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									                             Wyoming National Guard Association
                                      PO Box 2615
                                Cheyenne, WY 82003-2615

                                       Meeting Minutes
                                    For 17 September 2007

Call to order at 1140
Location: Wells Fargo Meeting Room, Cheyenne, WY

Members Present: Jerry Champlain, Janet Cowley, Jim Edington, Shelley Fuerst, Bill Hickman,
Bev Holmes, Bob Holmes, Lew Lyons, Laura Mead, Mario Montoya, Jason Salsgiver, Greg
Wheeler; Special Guest Vanda Edington

1. Approval of meeting minutes for 18 August 2007. Correction – page 2, d, iii should read
Cornelison. With this one change, meeting minutes approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report (Debbie Franck)
               a. No update given.

3. Committee Reports:
         a. Membership Committee (Greg Wheeler / Jim Edington)
                 i. Discussion concerning new, more durable life membership cards and annual
         cards. The cards should start with the new calendar year.
                 ii. Applications need to be distributed so that old and new members can be
                 ii. The Membership Committee is working on a brochure for corporate members
         and for internal members. Judy Cook has agreed to assist with the new brochure.
                 iii. For the USAA memberships, the alpha rosters on the air and army side were
         gone through and all names were submitted. It takes about three months for the names to
         show up in the EANGUS system. EANGUS sends a list to USAA quarterly.
                 iv. The EANGUS application has been revamped by Greg Wheeler. One
suggested change was adding a line for asking if the member would like to be added to the
WYNGA distribution list. Jim Edington will work on the NGUAS application and will have it
ready for the Retire Conference on 6 October. The new applications need to be sent to Roger
Woolington so that he can get them posted on the website and pull the old ones off. Both
applications need to be sent respectively to EANGUS and NGAUS.
                 v. Greg Wheeler is still working on getting the PayPal payment option up and
                 vii. Jim Edington sent Lew Lyon the Dataguard information to compare to the
state listing. The two of them will try to reconcile the list of members.
                 viii. Amy Fortuna will attend the NGAUS Membership Conference in DC 18-19
October and Greg Wheeler will attend the EANGUS Membership Conference in Gulfport 26-27

       b. Awards and Scholarships (Nicole Chavez)
               i. Shelley Fuest stated that there were approximately 12 scholarship applications.
No other information concerning selection or notification is known at this time.
               ii. There were 10 more Medals of Excellence ordered. Several medals will be
given at the annual Governor’s Reception on 6 October.

        c. Community Service and Corporate Levels (Janet Cowley)
               i. Janet possibly has two $10,000 level sponsorships. She is working the logisitics
and will have more information at a later date.
               ii. Discussion concerning how and where to utilize the sponsorships. The
organization needs to put together a shopping list of possible venues: i.e. Monte Carlo Night,
Chili Cook-off, National Conventions, State Conventions, etc. Ideas need to be emailed to Janet
at janetc@cheyenne.org.

        d. Communication Committee (Jerry Champlin)
                i. Posters are completed and located on various bulletin boards around the base.
Additional posters are on order and help putting them up is certainly welcome.
                ii. John Cornelison is not going to assist with the newsletter. The newsletter is
tabled until the next meeting.
                iii. Discussion concerning registration on the website with personal email
addresses. This would allow the association a means of contacting members concerning
legislative issues, fundraisers, and additional information. This topic requires some research as
to how to set it up and how to get the word out.
                iv. The organization will put an article in the Retiree Newsletter to keep them
information and spread the word about the association. The Retiree Convention is 6 October at
Little America, please stop in and see what’s going on. Lew Lyon will monitor the WYNGA
booth from 1-3.
                v. Recommend that a luncheon be held at HQ/Raper Armory similar to the ANG.
The cost was about $150. It would be a great opportunity to get new members.

       e. Convention (Shelley Fuerst)
              i. Laura has confirmed that the State Convention will be held at the Shrine Club.

       f. Insurance (Mario Montoya)
               i. The SSLI is moving forward to reimburse. It is going to the committee and
hopefully moving to the legislature. Due to the limited number of budget items this year, it may
or may not move forward. Announcement of when and where the hearings take place will be
announced. It is important that we have representation.

        g. IT (Roger Woolington / Pedro Rampolla)
                i. No one has looked at updating the computer. Dataguard 6.0 has been loaded
and is good to go. There may not be a need just yet if the program continues to operate properly.
                ii. Recommendation that the minutes need to be posted online. Laura will get
with Roger to accomplish this.

4. By-Laws Review (Lew Lyon)
         a. Changes from the conference have been made. The corrected By-Laws will be sent out
to all for review. The items to be changed are highlighted in yellow and the changes are
highlighted in red. Please review the changes and make any suggestions to Lew.
         b. There are three terms up in April.

5. EANGUS Committee (Doug Hensala / Kenton Franklin)
      a. No update given.

6. NGAUS Committee (Jim Edington / Jason Salsgiver)
       a. There is still no word on the life memberships.
       b. Recommendation to take NGAUS members on DC trips to demonstrate how things are
accomplished and who the key personnel are.
       c. There were 36 total participants at the National Conference. John McCain came to

7. Resolutions Committee (Col Reed / Jason Salsgiver)
        a. Lt Col Nichols is working on a resolution to increase the enlistment age to 40.
        b. Anyone who has resolutions or ideas for resolutions, they need to have them ready for
the state conference in April.

8. Retired Affairs (Bob Holmes)
        a. The annual Retiree Conference will be held on 6 October.
        b. There is a newsletter coming out – watch for it. The retiree newsletter has room for an
WYNGA article.

9. Military Historical (Bev Holmes)
        a. Recommendation that information concerning the Historical building should be posted
on the WYNGA website.
        b. Bev received WWI discharge paperwork, a medal, and photos to add to the historical

10. Auxiliary (Shelley Fuerst)
        a. Discussion concerning need for new committee chair; will ask members and possibly
their spouses if they would like to volunteer.

11. New Business -
       a. Discussion concerning a Strategic Plan has been tabled for the next meeting.
       b. Discussion concerning the WYNGA pin and clothing. Additional pins need to be
ordered. Recommendation that new members get a pin and a shirt and sell current members one.
13. Next BOG Meeting: 15 October 2007 at the new museum or Wells Fargo meeting room.
(Note: look for an email from Shelley Fuerst for meeting location.)

14. Meeting adjourned: 1302.

                                          Laura J. Mead
                                          Secretary, WYNGA

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