
     Windows server 2000 release in 1999/2000. It saved the beta program for that product and
     kept the software release on schedule. After that I parlayed my 6 month contract into a 1 year
     contract by making myself useful in other areas of the beta software program as a developer
     thus paving the way for my current career in .Net development when before I was strictly a
     Unix environment developer.

     While unemployed in 2001 I spent my time in statistical research on photographs of Mars. I
     made contacts with other researchers and found some very interesting geographical changes
     that had not been identified by other scientists. Together with Efrain Palermo and a real
     planetary geologist we created a paper and presentation of the papers findings to the Mars
     society at Stanford University in California. The research was later confirmed by scientists
     specializing in Mars geology.

     In 1989 for the Department of Agriculture HOPS lab in Yakima I created an accounting system
     based on journaling software I designed in collage. I worked with changing specifications
     and needs to produce a system that ran billing at the lab through 2001. I upgraded it once to
     a Unix based box in 1991. To get this second contract I moved the software in advance to
     Unix and upgraded it at my own expense anticipating the need for the new system. I believe it
     saved the state quite a bit of money vs. other software development options.

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    4. Please list or describe current and past activities in the community in which you have acquired skills that
       relate to the office you seek. Include your role in the activity and the year(s) in which you were involved.
       Involvement consists of many areas such as family, neighborhood, community, employment, or public life.

     In 2002 I was assistant treasurer of a private club in Seattle. Duties included keeping the
     books and attending monthly administrative meeting.

     In 2008 I became PCO for my precinct (2517) for the republican party. Attend meetings etc.

     In 2001 I volunteered my time and effort and studying Martian geological anomalies because
     there was work to be done. This was done without compensation. The work was presented to
     and published by the Mars society. My statistical analysis work on this paper was its corner

     A long time ago in High school I participated in the Key club, a high school club sponsored by
     the Kiwanis club of Lakewood. I believe this taught me valuable civic skills that I took for
     granted at the time yet still use every day.

    5. Please describe the duties of the office you seek. Which are the most important duties and why?

                  1. Voting for/against bills
                  2. Communication with residents in the 36th District.
                  3. Collaboration with Legislature to create bills that solve real problems.

     Imagine that these form a pyramid with voting at the top and communication and
     collaboration at the two lower vertices.

     Casting a ballot is the easiest. The most difficult is collaboration with other legislatures and
     listening, not just talking to constituents back home.

     Peer collaboration is done in committee meetings and hearings where changes to the law are
     debate often in an open forum with members of the public testifying for or against a change.

      My purpose in Olympia would be not to disrupt the politics as usual but to persuade and
     collaborate with others to get things fixed and keep the things that are working from being

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                                  - - - - - CONFIDENTIAL SECTION BEGINS - - - - -
The following information is for League use only. It will not be published on the League’s website.

     Campaign Manager’s Name:                        NA

     Candidate’s Daytime Phone:                      (206) 427-2620 cell anytime

     Candidate’s Evening Phone:

     Candidate’s VoiceMail/Message:

     Candidate’s Fax:

     Candidate’s Pager:

This information is for League use only. It will not be published in any format.

If you have not previously provided the League with references, please list references you would like us to
contact who can speak to your involvement, effectiveness, character, and/or knowledge. Please name at least
one from each of the following three categories:

               Name of Colleague                            Daytime Phone             Home Phone

     Art Robinson                                   (253) 964-3387

     Cordell Swannack                               (206) 876-2180

        Name of Supervisor/Committee                        Daytime Phone             Home Phone

     Glen Avery                                     (206) 286-1498

        Name of Employee/Member of a                        Daytime Phone             Home Phone
           Committee You Chaired


1. Have you ever been arrested?            Yes         No
   If yes, please explain.

                                     - - - - - CONFIDENTIAL SECTION ENDS - - - - -

Municipal League of King County 2010 Candidate Questionnaire                                     Page 5 of 6

If at all possible, send your response to the Municipal League electronically as an email attachment, or insert it
into an e-mail message ( Mail and fax numbers are listed below. If the League has not
contacted you to schedule an interview, please call the League office at your earliest convenience.

Don’t forget to send the following to the Municipal League: a resume, a photo, campaign literature, and, if you
are an incumbent, constituent newsletters and other materials. Please use the check-off list on the cover sheet
of this packet to indicate which items you have sent.

          A League volunteer Candidate Investigator is waiting to receive your questionnaire to
          begin his or her work. Please complete and return the questionnaire to the League
          office at your earliest convenience.

          Please have your materials to us no later than June 8, 2010. May 28th is

          Email the completed questionnaire and other materials to:


                                   THE MUNICIPAL LEAGUE OF KING COUNTY

810 Third Avenue, Suite 224                Phone: (206) 622-8333            Email:
Seattle, WA 98104-1614                     Fax: (425) 671-0506             Website:

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