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									    6.3.11 How do you make a bridge over water? (0 comments)

    Put out the bridge. Lower the land, paint the water in the same area where you lowered the land. Make
    sure that the lowered area is within the bridgespan, otherwise it will look funny. Then make sure that you
    paint the water a bit lower then the land, -.5 or so.

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    Things to avoid
    December 24, 2006 - 9:56pm — vendalus

    Arcane Fury posted a message in the modules forum asking what puts people off a mod. Here's a

    quick list:

    A lame story

    Bad Grammar

    Bad spelling

    Absurd design decisions

    Too-large maps that have mostly nothing in them.

    Illogical alignment shifts

    Authors using settings not their own (such as the Forgotten Realms) but not trying hard

     enough, or at all, to follow established lore.

    Dialogue that railroads the PC into a specific personality.

    Overly difficult combat.

    Grinding monsters for XP and too much combat for the sake of combat.

    Endlessly fightingfightingfighting the same battle over and over and over again.

    Tedious things you have to do which do not aid the storytelling.

    Editing enemy stats to just flat out stupid levels

    Making things overly complicated or trying to emulate life too closely (i.e. - Having to worry

     about food, actual weight for coins)

    Quest rewards that do not match the difficulty of said quest

    Totally useless quest rewards (i.e. - plate armor for a mage type character)

    Monty Haul campaigns (overabundance of money and magic items)
    Unrealistic merchants (magic weapons/armors for sale, full plate or exotic weapons for sale on

     a village smith)

    Magic items with no history to them

    Unrealistic treasure placement

    Too many exp and a resulting fast level progression

    Standing helplessly by (e.g., in dialog mode) while something important happens.

    Limited dialog choices, especially when dialog has an impact on alignment and influence.

     Apparently, there are only two alignments in Faerun: Lawful Tight@$$ and Chaotic Stupid.

    Uninspiring conversations.

    Stagnant background. Townsfolk who just stand in the same spot all day and night, having the

     same non-conversation, until the end of time.

    Experience Penalties

    Impossible to solo.

    Too many instant death situations and attacks

    Too restrictive resting

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