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Born on the Fourth oF July


									AmeRIcA ThRough The eyes oF New AmeRIcANs            Issue № 7, July 2010      FRee

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music and art.         wants her child to risk       against proposed
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Born on the Fourth oF July
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    Staten Island Community
         Center (SICC)
  Islander›s Kids Learning Day
          Care Center

                                             Galit Couture
                                             1702 Sheepshead Bay Road Brooklyn,
                                                          NY 11235

l Children Day         l Summer Day
Care Center            Camp
l After School         l BOXING
Program                l FITNESS for
l School of Dance,     children, teenagers
Music and Art          and adults

 219 Jefferson Ave Staten Island, NY 10306
             (718) 979-5331
№ 7 July 2010                                                                     

 Vote, otherwise you lose!
                                      «They first came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because
                                 I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up
                                             because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists,
                                   and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came
                                        for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
                                  Then they came for me — and by that time no one was left to speak up»

                                                                                             — Pastor Martin Niemöller

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                                                              -3-                                                                            № 7 July 2010

Born on the Fourth of July
            he     manuscript    that   fourth of July since 1776, we cel-        So as we bask in the happy com-
            launched this country on    ebrate that Declaration of Indepen- pany of family and friends today,
            its journey to greatness    dence and the nation that was born let’s spare a thought for those men
            was written by Thomas       on the day it was affirmed. Of the who signed the Declaration of Inde-
Jefferson of Virginia, and we can       adoption of the declaration by Con- pendence. Most of them were far
only wonder if, as he scratched his     gress, John Adams wrote to his wife from hearth and home for months
quill pen across a clean sheet of       «I am apt to believe it will be cel- at a time, suffering and debating
parchment, he knew the extent to        ebrated by succeeding generations through two hot, pestilent Philadel-
which he would be shaping the his-      as the Great Anniversary Festival». phia summers. All of them, to a man,
tory of the world.                          All to often we take for granted risked their lives for their principles
                                        the men who signed that parchment, — because they believed, as you
                                        but we should always be mind- believe and I believe, that the natu-
                                        ful that in the eyes of King George ral state of man on Earth is freedom
                                        and the British Parliament — rulers and that there is no higher cause
                                        of a nation that possessed the most than liberty.
                                        formidable military in the world —        As much as anything else this
                                        the signers were nothing more than day, we should remember and cel-
                                        traitors, deserving of nothing less ebrate their courage, those men of
                                        than execution. By his affirmation of the Second Continental Congress,
                                        the declaration each man knew he and the bravery and dedication of
                                        might well be signing his own death all the men who gave their lives for
                                        warrant — so we would do well to that glorious cause. We are honor-
                                        remember that our nation was born bound, too, to acknowledge that
                                        because men of steel nerves and they bestowed upon us a respon-
                                        raw courage made it happen.           sibility we cannot shirk and cannot
                                            We were never meant to be a ignore: America, the last, best hope
                                        country of the timid — we were des- of man on earth, must be defended
                                        tined for boldness and greatness at all costs against those who would
                                        from the beginning, because those destroy her by force of arms — or
                                        were the traits of our founders and enslave her with the stroke of a
                                        forefathers. They apologized to no pen.
    By early June of 1776, the Sec-     man or monarch; they ran from no
ond Continental Congress had de-        fight; they defended their rights —                       Frank Santarpia
cided that a formal document need-      and ours — to the moment of their                        Staten Island, NY
ed to be created, one that would        death.                                                        July 4, 2010
inform the King, the people of Great        Ironically, for two of the men
Britain, and the governments of the     responsible      for
world that the will of the American     the creation of
                                                                                                te text
people was unshakeable and un-          the declaration,
mistakable: the thirteen American       John Adams and
                                                                              th  e com ple
colonies, united, would have noth-      Jefferson himself,        To read              ration of t
ing less than complete indepen-         that moment of
                                                                   of t  he Decla                e visi
dence from the British crown.           death came 50                           e nce, pleas .com
    The document that Jefferson         years later to the          Independ smagazine
produced a scant month later shook
the foundations of Europe — and
                                        day; they passed
                                        into history within
signaled the rise of what would be-     hours of each
come the greatest nation in history.    other on July 4th,
    Today, as we have on every          1826.

№ 7 July 2010                                                           

                                       An Open Letter
 By Jon Voight
                                       to President Obama
    An open letter from actor Jon Voight to President Obama:
    June 22, 2010
    President Obama:
    You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when
you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You
have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone’s enemy — and
it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm’s way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism
throughout the world.
    You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by
today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many
diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say
are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.
    You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown
for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never
recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the bet-
terment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

                                                          With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,
                                                                                                      Jon Voight

Who we are. What we are. Why we are.
                                          South Shore — formed the nucleus        crats did for former President Bush.
                                          of what would become the Staten         Here is what I wrote:
                                          Island Tea Party.                            Patricia J., can you give me
                                               We discovered that we had the      some examples of the «support»
                                          following things in common:             Democrats gave to President Bush?
                                               We had no prior organizing ex-     I doubt it. We’ve just come through
                                          perience;                               eight years of the most vile, hate-
                                               We had no history of political     ful and almost treasonous slander
By Frank Santarpia,                       activism in our backgrounds;            an out-of-power party has ever
The Staten Island Tea Party
                                               We had no money to spare;          heaped upon a President.
   Continued. Beginning in Number 6            We had no personal acquain-             So despite what the media and
                                          tance with any elected officials;       Patricia J. want, Republicans aren’t
   The Story of the Staten Is-                 We had no web site and little      required to cheer while President
land Tea Party                            computer literacy.                      Obama marches our country into a
                                               We had no mailing list and no      Marxist paradise. You say support
     Part 3                               marketing abilities.                    him? I say «NO!»
     Here I was, planning a Tea                In retrospect — though we               I value my liberties too much to
Party rally, and I was an organizer       didn’t know it then — all those         turn them over to an inexperienced
who didn’t know how to organize.          things we didn’t have made us per-      activist in perpetual campaign
Worse yet, I was alone — so I knew        fect for the tea party movement: we     mode, desperately trying to con-
that the first order of business was      were complete novices and abso-         vince America that more and big-
to get some help. I had no idea           lute amateurs.                          ger government is the ONLY way.
where it would come from. My                   A few days later, I wrote my            Here’s the support I will give
friends were too busy, my relatives       first letter to the editor, announc-    my country: I am organizing a Tax
too far; if I was to get help, it would   ing the event for the entire world to   Day Tea Party to be held at noon
have to come from the internet,           see. I responded to an earlier letter   on April 15th, 2009 in front of the
from that pitiful little posting I made   in which the writer, Patricia J., was   offices of Rep. Michael McMahon.
on some obscure website with my           scolding Republicans for not giving     This is NOT an anti-McMahon ral-
brand new email address.                  support to President Obama — for        ly. It is a pro-America rally to let the
     About two hours later the help       the good of the country, of course      Congressman know exactly what
I would so desperately need would         — something she claimed Demo-           many Staten Islanders think about
arrive in the form of an email. That
email was from Lorraine Scanni; it
came at 8:19 PM, and it said:
     Are you a Staten Islander?
     «Hello! Found your info while
browsing the web for Tea Parties!
I live on Staten Island and I am
DEFINITELY interested in helping.
Please e-mail me back and my cell
is 917-412» — xxxx!
     That night, over the phone and
on the internet — two total strang-
ers — one a housewife and mother
of two from the North Shore and
the other a real estate investor
planning his retirement on the

insane deficits, knee-jerk bailouts,   started. Some organizer I was turn-
nationalized industries, univer-       ing out to be.
sal healthcare and trillion dollar         The officer did, however, tell
legislation which gets passed and      me that we needed a sound permit
signed into law without ever being     if we intended to use an amplifier,
read.                                  so I shelled out $45 and got one.
    Our desire for future genera-      Of course, we had no sound sys-
tions to live in a free America re-    tem, so I went online and found a
quires that we speak out.              company that rented them — and
    The die had been cast; hav-        realizing that no electricity was                                         They
ing publicly announced the rally,      available to us on New Dorp Lane,                                  began     to
there was no turning back. People      we had to rent a portable genera-          a r r i v e in waves; streaming into
laughed at us — they said we’d be      tor, too. And pay someone to op-           the area cordoned off for us by the
lucky if a dozen people showed         erate it.                                  police, and soon the crowd spilled
up.                                        Now that we had a sound sys-           up New Dorp Lane and down the
    I thought that they were prob-     tem, we needed a podium — so               side streets. They brought flags
ably right — who else was as an-       Lorraine’s husband cobbled one             and banners and strong voices.
gry as we were? Or frustrated? Or      together from some scraps of               They brought a patriotic fervor that
frightened by what I knew in my        plywood and 2X4s he had lying              was pure inspiration. The speakers
heart Barack Obama was capable         around.                                    — all amateurs, no orators– spoke
of doing? In time, I would find out        Of course, we had no guest             with clarity and passion.
just how many there were: millions     speakers, so we prepared to speak               It was an event that was trans-
— there were millions of us that       ourselves — something else we had          formational — because on that day
were angry, frustrated and fright-     never done in our lives — and de-          we brought together 350 ordinary,
ened, and we were determined to        cided to hand the microphone to            hard-working Staten Islanders,
get up and do something about it.      anybody that showed up and had             and before we left we had created
    But at that time we didn’t know    a few words to say — except elect-         350 political activists with a burn-
if anybody would be interested, so     ed officials, of course, or politicians    ing desire to defend the principles
to get the word out we dug into our    of any stripe.                             that made our country great.
pockets and paid for some small            The day arrived cold and rainy.
newspaper ads that I doubt any-        I was sick with nervous tension all           Part 4
body even saw.                         morning, and feared that a com-
    We combed though our person-       bination of poor marketing, bad                Since that day we have held
al email lists and gradually started   weather and lack of interest would         many other events. We had 1,700
to get a trickle of a response from    result in a disastrous turnout. In fact,   reservations for a rally at Confer-
the clearing-house website upon        at 15 minutes before the appointed         ence House Park in August of last
which I had posted my new email        time, noon, there were only a few          year — but dangerous lightning
address.                               dozen in attendance — along with           and torrential rains plagued the
    The next day, I went to the        a reporter and a photographer              day. Yet, despite the hazardous
122nd Precinct to obtain a police      from the Staten Island Advance. I          weather, over 700 brave citizens
permit to conduct a rally. The desk    knew the press would have a field          showed up.
sergeant there told me that I didn’t   day if only a disheartened handful             We have rallied on Richmond
need permission from the NYPD, or      of people showed up.                       Avenue in Staten Island and on 8th
anybody else, to hold a rally — all        But I had faith in my fellow           Avenue in Manhattan. We have
the permission I needed was guar-      Americans, and in my heart I knew          chartered buses to take hundreds
anteed to me in the First Amend-       that my friends and neighbors              of us to Washington, D.C. for pro-
ment to the U.S. Constitution.         would respond. We would NOT let            tests and marches — and we will
    Imagine the irony: here I was      this «fundamental change» to the           do so again this summer. We have
holding a rally to defend Constitu-    greatest country in the world stand        sponsored food drives for local
tional principles and I was getting    without opposition.                        soup kitchens, and we have orga-
a civics lesson before I even got          And I was not disappointed.            nized Meet and Greets for mem-

  bers to get to know one another.
      Most recently, we held a Candidates Forum at the
  Hilton Garden Inn, which featured speakers like Con-
  gressional candidates Michael Allegretti and Michael
  Grimm, Gubernatorial candidates Rick Lazio and Carl
  Paladino and Senate candidate Gary Berntsen.
      And we have grown; in one short year we now
  number 1,500, and our blogs and emails reach thou-
  sands throughout the country.
      I’m often struck by how many folks tell me that put-
  ting together an organization with that many people
  is an enormous accomplishment. No, it’s not. Not in
  these times — not with this administration. The truth is
  that Barack Obama is governing so far to the left that I
  should have 15,000 in our organization — not 1,500.
  And I hope that the readers of Citizens Magazine will
  help us accomplish that goal.
      I often ask myself why our enrollment is not ten times
  higher than it actually is. Something must be holding
  our neighbors back, some suspicion or misconception
  fostered by those who seek hold us down. Perhaps
  they fear that we are right wing extremists, or racists,
  or anarchists — we are none of those things.
      Here is the real deal, the truth about the Staten Is-
  land Tea Party. Here’s who we are, and just as impor-
  tantly, who we are not:
      First of all, we are people who have become in-
  formed and engaged in the political process, and one
  of the fundamental tenets of good citizenship is to
  make sure you are informed and engaged. That is one
  of our primary missions, and since we have voices, all
  of us, and another mission of the SITP is to make sure
  that those voices — your voices — are heard.
      We are not racists — I think you all realize that’s just
  a smear is an attempt to marginalize and discredit us;
  we’re not the reincarnation of the Ku Klux Klan — and
  we are not extremist or kooks or conspiracy theorists.
      We do not endorse specific candidates — we are
  issue oriented — and we do not take a stand on social
  issues. We are focused on a narrow range of issues
  which include a smaller federal government, and an
  expansion — not a contraction — of individual liber-
      We condemn out-of-control government spending
  — spending which defies description and will lead us
  down a path to third-worldism. We believe in Ameri-
  can exceptionalism and American greatness.
      Yes, of course we believe in government, and that
  government should have a role in our lives — but a
  limited one, and one in which individual liberties are

     We don’t believe that taxes can    is the American way.                     and neighbors that you know the
or should be eliminated — but we             As we all know, the rights we       truth about the Tea Party move-
do believe that they should be limit-   are endowed with are life, liberty       ment — not the hype and not the
ed to only what is necessary to run     and the pursuit of happiness. These      smears.
a government whose powers are           rights, take notice, are rights to ac-        I am not ashamed to say that
listed in the constitution — those      tion, not rights to the fulfillment of   the United States of America has
powers and nothing more.                our needs or desires. Rights can-        been the greatest force for good in
     William Pitt the Younger once      not impose obligations upon other        the history of the world. We have
said «Necessity is the excuse made      people. My rights do not oblige          liberated tens of millions — and
for every infringement of human         my neighbor to feed and clothe me        asked for nothing in return. We
freedom. It is the argument of ty-      or my family — it merely gives me        have fought and died on foreign
rants. It is the creed of slaves.»      the right, no matter how hard the        soil and yet claimed not a single
     Think about that statement for     struggle may be, to feed and clothe      square inch of foreign land — only
a moment, especially as it relates      my family by the sweat of my own         enough ground for us to bury our
to the current administration and       brow.                                    dead.
Congress. They create crisis after           My rights guarantee that my              We have shown that free-mar-
crisis — mostly imaginary — in or-      neighbor — or my government —            ket capitalism is the most moral and
der to enact legislation which im-      may not steal my labor or my prop-       ethical system in existence, because
pinges on our individual liberties.     erty.                                    it allows ANY man, no matter what
     Let’s use healthcare as an ex-          I have the right to pursue happi-   his status at birth, to go as far as his
ample: they created a «crisis» by       ness, but that doesn’t oblige others     ambition and ingenuity will take
insisting that too many people did      to provide me with it. If a «right»      him. Our system also promotes
not have health insurance; that cri-    were to impose a duty upon anoth-        the innovation and technological
sis led to a necessity — they told      er, it would be a violation of that      advances that makes our standard
us that they must enact legislation     person’s basic rights; we would          of living far better than that of any
IMMEDIATELY! And that legisla-          become a society of master and           country in any region of the world.
tion forces every American to buy       slave.                                        That’s why we in the Tea Party
health insurance whether they want           Because we speak out on these       movement do what we do. We re-
it or not — a gross infringement on     issues, we must be marginalized          fuse to let this administration undo
our liberties.                          by the Obama administration and          over 200 years of freedom and
     A crisis…a necessity…an in-        the compliant main-stream media.         advancement.
fringement on our liberties — and       So they call us racist, homophobic,           That’s who we are, what we
in the process they take over 1/6th     xenophobic, red-necked cretins.          are and why we are. I urge you to
of the economy. And they are do-             But that is not who we are — in     become one of us: an opponent of
ing it with Wall Street, the banking    fact, we are just like you. We are       big government and a command
industry, the auto industry, and the    your friends and neighbors; we are       economy, a supporter of free mar-
energy industry, too.                   your brother and sisters, mothers        kets and individual liberties — a
     They are not fooling us — we       and fathers, your cousins from the       member of the Staten Island Tea
see what they are doing, and that       old neighborhood.                        Party. The cost to join is not a single
is why the Tea Party movement is             We hate no one. We love free-       penny. The cost of doing nothing
the target of lies and smears — be-     dom. Our country is being stolen         may be incalculable.
cause they cannot gloss over the        from right under our noses and we
facts if we continue to shine a light   know that if WE don’t do some-
on them.                                thing about it — no politician will.
     Though they try to convince us          So that’s us. That’s the Staten
otherwise, we don’t believe you         Island Tea Party — that’s who we
have a «right» to everything you        are and what we are about. I hope
need. We don’t believe that health      those of you that are not involved
insurance is a right. It is something   yet will become involved, and that
you desire, and you must work to        those of you that already are in-
earn the money to purchase it. That     volved will tell your family, friends

In concert: Students of the SICC
School of Dance, Music and Art

photo: Ilya Galak                                                                                 № 7 July 2010

                                           My Fellow Muslims,
                                           We Must Wake Up!

    Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser
    M. Zuhdi Jasser is the Presi-
 dent of the American Islamic
 Forum for Democracy based
 in Phoenix. He is a former
 U.S. Navy Lieutenant Com-
 mander. He can be reached at

                     hen will the United States learn that     pathway of radicalization.
                     our current behavior and lack of              Our American Muslim organization, the American
                     a coordinated existential strategy        Islamic Forum for Democracy, has been shouting from
                     since 9-11 is obviously not working?      the rooftops at every opportunity since 9-11 that the
As a devout and concerned American Muslim working              enemy is obviously not a tactic of terror or even those
tirelessly against radical Islam and its root cause of po-     who are generically „violent extremists.“ As devout
litical Islam, I thought the Fort Hood massacre would          Muslims who are anti-Islamist we feel that Muslims
teach us that. It did not. Witness the Pentagon report         have to lead the war of ideas against political Islam (Is-
blind to «radical Islam’. I thought the Christmas bomber       lamism) from within devotional Islam. Islamists have a
would tip us toward the battle of ideas, but nothing. And      well-established transnational global network of enti-
now on May 1, naturalized American citizen, Faisal             ties hatched from Islamist groups like the Muslim Broth-
Shahzad, is the next in the growing line of homegrown          erhood and its offshoots. Whether we care to admit it
radical Islamists. And again the immediate fallout in the      or not, Islamists are at war intellectually and kinetically
media, government, and academe is still one mostly of          with western liberal democracies.
denial, dismissal, and fear of even mentioning the real            While the Hasans and Shahzads of the Islamist
theo-political battle we face against political Islam.         movement target Americans, most Islamists globally
     Whether Shahzad ends up being connected to a              actually target moderate Muslims who are their great-
militant jihadist Pakistani Islamist network or not, he is     est existential threat as Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) pointed
obviously not a „lone wolf“. The ideas that drove him          out a few months ago. Attacks against our citizens are
to act did not hatch de novo in his own mind. We cannot        a symptom of a much deeper disease — one that will
ignore the common ideology, the common malignant               do anything to prevent true reform that can bring Islam
virus of the slippery slope of political Islam that takes      and Muslims into modernity, into an understanding of
over these growing numbers of Muslims.                         the central need to separate mosque and state.
     The cases of homegrown Islamist terror mount week             Islamists like Shahzad want America out of their
after week since 9-11, with a frightening uptick in just       way so they can spread their supremacist ideology of
the past year. Yet, we are still ignoring the writing on the   political Islam. They indoctrinate some Muslims that
wall, as we remain suffocated by political correctness         their goal of an Islamic state and its shar’iah law is su-
and a willful blindness to political Islam and its common      perior to our Constitutional republic. Meanwhile, other

                                                          - 12 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                               

Muslims who do not believe in the              Whether we declare it or not,        cannot cower to victim-mongering
Islamic state, are either ignored or      the United States is at war with the      American Islamist organizations
silent.                                   ideology of militant Islamism. Isla-      that thrive on keeping us on the
    We must also be resolute as a         mists are not afraid to call for the      defensive and from addressing the
nation in how we handle these trai-       complete destruction of the princi-       very real Islamist threats to our se-
tors if we are to deter future acts of    ples that built our great country. The    curity. Platitudes that only condemn
aggression in this war. The actions       United States cannot afford to be         violence and ignore ideology are
of Faisal Shahzad were a calcu-           timid in our response to their actions.   an obstacle to needed reform.
lated and deliberate act of trea-         We, Americans, especially Ameri-              Our leaders must wake up and
son. Shahzad’s cowardly attempt           can Muslims, must show Islamists          engage in the global war of ideas
to kill innocent Americans in Times       that their ideology is beyond being       and demonstrate that the rule of
Square demonstrates that his loy-         simply «dangerous», or «violent».         one law that protects universal reli-
alty lies with the Islamist radicals      It is in fact treasonous and punish-      gious freedom (Americanism) takes
and not his chosen countrymen in          able as a capital crime against the       precedence over the Islamic state.
the United States. His citizenship        state as an act of war. Our found-        America in fact provides the best
oath was given falsely in 2009 and        ing fathers knew how to articulate        atmosphere for Muslims to practice
was in the direct service of powers       the values of liberty over theocracy.     our faith and it is long overdue for
at war with the United States. His        Where has that American penchant          American Muslims to also wake up
prosecution should encompass the          for the defense of religious freedom      and empower honest reformist Mus-
gravity of those actions. No differ-      and liberty gone?                         lims to declare the ’Islamic state’
ent from Hassan Abujihad convict-              Our elected officials and leaders    dead. We will never slow down the
ed in 2008, Nidal Hasan, and other        must show true ideological leader-        recurrence of Islamist terror against
Islamist traitors, Shahzad if guilty is   ship if we are to ever begin the long     our citizenry until such a movement
an enemy of the state and should be       process of ridding ourselves of the       from Muslims against political Islam
immediately legally treated as one.       scourge of Islamist terrorism. We         is palpable.

                                                          - 13 -                                                                              № 7 July 2010

«No Jewish mother wants her child
to risk his or her life. Not one»
By Ilya Galak, Natella Fridman

I         n February 1955, at the
          airbase Hatzor, an air-
          plane called a «Mosquito»
          crashed and caught fire.
Inside the plane grenades began to
                                        of women perform their civil duty
                                        alongside men.
                                            In this interview, we talk with
                                        young Alina, a woman originally
                                        from Russia, who has gone through
                                                                                 knowledge of all roads, patrol
                                                                                 in jeeps day and night. They are
                                                                                 perfectly comfortable whether in
                                                                                 the desert or the mountains, with
                                                                                 abilities and an uncanny instinct
explode. The pilot, squadron com-       the danger and discomfort of being       for identifying the enemy. They are
mander Yaakov Talmon was injured        a soldier in the Israeli army. Thanks    well-trained in the use of weapons
and could not get out of the cabin of   to her, and thousands like her, a        — and are a perfect example of the
the burning plane.                      Jewish homeland exists — the state       Israeli national character, combin-
    However, in spite of the mortal     of Israel. Here is her story:            ing Jewish tradition and fighting
danger, Sergeant Esther Arditi pen-         Alina, in what branch did            qualities of a «pioneer»].
etrated the cockpit and pulled the      you serve?                                   How many years were you
wounded pilot out; a few seconds            I served in the Israel Border        in the Army?
later the plane exploded. For this      Police. The name in Hebrew is                Just like everyone else who goes
feat, Esther Arditi became the first    MAGAV. But, despite the name, this       through combat — 3 years.
and only woman in the IDF to be         is not the border guards, but rather,        Was it difficult?
awarded Medal for Distinguished         the gendarmerie. Something very,             Of course. This was a com-
Service. The medal is awarded for       very vaguely reminiscent of the in-      bat zone. The battle with terror is
acts of «exemplary bravery in the       ternal forces in the Soviet Union.       not fictitious. When the location of
line of duty».                          That is, Israel Border Police officers   weapon warehouses or places har-
    And so the picture of a young       have the authority to police, but in     boring terrorists becomes known,
woman with a machine gun in her         cases when force is used, act as a       we go there and do our job.
hands is one that is familiar to ev-    military organization.                       Aren’t you afraid?
ery Israeli; indeed, in all branches        [Editor’s note: tanned, weath-           After all you are a young woman
of the Israeli army tens of thousands   ered guys and girls with a thorough      No, I got used to it. Certainly, there
                                                                                 is not much that’s pleasant about
                                                                                 stones being thrown at you. There
                                                                                 were attacks where we were sta-
                                                                                 tioned, but this got our adrenaline
                                                                                 flowing and in the long run only
                                                                                 made us stronger.
                                                                                     In recent years, I have heard
                                                                                 that soldiers received strict
                                                                                 orders: «Do not shoot!» Hold
                                                                                 still, let them throw stones —
                                                                                 they may miss. However, the
                                                                                 soldier must fight: if he meets
                                                                                 one-on-one with the enemy,
                                                                                 he must show himself as a sol-
                                                                                 dier, or else not have any con-
                                                                                 tact with the enemy. What do
                                                          Alina (on the left)    you think about this?

                                                       - 14 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                             

    As they say probably in all the                                                                     Alina (center)
armies of the world — orders are
not up for discussion. We have
clear instructions, which we ob-
serve. Young girls — future mothers
must always wear a heavy bullet-
proof vest, dozens of kilograms of
equipment. There are psychological
stresses, too. In the end, all this must
take a toll on the health. But what
can you do? Someone has to pro-
tect our country.
    Are there many religious
Jews in the army?
    Those who we have become ac-
customed to consider religious, in oth-
er words orthodox — no, not many.
But there are some, both in combat
units and in support. But again, these
are the few who have expressed a
desire to defend the country. They
do have exemption from military
service. Meanwhile in the realm of              Alina, was there any po-              Alina, how does your moth-
political life the Orthodox are ac-        litical debate within the army?        er feel regarding your service
tively involved — and this is putting      Have political studies been            in combat?
it mildly. Of course, it is a little in-   introduced? Was any sort of                Ilya, no Jewish mother wants
sulting — normal guys risk their own       propaganda conducted?                  her children risking their lives. NOT
lives to fight a real war, then, they           Absolutely not. Moreover — po-    ONE! Israel was built by Jewish
return to «civilian» life, work hard       litical debate in the army is abso-    mothers and fathers. Henry Kissing-
to earn and feed the family, yet           lutely discouraged. Different peo-     er kissed the hand Golda Meir and
these people get everything served         ple may have different opinions,       in the process said that it is not the
on a silver platter. But maybe this is     but I must say that everyone under-    hand of the prime minister he’s kiss-
how it should be, and it is I who mis-     stands the necessity of defending      ing, but that of a JEWISH MOTHER.
understood something.                      the homeland against its enemies,      Well, we do not need this damned
                                           including those from within.           war. I think this answers your ques-
                                                It seems to me the entire         tion.
                                           policy of the Israeli govern-              Alina, where do you work
                                           ment in recent years has               now?
                                           demonstrated a weakness to-                I am a guard in a court. For this
                                           wards the terrorists, and it is        job combat experience is a required.
                                           the terrorists’ logic that if the          Interesting. This is the
                                           Jews demonstrate weakness,             wrong side of Israeli society.
                                           then they must demonstrate             And who, basically, are the
                                           strength. In combat, the Jews          prisoners?
                                           either retreated or fired in-              The answer is omitted. The rea-
                                           termittently, but immediately          son — political correctness.
                                           various leftist parties and or-            Future plans?
                                           ganizations branded Israel a               I plan to continue working and
                                           disgrace, while supporting the         studying to become a psychologist.
   Alina in the Pocono Mountains           Arabs. Why is this happening?          And, naturally, from time to time,
(PA) January 1, 2010. She, like all        Who are these people.                  perform military duties. Although, I
other Israeli Jews, wants to live in            No answer. The reason — politi-   hope that someday the need for the
peace and tranquility.                     cal correctness.                       latter no longer exists.

                                                          - 15 -                                                                                   № 7 July 2010


             o the left, the oil spill is   tions when he faced a new disaster.
             not an index of presi-         In Arkansas, it was tornadoes or
             dential competence or          floods or fires. In Washington, it was        Dick Morris, a former ad-
             an issue in the political      Oklahoma City. But, each time, he         viser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.)
sphere. It is a daily gushing of poi-       thoroughly familiarized himself with      and President Bill Clinton, is the
son into the Earth’s waters as a di-        all the technical issues. He took a       author of Outrage, Fleeced and
rect result of the president’s failure      bath in the science and substance of      Catastrophe. To get all of his
to stop it. They blame BP. But they         the hazard and became as knowl-           and Eileen McGann’s columns
already hate oil companies. And             edgeable as those who had spent a         for free by e-mail or to order a
they blame Obama, too. And they             lifetime studying it. So he knew what     signed copy of their latest book,
are coming to dislike him.                  questions to ask.                         2010: Take Back America — A
    When Obama attempts to re-                   Any CEO or COO or manager            Battle Plan, go to dickmorris.
coup this damage to his political           has similar experience. But a com-        com. In August, Morris became
base by pushing new legislation on          munity organizer, law professor,          a strategist for the League of
the environment or by resurrecting          state senator, US Senator, and            American Voters, which is run-
his cap and trade legislation or by         president doesn’t have the requi-         ning ads opposing the presi-
bringing criminal charges against           site experience. He doesn’t know          dent’s healthcare reforms.
BP or by setting up a liability fund        not to trust his own bureaucracy.
for the spill’s victims, it does not        He hasn’t been burned enough to          of this crisis. it is probably because
solve his political problem. With           realize that he needs to intervene       he never realized that our capacity
each day, 60,000 gallons gush into          to waive restrictions, set aside regu-   for dredging needed augmentation.
the Gulf, Obama’s equivalent of             lations, and open up the process to      Because he never asked.
the body count in Iraq that caused          new solutions. He’s like JFK during          To the right and the center,
the left to loathe George W. Bush.          the Bay of Pigs. He doesn’t know         these failings show that Obama is in
Rhetoric or programs or visits to the       how to avoid being betrayed by his       over his head. But to the left, which
Gulf or posturing won’t assuage the         own bureaucracy and the industry         bleeds for each drop of water in the
negatives. Only plugging the hole in        it’s supposed to regulate.               Gulf and cries over every turtle or
the bottom of the ocean can do it.               Why did he not waive the Jones      shrimp or sea bird, it is an unpar-
    The right and center of Ameri-          Act (he still hasn’t) to allow foreign   donable sin.
                                            vessels to ply our waters to clean           It is the nature of things that
                                            up the spill? Not because he was         presidential mistakes metasta-
                                            against it. He couldn’t have been        size into presidential character
                                            against so obvious a course as           flaws. Bush’s inaction over Katrina
                                            waiving it. It was likely because no-    comes across as insensitivity. Now
                                            body told him about it and he never      Obama’s incompetence and inex-
                                            knew to ask.                             perience is causing liberals to see
                                                 Why did he let the bureaucracy      him as arrogant, aloof, removed,
can politics turned off Obama over          use only US contractors to dredge        conceited, suspicious of outside ad-
health care. And now the left is leav-      the Gulf and build the berms that        vice, and even lazy. Long after the
ing him over the oil spill.                 Louisiana wanted? Why did he spurn       oil has stopped spilling, these sup-
    Why can’t Obama plug the                the offer of Dutch assistance (half      posed character defects will haunt
hole?                                       the country has been dredged from        the president, just as Carter’s repu-
    Because he has no administrative        the sea and is below sea level)? Not     tation of timidity and inability lasted
experience. I often saw Bill Clinton,       because he wanted the jobs to go to      long after the Iran hostages came
as governor and as president, call          Americans. That would have been          home. These defects will last until
in experts and ask the tough ques-          an insane consideration in the face      2012 and beyond.

                                                           - 16 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                              

How Kagan could kill                                                                    Heather Bachman

                                                                                          Quoted being «The
                                                                                    next Sean Hannity and
                                                                                    a pretty Karl Rove»
                                                                                    Heather Bachman is

                                                                                    an increasingly recog-
                                                                                    nized political strategist
                     hen Obama’s Su-      reason for her to be removed from         and correspondent. The
                     preme Court se-      the list almost immediately as she        former White House Intern and campaign
                     lection turned out   was using a non-judicial position to      manager is an honors graduate of Mon-
                     to be a woman        impose a judicial belief. Of course,      mouth University.
                                                                                          With both an avid political mind, in
who never even held a position on         with the threat of losing funding she     addition to being Student Head of the
the legal bench and had more ques-        retracted showing another example         Governance and member of the Human
tions in her career than court cases,     of a liberal attempting to bow out        Relations Council, Heather produced and
                                                                                    hosted two political radio programs (first
most were not surprised and new           after their actions fail. Despite her     of their kind for the University). One, The
any resulting decision would be           supposed stellar schooling, Kagan         Political Hour mirrored the famed Fox-
questionable not only when it came        seemed to have missed a very im-          News Hannity and Colmes program and
to ability and experience but also        portant class. During one of her          the other The Bachman Group reflected
                                                                                    The McLaughlin Group. Both won her the
credibility for the job. Nonetheless,     other positions, she argued in front      University’s prestigious Rhett Rich Award
Elena Kagan was not what anyone           of the same court she may soon call       among other accolades.
really expected.                          home to declare that Congress has               During the last semester of college,
                                                                                    Heather served under President George
     Even before being a line on          the right to constitutionally prohibit    W. Bush as a White House Intern. After
Obama’s list, Kagan has been ex-          corporations from engaging in polit-      graduating, Heather continued her politi-
amined and have left many wonder-         ical speech such as publishing pam-       cal education and objectives serving un-
ing if she even has the ability to be     phlets that advocate the election or      der former Congressman J.C. Watts, New
                                                                                    Jersey State Senator Sean T. Kean and
on the bench in the first place. With     defeat of a candidate for federal of-     taking positions in local campaigns from
many actions literally threatening        fice. Chief Justice Roberts respond-      Assembly to Congress to President.
laws she is sworn to defend, it seems     ed to this horrid attempt strongly              Currently she is contributing her col-
the magnifying glass placed on her        stating in his Opinion against the        umns to many political websites and is
                                                                                    shopping around a radio program called
career recently seems unneeded as         case her debate if won would have         The GOP Girl and a television program
not only does she have a thin list of     resulted in, «censorship not only of      called Heather on the Hill which she says
legal writings, but also a pretty ob-     television and radio broadcasts, but      will fill a void within the conservative po-
                                                                                    litical community as well as society as a
vious controversial legal history. In     of pamphlets, posters, the Internet,      whole. She is producing the radio show a
fact, even her non-legal positions        and virtually any other medium that       podcast program until she finds the right
was seen to her as her own per-           corporations and unions might find        home for it.
sonal courtroom. In attempt to bar        useful in expressing their views on                                  Heather Bachman
the military from using the office of     matters of public concern.»                                            732.245.4220
Career Services, Kagan attempted               Once again, another colleague
to connect «Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell»        of Obama’s didn’t take Constitu-         and most powerful court in the na-
and the right for military to be pres-    tional Law. The reason for this argu-    tion, no other objective than who
ent on campuses during her term           ment shows in many ways why she          is good for the nation should come
as Dean of Harvard Law School.            was nominated for the position in        to mind. This position is part of the
While Obama’s colleague Senator           the first place: the entire argument     largest judgments of the nation and
John Kerry may have once stated           debate was a result of deciding          creates results that not only extend
that it is the undereducated who en-      whether Citizens United, a conser-       past state lines but in many ways
list, statistics show otherwise.          vative non-profit corporation, could     past generations. Further, in many
     The strangest part of this was not   distribute a documentary titled «Hil-    ways this was a chance for Obama
only the fact that it was not through     lary: The Movie» during the 2008         to show the Pro-American he pre-
the bench, but through an educa-          Democratic presidential primary          sented himself as during the cam-
tional avenue that she acted upon         season. This in itself shows her pro-    paign and not the backwards deal
this «connection», but also the real      spective appointment is nothing          maker we have seen since Obama-
lack of relation the two objectives       more than Democrats attempting to        Care’s second time around. A great
had other than military. Despite          take a hold of the only position they    deal of fear should result in this an-
using the excuse of their refusal to      cannot be fired from.                    nouncement as well as hope that
sign a non-Discriminatory pledge,              When it comes to presenting a       Kagan does not see her first bench
this within itself should have been a     lifetime appointment to the highest      in a particular D.C. building.

                                                          - 17 -
                    Midland Beach
                    Civic Association
                    Meeting with MAS

photo: Ilya Galak
Staten Islanders against proposed mosque                                                                              № 7 July 2010

Oskar Schindler:
                                                                                  the Jewish ghetto of Krakow in Oc-
                                                                                  tober of 1939 to take advantage of
                                                                                  the Nazi’s program of «Aryaniz-
                                                                                  ing» and «Germanizing» Jewish

An Unlikely Hero
                                                                                  businesses and using Jews as forced
                                                                                      Schindler purchased an enam-
                                                                                  elware factory and converted it
                                                                                  into the Deutsche Emalwarenfabrik
by Wendy Innes                                                                    Oskar Schindler (Oskar Schindler
                                                                                  German Enamelware Factory),
                                                                                  also known as Emalia, in Novem-

           he story of Oskar Schin-       In 1928, he married Emilie Pelzl        ber 1939. Although he owned
           dler is the story of a     after only six weeks of courtship.          two other factories, it was this fac-
           sinner-turned-saint.       The marriage quickly crumbled               tory that would make him a legend
           Relatively unknown to      when Oscar took her dowry of 100            to the Jews in the Krakow ghetto.
the public until 1993, Schindler is   Czech Crowns, a large sum of mon-           At the height of its success, Emalia
responsible for saving an estimat-    ey for the time period, and spent           employed 1,700 workers, of which
ed 1,200 to 1,700 Jews from the       it on a flashy car and other luxury         more than 1,000 were forced-la-
death chambers at Auschwitz and       items. It is not clear if the couple ever   bor Jews from the Krakau-Plaszow
Krakau-Plaszow.                       had any children, although there is         camp.
                                      no mention of biological children in            F or those in the Krakow ghetto,
    Born in Moravia, shortly before   any records.                                1943 proved to be a brutal year.
the breakup of the Austro-Hungari-        As many ethnic Germans did at           In March, Amon Goeth, the com-
an Monarchy, Schindler was an eth-    the time, Schindler joined the Nazi         mandant of the Plaszow camp and
nic German and a Roman Catholic.      party in February 1939, just five           the SS and Police Leader of the Kra-
After Moravia was incorporated        months after the German annexa-             kow ghetto, ordered that the ghetto
into the Czechoslovak Republic in     tion of the ethnic German area of           be «liquidated». Those that were
1918, Schindler held Czech citizen-   Czechoslovakia known as Sudeten-            deemed fit for work were taken to
ship, and served in the Czech army    land. Ever the opportunist, the hard        the forced labor camp at Plaszow
until 1938, shortly before the Ger-   drinking womanizer with tastes that         and the rest were executed in the
mans annexed part of his country.     far exceeded his income, moved to           streets. At Goeth’s trial he was
                                                                                  charged with, and subsequently
                                                                                  executed for, the deaths of thou-
       Oskar Schindler (at wheel) with his father, Hans. Svitavy (Zwittau),       sands of Jews. Upon witnessing the
                                                   Czechoslovakia, 1929.          liquidation of the ghetto, Schindler
                                                                                  said «Beyond this day, no thinking
                                                                                  person could fail to see what would
                                                                                  happen.„He went on to say: «I was
                                                                                  now resolved to do everything in
                                                                                  my power to defeat the system.»
                                                                                      And defeat it he did.
                                                                                      In August of 1943, the SS re-
                                                                                  designated the camp as a concen-
                                                                                  tration camp, putting Schindler’s
                                                                                  Jews in danger of arbitrarily be-
                                                                                  ing murdered at any time. Because
                                                                                  of this, Schindler, using personal
                                                                                  charm and some hefty bribes of
                                                                                  Nazi officials with money and black
                                                                                  market goods, persuaded the SS to
                                                                                  designate Emalia as a sub-camp of
                                                                                  Plaszow. He designated the workers

                                                       - 20 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                               

                                                                                        Through some rather creative
                                                                                    accounting practices, he was able
                                                                                    to make it seem like the factory was
                                                                                    producing much more than it was;
                                                                                    during its entire existence, the facto-
                                                                                    ry only created one wagonload of
                                                                                    defective ammunition for German
                                                                                    guns. However, since he was able
                                                                                    to justify the factory’s existence, he
                                                                                    was able to save his Jews.
                                                                                        When the Soviet Army ar-
                                                                                    rived in Poland in 1945, Schindler
                                                                                    brought all of his Jews together and
                                                                                    said «My children, you are saved.
                                                                                    Germany has lost the war. Prove
   Oskar Schindler (third from left) at a party with local SS officials on his      yourself worthy of the millions of
   34th birthday. Schindler attempted to use his connections with german            victims among you and refrain from
    officials to obtain information that might protect his Jewish employees.        any individual acts of revenge and
                                           Krakow, Poland, April 28, 1942.          terror.» He also informed them that
                                                                                    they would each receive three yards
as «essential» and allowed them to       factory instead.                           of fabric from his warehouse stores
live at the factory, saving them the          In October of 1944, the Ger-          and a bottle of vodka, the latter of
brutal conditions that they would        man grip on Poland had weakened            which fetched a rather high price on
have had to endure at Plaszow.           and the SS were trying desperately         the black market.
Conditions were by no means com-         to complete their dark deeds. But              In May of 1945, upon the ar-
fortable, but everyone was fed, no       Schindler continued to work tireless-      rival of the Soviet Army and certain
one was beaten, and they were            ly for the «Schindlerjuden», a word        that his Jews were safe, he finally
even allowed to observe the Jewish       that translates as «Schindler Jews»,       left them, explaining that he was
holidays.                                which is how he always referred to         now a fugitive (likely because of his
    Schindler did not undertake this     his workers. He received authoriza-        extensive Nazi connections) and
task without great personal risk. He     tion to relocate his factory to Brunn-     said «I must leave now. Auf Wie-
was arrested three times by the SS,      litz and to classify it as a factory for   dersehen.» Despite owning a man-
suspected of giving aid to the Jews,     the manufacture of armaments.              sion nearby, Schindler never left his
although they were always unable
to charge him. And though the fac-                           entrance to Oskar Schindler's enamel works in Zablocie,
tory was making money, Schindler                                          a suburb of Krakow. Poland, 1939-1944.
spent it all on shady business deal-
ings and bribes to keep his workers
safe. He would die penniless for it.
    Many stories are told of the
measures Schindler employed to
save «his people.» When 300
women were sent to the concentra-
tion camp by mistake, he worked
tirelessly for their return, and saved
them from certain death. It was the
only trip out of Auschwitz ever taken
by a Jew until the Allied liberation.
Another story tells of how Schin-
dler himself personally took care of
more than 80 gravely ill Jews that
who were being sent to Auschwitz
for liquidation, but arrived near the

                                                          - 21 -                                                                     № 7 July 2010

          Scene from one of Oskar Schindler's parties in Krakow. At such events, Schindler (second from left)
                             attempted to bribe Nazi officials for information about imminent deportations.
                                                                                     Krakow, Poland, 1943.

                                            Camp commandant Amon goeth addresses SS guards. Plaszow,
                                                                                Poland, 1943-1944.

                                                 - 22 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                              

At Yad Vashem, the Israeli national
 institution of Holocaust commemo-
ration, Oskar Schindler stands next
   to the tree planted in honor of his
                       rescue efforts.       Oskar Schindler standing (second from right) with some of the people he
             Jerusalem, Israel, 1970.                                            rescued. Munich, germany, 1946.

factory during the entire duration of      of his tireless efforts, between       more. He has been honored with
the holocaust, for fear of SS raids.       1,200 and 1,700 Jews survived the      many awards and was the subject of
He lived in his small office in order      atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis.   the 1993 movie «Schindler’s List,»
to protect his people.                     There were days when the air was       finally bringing to light the actions
    Schindler died in Hildesheim,          thick with the smoke of the bodies     of this little-known hero. Thanks to
Germany in October of 1974. He             burning at nearby Auschwitz, but       his efforts there are now more than
requested burial in Israel, saying         his Jews survived. Schindler was       8,500 «Schindler Jews» in the US,
«My children are here.» Because            always pained that he couldn’t do      Europe and Israel.

                                         In Yad Vashem, the Israeli national institution of Holocaust commemoration,
                                                         Oskar Schindler plants a tree in honor of his rescue efforts.
                                                                                              Jerusalem, Israel, 1962.

                                                          - 23 -                                                       № 7 July 2010

                           Michael Grimm Opens
                           Campaign Office
                           Thank you to everyone who came to the Grand Opening of my
                           Campaign Headquarters today. I am so touched by your over-
                           whelming show of support, enthusiasm and dedication. It is
                           because of all of you we will be able to run an aggressive grass-
                           roots, issue-based campaign. Together, not only will we win the
                           primary election, but we will go onward to win the November
                           general election. But we will go onward to win the November
                                                                            Michael Grimm

                           photo: Ilya Galak

                                         - 24 -
№ 7 July 2010                                         

                       9/11 POLICE AID FOUNDATION.
                       FIRST RESPONDERS FUNDRAISER

         ILLUSIONS Nightclub / Lounge / 3995 Amboy Road (entrance on Nelson Avenue)

photo: Ilya Galak

                                           - 25 -
Staten Island’s Creative Photographers

                    814 Richmond Terrace
                   Staten Island, NY 10301
                       (718) 288-2405

             The Creative Photographers’ Guild exhibits
             member’s work at the CPG Gallery on Staten
             Island’s North Shore – the only gallery de-
             voted to photography on the island.
             Members include Richard Capuozzo, Willie
             Chu, Connie Frisch-Cherniak, Joyce Coletti,
             Flint Gennari, Robin George, Robert Haber,
             Stephen Joyce, Marilyn Kiss, Ken Martin,
             Virginia Ross, Steve Wakeman, Steven (Fritz)
             Weiss, Richard Xuereb.
             The Guild is open to new members. Please
             contact for de-
             tails, or stop by the CPG Gallery for a Mem-
             bership Brochure. The gallery is located at
             814 Richmond Terrace (in the Brighton Sup-
             ply building, entrance on Tysen St). Hours
             are Saturday & Sunday from 1-5 p.m.

                               - 26 -
- 27 -
The William
H. Pouch Camp
in Jeopardy                                                                               Alex Zablocki.

                                                                                          Born in 1982, Alex is a resi-
               he Scout Motto is BE        acre, fresh-water Ohrbach Lake.             dent of the Great Kills section of
               PREPARED — and that              For years, the owner of Pouch          Staten Island. He worked as an
               is exactly what a group     Camp, the Greater New York                  aide to State Senator Andrew
               of Eagle Scouts, Boy        Councils (GNYC), Boy Scouts of              Lanza. Alex was an Eagle Scout
Scouts troops, civic leaders, com-         America, (the umbrella organiza-            and most recently started a cam-
munity groups and elected officials        tion in charge of scout councils in         paign to help save the William H.
must be, in case the unthinkable           New York City) has been in dire fi-         Pouch Scout Camp on Staten Is-
happens.                                   nancial straits. Like many non-profit       land as well as a website, Save-
     The William H. Pouch Scout            organizations, funding from their 
Camp was founded over sixty years          largest contributors has dried up
ago as a place to be cherished in          as the economy has weakened. On            with the local scouting community
the scouting community, affording          November, 24 2009, the Board of            and of course, those that love open
borough and citywide scouts the op-        Directors of the GNYC made a dis-          space.
portunity to enjoy the outdoors and        appointing and unpopular decision:            (A conservation easement is
learn life skills as a Boy Scout. Un-      they announced the possible sale of        the sale of development rights of a
fortunately, while a scout is taught       Pouch Camp, only one of two key            particular property, in return for a
to be «conservation minded,» this          assets that could be leveraged to          sum of money to ensure that private
camp, which services thousands of          ensure the Council’s financial sta-        property cannot be developed)
young people from across the city          bility, in order to fill the funding gap      So, in the spirit of that motto, «Be
and even country, is in jeopardy of        they saw on the horizon.                   Prepared», a movement was born
being lost forever.                             While the Board of Directors of       and is growing on Staten Island,
     Nestled in Staten Island’s larg-      the GNYC have stated that the sale         and quickly spreading to the other
est park, the Greenbelt, it is a 143-      of Pouch Camp would be a last re-          boroughs; a movement to work to-
acre privately owned oasis, home           sort effort and that the preferred         wards a resolution to this problem
to some of the island’s most beauti-       arrangement for Scouts would be            and save Pouch Camp.
ful trails, trees and flowers, wildlife,   to secure a conservation easement,            «The Committee to Save Pouch
kettle ponds, streams and the 140          this announcement did not sit well         Camp» was founded and formed

                                                           - 28 -
by Staten Island residents and Eagle Scouts Dominick
DeRubbio, Brandon Linker and me, Alex Zablocki.
While the committee is still in formation, over twenty-
two open space advocacy, veterans and civic groups
have signed on in support, including the Greenbelt
Conservancy, Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, and New
Yorkers for Parks and Natural Resources Defense Coun-
cil, just to name a few.
     The group has already organized numerous rallies
in support of Pouch Camp, including a candlelight vigil
and walk in December, 2009, a 10-mile hike along the
Blue Trail to the Greenbelt/Pouch Camp and a march
to City Hall, both in the spring of 2010, to raise aware-
ness of this issue. The group collected over 15,000 pe-
tition signatures and delivered them to every local and
statewide elected official, as well as the GNYC. Most
recently, the group started a lawn sign campaign across
Staten Island.                                                  The Committee to Save Pouch Camp continues to
     For years, State Senator Andrew J. Lanza has been      work on a weekly basis with open space advocates,
fighting to preserve Pouch Camp, ensuring that it can       civic groups, elected officials and the scouting commu-
never be sold to developers. Recently, Congressman          nity seeking support, funding and raising awareness of
Michael McMahon and Assemblyman Michael Cu-                 this very important issue. We are committed to making
sick have requested funding to preserve the property.       sure that Pouch Camp remains a wonderful place for
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Public Advocate Bill de         young people to enjoy well into the future. The William
Blasio, US Senator Charles Schumer, Borough Presi-          H. Pouch Scout Camp must be saved; to allow it to be
dent James Molinaro, Assemblyman Lou Tobacco and            sold to a private developer would not only be a disser-
numerous other elected officials have lent their support    vice to scouts, but all of our borough youth and every
to saving Pouch Camp.                                       community group.

                                                       - 29 -                                                                   № 7 July 2010

                           GARY SINISE & LT. DAN BAND IN CONCERT!

                           Stephen Siller Children’s Foundation in conjunction with Building Homes for He-
                           roes and many other local contributors will build a home for an American Hero.
                           This concert will benefit an American Hero... SPC Brendan Marrocco, the first
                           quadruple amputee to survive!.
                           SATURDAY, AUGUST 21, 2010
                           SHOWTIME: 8 PM
                           TICKETS: $50, $75 *$250.00 VIP
                           *VIP tickets include prime seating and Red Carpet reception at 6PM

                           Disney Live!
                           Presents Mickey’s Magic Show!

                           Abracadabra! It’s Disney Live! presents Mick-
                           ey’s Magic Show! Mickey, Minnie and a host
                           of Disney friends come together with world-
                           class magicians to perform magic from leg-
                           endary Disney films right before your eyes.
                           See the Fairy Godmother transform Cinder-
                           ella’s rags into a beautiful ball gown in a split
    St. George Theatre     second; the spectacular levitation of Aladdin’s
      35 Hyatt Street      Princess Jasmine; and the enchanted dancing
 Staten Island, NY 10301   brooms of Fantasia. Join Donald and Goofy,
      718.442.2900         Alice and the Mad Hatter, and many more for     a one-of-a-kind stage show you’ll never forget. Mickey’s Magic Show is a whole
                           new way to experience Disney Magic with your family!
                            Date: Thursday, September 9             Tickets: $20, $36, $46, $65, $80
                            Showtime: 7:00pm                        Ages: One and Older Must Have
                            Date: Friday, September 10              Ticket
                            Showtime: 7:00pm

                           ADAM LAMBERT in Concert

                           Adam Lambert, American Idol runner-up with the hit single «Whataya Want from
                           Me» will be performing live on stage at the St. George Theatre!
                           Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010
                           Showtime: 8:00pm
                           Tickets: $40, $30
                           Anyone under age 16, must be accompanied by an adult.

                                                 - 30 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                  

                                     Eyes on Island OPTICA
                                           150 D Greaves Lane
                                         Staten Island, NY 10308
                                             718 - 948 - 1353          The CorporaTe park
                                                                         of STaTen ISland
                                                                             1110 South avenue,
                                                                                 Suite 401
                                                                               Staten Island,
       ZHL GROUP, INC.
    General Construction &                                                    nY 10314-3403
   Construction Management.
                                                                             KRISTINE GARLISI
    2383 McDonald Avenue
      Brooklyn, NY 11223                                                  Director, Special Projects
                                              l Eyes Examined
       Ph. 718-331-2807;                                                      & Media Relations
                                              l Contact Lenses
       Fax. 718-331-2208.                                                T: 718.477.2100 ext. 231
                                              l Kids Glasses                        l Prescriptions filled    E:

Amboy RoadStaten Island, NY 10306-2799                                  Heating, Ventilation
                                                                        and Air-Conditioning

                          (718) 668-2910 /           Installation, Maintenance
                                                                       Emergency service 24 / 7

                                                                       Ash Auto Corp.
                                                                             Automobile Mechanics.
                                                                              Domestic & Foreign
                                                                       1416 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10305

                                                                       (718) 668-0594
                                                  - 31 -                                                                                   № 7 July 2010

International Flair at Prestige Spa
By Lori Weintrob

G           iving you something to dream about, a new «fantasy» look with            Island to bring that style here. Now
            an international flair, is what happens when you walk through            we have 12 employees and last Feb-
            the doors of Prestige Spa, on Hylan Boulevard.                           ruary we expanded to offer salon
                                                                                     treatments and a spa. We wanted to
                  A team of experts, from around the world, welcome you to a         give women a more upscale, private
              salon of Italian marble tabletops and etched glass. You will revel     beauty and massage area.
in this luxurious atmosphere as owner Josef Katanov and one of the twelve                LW: How did you get inter-
other beauty experts greet you for a consultation to create the style that’s         ested in the hairstyling busi-
right for you. To maintain it after you leave, European hair products line the       ness?
shelves.                                                                                 Josef: My grandparents were
    When was the time you treated yourself to a relaxing Swedish body mas-           hairstylists in Uzbekistan. They
sage or European facial treatment? Are you ready for new highlights or a             worked in a government-owned
perm? Or do you need someone reliable to do your Wedding party? Josef                store. When I was eight, my grand-
and his team bring a professional style with international flair that will earn      father passed away. Soon after I be-
you compliments all over town.                                                       gan working as an apprentice with
    LW: Why did you open the store in Staten Island?                                 my older brother who was a barber.
    Josef: In 2002, I wanted to bring the best European and American styles              LW: Why did you come to
to Hylan Boulevard I had spent a decade working throughout New York City.            the United States?
In 1995, my brother and I opened up a salon in Queens. Then I went to                    Josef: I was born and lived in Na-
cut hair in the West Village to gain more experience and explore new ideas           vae, a large city in Uzbekistan and
in hairstyling. Four years later, I was ready to take over the store in Staten       enjoyed playing soccer and wres-
                                                                                     tling. We spoke Persian at home and
                                                                                     Russian and English at school. My
                                          «My hiring strategy is to recruit talent   family was originally from Spain and
                                       from all over the world», — Josef boasts.     lived in Iran before going to Uzbeki-
                                                                                     stan. My father owned a small busi-
                                                                                     ness. It was an international commu-
                                                                                     nity and I had Muslim friends. After
                                                                                     the Soviet Union collapsed, we felt it
                                                                                     was better for us as Jews to come to
                                                                                     America and in 1992 we did. It was
                                                                                     a good choice: more freedom from
                                                                                     government and more opportunity
                                                                                     for our children.
                                                                                         LW: What gives the store its
                                                                                     international flavor?
                                                                                         Josef: Every four years new styles
                                                                                     come out at the hair shows in Italy,
                                                                                     Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and
                                                                                     Bulgaria. My stylists and I are part of
                                                                                     these shows. My hiring strategy has
                                                                                     been to recruit stylists from around
                                                                                     the world: Tamara Berlize is from
                                                                                     Georgia (Tbilisi), Ann Papraniza
                                                                                     is from Yugoslavia, Nancy Kritikos
                                                                                     from Uzbekistan, and Maria Loza-

                                                          - 32 -
№ 7 July 2010                                                          

no is from Brazil. They all are well   into Prestige Salon?
trained professionals. Our clients         Ann: I look carefully at their face
range from local policemen to those    and then make suggestions. I offer
of all professions and backgrounds.    to give them a change, a new, more
     LW: Have you cut hair for         modern look. I listen to what they
anyone famous or been in any           want, long or short. I always explain
major shows?                           how it will look and might recom-
     Josef: Some famous designers      mend two colors so it sticks out more.
I’ve worked on include Joseph Isra-    Sometimes we look at magazine
el, shoe designer, and Terry Mugler,   pictures. Josef will come over as well
the French actor and fashion design-   and introduce himself to make the
er who worked on Beyonce’s world       client feel more at home. We bring          Clients are showered with attention
tour and has his own fragrance,        cookies and tea or coffee after we         from an international team of stylists
«Angel.» I regularly do shows. In      wash the hair. We convey a mes-            at Prestige Spa. expect your friends
1996 I did an international show in    sage that he and I feel connected to      to ask: «Where did you get your hair
Manhattan’s Jackie Robinson Center     our clients.                                                           done?»
where I described a cut I did «live»       LW: Why did you want to
step-by-step with color treatment.     become a hairstylist?
     LW: Why are European fa-              Ann: Since I was a baby I always
cials better?                          liked hair, I cut my dolls hair. I came
     Josef: European equipment and     to Staten Island from Macedonia as
techniques allow us to go deeper, be   a teenager and attended Curtis High
more firm. We recommend one once       School. Then I trained in Wilford
every month or two months.             Academy. My sister and I owned a
     LW: What other treatments         hair salon for 10 years.
do you recommend?                          LW: Why should someone
     Josef: We offer deep tissue and   come to Prestige Salon?
Swedish massages, which appeal to          Ann: Our customers leave happy.
workers, pregnant women, anyone        We offer a special touch. Our prices
really!                                are reasonable. We don’t rush our
     LW: Let me ask one of your        customers. Best of all, clients tell us
stylists a question. Ann, what is      «Everyone asks — where did you
your goal when a client walks          get it?»
                                                                                     On equipment from Italy, enjoy a
                                                                                           deep facial once a month.

                                                        Maria was drawn to
                                                    hairstyling by a life-long
                                                              love of fashion.      The european-style luxury of Pres-
                                                                                 tige Spa on Hylan Boulevard. Relax
                                                                                    and be pampered. You deserve it!
                                                       - 33 -
  Tennis Lessons Summer Tennis Camp
Private and Group
                                                                    Staten Island
                       Full Day / Half Day      • Stringing
      Pro – Staff:
 • Vladimir Sergeev
                        June 28-th through
                            August 20-th
                                                 • Racket
                                                • Sneakers           Community
  • Arcadi Edelman
     • Konstantin
                                                                    Tennis Center
   • Arthur Velnik
     • Chris Kim
   • Paul Ricciardi
       • Carissa
     • Jim Barton
   • Mat Buxbaum
                                                                                                (Coupon N 1)
                                                                                      Indoor random court
                                                                                         $25 for 1 hour
                                                                                     Good until September 12
                                                                                      *New customers only

                                                                                                (Coupon N 2)
                                                                                    Stringing Special
                            urts                  (Coupon N 3)                    Restring your racket
                   r a/c co                     Introductory one hour           and receive a new grip
            6 indoo r courts                    private lesson $10 off       or pack of over grips for free.
              6 outdo
                                                 * New students only                * One time only

                                                                     •	   ESOL Classes
                                                                     •	   Job	Preparation/	 	
                                                                          Computer Literacy
                                                                     •	   US	Civics/Citizenship
                                                                     •	   GED	Preparation																																																																									
                                                                     •	   Flexible	Schedule
                                                                     •	   Community	Activities
                                                                     •	   Public	Benefits	Assistance																															

                                                                     •	   Clases de ESOL
                                                                     •	   Competencia	en	la	informatica		
                                                                          de Preparacion de Trabajo
                                                                     •	   US	Civico/Ciudadanía	
  Staten Island YMCA New Americans Welcome Center                    •	   Preparación de GED
                                                                     •	   Horario	flexible
  The Staten Island YMCA New Americans Welcome Center                •	   Actividades	de	comunidad
  is a safe haven that provides multilingual information,            •	   El	público	Beneficia	Assisstance
  resources and referrals with a wide array of services
  including Cultural Orientation, Citizenship Preparation,           YMCA Counseling Service
                                                                     North	Shore	Center
  Job Readiness, and Computer Literacy. The mission of this
                                                                     285 Vanderbilt Avenue
  programming is to enable New Americans self sufficiency
                                                                     (718) 981-4382
  in attaining specific desired goals.

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