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					NORTH CREEK > Sept. 21 – Oct. 12, 2008
All-Church Discipleship Focus

 Worship Services & Sermons
 Small Group Studies
 Adult Education Classes
 Children & Youth Education

…all focused on getting
              Disciples Serving!
God Moving the Church OUTWARD

   Goal: Every member & friend of NCPC
    serving in local mission on Sunday
    morning, October 12

    – Morning worship services cancelled to
      allow us to be the church in the community

    – Celebration Worship Service later in the
      day to praise God and testify to the
      transforming power of service.
    Worship Area Tasks

 Plan Themed Worship Services
  – Both AM & Gathering
 Prepare Themed Sermons using
  provided media
 Plan Worship Celebration, evening of
  October 12
    Disciple Formation Tasks

 Small Groups
  – Coordinate Curriculum Distro for existing
  – Pursue formation of new groups
 Adult Education
  – Offer classroom-based experience of Small
    Group curriculum for those without small
  – Midweek Mission Speaker Series
    • example: Richard Cleveland of Woodside
     Mission Area Tasks

 Develop & Coordinate 700 volunteer
  opportunities in community ministry
  for Sunday, October 12
  – Serve current local mission partners
    • Every NCPC local mission involved (key to
      ongoing involvement)
  – Children’s & Youth Ministry
    • Target primary demographic: families with kids
  – Select New Projects
    • Woodside Elementary School
    Worship/Study Themes

 September 21
  – DETOUR: The Good Samaritan, Luke 10
 September 28
  – LENS: Jesus’ Mission, Luke 4
 October 5
  – DROP: Jesus Multiplies Blessing, Luke 9
 October 12
  – PARTY: Rejoicing in the Kingdom, Luke 10
Launch Renewed Discipleship Vision

    GROW in Christ according to an annual
     growth plan
    SERVE in one area inside the church
     and one area outside the church
    WORSHIP weekly on a Sabbath day
    CONNECT to others in prayerful
     Christian community
    INVITE un-churched friends, pursue
     evangelistic spiritual friendship
    What will be different?

 Ministries will provide…
  – Opportunities in all five areas
  – Record-keeping & Feedback loop
  – Accountability & Care
 Leadership will engage the
  membership to KNOW & CARE about
  the health of their spiritual lives.

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