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									The Victorian

       Index to

   Volume 121, 2004

 Compiled by KN Bell
Arthropods                                    Harley D, 158
 Arthropod guilds and Austral Grasstree, 47   Hepworth G and Godman R, 210
 Propallene saengeri behaviour, 168           Hensman P and Bender H, 171
 Pycnogonid behaviour, 168                    Hewett M, Weste G and Reiter N, 148
Australian Natural History Medallion          Homan P, 33
 2004 Medallionist, David Lindenmayer,        Hubregtse V, 178 (book review)
  300                                         James D, Brereton R, Plowright S and
Authors                                        Mallick S, 36
 Aberton JG and Barton PS, 47                 Johnston SW, Growcock AJ and
 Adams R, 142 (book review)                    Pickering CM, 199
 Adams R and Simmons D, 131                   Khan MT, Khan TA and Wilson ME,
 Allen GG and Parsons RF, 226 (Tribute)        244
 Ashe C, Fitzsimons JA and FitzSimons         Khan TA, Khan MT and Wilson ME,
  P, 214                                       244
 Bain BA and Govedich FR, 168                 Kirkwood R and Enwick L, 55
 Bain BA, Davis RW, Govedich FR and           Kirkwood R, Dann P, Mackay M and
  Negm-Eldin MM, 51                            Menkhorst P, 59
 Barton PS and Aberton JG, 47                 Kitchen I, 236 (report)
 Bell K, 172                                  Larwill S, 264
 Bender H and Hensman P, 171                  Leonard M, 122
 Bond NR, 194                                 Longmore W, 146 (book review)
 Brereton R, Plowright S, Mallick S and       Mackay M, Kirkwood R, Dann P and
  James D, 36                                  Menkhorst P, 59
 Brims M, 299 (book review)                   Magner D, 230
 Bull H, 128                                  Mallick S, James D, Brereton R and
 Calder M, 233 (book review)                   Plowright S, 36
 Carrigan C and Gibson M, 153                 Mansergh I, 82
 Cheal D, 107                                 May T, 139
 Clemann N, 174 (book review)                 McCallum I, 238 (report)
 Dann P, Mackay M, Kirkwood R and             McCaffrey N and Picone A, 206
  Menkhorst P, 59                             McConnell A, 232 (book review)
 Dashper S, 66                                McDougall K, 284
 Davis RW, Govedich FR, Bain BA and           McLoughlin LC, 99
  Negm-Eldin MM, 51                           McNaught K and Westcott G, 254
 Editors, The Victorian Naturalist, 143       Meathrel CE, Suter PJ and Reid S, 4
 Evans P, 89                                  Menkhorst P, Dann P, Mackay M and
 FitzSimons P, Ashe C and Fitzsimons           Kirkwood R, 59
  JA, 214                                     Merritt B and Wallis R, 288
 Fitzsimons JA, Ashe C and FitzSimons         Michael DR, 180
  P, 214                                      Moore G, 173 (book review)
 Friend G, 116                                Morton A, 68
 Gibson M, 2 (book review), 235 (book         Murphy MJ, 293
  review), 295 (book review)                  Negm-Eldin MM, Davis RW, Govedich
 Gibson M and Carrigan C, 153                  FR and Bain BA, 51
 Gibson R, 229 (Tribute)                      New TR, 136
 Goodman R and Hepworth G, 210                Pascoe G, 77 (book review)
 Govedich FR and Bain BA, 168                 Parkin A, 237 (report)
 Govedich FR, Davis RW, Bain BA and           Parsons RF and Allen GG, 226 (Tribute)
  Negm-Eldin MM, 51                           Peter JM and Weston MA, 274
 Green K, 69                                  Pickering CM, Growcock AJ, and
 Grey P, 34 (book review)                      Johnston SW, 199
 Grimes KG, 14                                Picone A and McCaffrey N, 206
 Growcock AJ, Pickering CM and                Pierson R, 143
  Johnston SW, 199                            Plowright S, Mallick S, James D and
                                               Brereton R, 36
 Presland G, 298 (book review)                 Hippocampus the Seahorse P Reilly (G
 Ratkowsky D, 74                                 Moore), 173
 Reeves M, 84                                  In pursuit of plants: Experiences of nine-
 Reid S, Meathrel CE and Suter PJ, 4             teenth and early twentieth century plant
 Reiter N, Weste G and Hewett M, 148             collectors P Short (M Gibson), 295
 Renwick L and Kirkwood R, 55                  Landscape and Building Design for
 Simmons D, 141 (book review)                    Bushfire Areas C Ramsey and L
 Simmons D and Adams R, 131                      Rudolph (R Adams), 142
 Sinclair B, 297 (book review)                 Macrotus the Easter Bilby P Reilly (G
 Suter PJ, Reid S and Meathrel CE, 4             Moore), 173
 Thomas DC, 23                                 Myxomycetes of New Zealand: Fungi of
 Vafiadis P, 163                                 New Zealand Vol. 3 SL Stephenson (M
 Venn S, 238 (report)                            Brims), 299
 Wallis R and Merritt B, 288                   Name that Flower: Identification of
 Wardrop I, 75 (book review)                     Flowering Plants I Clarke and H Lee
 Westcott G and McNaught K, 254                  (M Gibson), 235
 Weste G, Hewett M and Reiter N, 148           Proteaceae of new South Wales eds GJ
 Weston MA and Peter JM, 274                     Harden, DW Hardin and DC Goddin
 Wilson ME, Khan MT and Khan TA, 244             (M Gibson), 2
Birds                                          The Flight of the Emu: A Hundred Years
 Columba livia, preyed on by water rat, 293      of Australian Ornithology 1901-2001 L
 Corvus mellori, disputed territory, 143         Robin (I Wardrop), 75
 Feral pigeon, preyed on by water rat, 293     The Genus Mycena in South-Eastern
 Hooded plovers in Port Phillip Bay, 274         Australia CA Grgurinovic (D
 Lady Julia Percy Is., bird fauna, 59            Ratkowsky), 74
 Lathamus discolor, blue gums as food, 36      The Mornington Peninsula: Through the
 Little Raven, disputed territory, 143           eye of a Naturalist TH Sault (B
 Swift Parrot, blue gum as food, 36              Sinclair), 297
 Thinornis rubricollis in Port Phillip Bay,    The Nature of the Midlands J Dean, J
   274                                           Kirkpatrick, L Gilfedder, H and A
Book Reviews                                     Wapstra (A McConnell), 232
 A Complete Guide to Reptiles of               The Yarra: A National Treasure D and C
   Australia, S Wilson and G Swan (N             Beardsell (G Presland), 298
   Clemann), 174                              Botany
 An Introduction to Fungi on wood in           Ammobium alatum, threatened, weed or
   Queensland, I. Hood (T May), 139              itinerant?, 284
 Australia Burning: fire ecology, policy       Ash, trampling effects on, 199
   and management issues, eds. G Cary, D       Austral Grasstree and arthropod guilds, 47
   Lindenmayer and S Dover (D                  Australian trees in India, 230
   Simmons), 141                               Blue Gums as Swift Parrot food, 36
 Australian Fungi Illustrated IR McCann        Bryophytes of stream rocks, 153
   (P Grey), 34                                Cupressus litter, testate rhizopods, 172
 Bits and Pieces: a selection of writings      Dieback in native plants, 148
   published between 1980 and 1995 in          Eucalyptus globulus as Swift Parrot food,
   The Age Melbourne. Vol. 1:Birds TR            36
   Garnett (V Hubregtse), 178                  Native plant dieback, 148
 Bush Seasons: an affectionate record of a     Plant response to fire, 107
   tiny bushland J Semmens (M Calder),         Rainforest, Goolengook Catchment area,
   233                                           Gippsland, 206
 Citizen Labillardiere: A Naturalist’s Life    Riparian strips, birds and frogs in, 288
   in Revolution and Exploration (1755-        Senecio, hybridization at Mt. Macedon, 23
   1834) E Duyker (G Pascoe), 77               Stream rock bryophytes, 153
 Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of Australia        Winged Everlasting, threatened, weed or
   D Hollands (W Longmore), 146                  itinerant, 284
 Xanthorrhoea australis and arthropod          Lady Julia Percy I., birds, 59
   guilds, 47                                  Macedon area, Leadbeater’s possum sur-
Conservation                                     vey, 264
 Additions to protested areas, 214             Mt. Macedon, Senecio hybrids, 23
Environment Fund                               Ovens R., freshwater turtles, 4
 Report on projects:                           Phillip I., leopard seal visit, 55
   Alpine plant recruitment, 238               Port Phillip Bay, hooded plovers in, 274
   Bat trap renovation, 236                    Rushworth forest, drought effects on
   Casterton bird hide, 238                      fauna, 66
   Geology, Plenty Gorge, 237                  Tasmania, blue gums as swift parrot
                                                 food, 36
Essay Review                                   Wodonga-Albury reptiles, 180
 Whitefella jump up: the shortest way to
   nationhood G Greer (I Mansergh), 82        Mammals
                                               Gymnobelideus leadbeateri in Bunyip
Fires                                            S.P., 158
 Aboriginal vegetation management, 99          Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, Macedon
 Community safety, 128                           survey, 264
 Fire in southeastern Australia, 136           Foxes in urban parks, 68
 Forest fire and funeral pyre, 89              Hydromys chrysogaster, predation on
 Impact on fauna, 116                            pigeon, 293
 Mitigation strategies, 131                    Leadbeater’s possum in Bunyip SP., 158
 Natural environment, 84                       Leadbeater’s possum, Macedon survey,
 Plant responses, 107                            264
 Victoria’s parks, forests and fire, 122       Leopard seal at Phillip I., 55
Fish                                           Pseudocheirus perigrinus, disputed terri-
 Galaxias olidus, effects of Lernaea para-       tory, 143
   sites, 194                                  Ringtailed possum, disputed territory, 143
 Gadopsis mamoratus, use of hollows,           Water rat, predation on pigeon, 293
   244                                         Welfare of pitfall trapped animals, 31
 Mountain galaxias, effects of Lernaea         Wombats in water, 69
   parasites, 194                             Miscellaneous
 River Blackfish, use of hollows, 244          Drought effects on fauna, Rushworth for-
Geology                                          est, 66
 Solution pipes or petrified forests, 14       Life in urban parks, foxes, 68
Insects                                        Ninety-three years ago, 135
 Apis mellifera in Victoria, 210               One Hundred years ago, 172, 239, 273
 Honey bee in Victoria, 210                    Seventy-two years ago, 115
Invertebrates                                 Reptiles
 Cystiscus obesulus, external anatomy, 163     Distribution in Albury-Wodonga area, 180
 Glossiphoniid leeches, prey and behav-        Freshwater turtles, habitat and food, 4
   iour, 51                                   Tributes
 Protection for intertidal inverts., 254       Eric Allen, 72
 Testate rhizopods in Cupressus litter, 172    Fredrick CW Barton, 72
Localities                                     Alan Wakefield Beasley, 73
 Albury-Wodonga, reptiles, 180                 James Howard Browne, 226
 Birch Creek,(upper Loddon), blackfish,        Stephen Alfred Craig, 229
   244                                         Robert Devereaux Croll, 73
 Brisbane Ra., arthropod guilds, 47            Victor Jacobs, 73
 Bunyip S.P., leadbeater’s possum, 158         Ronald Calder Kershaw, 71
 Cement Creek, V., bryophytes, 153             Vincent Steven Marshall, 73
 Goolengook Catchment, E. Gippsland,
   rainforest, 206
 India, Australian trees, 230                 Volume 121, part 3 comprises the Fire
 Inverleigh, testate rhizopods, 172             Symposium special issue

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