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					                                                             For Microsoft

                               Advancing the Technology of Protection
                               Antigen for Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange gives your workgroups the power of
                               collaboration. As Exchange users share ideas, they also share the capacity to receive and distribute
                               harmful viruses through e-mail attachments—corrupting your team’s valuable data and compromising
                               your network. Exchange users have a solution: Antigen from Sybari. Antigen is the antivirus solution
                               specifically designed to meet the security needs of Exchange users. Antigen detects and removes
                               viruses—before they reach mission-critical applications, without compromising the integrity of your
                               groupware servers.

                               A Host of Powerful Features
n   Antigen is the only
    product on the market      Pre-emptive Protection. While traditional antivirus products scan mail for harmful viruses after
    that reliably scans 100%   the file has reached a sensitive part of your network, Antigen takes the most innovative approach:
    of messages and objects    it inspects messages at the Information Store before they reach your mailboxes and cause irrevocable
    being written              harm. Antigen stays one step ahead in detecting threats and providing your groupware users with
    to the Information Store
                               maximum viral protection.
    in real-time.
n   Antigen scans for
    security threats
    before they reach
    user mailboxes.
n   Antigen uses
    multiple scan engines
    to provide greater
    protection with
    minimal impact on
    corporate servers.                                     Antigen’s trusted scanning works early in the
                                                 mail stream to reduce the impact to the Exchange environment.
n   Antigen File Filtering
    detects incoming
    e-mail attachments         Remarkable Speed Combined with Incredible Performance. Antigen’s
    by your choice of          performance is so superior, it’s the only product on the market that reliably scans 100% of messages
    criteria. Once             and objects being written to the Information Store in real-time. Antigen’s unique in-memory scanning
    detected, Antigen          technology allows it to scan faster—while minimizing the operational impact on your mail server.
    can automatically          Antigen can also scan incoming and outgoing SMTP mail messages at Microsoft Exchange’s Internet Mail
    quarantine or delete       Service (IMS) connector, in addition to the mailbox server. With trusted scanning, messages scanned at
    the file.
                               the IMS server are not re-scanned by Antigen at the mailbox server.
n   Works with Windows
    2000 Server.               By distributing the scanning across servers, Antigen exceeds administrators’ expectations for protection
                               and server efficiency.
                                                          Sophisticated Scanning Options. As with previous versions, Antigen gives
                                                          group environments a variety of features and options. To complement the upcoming
                                                          release of the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, Antigen will deliver even more features:
                                                          n   Real-time, scheduled and on-demand scanning of multiple Information Stores
                                                              and Web Store.
                                                          n   Ability to scan messages stored in MIME format.
                                                          n   Using multiple scan engines to provide greater protection with minimal impact.
                                                          n   Scanning at the SMTP connector to distribute the scanning function across all servers.

Configuration and execution of all Antigen operations     Designed to Provide Maximum Performance. To avoid taxing resources
can be controlled from a centralized location. You can    and enhance scanning performance, mail attachments are scanned in memory instead of
      even handle administration over the Web.
                                                          spooling files to disk. Antigen also uses network resources efficiently by the
                                                          single scanning of a file that is to be transmitted to multiple recipients.

                                                          Remote Administration. Antigen is enterprise-ready and can be installed easily
                                                          from a single location to all Exchange servers—including Exchange 2000. In addition,
                                                          configuration and monitoring of all Antigen operations can be handled from a centralized
                                                          location of your choice. You can even handle administration over the Web with Antigen
                                                          Active X control.

                                                          Attachment File Filtering. Antigen File Filtering allows your groupware system
                                                          to recognize incoming e-mail attachments by your choice of criteria—file name, file type,
                                                          wild cards or actual file name. Once a matching file is detected, Antigen File Filtering will
                                                          automatically quarantine and/or delete the file, depending upon your preference.

Antigen File Filtering allows you to detect, quarantine
                                                          Automatic Updates. Virus signatures are automatically updated to ensure that
and/or delete incoming e-mail files based upon your       the latest viruses are immediately detected. And from a single server, all other Exchange
                    selected criteria.
                                                          servers are updated.

                                                          Notification and Quarantine Services. Antigen uses customized Exchange
                                                          messaging to notify administrators of virus incidents. Virus activity is monitored from the
                                                          Antigen console, an NT log or a text file. Antigen provides a quarantine area as a
                                                          repository for the analysis and processing of infected attachments.

                                                          System Requirements
                                                          n   Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
                                                          n   Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 or 5.5 (all service packs supported), Intel or
                                                              Alpha Hardware or Exchange 2000. Antigen also supports Exchange running on
                                                              Microsoft Cluster Servers
Antigen allows administrators to automatically update     n   28 MB of available RAM
 all exchange servers with virus signature information
        so that new viruses are easily detectable.        n   100 MB of available disk space

                                                                               Sybari Software UK              Sybari Software
                                                                               Abbey House. Greenville Place   Diego de León, 11.
                                                                               Backnell RG1218P UK             28006 Madrid. Spain
                                                                               Phone: +44 (0) 1344 392 692     Phone: +34 915 621 617
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