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Semester 2/2009            Farewell Edition   Volume 27, Number 3

Are you
I am not easily

                        Kevin Rudd’s
    From the Director Australia Programs pg3
    The Prime Minister visits pg4
    Internships pg5
    Student profile: Meaghan Malloy pg7
    Student profile: Meghan Donnelly pg8
    Student profile: Khadija Griffith pg9
    I am not easily intimidated pg10
    Four steps to enjoying your time while
      studying abroad pg11
    Spring break Aussie style pg12
    Exams... Are you kidding me! pg13
    Red tape review pg14
    Wanted: Global Citizen pg15
    Reverse culture shock pg16
    The sweet hereafter pg18

                                               Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
                                           From the director
                                           Australian Programs
                                           I would like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of The Times Abroad and to take this opportunity
                                           to express thanks and appreciation to contributing students and to our editor Andrew Lai for his
                                           dedication and hard work putting it together. This edition is a perfect medium in which to recognise
                                           and pay tribute to our partner universities throughout Australia and to thank them for the major role
                                           they play in the study abroad experience of our students. Our mission is to further the personal and
                                           intellectual development of our students through university study abroad and to shape global citizens
                                           who can embrace, respect and value cultural diversity.

                                           This month we have a special feature story about two IFSA-Butler students, Chelsey Murdoa from
                                           Skidmore College and Sarah Wigman from Franklin and Marshall who got to meet the Prime Minister
                                           of Australia Kevin Rudd. Sarah and Chelsey are studying at the Australian National University and
                                           staying in the residential Burgmann College. Recently Burgmann hosted a formal dinner to celebrate
                                           their Alumni one of whom was Kevin Rudd the guest speaker on the night. After some hasty phone calls
                                           to Philip Dutton the Principal of Burgmann College, it was agreed that Sarah and Chelsey would go to
                                           see Philip to organise being in the right place to meet the PM and have their photo taken with him.

                                           What a great shot it is! So much so that we had to put it on the cover of The Times Abroad. Our
                                           sincere thanks to Philip for helping to make this happen and I shall be writing to the PM to thank him
                                           personally for his time and generosity in a busy schedule and to let him know how much it meant
                                           to Sarah and Chelsey. It is certainly an experience they will take back to their families and home
                                           universities in America.

                                           This publication has superceded the Butler Bull however in The Times Abroad we have created a
                                           whole new look and the focus is you, our students- so write a story about your time studying abroad, a
                                           review of a CD, a poem or a tip for cooking 2 minute noodles or just send some photos and we can
                                           publish them.

                                           Over the coming year we will be show casing particular universities and academics doing amazing
                                           work there. There will be articles on our academic concentrations in Antarctic Studies, Marine Science,
                                           Politics of Peace and Global Security. We will be telling you about our community engagement
                                           activities and projects like Bicycles For Democracy where we are helping to provide push bikes for
                                           women Councillors in Cambodia in conjunction with UNIFEM Australia and Leichhardt Council. This
did you know?                              campaign promotes gender equality, nourishes local democratic processes and validates the quality
                        notepads           and legitimacy of women’s decision making. See our website for more.
 Australians invented
 (1902), aspirin  (1915), the
                       penicillin (1940)   Finally I want to thank all my staff as I feel immensely privileged to be working with such talented and
 pacemaker (1926),                 46),
  the Hills Hoist clothesline (19          authentic people hosting young American university students in our wonderful country.
  the plastic dispo sable syringe
                      ne cask (1965).      Katherine Hamilton
   (1949) and the wi
                                           Director Australian Programs

Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
                                                         The Prime
Chelsey Mur
             doa (left), Ke
Australia & Sa
               rah Wigman
                            vin Rudd Prim
                                         e Minister of
                                                         Minister visits
Kevin Rudd was elected the twenty-sixth Prime Minister of             confront in the current environmental, economic and political
Australia on 4 November 2007 and a year later on the                  climate. At all levels of interaction between our two countries
22 November 2008, Barack Obama was elected the forty-forth            these relationships must remain strong and our University
President of United States of America. Both of these elections        systems is one of many places where this can occur.
have signaled changes in their respective countries’ international
                                                                      Chelsey Muroda and Sarah Wigman elected to study at
and domestic policy agendas. The leaders met at the G20 in
                                                                      Australian National University and stayed at Burgmann College.
September the two great issues confronting the world today
                                                                      To celebrate their Alumni Burgman College organized a formal
climate change and how to assure a sound and sustainable
                                                                      dinner the guest speaker was the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
recovery from the global financial crisis. Both Rudd and Obama
                                                                      This is their story.
have a sense of urgency and a commitment to action and as
a result their working relationship will grow even stronger.
They are the new generation of leaders who understand the
importance of uniting the world to face the challenges we

The night
The residents of Burgmann College gathered in the courtyard
dressed in their evening casual attire. As everyone ate traditional
Australian pies for dinner, the students eagerly awaiting the          Burgmann College at
chance to listen to the lecture by the Honorable Prime Minister        Australian National Uni

Kevin Rudd. The dining hall was filled to capacity by 7 o’clock
with students, college staff and board members.

As soon as the Prime Minister finished his dinner with a few
select Burgmann residents, another resident, who had the                                                 Chelsey Mur
                                                                                                                    doa and Sara
                                                                                                                                h Wigman
honor of being Master of Ceremonies, welcomed the guests and
had the honor of emceeing the night. Before the PM’s address,
another Burgmann resident entertained the audience by
                                                                      After the lecture the crowd and the PM moved freely into
naming all of the former Prime Ministers.
                                                                      Burgmann’s common room for tea and biscuits and he socialized
The Master of Ceremonies introduced the Prime Minister in             with a wide group of people who asked for his photo. The
fluent Mandarin. The PM promptly responded in Mandarin and            sense of excitement was in the air and the PM was relaxed and
the audience laughed with amusement. Then the PM stepped              amenable. He was happy to pose for a photo with Chelsey and
up to the microphone and addressed a hushed audience. The             Sarah. Most students would not expect an opportunity to hear
PM reminisced on his time spent in the college. He told us about      the Prime Minister speak live let alone meet him personally.
his room on the third floor of the Barassi wing of the college
                                                                      IFSA-Butler would like to thank Dr Philip Dutton the Principle of
and about his experiences. Being from Queenslander he was
                                                                      Burgmann College for making this opportunity possible.
in the minority. He also told the story of how he met his wife in
the dining hall of Burgmann. After these lighthearted anecdotes       More Information:
the PM continued on a more serious note speaking of his future                
plans and current policies on education.
                                                                      By Chelsey Muroda and Sarah Wigman
Following his speech the PM accepted gifts from the Burgmann
Residents’ Association. As well as the Honorary Fellowship and
medal from the college, he was presented with a Burgmann
sports jersey and two goblets. The PM wished the boys’ soccer
team luck for their upcoming match against sports rival John
XXIII College. This must have been the luck that the team
needed as they defeated their rival the following day.
                                                                                                                   Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
                                                                                                             did you know?

                                                                                                                                   were also the
                                                                                                             Aboriginal people               s
                                                                                                             first socie ty to ground edge
                                                                                                             on stone cuttin    g tools and the
                                                                                                                                     ls to grind
                                                                                                              first to use stone too

In today’s competitive job market every bit of experience counts and Internship programs allows you to
gain practical work experience, strengthen your resume and receive an insider’s look at your host country.
Give your future career a boost by combining study abroad with an internship. By Andrew Lai.
Internships combine academic opportunities of international study with practical work experience that can make your semester or
year abroad even more rewarding and may continue to benefit you long after your return home. Internships are offered at many
Australian Universities: Australian National University, Macquarie University, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales
and University of Tasmania. A more recent addition is the University of Sydney which offers 30 places per semester with a wide range
of employers.

Sydney University Internship                                         Meghan Donnelly said of her industry placement,

University of Sydney internship program is now open to               “I get to work with Australians, to learn more about their
International students. Competition is intense, this semester 50     routines. It’s really flexible and allows me to do the placement in
students applied this semester and only 31 were accepted.            a time that suits my university lectures. I’m looking to do more
                                                                     internships before Graduate School and now I can study abroad
The program runs for 15 days throughout the semester and as          and also do an internship”
part of the program students must write a reflective journal
during and an essay on completion. They must also complete a         Undertaking an internship in an Australian workplace is a
series of professional development workshops which provide           wonderful opportunity for our students.
information on the Australian workplace; Australian business
                                                                     “While a student learns the practicalities of the role and has an
etiquette, communication skills and networking and mentoring.
                                                                     enhanced sense of belonging, the workplace is being exposed
These workshops help to set the internship experience apart
                                                                     to new ways of doing things and often benefiting from different
from any other subject.
                                                                     cultural attitudes.” Fiona Tschaut.
“These professional development workshops help bring
                                                                     As the University’s Internship Program coordinator, Fiona
students up to speed on the communication techniques and
                                                                     Tschaut has developed over 40 partnerships with organisations
approaches to work that we commonly see in Australia and that
                                                                     such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the City of
are often different to those in their home country,” Fiona Tschaut
                                                                     Sydney, GetUp, Save the Children and Splash Consulting.
Internship program coordinator for University of Sydney.
                                                                     And she is working on developing partnerships with other
During Semester 2 2009 IFSA-Butler students were successful at       companies to offer a greater diversity to our students.
gaining an Internship with USYD placed several students:

•	 Hailey	Carroll–Sleep	and	Chronobiology	research	at	the	Brain	
   & Mind Research Institute

•	 Robert	D’Amico–Environment	Campaigns	at	the	NSW	Nature	
   Conservation Council

•	 Meghan	Donnelly	–USYD	Student	tutoring	program

•	 Katherine	Judson–USYD	International	Student	Engagement	

•	 Katherine	Oberwager–Marketing	and	PR	intern	at	the	United	
   States Study Centre

•	 Nguyen	Vu	–Funding	Models	and	Finance	research	for	the	
   USU Clubs & Societies Program

•	 John	Stewart	and	Daniel	Bloomstine–Strategic	Readiness	                                                              itute
                                                                                                         nd Mind Inst
   project at the Centre for English Teaching.                                               the Brain a
                                                                              Internships at

Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
internships (continued)

Application process:
•	 Applications	for	Semester	1,	2010	close	on	
   31 December 2009.

•	 Course	Code	ARTS2600	–	Internship	1	should	be	listed	on	
   the application form.

•	 Students	need	to	submit	a	resumé	and	cover	letter.

•	 Shortlisted	applicants	will	be	sent	an	Internship	Portfolio	and	
   need to nominate their three preferences.

•	 Upon	their	arrival	they	will	be	interviewed	by	their	employer	
   and an appropriate Internship selected.
Program advisor:         Lindsey Jendraszak,                                       development
University Enrolment:    45,000
Required GPA:            3.2 (4.0 scale)

University of Melbourne Internships
The University of Melbourne offers a limited number of                Other Internship options include Business & Management, Arts
internships to students in several departments with the Faculty       and Science
of Arts, Economics and Commerce. Each internship requires the
student to participate in an industry-based placement and to          Application process:
complete a significant research project under the supervision of      Required GPA:           3.0 (4.0 Scale)
an academic staff member from the department overseeing the
internship.                                                           Applications Deadlines: November 1st for Semester 1, 2010

Depending on the department, students will do their internship        Each school handles application process is different, please
in place of either one or two academic courses. Students              check the schools website for more information.
who are interested in an internship should send a letter of           Program advisor:        Shelby Combs,
introduction outlining the reasons they are interested in an          University Enrolment:   40,000
internship and highlighting their qualifications. Students should     Required GPA:           3.0 (4.0 scale)
also mark the internship’s course number and name on the
course preference form. Availability of internships varies from       More Information:
semester to semester and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore,   
students should also select at least five regular courses for pre-

 “My main project for the ULNA is on human trafficking into
Australia, in particular women trafficked into sex servitude. My
work is seen as a small part in the fight to combat trafficking
into Australia. The opportunity to work on meaningful and
important projects for the organization has made me feel like
a useful and important addition to the office, and I hope my
work will promote and inspire further work on trafficking in the
future.” Meaghan Malloy

                                                                                                       Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Student profile:
Meaghan Malloy
Applying for an internship can be a time consuming
process and you may not be guaranteed a spot till
you arrive in Australia. However Meaghan’s project
on human trafficking has reaped many rewards for
her career.
                                                                   What’s the funniest moment you have had so far?
Home University: Johns Hopkins University                          We were hiking in the Blue Mountains and our lecturer told us a
USA degree:                                                        scary/funny story but he never told us the ending. The people I
Major: International Studies,                                      was looking after were actually scared, while I was laughing.
Concentration: International Law
Minor: Economics                                                   What will you remember about being in Australia?

Why did you choose to come to Australia and study?                 The extreme friendliness of the Aussies and the amazing people
                                                                   I have befriended while here.
I have always wanted to travel to Australia and study abroad
presented an opportune time.                                       Any advice to students who are thinking about coming out?

Why did you choose the University of Melbourne?                    It is not a joke when you hear that Melbourne can experience
                                                                   all four seasons in one day. My advice is to dress for every type
Melbourne is known as the cultural and shopping capital of         of weather. I have been caught in those infamous five minute
Australia. Something is always happening in the city from          downpours completely unprepared too many times.
festivals to concerts to theatre performances.
                                                                   About my internship:
What’s your favourite subject?
                                                                   12 noon and the monthly meeting of the United Nations
Human Rights and Global Justice.                                   Association	of	Australia	–	Status	of	Women	is	about	to	
                                                                   commence. I look out to see a table surrounded by prominent
Personal Interests:                                                women, each working to increase women’s rights in Australia
Travelling, running, politics and current events, reading.         either through NGO work or other forms of advocacy.
                                                                   “Meaghan do you have anything else to add?” questions the
Last CD you bought?                                                convenor and I soon realize that these women accept me as
One of my Australian friends made me a CD of all popular dance     a peer, although their qualifications and past experience far
songs here. One of our favourites is Embrace by PNAU.              exceeds mine. From here on out I know that this internship will
                                                                   be more than just coffee runs and photocopying.
Last movie you saw?
                                                                   The opportunity to work at the United Nation Association of
The Jammed, it’s an Australian film based on a true story of 3     Australia (Victoria Division) has been a unique and rewarding
girls trafficked into Melbourne to work in the sex industry.       experience. From useful advice received from many positive
What do you do to relax?                                           mentors to practical office experience gained throughout
                                                                   the internship, I have undoubtedly learned and enhanced
Reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends.             my academic and professional skills. My main project for
                                                                   the UNAA is on human trafficking into Australia in particular
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you
                                                                   women trafficked into sex servitude. The topic has been warmly
                                                                   welcomed by the Status of Women committee which gives
Really anywhere, I love to travel! Australia and in particular     purpose to my project. My work is seen as a small part in the
Melbourne is definitely one of he best places I have been so far   fight to combat trafficking into Australia. The opportunity to
in my life.                                                        work on meaningful and important projects for the organization
                                                                   has made me feel like a useful and important addition to the
                                                                   office and, I hope my work will promote and inspire further work
                                                                   on trafficking in the future.
Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Student profile:                                                                                      did you know?
                                                                                                      Aboriginal people
                                                                                                                         have lived

Meghan donnelly
                                                                                                      and thr ived on this contine
                                                                                                      for more than  50,000 years they
                                                                                                                          e advances long
                                                                                                      made many uniqu
                                                                                                       before the Europeans arrived.

Are you someone who never really thought of
travelling abroad? It’s not just travellers who study
abroad. The travel abroad experience is something
that everyone can enjoy and, in Meghan’s words,
‘You can be whoever you want to be’.

Home University: Connecticut College
USA Degree: Psychology and Human Development

Why did you choose to come to Australia and study?

I wanted a change in my pace of life. I have never travelled
out of the country and have always wanted to visit Australia.
Aussies seem to be an interesting combination between laid
back and successful-work hard and play seems a great option
to me.

I didn’t want to study abroad until one of the captains on my
swim team did so and stayed at the Sydney University Village.
                                                                     Last meal you bought?
He came home and could not stop raving about it. Out of my
friends, I was the one who was happy and content at home,            Chicken Pad Thai, Newtown Thai and it was only $6.
even though I realised that studying abroad would benefit me
the most both in terms of travel and studying.                       What do you do to relax?

Why did you choose the University of Sydney?                         Swim, sleep.

I looked at other universities-University of Queensland and          If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you
University of Melbourne. I’m not usually a city girl as my college   go?
only has 2000 students. But Sydney has lots to do, the beaches       Greece and Italy and Aruba.
are great and it’s a very clean city. To be honest I was very
nervous and worried about coming out but I have changed lots.        What will you remember about being in Australia?
It’s the still same me but I’ve become more adventurous and          Definitely the people and everyone is welcoming. I love the
open to trying new things. Nobody knew me so I had a clean           clubs and beaches. It was awesome to go hiking to Blue
slate with my new Australian and American friends.                   Mountains and the Royal National Park and the Aussie accents
What’s your favourite subject?                                       aren’t bad either!

Learning in outdoor education because it made me more                Any advice to students who are thinking about coming out?
confident and comfortable outdoors. I learnt be part of a group      Explore and widen your horizons; welcome the people and the
in the outdoors. We challenged each other to do things like          customs; definitely come with no preconceptions and you can
climbing. We climbed 1500 stairs on the last day in and around       be whoever you want to be.
the Blue Mountains. I was terrified of bugs—but I’m not now.
It was mentally and physically challenging and because I took        Meghan’s Classes
those challenges I was able to learn about myself.
                                                                     Personality and differential psychology
Last CD you bought?
                                                                     Intimacy, love and friendship
Taylor Swift.
                                                                     Learning in outdoor education
Last movie you saw?

The Hangover.
                                                                                                     Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
khadija Griffith
Traditional forms of university studies are changing. Subjects
which were once thought of as the traditional university courses,
for example economics, accounting and marketing are becoming
less popular. Studying abroad is not necessarily limited to the
types of courses which are considered a strength of that culture
or country. Khadija choose to study abroad after being convinced
by a friend. She did some research into various universities to
continue pursuing her interest in dance and decided to come to
the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Home University: Connecticut College                                  Khadja’s Personal interests
USA Degree: Bachelor of Arts
                                                                      Last CD you bought?
Why did you choose to come to Australia and study?
                                                                      The last CD I must have bought was probably the Spice Girls in
From what I’ve seen in books, TV and of the Internet I was            the 5th grade, but the latest album I downloaded was The Best
fascinated with it all and the unique animals were also of            of Sammy Davis Jr.
interest. At Connecticut College the leading dancers in our
department studies abroad in Australia, I figured following in        Last movie you saw?
their footsteps would be a good idea.                                 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! it was a 2.5-3 hour movie
Why did you choose the University of New South Wales?                 and I didn’t even notice the time go by so quickly.

I looked at each school the IFSA-Butler program was associated.       Last Meal you bought?
My main academic focus was to dance and UNSW offered a                Pad Thai from the restaurant down our street.
dance degree but with a different perspective.
                                                                      What do you do to relax?
Dance would be taught through the perspective of a future
dance teacher and how to teach safe movement. The dancers             Music and dance really help me relax. Depending on exactly
here are technically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz. During      how I feel determines the music or type of dance I need to listen
the time of the technical training the dancers are also instructed    to or do. I also like to start a project of some sort and just delve
in how to encourage the younger generations of dancers and            into that and not have to worry about what is making me tense.
approach different ages and experience levels since they need         If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you
to be treated differently and even the same exercises need to         go?
be approached differently. Last but not least, they are taught
about the body and how they can best take care of the body. As        I’m here now and Australia is amazing! I still hope to venture
a performer and choreographer is it important for me to know          across the world, learn and see all I can. My next stop would be
as much about my body as I can, to protect and enhance the            somewhere in South America.
longevity of my “instrument” or body. To learn how to instruct
                                                                      Where have you previously travelled?
others as a teacher or working as a choreographer will be of
value for the rest of my career. I feel like I will be returning to   Well, I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. From there
Connecticut College with more information about my body,              I have travelled to NYC, St. Louis, MO Chicago, ILL L.A.,CA
many new ideas for movement from being outside of my usual            Austria(Zillertal), Australia(Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong),
dance routine, and with a different physical strength. All that       Greece, Dusseldorf, some other small German towns.
information means so much to me, as if I will be bringing home
                                                                      What will you remember about being in Australia?
more pieces for an always growing and morphing puzzle! And
that’s a good thing!                                                  My wonderful roommates and friends that I have made, both
                                                                      from the IFSA-Butler program and the Dance Department I
What’s your favourite subject?
                                                                      couldn’t really imagine leaving them. The apartment I am living
My dance technique classes.                                           in is absolutely amazing! I can see the ocean and the sun-rise
                                                                      just the window next to my bed, it’s so beautiful.

Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
i am not easily intimidated
I tend to be rather outgoing and always ready to put myself                    talk to the Australians. Of the 200 students that live at UC, only
out there. Ironically, I feel like this quality is the culmination             12 are American. It was nice to know that there were other kids
of many years of calculated reserve, a quiet calmness and a                    who were experiencing the same culture shock as I was, but
rather shy persona. As soon as I became a freshman in college,                 I was still thoroughly determined to make myself known and
all these feelings of insecurity and trepidation fell to the floor             begin relationships with the Australian students. And as soon
and I became the person I thought I wanted to be. I had a lot of               as I gave myself a pep talk: ‘Brittany, you’re only here for six
friends, I was invited to social gatherings and I was proud of who             months. What in the world do you have to lose—maybe a little
I was and where I was going. I was content with my social status,              embarrassment for doing something silly? Maybe you’ll make an
my friends and my life at Emory University.                                    awkward           comment? Please, get over yourself.’ And in that
It is noticeable that international students in the                                               instant, I had set my mind on changing my
USA tend to stick together to create                                                               ways. I got up the nerve to sit down at a table
a comfort zone—a safety net—in a                                                                   during a meal with a group of Australians.
new school—let alone a new country. I                                                               At first, it was slightly awkward; they didn’t
didn’t quite understand why they never                                                               quite know why I was sitting down, as I
integrated themselves into the American                                                              hadn’t introduced myself. As soon as I
culture, but seemed to prefer staying close                                                           spoke, it was like the lights turned on. This
to what they knew. In all the study abroad                                                             was the beginning of my acceptance into
meetings we had at Emory, every single                                                                  Australia.
student speaker was upfront in stating that                                                                      I knew I was being influenced by the
you do not get to know locals; that it is                                                                         Australian culture when I started eating
more of an experience to become closer                                                                         crumpets and vegemite every morning
with your fellow American classmates. I              ‘ ...I don’t know if I am go                              at brekkie; abbreviating simple words
                                                                                              lea   ve.
knew that if I was going to study abroad,            to have the strength to
                                                                                              rson I           and using Aussie slang; cheering for the
                                                      I thought I knew the pe
I was not going to ‘experience Americans’.            was, but I fail to be            lieve I am              Collingwood Football Club; and hearing
When I finally got that opportunity three             done growing             . I am no longer                the start of a (very minor) Australian
                                                                                                 re, but
years later, I found myself standing in                viewed as a foreigner he d                              accent. I knew I was part of something
                                                                                                 , an
a dining hall full of strangers and I was              rather, an equal, a friend                              that most American study abroad students
                                                                                               to be
being looked at as a foreigner.                        to some, close enough                                         don’t get to experience when I found
                                                        a sister.’
I was lucky enough to be accepted into                                                                               myself hanging out, studying and
a residential college at the University of                                                                           going out with Australians in my
Melbourne for my whole stay here in Australia.                                                                      college. I now know that I shouldn’t
After a ridiculous application process and being                                                                    have been so nervous that first day
told by many people that there was too much                                                                        in the dining hall. The intimidation I
competition for me to be granted a spot as                                                                         persisted through was of a sort I had
an international student, I received the email                                                                    never experienced before. The bonds I
notifying me that I was going to be living at
                                                                      of Melbo
                                                                               urne (New
                                                                                         man Colle
                                                                                                                 have established with every student in
                                                                                                   ge Chapel
University College. I was ecstatic. This was
                                                                                                             )  my college are the type I knew I could
my chance to prove every study abroad student                                                                   have, but never imagined I would have.
wrong: you can integrate into another country. Well, as I was                                                   My new best friends have taught me so
standing in that dining hall for the first time with a hundred                        much—not only            about Australia, but about myself—I don’t
pairs of eyes staring in my direction, my sympathetic nervous                         know if I am going to have the strength to leave. I thought I
system kicked in to gear. My heart pounded, my hands began to                         knew the person I was, but I fail to believe I am done growing. I
sweat, I became self-conscious and my fight-or-flight reflex was                      am no longer viewed as a foreigner here, but rather as an equal,
about to throw me back to America. People began to whisper,                           a friend, and to some, close enough to be a sister.
‘she must be one of the Americans’, I didn’t want to be known as               I plan on going back to Emory and speaking as a student
‘The American’, as if a label were to define me for who I wasn’t.              ambassador for our study abroad program. I have a strong
I wasn’t loud, I wasn’t obnoxious and I didn’t support George                  desire to contradict all the other American students who
Bush—three stereotypical qualities I was told Australians believe              have studied abroad by sharing my story of how I became an
Americans to possess. After I got my food, I returned to my room               Australian.
alone. My first day, and I was already an outsider.
                                                                               Brittany Rouchou
As the days progressed, I made more and more of an effort to                   Emory College and University of Melbourne
                                                                                                                     Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Four steps to enjoying your
time while studying abroad
If you’re interested in having an amazing time abroad while
experiencing the culture that you’ve travelled around the world
to be a part of, then why not try the following steps for a more
complete immersion.

Step 1: Recognise when to be a tourist and when to be a
student. Studying abroad provides a powerful segue into a
culture. When living abroad as a student, you’re presented with
entirely different opportunities to get to know that culture than
                                                                            Sydney Opera House
the everyday tourist. Take advantage of this and make
as many new friends as you can.
There are no doubts about having your                      ‘Studying                 can
                                                                        f fun. You
American friends around you who either                      is heaps o               ence
                                                                        the experi
knew you from back home or you met during                    enhance           e Australi
orientation. Friends are essential to help
                                                             and   even mak          u work
                                                                          ome if yo
                                                              feel like h
you recover from homesickness. However,
                                                                                 part of th
befriending locals is the ultimate cure for
                                                               on becoming
this illness. If you’re interested in meeting                             e in.’
Australians, then it’s important to stay away
                                                               city you’r
from large American groups. Do touristy things
with your American friends but try to be alone                            personal reasons for joining. On the second or third meeting,
or with a very small group of them when you’re at the university          ask people about locations or events in Sydney that relate to
or going out to meet Australians. Take an interesting class alone         the club. See if any of them would like to go with you over the
or at least separate yourself from the other exchange students            weekend. Magically, you’ll have instant friends for a day.
during tutorials or study groups. Whenever you are assigned
to small discussion groups for a class, avoid staying with your           If you are really feeling ambitious, try creating your own group.
American group.                                                           If you play an instrument, post flyers around the campus looking
                                                                          members to join a band. If you have a hobby (magic tricks, a
Step 2: Getting to know a culture means stepping outside                  sport, acting) start a team or troupe. It’s simple to post a few
of your comfort zone. Be alone! It will be the most liberating            flyers and you will get immediate contacts. Meet them at the uni
experience	you	will	have	while	travelling.	Go	to	a	café,	take	a	          bar	or	campus	café	to	discuss	the	club.	
long walk along the boardwalk, or sit at the beach by yourself
for a day. Bring a book if you must but it’s essential to be alone.       Step 4: When you go travelling, spend a night away from
Smile at passers-by and say hi to other singletons walking or             your buddies. If you want instant friends, then be sure to stay
sitting around you. Fifty per cent of the time this will lead to an       alone in a hostel for a night. You won’t regret it. There are bound
interesting conversation. If you don’t meet people immediately            to be many, many travellers who will be eager to make friends.
don’t give up. Take advantage of the opportunity for some                 Exchange contact info and meet up with your designated travel
mental freedom.                                                           buddies for another part of the trip.

                                                                        Studying in Australia is heaps of fun. You can enhance the
Step 3: Join a couple of small but dedicated clubs. If you have
                                                                        experience and even make Australia feel like home if you work
an interest in art, philosophy or a particular faith, this will work
                                                                        at becoming part of the city you’re in. What better way to
in your favour. It helps to join a student organisation. You can
                                                                        accomplish this than surrounding yourself with its locals? Cheers
still attend and join the same clubs without being a member (it
                                                                        and have a great semester!
just takes more of your time to do the research yourself ).
                                                                        Marissa Krimsky
If you attend club meetings, stay afterwards to engage in
                                                                        University of New South Wales & Emory University
conversation with the other members. Ask them about their

Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Spring Break                                                                                    did you know?
                                                                                                The average Austr
                                                                                                7% less alcohol
                                                                                                                   alian drinks
                                                                                                                 than the

Aussie Style
                                                                                                                   % less than
                                                                                                average Briton, 25
                                                                                                 Germans an   d 35% less alcohol
                                                                                                 than the Irish.

Back home spring break is a big deal. College students plan for
months to come up with the best spring break itinerary. Friends
will do anything, from going on a cruise to tropical islands,
visiting Cancun, Mexico or going to some all-inclusive resort in
the Bahamas, to heading down to Panama City, Florida for an
unforgettable week of beaches. I haven’t done any of this back
at school in the States; I was waiting until my senior year for my
big spring break trip, but it ended up coming early for me.

When I arrived in Australia I only knew that I had a week off in
the middle of the semester, which, of course, is ‘spring break’
in Australia; but I didn’t know what types of activities were
possible to do half way around the world. The problem was
solved quickly as different travel companies bombarded the
study abroad students with information about 10-day trips to
New Zealand, Fiji or up and down the east coast of Australia.                                          ple
                                                                                            Bratan Tem
I was overwhelmed with options! It looked like my ‘spring                       Ulun Danu

break’ would arrive earlier than expected! All the trips sounded
absolutely amazing, but they were all so expensive! I soon
realized that any trip was going to be pricey, considering it was    Fast-forward two months to Friday September 4 when I arrived
not just university holidays that week but school holidays as        in Bali. As I walked out of the airport in to 85-degree weather at
well. Flights were really expensive.                                 midnight, I was in heaven. A taxi from the airport to our hotel
                                                                     only cost US $5 versus the $45 it costs from the Sydney airport
I have to admit, I felt pretty overwhelmed. One of my friends and    to Coogee, (where I live in Sydney) and there was such a variety
I started talking about where we wanted to go, what we wanted        of people out and about.
to see and how much money we could afford to spend. She had
heard that Bali, Indonesia was a place that many Australians visit   While I was there I spent time relaxing on the beach, rode an
for their holiday. I looked into what was there and discovered       elephant, went to a monkey forest, snorkelled in the Indian
that Bali was full of beautiful tropical beaches, fascinating        Ocean, visited a few temples, witnessed two cultural dances,
temples, amazing scenery and a wild nightlife. It sounded like       and saw an active volcano!
the perfect vacation for me! We decided that Bali was where we       Bali is a fabulous place. It is beautiful, cultural, inexpensive and
wanted to go and started searching for flights and hotels. We        fun. Balinese people are friendly and helpful and I met people
managed to get a reasonable flight and, a few weeks later, off       from all around the world! I could get a full meal including
we go to Bali!                                                       an	appetizer,	entrée,	dessert	and	drink	for	under	$10	and	I	
                                                                     managed to buy three pairs of shoes for $25. It was refreshing
                                                                     being somewhere where things did not cost too much and I
                                                                     really enjoyed learning about Balinese culture!

                                                                     Bali is a tropical getaway where you can spend your time
                                                                     relaxing on the beach, going to a spa, immersing yourself in
                                                                     the culture, doing a little shopping. There is something for
                                                                     the whole family. I had an amazing vacation and I will most
                                                                     definitely be heading back to Bali at sometime soon I hope, and
                                                                     I would recommend it as a place to visit for all students studying
                                                                     in Australia. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

                                                                     JoJo Aresty
                                  s, Ubud area                       University of New South Wales & Emory University
           Terraced   rice paddie

                                                                                                             Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Exams...                                                                                                       did you know?
                                                                                                               Australia is the sm
                                                                                                               on earth or
                                                                                                                                    allest continent
                                                                                                                             the largest island

Are you kidding me!

Final examinations, some of them comprising up to 70% of your course grade, will be starting soon.
Right now many of you still have images of the city and country and travels fresh in your mind, but the critical time of the semester
is rapidly approaching. Those papers that seemed not to be due for months are due NOW. Your lecturers will soon beginning to talk
about exams.

Don’t let your studies slide—you are going to be expected to know your material and that doesn’t happen overnight. Students study for
weeks and marks aren’t awarded lightly. If you’ve had any written work returned at this point, you have probably realised that we weren’t
overestimating the tough level of grading. If you haven’t yet been assessed in a class and you fear you’re missing the boat, remain calm
and confident by attending classes and keeping up with reading and assignments. Ask your lecturers for feedback and assistance.

We don’t mean to alarm you, but we see it as our duty to forewarn and prepare you. So, here’s our advice:

1. To do really well on an exam                                                            to send employees on stress-management
question, you will have to provide                                                         courses.
evidence, that is, examples and
references from more than just the
                                                                                           5. Don’t reschedule an examination
                                                                                            FOR ANY REASON. Our students’ past
lecture notes and the basic required
                                                                                            experiences have shown this to be an
reading (assuming there is some). That’s
                                                                                            invitation for trouble, which is why we
where the ‘optional’ or ‘suggested’
                                                                                            officially prohibit it in most cases. If you
reading comes in. Americans are often
                                                                                            believe you have a legitimate reason for
criticised by Australian academics for
                                                                                            rescheduling the exam, contact the IFSA-
failing to employ ‘critical thinking’. You
                                                                                            Butler office and the examinations board
are expected to back up your points
                                                                                            of your university. Remember, if IFSA-
with quotes from other sources. Make
                                                                                            Butler does not approve of the change,
sure you have a point of view and an argument in your
                                                                                        we will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for the
work. Summaries and fact recital won’t
                                                                                        consequences and will not assist with any later
get you too many marks in this system.
                                                                                        grade queries. Also, please remember that
2. Answer the questions. Don’t waffle                                                    you were given the dates of the exam period
or attempt to disguise your answer in                                                    when you arrived, so travel plans are rarely
what one professor (in reference to a                                                     considered to be a legitimate excuse.
Butler student’s essay) referred to as ‘the
Baroque excesses of the North American
                                                                                          6. Don’t leave all your study until the night
                                                                                         before the exam. If you don’t know your
style’. Be succinct. Remember that Aussies
                                                                                          work by 11.00 at night, you’re better off
generally have a lower BS threshold.
                                                                                          having a good night’s sleep so you can
3. Caffeine and other sleep-preventing                                                   maximise your performance in the exam.
medications (legal or otherwise) only fool
you into thinking you’re performing well. Don’t trust that buzz!
                                                                       7. Remember, just because you have finished your exams, it
                                                                       doesn’t mean your house/roommates have. Be considerate of
It’s about as reliable as believing you can drive safely after a few
                                                                       your housemates.
drinks. Grab a healthy sandwich instead of fries. Takeaway food
is death to an alert brain.                                            8. Pay close attention to the guidelines for the length for essays
4. Use the Study Skills Centres on campus (see next article). In       and exams but avoid writing fluff. In exams, be clear on the
                                                                       time restrictions, and the format of the exam (i.e. answer one
Australia, the centres are not aimed at remedial students. Bridgit
                                                                       question from Group A, two from Group B, and one from either
Ballard (of ANU), an international expert on study skills, reported
                                                                       A or B). You’d be surprised by the trouble past students have got
that more than 70% of ANU’s honours students had attended
                                                                       themselves into by neglecting these simple points.
at least one writing, studying or stress workshop. Regardless of
whether you feel a great need to attend, such workshops often          9. Work hard knowing that R&R will follow.
help focus your thoughts. Large corporations pay a lot of money
Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
                                                  Red Tape
                                          A cynical professor once said that a bachelor’s degree, regardless of
the discipline, is actually a multiyear course in how to manipulate complex bureaucratic systems to one’s
own advantage. With this in mind, it’s time to discuss some of the final arrangements for closing off your
studies in Australia.

All grades will be reported to your home university                      Full load
or college
                                                                         If you did a standard Butler full load as outlined at your
IFSA - Butler advises everything including: incompletes, failures,       orientation and as printed in your handbook, you will receive a
withdrawals and, where applicable, whether the course was                full	load	of	15–16	Butler	semester	credits.	If	not,	you	will	receive	
pass/fail. If it appears on your host university transcript it will      proportional credit according to what you did take.
appear on the Butler transcript as well. Please refer to your
student handbooks for credit conversions—these will differ for
each university.                                                         I still don’t have my transcript
Take home all relevant materials                                         Call IFSA-Butler in Indianapolis and explain the situation. It may
                                                                         be because you have an outstanding library fine or some other
As an undergraduate in ‘How to Manipulate Complex
                                                                         outstanding fine. If you need a rush transcript, complete the
Bureaucratic Systems to One’s Own Advantage’ take home all
                                                                         Rush Transcript form in your student handbook and get it to
documents, including essays, exams and syllabi. This will be
                                                                         your SSC as soon as possible.
your insurance policy against any unforeseen circumstances.
It is very difficult to query a grade without the background             Check your grade
                                                                         Check your final results online as soon as they’re published. This
How long until I receive my academic transcript?                         is usually a week or so after the last scheduled examination.
                                                                         Results are most often posted on the self-administration section
On average it takes six to eight weeks before your academic
                                                                         of your host university’s website.
transcript will be sent from your Aussie institution. Butler will
process it on a first-come-first-serve basis, giving priority to         Before you board your plane, make sure you know the
those with ‘rush’ requests.                                              procedures and deadlines of grade appeals for your host
                                                                         university. Please refer to the ‘Policy’ section of your IFSA-Butler
This may seem like a long time, Professors can be late in
                                                                         Student Handbook or online at for more
submitting grades, the university internal review processes,
                                                                         information about appeal of grades. If you suspect an error, call
the process of organising a few thousand transcripts and most
                                                                         IFSA-Butler in Indianapolis with relevant documentation on
universities, therefore we will process these as soon as they
                                                                         hand, ask for Laura Wallman, Academic Affairs Coordinator, and
                                                                         explain the problem. Also keep your home institution abreast of
Who issues my official transcript?                                       everything.

Butler University. You may receive some notification from                Remember, IFSA-Butler insists that all its students take exams at
your Australian university, but these results will be in the host        the official scheduled time and date.
country vernacular and must be officially translated into the
                                                                         More information:
American system. Please refer to the grade conversions in the
‘Your Australian University’ section of your IFSA-Butler Student
Handbook, or online at
                                                                       did you know?
                                                                      Mt Kosciuszko in the
                                                                                            state of
                                                                      New South Wales
                                                                                        is the highest
                                                                      mountain in Austr
                                                                                        alia at 2,228
                                                                      metres (7,305 feet).
                                                                                                            Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Bring your study abroad experience to the forefront of your resume and job
Your time in Australia could be described as fun, exciting, interesting, challenging,
difficult, rewarding or life altering. But once back Stateside, how can you transform
these descriptions into something viable to be used when job hunting?

The following pointers can help make your semester abroad a resume highlight and a
significant discussion point with recruiters and potential employers. Spend some time
reflecting on your experience overseas and prepare yourself to meaningfully discuss
your what you have learnt.
Firstly, a semester abroad is not a ‘semester off’ and this should    daily life and problem solving within an unfamiliar environment
be reflected in the precedence you give the experience on             could be applied when adjusting to the demands of a new
your resume. List your study abroad experience as part of your        job. You could also employ your improved interpersonal skills
educational history on your resume. Indicate which Australian         when working within a multicultural team or for a business or
university you attended and include the semester (or full-year)       organisation that operates internationally.
                                                                      Orahood, Kruze & Pearson (2004) suggest brainstorming
Be sure to include in your resume experiences you’ve had              specific answers to the following questions:
in Australia that could be regarded as having a professional
purpose or promoting cross-cultural competency. Did you
                                                                      1. While abroad did you:
intern or volunteer? Did you become involved in organisations,        •	 complete	a	specific	project	or	research	specific	to	your	field	
activities or sports on or off campus?                                   of interest?
When applying for a job your study abroad experience can              •	 travel	independently?
demonstrate specific skills and competencies attractive to a
                                                                      •	 learn	to	work	with	more	diverse	groups	of	people	than	
potential employer. You could list such skills as:
                                                                         you had previously been exposed to?
•	 enhanced	cultural	awareness	and	sensitivity	to	customs	and	
                                                                      •	 resolve	a	conflict	based	on	misunderstandings	or	
   cultural differences
                                                                         cultural differences?
•	 ability	to	function	in	an	unfamiliar	environment
                                                                      •	 learn	new	skills	or	hobbies?
•	 initiative,	independence	and	self-reliance

•	 flexibility	and	adaptability
                                                                      2. Was there a time when you were abroad that you:
                                                                      •	 dealt	with	uncertainty	or	ambiguity?
•	 ability	to	maintain	an	open	mind	and	be	tolerant	of	others
                                                                      •	 confronted	a	challenging	situation?
•	 problem-solving	skills.
                                                                      •	 had	to	handle	conflict?
                                                                      •	 had	to	learn	something	new?
In a job or recruitment interview be prepared to support
                                                                      In light of the global context that the professional world
the experiences or skills you have claimed on your resume
                                                                      increasingly embraces, employers are looking for skills in new
with a thoughtful, relevant example. Review the skills and
                                                                      employees that a study abroad experience can help nurture.
competencies list above and think about what situations
                                                                      It’s a long plane ride back home end of semester. It’s conducive
or challenges in Australia may have contributed to their
                                                                      to reflection. Consider it.
development? For example, your new skills in managing

Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Reverse Culture Shock:
                                                        Readjusting to
                                                        your old life
                                                        Laurie had barely uttered the ‘When I was in Australia …’ before her friends
                                                        eyes started to roll and then glaze over. Her mates back home seemed to have
                                                        this automatic response to the words ‘Australia’, ‘Brisbane’, or anything relating
                                                        to the beach, the sun or her host university. Laurie had simply wanted to share
                                                        her amazing experience with everyone she knew back home, but it seemed
                                                        not everyone was fascinated by her semester abroad.

                                                        Reverse culture shock can be a hard concept to prepare for, let alone live
                                                        through. One past student Dayna Lindenfelser shares her experience with us.

dayna’s Story
I was always warned before leaving America how one may
experience culture shock upon arrival in a new country. Never
did I expect to find myself more culturally shocked coming back
home to the States! Settling back into the American way of life
was more of a challenge than trying to accommodate myself in
an unfamiliar country. So, what challenges do you face when all
that excitement has been dramatically reduced and it’s time to
go back to real life?

You’ve just travelled more in the last six months and
experienced more extraordinary things than you ever have. You        Getting back into the routine at my home university was the
have hundreds of photos capturing your experiences and when          hardest part of settling back into the States. It was hard to get
you reach home all you want to do is tell everyone. There is no      back into the groove of studying when I didn’t have a trip to
doubt that they will all be ecstatic to see you after your long      Melbourne or the Whitsundays to look forward to. The best
absence; however, upon seeing family and friends, don’t expect       way to get back into study mode at your home college is to
all of them to want to hear your stories. Remember, you’ve been      discipline yourself those first couple of weeks back at school.
gone for six months they may have plenty of stories they want        Drag yourself to the library to study that first week back in
to share with you as well!                                           school. I found that this was the best way to start the new
                                                                     semester off right. Now that I’ve been home for six months I
Once all the excitement of seeing your friends and family has
                                                                     am finally settled. However, the emotions and experiences that
worn off, you may find yourself becoming bored. Settling into
                                                                     occurred while I was abroad are always in my thoughts and I can
your normal daily routine may seem difficult. Previous thoughts
                                                                     only hope that one day I’ll get to go back to Australia!
you may have had before departure may have changed. Don’t
be surprised to find yourself having different views on work,        Dayna Lindenfelser
school, politics, even life. I know that being away from home and    University of Queensland, Autumn 2008
experiencing new cultures had helped me find myself. I’d grown
up. Seeing those changes allowed me to feel more independent,
confident and ready to take on life. So when family or friends
point out that you have changed while studying abroad, they
are probably referring to changes for the better.

                                                                                                        Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
 The four stages of reverse culture shock
Readjustment as a result of reverse culture shock is a challenge for people when they return home from a relatively long and
enjoyable time in another culture. In many ways it is similar to the experience entering a different culture for the first time, only
harder. People may find that their perspective has changed. For example, before they left they agreed with the political views of the
democratic party but now they don’t. Multiply this for many other situations and reverse culture shock occurs.

It is imperative that people take time to consider their readjustment and, if possible, take some basic steps to avoid reverse culture
shock. The good news is that there appear to be four distinct stages of response to the re-entry shock and each phase will pass with
time and effort.

1. Excitement
‘Finally! Decent hamburgers and Mexican food.’
                                                                        Tips for adjusting
First is the initial excitement of return! Your new arrival becomes     The process of readjustment, though relatively painful, leads to
the object of attention, of pride and excitement. You won’t need        a new understanding of your own culture.
much encouragement to enjoy this stage…
2. Re-establishment—frustration
                                                                        •	 Share	your	experience	with	your	family	through	stories,	
‘People didn’t understand the Australian culture I lived in and how I      photos and souvenirs.
now see America, which is sometimes negative. They got upset and
                                                                        •	 Let	them	know	how	much	you	appreciate	the	opportunity	
thought I was being too critical.’
                                                                           they gave you to study abroad, gain independence and grow.
The challenge now is to integrate the exhilarating and the
exhausting, the miraculous and the mundane. At this time you            Friends
may begin to experience irritation and frustration. Your ‘natural’
                                                                        •	 Ask	about	and	listen	to	what	they’ve	experienced	while	
way of behaving and living might seem to be in conflict with
                                                                           you were in Australia.
the way of life. Feelings of ambivalence about the wisdom of
returning home can begin to surface.                                    •	 Get	them	to	bring	you	up	to	speed	on	what’s	happened	locally.	
                                                                        •	 Initiate	new	activities	you	can	do	together	to	get	the	
3. Sense of control                                                        relationship on a new footing.
‘My friends thought I was obsessed by Australia, but I didn’t think
the Aussie Flag tattoo was that extreme.’                               University
After returning home you may sense that you are losing control          •	 Talk	with	your	study	abroad	advisor	about	volunteering	with	
of aspects in your life to re-establish some control can often take        students who are about to study abroad themselves or are
the form of ‘scapegoating’. You may blame relatives, friends, co-          new to your campus.
workers or even society at large for your problems in readjusting       •	 Seek	out	other	students	who’ve	also	studied	abroad—you’re	
to the cultural environment and for their lack of understanding            definitely not alone.
and sympathy for your difficulties. This, in turn, reinforces your
feelings of frustration.                                                Yourself
4. Readaptation                                                         •	 Reflect	on	whether/how	you’ve	changed	and	keep	a	journal	
                                                                           of your evolving thoughts.
‘I got involved with programs for international students on campus,
which meant I had a captive audience for my Aussie stories and          Culture
could talk about something else with my old friends.’
                                                                        •	 Evaluate	your	culture	in	the	context	of	the	broader	cultural	
Readapting to your life at home can be difficult you may want              perspectives you have acquired.
to come back to Australia. You have now moved on to the
fourth stage of response: the slow and painstaking process of           •	 Embrace	what	you	value	in	your	own	culture.
readaptation. You begin to realise that while you may not be            •	 Make	friends	who	also	have	an	interest	in	international	or	
able to change your own culture, you can try to understand and             intercultural affairs.
respond to it in the light of the new knowledge about yourself
                                                                        IFSA-Butler Alumni :
and your environment. You must also develop an awareness
of the messages that you are sending out to others. This is the         Andrew Lai
learning phase of the re-entry experience.                              Editor
Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
                                                                                                                              did you know?

The sweet hereafter
                                                                                                                                                    includes the
                                                                                                                              The Nullarbor Plain               ay
                                                                                                                              longest secti on of straight railw
                                                                                                                                                  (47 8km) and
                                                                                                                              track in the world
                                                                                                                                                  ht section of
                                                                                                                               the longest straig
                                                                                                                                                   the world
                                                                                                                               tarred highway in
                                                                                                                                (146.6 km).

Before you leave: Take a trip to Mount Lofty summit for                          Before you leave: Take (or even re-take) the ferry to Manly
spectacular views of the city and greater metropolitan Adelaide.                  from Circular Quay, sit outside and take a photograph of the
While you’re there, enjoy lunch at the cafe and take a walk along                                                             glorious harbour.
the many bush trails.
                                                                                                      Why not take home: Some Aussie music.
Why not take home: An Australian                                                                     Try a CD by Xavier Rudd, Missy Higgins or the
Rules football and teach your friends how                                                                                         John Butler Trio.
to play this iconic Australia game!                                                                                                               Teri Lindsay
Adam Bishop                                                                                                                    Student Services Coordinator
Student Services Coordinator                                                                                       Macquarie University, University of Sydney,
Flinders University & University of Adelaide                                                                                  Australian National University

Before you leave: Try something new                                          tralian icon.                   Before you leave: Take that day or
                                                             o with an Aus
                                                  Take a phot
and challenge yourself. Hot air balloon                                                                     weekend trip to Rotto you have been
ride? Sky diving? Bungy jumping? The                                                                     promising yourself. Hike to West End and
sky’s the limit.                                                                                      check out the speccy views or search for the
                                                                                                                       infamous winged quokka!
Why not take home: A live saltwater
crocodile and a Tasmanian tiger ... who says                                                                    Why not take home: An ‘Aussie
they’re extinct?                                                                                           Homesickness Kit’—to be opened when
Dara Moss
                                                                                                               you start missing Australia. It should
Student Services Coordinator                                                                               contain a packet of Tim Tams, a postcard
Monash University, University of Melbourne &                                                               of your favourite place, a shell from your
University of Tasmania
                                                                                                         favourite beach or beer coaster from your
                                                   Take (or even re-take) the ferry to Manly          favourite pub, a small container of vegemite
                                                   from Circular Quay
                                                                                                      (yes, you may even appreciate it more when
Before you leave: Go diving on the                                                                      you’re back home!) and, of course, a photo
Great Barrier Reef. There’s a reason its one                                                                                             of your SSC!
of the seven wonders of the world.                                                                                                                Vicky Jones
                                                                                                                                 Student Services Coordinator
Why not take home.... your passion to                                                                     University of Western Australia & Murdoch University
travel	and	experience	different	cultures	–	
maps, photos, post cards, and books are a
great way to remember this experience and
motivate you to pursue more opportunities
and visit different places (from your home                                                                          Before you leave: Watch the
state to another overseas adventure).             Visit Tarong                                             Melbourne Cup at a local establishment
                                                               a Zoo and se
                                                  animals.                  e all the Aus               and experience this truly Aussie event, the
Christi Hoover
Student Service Coordinator                                                                             ‘race that stops a nation’, along with all the
Southern Qld + Northern NSW                                                                                    fun fashion and huge elaborate hats.

                                                                               Why not take home: Some Aboriginal artwork. Most gift
                                                                               shops and galleries have unframed paintings that are easy to
Before you leave: Eat a Cold Rock ice cream sitting on the                  pack in your luggage. It makes a great gift for friends and family,
strand or up the goat track on Castle Hill.                                           and you’ll be supporting Indigenous Australian artists.

Why not take home: Some local artwork from the Flinders                                                                                     Michelle Freney
                                                                                                                               Student Services Coordinator
St market (something not likely to be confiscated at customs).                                  University of New South Wales, Wollongong University & UTS
Sally Way
Student Services Coordinator
James Cook University

                                                                                                                      Semester 2/2009 | The Times Abroad
Semester 2/2009 | Butler Bull
                                      I felt no
                          citement,                                                                                   “I do enjoy seeing who is taking
               “In my ex         st my lim
               hesit ation to te               an
                                                                                                                      what. What new classes are
                                  harder th
                Seein  g became                and
                                                                                                                      being offerred. How many
                                 salt water                                                                          people are drawn to Australian
                 expe cted, the                 , one
                                    e in walls
                 wind   came at m h a new                                                                            content courses and how
                            other, eac                                                                               many are taking a class by
                  after the                me.”
                              to overco                                                                              themselves.”
                  challenge               r	
                              eptembe                                                                                Christi	–	August
                   Nicole	–	S

                                                   “ There is
                                                   all differe               a mash o
                                                                nt culture             f
                                                  Australia,                s here in
                                                                much like
                                                  can find It                the U.S., y
                                                                alian, Asia              ou
                                                 Eastern, Ir                n, Middle
                                                               ish, and M
                                                 here… so                   exican fo
                                                               no matte               od
                                                of the wo                 r what pla
                                                             rld you are              ce
                                                can.”	Nico                 from, you                                       f three milli
                                                            le	–	Augu
                                                                        st                                    “This city o             n and
                                                                                                              has lots of                e.”
                                                                                                                            s to help m
                                                                                                               Elizabeth	–
                                   ond y
                            y sec       d
                  fa ll of m n the Stu y
          in the led upo alized m
     “But tumb                I re         ol
           Is            here         scho
            ad  Fair w g away to
       Abro for goin ible.”
        dream tually po
         was  ac
                	–	Jul
                                                                                    “Finals came and went so fast it
                                                                                    all felt like a blur. The end of the
                                                                                   semester, most likely the last
                                                                                   three weeks, molded together
                                                                                   and suddenly classes were over,
                                                                                   campus was much quieter, and
                                                                                   stress levels were way up...”
                                                                                   Elizabeth	–	July

                                      Times Abroad
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