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					Together We Inspire Success on
    the Road to Recovery
                             Welcome to the 4th Annual Art of Recovery Expo!
                                   Our dream of bringing to the public a day of aware-
                             ness, education, and prevention in support of National
                             Recovery Month has grown each year because of the
                             dedicated professionals who join with us to carry the
                             message of hope, healing and health. Across the country
                             there are millions of people in long-term recovery who are
                             improving the lives of individuals, families and communi-
                             ties, and many of them are with us today. We are proud
                             to say that Arizona is one of the leaders in the nation for
                             treatment and addiction recovery.
                                   Addiction continues to affect most everyone. Nearly
                          two thirds of Americans view addiction as a form of illness
 and something they cannot remedy alone. More than two thirds of Americans have
 family or friends who have struggled with addiction. It continues to take the lives of
 our young generation be it by methamphetamine, heroin, prescription medication
 or alcohol. Prevention, communication, and awareness need to be at the forefront
 of our fight for treatment. We MUST narrow the gap between the number of people
 who need treatment and those who get it. This can only be accomplished through
 enriching public awareness and approaching the challenge together. Living in denial,
 shame and the stigma of addiction only deters the healing process. Our intention
 has always been to offer an avenue of knowledge and understanding of the many
 faces of this disease and the tools to combat it. We are the faces and the voices of
 recovery and ask you to join us in this mission.
      We extend our warmest gratitude to our new sponsors and exhibitors and to
 those who have been with us since the Expo started in 2005. A very special thank
 you to Governor Napolitano, and the Governors Office Division for Substance Abuse
 Policy and to our keynote speakers, Gary Stromberg and Todd Crandell.
      Most of all, thank YOU for being with us as we continue to inspire success on
 the road to recovery together.      Barbara Nicholson- Brown, Founder

                                     Save the Date!
                                       Art of Recovery Expo
                                       September 19, 2009
    “The harmful effects of alcohol and drug addiction have
       shattered the lives and families of many citizens of
     Arizona. Addiction is a chronic illness, however through
     awareness, constant support and treatment, people can
    overcome their addictions and find the road to recovery.
    I acknowledge and thank the families, organizations and
         professionals who work tirelessly to help others.
       Your dedication and commitment transforms lives.    ”

                                  —Governor Napolitano

                             Thank You
              Addiction Network TV      Sally Lara
                         Rick Baney     Merv Lynch
                         Bill Brown     Bobbe McGinley
                        Kemper Burt     Cristina Perez
                             Jo Coen    Tom Platt
     Gordon C. James Public Relations   Julie Vaughn
                       KFNX Radio       Bonnie Wasniewski
                      Nancy Koplow

    A very special thanks to Gary Stromberg & Todd Crandell          

     Art of Recovery Expo is proud to team with these organizations
    ACT Counseling & Education                       KFNX 00 News-Talk Radio
    ACA- Adult Children of Alcoholics                Magellan Health Services
    AIR–Addiction Intervention Resources, Inc.       Maricopa Crisis Recovery Network
    Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association    The Meadows
    Amity Foundation at Circle Tree Ranch            Mellody House
    ANT-Addiction Network TV                         Meek Publishing
    Arizona Department of Health- Hepatitis C        Mental Health Systems, Inc.
    Program                                          Mingus Center
    Arizona Department of Health-Div. of Behav-      Narcotics Anonymous-Arizona Region
    ioral Health                                     NAATP-National Association of
    Arizona Meth Project                             Treatment Providers
    Arizona Office of the Attorney General           NCADD
    Arizona Office of Problem Gambling               New Dawn Centers
    Arizona S.A.D.D.                                 New Life Foundation
    Arizona Together Newspaper                       New Reality Biz
    Arizona Satsang Society, Inc. A.S.S.I.           Northeast Valley Coalition Against
    ASU Nurses Managed Health Centers                Methamphetamine
    Aurora Behavioral Health Hospital                Northwest Academy
    Banner Behavioral Health                         Not My Kid.Org
    Berguirstain| Pandi Financial Strategies Group   Our Common Welfare (OCW)
    Brain State Technologies                         Overeaters Anonymous
    Breaking Up Walls                                Parc Place
    Calvary Center                                   Promises Treatment Centers
    CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction          PSA Art Awakenings
    Rehabilitation)                                  Pathway Drug Abuse Program
    Center for Applied Behavioral Health             The PROMETA® Treatment Program
    Chandler Christian Church                        Recovery Innovations of Arizona
    Chair Massage by Caroline                        The Refuge- A Healing Place
    Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc                       Remuda Ranch Center
    Child Help                                       River Source -Step Holistic
    Cristi A. Soiya, MAPC, LAC, LASAC                Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders
    Clearview Treatment Programs                     Run Drugs Out of Town
    Community Bridges                                SAA of Phoenix
    Cocaine Anonymous                                Sage Counseling, Inc.
    Co-Dependents Anonymous                          Scottsdale Congregational United Church of
    Cottonwood de Tucson                             Christ
    Crossroads                                       Scottsdale Families Anonymous
    Crystal Darkness                                 Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute
    Decision Point Center                            Sierra Tucson
    Desert Canyon Treatment Center                   SLAA—Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
    Down to Earth Enterprises                        Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
    Dr. Janice Blair                                 The Spiritual Corner
    Emotions Anonymous                               St. Luke’s Behavioral Health
    EMPACT –SPC                                      Sundown M Ranch
    Franciscan Renewal Center                        The Sundance Center
    Gifts Anon, Inc.                                 TERROS
    Governors Office                                 Teen Challenge of Arizona
    Division for Substance Abuse Policy              UMOM New Day Centers-
    Healthy Futures                                  Valley Hope
    Homeward Bound-                                  V Tucson
    Hospice of Arizona                               WAHI Center
    In Balance Counseling                            The WICK Home for Emotional Growth and
    Intervention 80                                 Recovery
    Intervention Services of Arizona                 WINR - Women in New Recovery
    Jimmie Moyer Foundation

                      Schedule of Events
                                From the Stage
10:05 a.m.         NaTive aMericaN BleSSiNg aNd drUMMiNg
                   the Phoenix Oyate Singers
10:30-10:50 a.m. aZ TeeN challeNge MeN’S choir
11:00-11:45 a.m. a New geNeraTioN of SoBrieTy: creaTiNg
                 PoSSiBiliTy & oPPorTUNiTy
                 with Gale Standen, Founder, V3 Tucson
Noon:              readiNg of The goverNorS ProclaMaTioN
                   dear Mom and dad, read by James of NotMyKid
12:30 -1:30 p.m. KeyNoTe SPeaKer - Todd crandell- Addict to Ironman
1:45-2:30 p.m                                                ,
                   Panel discussion “iNTerveNTioNS” what are They all about?”
                   with Dr. Julian Pickens Interventions of AZ, Paul Hamblin, A.I.R.
                   and Ben Seymour, Intervention 180
2:45- 3:45 p.m.    KeyNoTe SPeaKer -gary Stromberg - The Harder They Fall

                              Workshop Room A
10:45-11:30 a.m. wheN The fUN SToPS- a look at gambling
                 with Bobbe McGinley
11:45-12:30 p.m. MeTh iNSide oUT dvd and Panel discussion
                 Michelle Skrurka- ADHS/Division of Behavioral Health, Meredith
                 Mechenbier, Community Bridges, Janet Carpentier, Gila River Indian
                 Community and Wanda Winningham, La Frontera.
3:30-4:15 p.m.     gaMBliNg addicTioN and relaPSe with Bobbe McGinley

                              Workshop Room B
11:00-11:45 a.m. PreveNTiNg relaPSe iN The firST year
                 Jim Griffis, The Refuge
1:30 - 2:15 p.m.   heroiN aNd PreScriPTioN drUg USe aNd TeeNS
                   with Johnny Casa, Chris Manning

                              Workshop Room C
11:15-12:00 p.m. video gaMiNg addicTioN - Dr. Jack Kuo, The Promises Malibu
1:30-2:15 p.m.     a MaP for The firST year of recovery for The
                   whole faMily with Dr. Janice Blair
3:15-4:00 p.m.     whaT iS recovery advocacy? with Bill Brown

 Arizona Together
Proud Sponsor of the
Art of Recovery Expo
         Arizona Together believes in every
           family there is the potential for
          recovery and a better way of life.

          For advertising & subscriptions call

Chicanos Por La Causa
   Proud Sponsor of the
   Art of Recovery Expo

                       2008-09 Resource Guide
     ACT Counseling & Education                     Amity Foundation at Circle Tree Ranch
     Booth 108                                      Booth 328
     5010 E. Shea Blvd. D-202                       10500 E. Tanque Verde Road
     Phoenix, AZ 85254                              Tucson, AZ 85749
     602-569-4328 Fax: 602-569-4378                 520-749-5980 Fax: 520-749-4852
     Email:                                       Effective treatment that allows individuals
     ACT Counseling & Education offers a wide       to heal core traumas, identify strengths,
     variety of services to meet the needs of       and learn life skills and address underly-
     clients and the community. Gambling As-        ing issues that contribute to addiction and
     sessments, Substance Assessments, DOT          addictive behaviors.
     Assessments, Interventions, 1-1 Therapy
     Sessions, Actualizing Change Therapy,          Arizona Department of Health
     Aftercare Support Group, Community             Hepatitis C Program - Booth 325
     Education.                                     150 N. 18th Avenue, #140
                                                    Phoenix, AZ 85007
     ACA-Adult Children of Alcoholics               602-364-3658 Fax 602-364-3199
     Booth 329                                                      htm
     A fellowship of adults raised in an alco-      Hepatitis can have serious consequences.
     holic/dysfunctional home, seeking healing      The AzHCP conducts outreach, offers edu-
     and freedom from our past in a safe, loving,   cation, and provides resources and referrals
     family environment.                            to infected individuals. These efforts aim
                                                    to improve their health and quality of life,
     AIR–Addiction Intervention                     and to reduce their chances of passing the
     Resources, Inc. Booth 118                      infection to others. Education is provided
     Corporate Headquarters                         through telephone counseling, interactive
     400 Selby Avenue Suite D                       workshops, and educational materials.
     St. Paul, MN 55102
     800-561-8158 Fax: 651-222-6743                 Arizona Department of Health                  Div. of Behavioral Health-Booth 121
     Professional intervention services for         150 N. 18th Avenue
     alcohol, drugs and gambling. Recovery As-      Phoenix, AZ 85007
     sistance Program (RAP) manages mentors         602-364-2086 Fax: 602-364-4603
     and consults in ongoing recovery efforts for
     persons in recovery and their families.        The Arizona Department of Health Bureau
                                                    offers information on recovery and the
     Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance              direction the Behavioral Health Services
     Association Booth 412                          system is taking.
     4210 N. Longview Avenue
     Phoenix, AZ 85014                              Arizona Meth Project- Booth 303
     602-277-7527 Fax: 602-248-9488       
     Email:                      A large-scale exercise in prevention,                                     aimed at significantly reducing Meth use
     Non profit organization with 3 transitional    in Arizona. The program consists of an
     living centers for recovering adult alco-      ongoing, research-based marketing cam-
     holics and addicts. Provide a sober living     paign, supported by community outreach
     environment to give motivated clients a        and public policy initiatives, that realisti-
     chance to change their lives, working a 12     cally and graphically communicates the
     step program.                                  risks of methamphetamine to the youth
                                                    of Arizona.
                                                    Maricopa county: 602-372-MeTh
                                                    outside Maricopa: 1-866-773-8999

    When it comes to addiction,
    there’s no discrimination...

                                          It doesn’t care about your age

                                   where you live, or who you are*.
If you or someone you care about is struggling, give us a call. e ACT
staff consists of highly trained, licensed professionals who will help
you discover a life free from the chains of addiction. Call us today!
ACT Locations:                                Gambling Problem?
5010 E. Shea Blvd., Suite D 202               ACT now!
                                              •   Problem and Compulsive Gambling
                                              •   Substance Abuse
4480 W. Peoria Ave. Ste. 203
                                              •   Aftercare Programs
Mesa Clinic-480.827.2406                      •   Interventions
460 N. Mesa Drive, Suite 110
                                              •   SAP Assessments
Mesa Appts: 602-569-4328
                                              •   Consultations
ACT-Counseling & Education                    •   Counseling: Families, Couples
Innersenses-520-623-9180                          & Individuals
2221 E. Broadway Blvd., Ste. 211
                                                  *Bring in this ad for a percentage
                                                     off Initial Assessment cost

                  ACT Counseling & Education
     Arizona Office of the Attorney                 Arizona S.A.D.D. Booth 419
     General- Booth 301                             23425 N. 39th Drive, Suite 104-116
     1275 W. Washington                             Glendale, AZ 85310
     Phoenix, AZ 85007                              623-434-1670 Fax: 623-434-1677
     602-542-8494 Fax: 602-542-8490                 Email:
     Email:                                      S.A.D.D. provides students with the best
     Attorney Generals community services           prevention and intervention tools possible
     program ‘educates Arizona’s most vulner-       to deal with the issues of underage drink-
     able populations about their civil, victim’s   ing, other drug use, impaired driving and
     and consumer rights. Available resources       other destructive decisions.
     on methamphetamine, Attorney General
     Drug Endangered Children CD’s.                 Arizona Together Newspaper
                                                    Booth 230
     Arizona Office of Problem Gambling-            P.O. Box 5629
     Booth 205                                      Scottsdale, AZ 85261
     202 E. Earll Suite 200                         480-767-7880 Fax 480-767-8041
     Phoenix, AZ 85012                              Email:
     1-800-NeXT STeP                                           For over 18 years Arizona Together has
     The Office of Problem Gambling provides        provided the community with resourceful
     prevention, education and treatment ser-       information on recovery and a better way
     vices and information related to problem       of life. Published monthly.

     Arizona Satsang Society, Inc. A.S.S.I.         Aurora Behavioral Health Hospital
     Booth 427, 429                                 Booth 405
     PO Box 63                                      6015 West Peoria Avenue
     Carefree, AZ 85332                             Glendale, AZ 85302
     Email:                623-344-4400                               Email:
     Have you had a spiritual experience? Share
     your story and receive spiritual tools to      Aurora Behavioral Health systems provides
     gain a deeper understanding. Join us at        acute inpatient psychiatric and chemi-
     the Spiritual Chat café to talk and share      cal dependency treatment for adults and
     your story.                                    adolescents. We provide the following
                                                    services: Inpatient mental health treat-
     ASU Nurses Managed Health                      ment for adults and adolescents, inpatient
     Centers - Booth 410                            detoxification services for adults and ado-
     500 N. 3rd Street                              lescents. Outpatient chemical dependency
     Phoenix, AZ 85004                              program for adults, outpatient mental
     602-496-0893                                   health program for adults.
     htm                                            Banner Behavioral Health-
     Counseling, checkups, immunizations,           Scottsdale - Booth 211
     school/work/sports physicals, illness care     7575 E. Earll Drive
     for adults and children. Major insurance       Scottsdale, AZ 85251
     plans and self payment accepted for ser-       602-254-helP (4357)
     vices. Discount fee plan available for under
     insured. Downtown Phoenix 602-496-             Banner Behavioral Health Scottsdale
     0721 and Scottsdale 480-941-9283.              provides substance abuse treatment to
                                                    adolescents and adults. We offer acute
                                                    detoxification intensive outpatient and
                                                    residential levels of care.

Berguiristain|Pandi Financial                Breaking Up Walls- Booth 418
Strategies Group- Booth 324                  3421 E. Tierra Buena Lane
8777 N. Gainey Center Drive Suite 200        Phoenix, AZ 85032
Scottsdale, AZ 85258                         602-368-8885 Fax: 602-368-8339
480-588-6840 Fax: 480-588-6826               Email:
E:       Breaking Up Walls, a 501c3 national non-              profit brings dissimilar groups of people to-
Furthering recovery through financial        gether through a 5 step proven model using
wellness. Offering comprehensive finan-      Art to restore and produce art forms.
cial services including, coaching planning
investment management and lending. The       Calvary Center- Booth 110
Berguiristain| Pandi Financial Services      720 E. Montebello
Group support our local mental health        Phoenix, AZ 85014
community.                                   602-279-1468 1-866-76-SOBER
                                             Fax: 602-279-3090
Brain State Technologies- Booth 220          Email:
15150 N. Hayden Road, Ste 106      
Scottsdale, AZ 85260                         Calvary Center is an affordable faith-based
480-588-6840 Fax: 480-588-6826               residential treatment center for substance
Email:               abuse and problem gambling.
Brain State uses electrodes to sense the
brain energy and gives the brain the abil-
ity to see itself through sound in a more
optimized, balanced state.

     CeDAR (Center for Dependency,                   Center for Applied Behavioral Health
     Addiction Rehabilitation) - Booth 208           Policy - Booth 408
     1693 N. Quentin P.O. Box 6510                   3404 W. Cheryl Drive Suite A-250
     Aurora, CO 80045                                Phoenix, AZ 85051
     877-999-0538                                    602-942-2247 Fax: 602-942-0779
     Email:                                     The Center for Applied Behavioral Health
     CeDAR (Center for Dependency, Addiction         Policy at Arizona State University, College
     Rehabilitation) is located on the Anschutz      of Human Services is a research and train-
     Medical Campus at University of Colorado        ing center dedicated to improvement of
     Hospital in Denver, CO. We offer an inten-      policy and treatment of behavioral health
     sive 30-day residential treatment program       in the state of Arizona.
     and treat co-occurring disorders including
     compulsive gambling. Our holistic, 12- step     Chandler Christian Church-Booth 226
     based residential treatment includes a          1825 S. Alma School Road
     one-week Family Program. We also offer a        Chandler, AZ 85286
     3 and half-day Comprehensive Diagnostic         480-963-3997 Fax: 480-963-4229
     Assessment option and a 60-180 day resi-
     dential extended care program.        
                                                     Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12
                                                     step program for anyone who is recovering
                                                     from life’s hurts, hang-ups and habits.

                 Extended Care Treatment
                    for Men & Women
           Chronic Relapse Behaviors               Compulsive Behaviors
           Substance Abuse Disorders               Mental Health Issues
           Process Addictions                      Trauma Related Issues

           24 hr. Admissions 877-77-ADMIT
                          Prescott, Arizona

                                                 n. a safe haven; someplace
                                                 to find respite from danger,
                                                 chaos, crisis and fear.

Chronic Relapse, Trauma/PTSD
Family Issues, Co-Dependency
Substance Abuse, Multi-Diagnosis Issues
Extended Care Program near Ocala
on the Ocklawaha River

866-4REFUGE | 352-288-3333
      Admissions: 866-473-3864
 chicanos Por la causa, inc. Booth 403           Cristi A. Soiya, MAPC, LAC, LASAC,
 1046 E. Buckeye Road                            Sea Change, Booth 331
 Phoenix, AZ 85034                               10149 N. 92nd Street, Suite 103
 602-233-9747 Fax: 602-352-5989                  Scottsdale, AZ 85258                                    602-989-2837 or 480-451-9800
 CPLC is a statewide community develop-          Email:
 ment corporation committed to building
 stronger, healthier communities. Promotes       Psychotherapy to children, adolescents,
                                                 and adults. I believe in “meeting individuals
 positive change and self-sufficiency to build
                                                 where they are and witnessing their jour-
 a better quality of life to those we serve.     ney”. Practice interests include: Addiction,
                                                 Depression, ADHD, and Parenting issues.
 childhelP Booth 309
 Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline
 A 30-minute documentary told through
 the powerful testimonies of young people
 who have gone through the dark and lonely
 depths of Meth addiction.

                            “Celebrating OVER 39 Years of Service

     Clearview Treatment Programs                Cocaine Anonymous - Booth 131
     Booth 123                                   480-495-7826
     1334 Westwood Boulevard, Ste 3A   
     Los Angeles, CA 90024                       Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men
     800-573-0770 | 866 590-8377                 and women who share their experience                  strength and hope with each other that they
     Clearview specializes in the treatment of   may solve their common problem and help
     addictions, co-occurring disorders and      others recover from their addiction.
     psychiatric disorders. We provide a full
     spectrum of care: Primary residential,      Cottonwood de Tucson- Booth 113
     Residential Extended Care, Intensive Day    4110 W. Sweetwater Drive
     Treatment, Outpatient Programs and In-      Tucson, AZ 85745
     tensive Family Programs.                    800-877-4520 | 520-743-0411
                                                 Email: General.information@cottonwood-
     Community Bridges - Booth 103     
     1811 S. Alma School Road #160     
     Mesa, AZ 85210                              At Cottonwood de Tucson, we strongly
     480-831-7566 Fax: 480-831-7563              believe in the treatment of mind, body and
     Email:                  spirit. Our intensive program includes a                  strong, solid base of medical management,
     Community Bridges offers quality sub-       12-step recovery concepts, involvement,
     stance abuse treatment and recovery to      group therapy, nutritional counseling and
     homeless, indigent and working poor         experiential therapies.
     adults throughout Maricopa County. We
     also provide substance abuse prevention,
     education and training to the public.

Co-Dependents Anonymous                        new lives through wilderness and ropes
Booth 430                                      therapy, cutting edge nutrition therapy.
602-735-3068                                   Full range of traditional, experiential, and                                   integrated therapies. Strong emphasis on
Co-Dependents Anonymous is a 12-step           the 12-steps, life skills, social responsibil-
group for men and women whose common           ity, and having fun which enhances a Life
purpose is to develop healthy and loving       Long Recovery.
                                               Desert Canyon Treatment Center
Crossroads- Booth 111                          Booth 209
1845 E. Ocotillo Road                          105 Navajo Drive
602-279-2585                                   Sedona, AZ 86336
Phoenix, AZ 85004                              888-811-8371 ext. 21
Email:          Email:             
Transitional living for men and women          The successful non 12-step choice for
in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Since      treatment. Our wellness-oriented model
1960.                                          gives attention to the underlying causes
                                               for addiction for real change.
Decision Point Center - Booth 116
505 W. Whipple Street                          Down to Earth Enterprises
Prescott, AZ 86301                             Psychological Services- Booth 313
877-772-3648 | 928-778-4600                    1250 E. Baseline Road, #102
Email:            Tempe, AZ 85283                    480-705-5007
Decision Point’s Model of Treatment en-        Email:
gages the union of mind, body, and spirit by
providing a comprehensive, individualized      Psychological Services for kids, teens
holistic sober recovery program that builds
     Official Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

 •      Hospice Physicians                       Inpatient Units strategically located to
 •      Licensed Nurses                          serve Phoenix and surrounding areas.
 •      Home Health Aides                        • 24 Hour Availability
 •      Medication                               • Medicare Certified
 •      Medical Equipment and Supplies           • AHCCCS Approved Provider
 •      Inpatient, Respite & Home Care           • ALTC Approved Provider
 •      Symptom & Pain Management                • CHAP Accredited
 •      Social Services
 •      Bereavement Counselors
 •      Spiritual Counselors
 •      Volunteer Services
     Hospice of Arizona
     2222 W. Northern Ave. Suite A-100
                                                       The Promise
     Phoenix, AZ 85021
                                                        of Comfort
     and their families, married and parenting       EMPACT –SPC- Booth 416
     couples and individual adults. EMDR and         1232 E. Broadway Road, Suite 120
     Psychodrama.                                    Tempe, AZ 85282
                                                     480-784-1514 x 1508 Fax 480-736-4939
     dr. Janice Blair - Booth 219          
     14460 N. 91st Street                            EMPACT-SPC provides hope, strength and
     Scottsdale, AZ 85260                            solutions for life. EMPACT-SPC provides
     602-460-5464                                    outpatient clinical programs in Maricopa
     Email:                    and Pinal county, including substance re-                           lated disorders and treatment.
     A clinical psychologist with 27 years of
                                                     Franciscan Renewal Center
     personal and professional experience in         Booth 425
     the addiction field. We guide you through       5802 E. Lincoln Drive
     every phase of recovery, including the          Scottsdale, AZ 85253
     foundational intervention.                      480-948-7460 Fax: 480-948-2325
     Emotions Anonymous (EA)Booth 127                             Since 1951-A Community of Faith Through
     12-step program offering weekly support         Liturgy, Retreats, Education, Counseling,
     groups. Learn to cope with stress in daily      Social Justice, Spiritual Direction, Meet-
     living, how to live a healthier emotional       ings and Conferences, in the Tradition and
     life. Open to anyone having a desire to         Hospitality of St. Francis of Assisi.
     become emotionally well. For depression,
     anger, fears, anxiety, relationship problems,
     and grief.

         RI AZ
         Recovery Innovations of Arizona

       You’re Never Alone On
       The Road To Recovery!
              The Nation’s Largest Provider of Peer and Family Support Services
Peer/Family Support

                           2701 N. 16th Street - Suite 316 Phoenix, AZ 85006 Toll Free: 866.481.5362

  Gifts Anon, Inc. - Booth 231                                   Healthy Futures - Booth 304
  4524 N. Seventh Street                                         9449 N. 90th Street, Suite 210
  Phoenix, AZ 85014                                              Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  602-277-5256                                                   480-451-8500
  Email:                                     Email:
  Arizona’s best store for books, gifts, pam-          
  phlets, medallions for recovering persons,                     Healthy Futures is an outpatient treatment
  family and friends.                                            center providing excellent quality care for
                                                                 those struggling with eating disorders and
  Governors Office - Booth 200                                   obesity. Intensive outpatient and outpa-
  Division for Substance Abuse Policy                            tient levels of care available for males and
  1700 W. Washington, Room 101                                   females ages 6-75.
  Phoenix, AZ 85007
  602-542-3456                                                   Homeward Bound- Booth 409                                       2302 W. Colter Street
  The Governors Office Division for Sub-                         Phoenix, AZ 85015
  stance Abuse Policy has information on                         602-374-8742
  Arizona’s Substance abuse initiatives.                         www.
                                                                 Homeward Bound assists families surviv-
                                                                 ing homelessness and domestic violence,
                                                                 achieve economic independence, secure,
                                                                 safe, affordable housing, breaking multi-
                                                                 generational cycles of displacement.

     Hospice of Arizona- Booth 305                   with drug and alcohol problems enter
     2222 W. Northern Avenue Suite A-100             treatment.
     Phoenix, AZ 85021
     602-678-1313 Fax: 602-242-2178                  Intervention Services of Arizona
     Email:               Booth 312              1830 S. Alma School Road #112
     Hospice of Arizona offers comprehen-            Mesa, AZ 85210
     sive care focused on easing the physical,       480-491-1554 866-491-1554
     emotional and spiritual pain that often         Email:
     accompanies terminal illness.         
                                                     Professional interventions for individuals
     In Balance Counseling Booth 225                 addicted to substances as well as for those
     6107 E. Grant Road                              suffering from eating disorders or other
     Tucson, AZ 85712                                compulsive behaviors. Interventions con-
     520-722-9631 Fax: 520-722-9676                  ducted with love, care and concern.
     Email:                              Jimmie Moyer Foundation-Booth 311
     In Balance is dedicated to providing top-       3120 W. Carefree Highway Ste. 1, #661
     quality interactive services for a chemically   Phoenix, AZ 85086
     dependent population with moderate to 
     severe drug problems.                           Jimmie Moyer Foundation began after
                                                     losing 18 year old Jimmie to the effects
     Intervention 180 - Booth 401                    of meth. Help raise support for drug
     4419 N. Supai Avenue                            prevention at the 3rd Annual Walk for
     Meridian, ID 83646                              Prevention.
     Intervention 180 helps motivate those

     KFNX 1100 News-Talk Radio                     Maricopa Crisis Recovery Network-
     2001 N. 3rd Street, Ste. 102                  Booth 319
     Phoenix, AZ 85004                             4129 Van Buren Street, Suite 105
     602-277-1100 Fax: 602-248-1478                Phoenix, AZ 85008
     Email:                602-222-9444 or 1-800-631-1314                    
     50,000 Watt AM News Talk station cover-       Maricopa Crisis Recovery Network, Inc.
     ing the Valley.                               (MCRN) is a provider sponsored behavior-
                                                   al health services network. We operate the
     Magellan Health Services - Booth 203          nation’s largest publicly funded 24/7 Crisis
     4129 Van Buren Street                         Call Center and subcontract for other crisis
     Phoenix, AZ 85041                             services including, the dispatch of mobile
     800-564-5465                                  teams and crisis transportation.
     crisis line: 800-631-1314                          The Meadows - Booth 105
     Magellan of Arizona. As the state contract-   1655 N. Tegner St.
     ed Regional Behavioral Health Authority       Wickenburg, AZ 85390
     (RBHA) We are pleased to help children        800-632-3697 Fax: 928-684-3261
     and adults in Maricopa County.                Email:
                                                   The Meadows is a multi-disorder facility
                                                   specializing in the treatment of trauma
                                                   and addiction.

 Banner Behavioral Health Hospital in
 Scottsdale offers a full range of services
 for adolescent and adult drug dependence:
 •      Acute Care Medical Detoxification
 •      Residential Chemical Dependency
 •      Outpatient Chemical Dependency
        Treatment (IOP-CD)

  We also have a full range of services
 for mental healthcare.
 Banner Behavioral Health Hospital-Scottsdale              For free assessment and referral
 Banner Behavioral Outpatient Clinic-Chandler                                 Call 602-254-HELP (4357)

Mellody House -Booth 107                     Mental Health Systems, Inc. Booth 224
800-632-3697 or 928-684-3926.                12344 Oak Knoll Road, Suite C-1             Poway, CA 92064
Mellody House offers supplementary           Email:
treatment and care for clients who desire
to augment and safeguard their recovery.     Mental Health Systems Environmental
Mellody House is based on 12-Step Tradi-     Prevention approach empowers commu-
tions and healing.                           nities to address alcohol and substance
                                             abuse and change social norms, by working
Meek Publishing - Booth 125                  with local leaders to develop strategy and
5110 Old Ellis Road                          prevention policy that improve community
Roswell, GA 30076                            conditions.
480-921-4050 Fax: 480-921-2673
Email:               Mingus Center - Booth 128                       636 N. Main Street
“Committed to producing literature           Cottonwood, AZ 86326
through books and other mediums to help      1-866-397-9789 | 1-928-639-4440
families better their lives and providing
people with vital tools in achieving these
goals.”                                      We are a level 2 addictions treatment
                                             facility. The program consists of cogni-
                                             tive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback
                                             motivational therapy, healthy education,
                                             acupuncture, equine assisted therapy.

     Narcotics Anonymous-Arizona                    Drug Dependence is a specialty agency
     Region- Booth 326                              for women: Outpatient Treatment, sup-
     602-358-4362                                   portive living, and pregnancy and addiction                             programs.
     Narcotics Anonymous is a non-profit fel-
     lowship and society of men and women for       New Dawn Recovery Centers
     whom drugs had become a major problem.         Booth 117
     We are recovering addicts who meet regu-       2260 E. Bidwell, Suite 110
     larly to help each other stay clean.           Folsom, CA 95630
     NAATP-National Association of        
     Treatment Providers                            For over 20 years, New Dawn has been im-
     717-392-8480 Fax: 717-392-8481                 proving the quality of life for those suffering
     Email:                    from substance abuse through advanced                                  treatment and lifetime aftercare.
     NAATP promotes, assists and enhances
     the delivery of ethical, effective, research   New Life Foundation- Booth 330
     based treatment for alcohol and other          PO Box 2230
     addictions.                                    Strawberry, AZ 85541
                                                    928-476-3224 Fax 928-476-4743
     NCADD - Booth 202                              Email:
     4201 N. 16th Street Suite 140        
     Phoenix, AZ 85016                              New Life Foundation offers books CD’s by
     602-264-6214 Fax: 602-265-2102                 author Vernon Howard that reveal practi-
     Email:                    cal spiritual solutions for handling difficult                              people, life’s challenges and heartache.
     National Council on Alcoholism and             Recover authentic happiness.

New Reality Biz Booth 126                      School in North Idaho for older adolescent
602-402-7556                                   (juniors and seniors) in need of substance                        treatment, accelerated academics and                 therapeutic milieu. Brandi Elliott, Director
New Reality’s light and sound technology       of Admissions.
creates a proven combination of creative
visualization and relaxation that has helped   Not My Kid.Org - Booth 417
thousands of people achieve their goals.       2211 E. Highland Avenue, Suite 140
                                               Phoenix, AZ 85016
Northeast Valley Coalition Against             602-652-0163
Methamphetamine- Booth 217           
7447 E. Indian School Road, Ste. 300 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251                           NotMYkid inspires positive life choices by
480-312-7616 Fax: 480-312-2455                 educating our community about the con-                            sequences of destructive youth behaviors.
We are inspired and working toward a meth      We send young adults who have overcome
free community. Learn about preventing         life-controlling addictions and behaviors
methamphetamine.                               into middle and high schools to share
                                               their personal stories. We educate adults
Northwest Academy- Booth 421                   on these addictions and behaviors in order
PO Box 370 , 1 Ruby Creek Rd.                  to promote preventions. Our goal is to
Naples, ID 83847                               increase awareness of these challenges fac-
1-877-822-0980 | 951-351-8320                  ings kids today as well as provide informa-
Email:                   tion and resources to support the success                              of students, families and educators.
Northwest Academy-Therapeutic Boarding

            The National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence
                 4201 N. 16th St. Ste. 140 Phoenix AZ 85016
                     P-602-264-6214 F-602-265-2102

        One Agency – Three individual Programs for Women

        •    Intensive Outpatient Therapy-Group therapy for addictions,
             facilitated by LISAC Counselors. Clients receive one-on-one,
             family and couples counseling as needed

        •    Weldon House-Supportive Housing for mothers with
             children. Women already in our IOP needing safe housing
             for themselves and their children.

        •    Healthy Connections for Moms-to-Be-Case Management
             and service referrals for pregnant women with addictions

     Overeaters Anonymous - Booth 428                Pathway Drug Abuse Program
     602-843-1007                                    Booth 413                               1035 N. McQueen Suite 123
     Overeaters Anonymous offers a program of        Gilbert, AZ 85233
     recovery from compulsive eating (overeat-       480-921-4050
     ing, anorexia, bulimia) OA is not just about    Email:
     weight loss, obesity or diets, it addresses
     physical, emotional and spiritual well-be-      Pathway is a drug and alcohol abuse pro-
     ing. Come join us!                              gram that provides outpatient treatment
                                                     services to adolescents ages 13-25.
     Parc Place- Booth 130
     2190 N. Grace Blvd.                             Promises Treatment Centers
     Chandler, AZ 85251                              Booth 204
     480-917-9301                                    3743 S. Barrington Avenue
     Email:                 Los Angeles, CA 90066                              866-627-9970
     Therapeutic environment and continuum 
     of treatment services necessary to em-          For 19 years Promises has offered a con-
     power troubled youths and their families to     fidential and secluded environment for
     obtain insight, skills and strength to engage   men and women to begin recovery from
     in a life-long process of recovery. Male and    the disease of addiction. Promises provides
     female adolescents ages 12 to 18.               individualized, structured 12-step based
                                                     programs from primary residential through
                                                     intensive outpatient therapy.

 PSA Art Awakenings -Booth 300                             Recovery Innovations of Arizona
 2255 W. Northern Ave. Suite 130                           Booth 109
 Phoenix, AZ 85021                                         2701 N. 16th Street
 602-393-3155 Fax: 480-393-3158                            Phoenix, AZ 85006
 Email:                            602-636-4556 Fax: 602-636-5280                                     Email:
 Jewelry, paintings and other items made by      
 individuals challenged by serious mental                  Arizona’s recovery alternative, offering
 illnesses. Art Awakenings therapeutic pro-                peer-delivered community support, com-
 grams offer empowerment and recovery                      munity living and recovery education for
 through creative expression and develop-                  adults and families.
 ment of artistic abilities at its studios and
 galleries in Maricopa and Pinal Counties.                 The Refuge- A Healing Place
                                                           Booth 210
 The PROMETA® Treatment Program                            14835 SE 85th Street
 Booth 411                                                 Ocklawaha, FL 32179
 2127 E. Baseline Road, Suite 104                          866-4-refUge or 1-352-288-3333
 Tempe, AZ 85283                                 
 480-242-7709                                              The Refuge is an extended care, 12 step
 e:                                oriented residential treatment program                                       that takes a holistic approach in establish-
 Finally a proven method for alcohol,cocaine               ing the integrity of body, mind and spirit.
 and meth dependence. The Prometa Treat-                   Specializing in relapse, trauma, PTSD, fam-
 ment program targets the imbalances in the                ily, SLAA, co-dependency issues.
 brain chemistry associated with cravings,
 anxiety, withdrawal and relapse.

Serving the needs of children, adolescents, adults and seniors
St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center was founded in 1969
and offers 124 inpatient beds and a full spectrum of
outpatient services. Services include:
      ¢ Inpatient Mental Health
      ¢ Partial Hospitalization
      ¢ Inpatient Geropsych
      ¢ Inpatient Chemical Dependency
      ¢ Intensive Outpatient Programs
      ¢ Outpatient Chemical Dependency
For a confidential assessment, call (602) 251-8535
or toll-free, (800) 821-4193. Our services are covered
by most insurance companies.
St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center does not have an Emergency Department and does not offer emergency services.

              We offer multiple levels of treatment including:
Detox, Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Day Treatment, Teen
  Intensive Outpatient, Teen Day Treatment, FREE Lifetime
                   Aftercare for graduates

          Be Free from chemical dependency.
                   Call New Dawn today!
                 Toll Free: (866) 969 – 4300

     Remuda Ranch Center- Booth 120               River Source 12-Step Holistic
     1 East Apache Street                         Booth 229
     Wickenburg, AZ 85390                         108 E. Second Avenue
     1-800-445-1900                               Mesa, AZ 85210
     Email:                  480-827-0322 Fax: 480-827-1637                          Email:
     Remuda Ranch provides intensive inpatient
     and residential programs for eating and      River Source Treatment Center offers
     anxiety disorders. Since 1990, we have       residential treatment for drug and alcohol
     treated over 8,000 patients of all beliefs   addiction. Tired of chronic relapse? We can
     through our highly effective Christian       help. 30 days start at $6,000.
     programs. Age-appropriate care for women
     and girls and a separate program for boys’   Rosewood Center for Eating
     help patients find hope, begin healing and   Disorders - Booth 228
     embrace life.                                36075 S. Rincon Road
                                                  Wickenburg, AZ 85390
                                                  928-684-9594 or 800-845-2211
                                                  Rosewood is a premier provider of eating
                                                  disorder treatment for men and women
                                                  ages 18 and older. Located in Arizona.

Run Drugs Out of Town - Booth 227           Sage Counseling, Inc. - Booth 310
PO Box 25152                                1820 S. Alma School Road, Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85255                        Mesa, AZ 85210
480-513-3909                                480-649-3352 Fax: 480-649-3358              Email:                             Sage Counseling was formed specifically
Providing information on drug addiction     to provide clinical education services to
prevention for students, parents and pro-   the criminal justice system and court-
fessionals. Your child’s school can stage   mandated clients throughout Maricopa
the RUN to raise awareness about drug       County, Arizona.
abuse prevention and money for what the
schools needs are.                          Scottsdale Congregational United
                                            Church of Christ - Booth 431
SAA of Phoenix - Booth 129                  Reverend Sandi Britton
Sex Addicts Anonymous                       480-946-2900
Email:             Email: |                         www.artinworshipcom
Sex Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of    Scottsdale Congregational United Church
men and women recovering from addictive     of Christ extravagantly welcomes you.
sexual behavior.                            Home of the studio a contemporary, multi-
                                            media approach to worship.

     Scottsdale Families Anonymous                   they develop a personalized relationship
     Booth 424                                       with Dr. Carfagno and his preventive care
     Email:                       consultants.
     623-381-8094 or 602-738-1842                    Sierra Tucson – Booth 213
     Families Anonymous is a group of con-           39580 S. Lago del Oro Parkway
     cerned relatives and friends whose lives        Tucson, AZ 85739
     have been adversely affected by a loved         800-842-4487
     one’s addiction to alcohol or drugs. FA is      Email:
     dedicated to doing something construc-
     tive about our approach to someone else’s       Sierra Tucson excels at treating coexisting
     problem.                                        disorders, chemical dependency, eating
                                                     disorders, trauma, mood disorders, sexual
     Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute            compulsivity, and chronic pain. A licensed
     Booth 317                                       psychiatric hospital, Sierra Tucson’s bio-
     10133 N. 92nd Street #102                       psycho-social-spiritual approach utilizes
     Scottsdale, AZ 85258                            medical/psychiatric services, 12-step, ex-
     480-664-4615                                    periential and integrative therapies, and
     Email:       Family Program. JCAHO accredited.
     Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute en-
     courages you to experience the pinnacle of
     individualized healthcare. In the Institute’s
     environment of one-on-one counseling,
     Clients receive compassionate care and
     detailed attention. Just as important,

 • Residential & Extended Care for Drug and
   Alcohol Addiction
 • Highly Trained & Experienced Staff Provide a
   Safe & Intimate Environment for Healing


SLAA—Sex and Love Addicts                     touch lives, heal bodies and free souls.
Anonymous- Booth 426                          Visit with us and learn how you can make
602-337-7117                                  a difference in the world or a difference                         in someone’s world. Complimentary Life                          Coaching session or a mini toe reading to
12 step oriented fellowship based on the      find out if you are walking your destined
model pioneered by alcoholics Anony-          path. Licensed by the State of Arizona and
mous.                                         nationally accredited by ACCET. Discover
                                              your gifts and graces first Friday of every
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts           month at the campus.
Booth 316, 318, 320
1100 E. Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85281          The Spiritual Corner Booth 321
480-994-9244                                  9132 W. Cactus Road Suite O
Email:                         Peoria, AZ 85381                                 623-487-4050 Fax 623-466-7214
SWIHA is a Conscious College community        Email:
for Holistic Health Education. Specializing
in Transformational Healing Arts. Offering    Unique, affordable and great quality 12-
diplomas in Mind-Body Wellness Prac-          step gifts and literature. We offer all this
titioner, Holistic Healthcare, Mind-body      PLUS friendly, courteous and caring cus-
Transformational Psychology, therapeutic      tomer service – all under one roof!
Massage, Natural Aesthetics, certificates
in Yoga Teacher Training, Western Herb-
alism, Hypnotherapy and more. Learn to

     St. luke’s Behavioral health-                   The Sundance Center - Booth 115
     Booth 112                                       12816 E. Turquoise Avenue
     1800 E. Van Buren Street                        Scottsdale, AZ 85259
     Phoenix, AZ 85008                               800-658-4880 or 480-773-7329
     602-251-8799 Fax 602-251-8795                   Email:
     Email:                     A residential inpatient chemical depen-
     For nearly 40 years in the Valley, St. Luke’s   dency treatment center with a holistic
     Behavioral Health provides inpatient,           approach. The Sundance Center focuses
     detox, outpatient chemical dependency           on teaching individuals to take responsi-
     services as well as other mental health         bility and accountability for their actions
     services.                                       and choices.

     Sundown M Ranch - Booth 212                     Teen challenge of arizona- Booth 308
     2280 State Rte 821                              Rev. Snow Peabody
     Yakima, WA 98901                                PO Box 5966
     800-326-7444 Fax: 509-457-5313                  Tucson, AZ 85703
     Email:                         520-292-2273 Fax: 520-299-2257                                 Email:
     Sundown M Ranch is the oldest residential
     treatment program for adults, adolescents       Teen Challenge offers a faith-based solu-
     and families in the state of Washington.        tion to life—controlling drugs and alcohol
                                                     problems in order for those in recovery to
                                                     become productive in society.

Sundance has given healing and guidance to
individuals from all over the world. Our drug and
alcohol rehabilitation, dual diagnosis, and other
addiction treatment programs utilize only the most
successful techniques to help you or your loved one
find recovery and freedom from addiction.

 Committed to Your Sobriety

TERROS – Booth 101                             Valley Hope - Booth 124
3003 N. Central Avenue #200                    3233 W. Peoria, #203
Phoenix, AZ 85012                              Phooenix, AZ 85029
602-685-6000 Fax 602-265-6973                  602-298-7804                                 admissions: 800-544-5101
TERROS is a non-profit community based
organization providing behavioral health,      The Valley Hope Association is 12 Step
prevention, education and treatment ser-       based treatment program that excels in
vices in Maricopa County.                      value and continuum of care.

UMOM New Day Centers-Booth 327                 V3 Tucson- Booth 216
3320 E. Van Buren Street                       1309 N. Venice Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85008                              Tucson, AZ 85712
602-275-7852                                   1-877-838-8276 877-v3TUcSoN                                   Email:
UMOM New Day Center of Phoenix is a  
homeless shelter program serving families      V3 Tucson is a sober living community
by addressing vocational, educational,         dedicated to the transformation of young
mental health, substance abuse and other       program for addicted young adults ages 18-
issues, which present obstacles to self-suf-   25. Sober living skills and academics.

     At WAHI Center, we provide tools that help our clients
     heal their mind, body and spirit as a whole. These tools
     include naturopathic medicine, individual and group
     counseling, yoga, meditation, exercise and healthy diet.
     We believe the relationships we form here are that of
     family. In addiction, the tools we receive create a web
     of loving support long after we complete the program.
     So, come in and join our family. Make the investment in
     your healing.

      “The truly transforming spiritual experiences are nearly always founded
                     on calamity and collapse.” William James

     If you or a loved one has a problem, please let us help.
     1-888-276-WAHI (9244) Phone (602) 276-3999 Fax (602) 276-3211

     WAHI Center - Booth 119                           WINR - Women in New Recovery -
     126 N.9th Avenue                                  Our Common Welfare (OCW)
     Phoenix, AZ 85007                                 Booth 102,104
     602-276-3999                                      860 Center Street                                Mesa, AZ 85201
     WAHI Center is a residential drug and             480-464-5764 Fax: 480-834-5372
     alcohol, detox treatment facility a true          Email:
     body/mind and spirit program.           
                                                       WINR, a recovery organization for ad-
     The WICK Home for Emotional Growth                dicted females, is the facilitating organi-
     and Recovery - Booth 221                          zation for OCW; a project designed to
     2101 E. Fir Street, #301                          improve current recovery support services
     Cottonwood, AZ 86326                              to recovering individuals.
     Email:                   Yoga-n-Massage by Caroline                               Booth 420
     Teen substance abuse program ages 12-   
     17. 60 or 90 day programs. Now offering           Relieve neck, back and shoulder tension
     a residential therapeutic boarding school         and headache relief. Corporate chair mas-
     program. Fully accredited.                        sage and free yoga class.

            Female, Residential, 18 +
       For alcohol, drugs, co-dependency,
        relapse, family and dual diagnosis

WINR is a licensed,
non-profit, extended care
program offering a
comphresensive 12-step
based program.
We can help.
Be a winner in recovery.

Contact us:

860 N. Center Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201


















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