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Essay on Gay Marriage: Useful Tips and Recommendations

The issue on gay marriages has caused a lot of controversies in the recent

past. Many societies are divided in opinion over whether they should allow

gay marriages amongst themselves or not. Essays on gay marriage are not

yet common in academic writing, custom essays, and custom term papers.

Essays on gay marriage should therefore focus on some of these


•        viewing the issue from a religious perspective in Essays on gay


•        creating laws that protect the rights of gay couples

•        allowing children to be raised by a gay couple

•        incorporating the topic of gay marriages in school curricula in order

to expose children to the diversity of modern societies

So far there are very few countries in the world that have legalized gay

marriages. Majority of the countries are still debating on the issue. The gay

couples these countries cannot come out in the open because of fear of

being judged by the society. People who oppose gay marriages base their

arguments mainly on erosion of religious values.

None of the major religions in the world have provisions for gay marriages. In

fact they are seriously condemned in the scriptures. It is also a common fact
that gay couples cannot bear their own children. They have to adopt in case

they have interest in becoming parents. This is seen to undermine children’s

rights of being raised by their rightful parents.

On the hand, the people who support gay marriages have a more liberal

mind. They argue that governments have no rights to dictate individual

relationships and there is need to honor the choices that people make with

regards to relationships. Essay on gay marriages should therefore be written

from an impartial point of view that does not condemn one side of the


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