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Dot Is Hot Business to Business Expo
  Do you want to do business with the most successful companies in Wyandotte County
                                                                                           12   Business Before Hours
and the metropolitan area? If so, the the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce’s
                                                                                                8:00 a.m. Kross Office
“Dot is Hot” Business to Business Expo presented by Bank Midwest and Pro Expo                   Outfitters
System is the place to be on
Wednesday, October 18 at the                                                               13   Executive Committee
Jack Reardon Convention                                                                         7:30 a.m. Chamber
Center from 1-6 p.m.
                                                                                           15   Congressional Forum-
                                                                                                11:45 a.m., Hilton Garden
   Along with the Business to                                                                   Inn
Business Expo several other
exciting events will be going on                                                           20   Business After Hours
during the day including busi-                                                                  5 p.m. KC Ren Fest
ness seminars, a blood drive
                                                                                           27   Board of Directors -
sponsored by the American
                                                                                                7:30 a.m., Hilton Garden
Red Cross, Wyandotte County                                                                     Inn
Chapter and a home based busi-
ness expo sponsored by the KBCC (a Kansas Black Chamber).                                  29   Office Depot Chamber
                                                                                                Chamber Day 10:30 a.m.
 A limited number of booths for the “Dot is Hot” Business to Business Expo are still            Kansas Speedway
available We encourage all chamber members to attend this great networking event
and to invite all of their clients, vendors and anyone else interested in doing business           OCTOBER
with some of the most successful companies in Wyandotte County and the metro area.         4     Ambassadors 7:30 a.m.
This event is free and open to the public and tickets can be obtained by calling the             Hilton Garden Inn
Chamber office at 913-371-3070 or going to our website at
                                                                                           4    Business Programs &
  The Chamber would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of this              Services 9 a.m. Chamber
event: Presenting Sponsors, Bank Midwest and Pro Expo System, Media Sponsor,
Kansas City Small Business Monthly, Co-sponsoring organizations Chase Suite                11   Executive Committee
                                                                                                7:30 a.m. Chamber
Hotel, Schumacher Chiropractic, Greater KC Laborers Training Center, KBCC,
Plastic Packaging Technologies, and our Corporate Sponsors, KCK Community                  13   Small Business Awards
College Business and Continuing Education, General Motors, The Business                         Lunch 11:30 a.m. Argosy
Journal, Pearcy Tice Krizman Communications, Providence Medical Center,
Brotherhood Bank and Trust, JE Dunn, Kansas Speedway, Procter and Gamble,
Time Warner Business Class, and Security Bank of Kansas City.

    We look forward to seeing you October 18, at the Jack Reardon Convention Center,
for the 2006 Kansas City Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce “Dot is Hot” Business
to Business Expo.
           BOARD OF                                PRESIDENT’S NOTES
           DIRECTORS                                  The Community Master Development Planning process for Kansas City, Kansas
                                                   has begun. The first two meetings have been held the week I wrote this column. The
     Bill Crandall-Crandall and Company            third meeting in this first round of an eighteen-month process will be held on
            Chairman of the Board                  September 9th. This planning process is for all parts of the KCK community with
Irene Cumming-University of Kansas Hospital
               Chair Elect                         the exception of Piper and Rosedale who have had an extensive master plan process
   Jim Paquette-Providence Medical Center          done in the last several years.
             Immediate Past Chair
 Craig Gaffney-Country Club Bank Treasurer           I believe anyone who lives, works or does business in KCK should be involved in
    Jeff Boerger - Kansas Speedway Corp.           this planning process. This plan will direct the future development and allocation of
  Gary D. Grable - Security Bank of Kansas City    precious community resources for years to come. Now is the time to talk about what
          Joab Ortiz– JRO Consulting               we want and need. Now is the time to prioritize those wants and needs for the ben-
 Bill Epperheimer - Wyandotte Health Foundation    efit of the whole community.
     Bill Dunn, Jr.-J.E. Dunn Construction
Rosana Privitera-Biondo-Mark One Electric Co.        Some have asked me why we need a plan? Many don't believe anything comes of
Wendell Maddox - United Way of Wyandotte County    planning. Or even if you build a plan, the plan can change and sometimes it isn't
              Chris Carroll-AT&T                   change that is embraced by everyone and in some cases very few.
    Garry Kemp- Greater KC Building and
        Construction Trades Council
                                                     I've been especially involved with encouraging a new master plan for downtown.
   John J. Jurcyk, Jr. - Unified Government
               - Legal Counsel                     The last time one was done was in 1991 as a result of the 1989 Citizen Strategic
         Cindy Cash - President/CEO                Planning process. When we began pushing for a new plan in 2003, I personally
                   Directors                       looked at the old plan and listed what had happened either directly or indirectly from
    C.L. Bachus- Mt. Zion Baptist Church           the '91 plan. My list had 23 positive results on it. After the initial group of
  Dr. Tom Burke- KCK Community College             Downtown Shareholders reviewed it the list contained 54 positive items that had
      Don Gray-Board of Public Utilities           happened from the plan. And my list contained seven items that didn't happen or
    Breandan Filbert- JaZMM Enterprises            were still a problem, so those need to be considered in the new plan.
        Jim Gartland– The Woodlands
    Pat Gaunce– KCK Community College
           Endowment Association
                                                     Things change in communities just as they do in business. One of the changes from
    Bob Gutierrez - Art’s Mexican Products
                                                   1991 to now has to do with housing. In 1991, housing was not even considered as
    Mae Harbor– Target Communications              part of a downtown plan. Since 2000, we have seen several new housing develop-
      Ed Honesty– Best Harvest Bakeries            ments in the downtown and its periphery ranging from single family to townhomes
       Evelyn Hudson - Leadership 2000             to apartments to lofts. Housing is now an important part of a downtown plan.
         Kevin Jones - ATMOS Energy
          Randy Kancel- UMB Bank                     I've also been told it doesn't matter what the finished plan says because it can be
    Todd LaSala-Stinson, Morrison, Hecker          changed whether the resident, neighborhood or area wants it or not. Yes, that can
  Chris Lopez- Mid America Sign Contractor         happen, but I have to tell you I believe if there isn't planning by communities as a
   Carol Levers - KCK Women’s Chamber              whole, if there isn't engagement for the long term in the community planning process
 Chris Lopez- Mid Amercia Sign Contractors         and implementation, more changes will happen that make people believe plans are
 Dennis McGovern- Legends Shopping Center          only made to be broken.
      Rob Pearcy - Pearcy Tice Krizman
           Communications, Inc.
         Mayor Joe Reardon - Unified
                                                     The best lesson I learned about the need for continual engagement in a master plan
         Government of WyCo/KCK                    was two years ago on a regional alliance trip to San Diego. They were in their 27th
 Terry Robinson - Robinson’s Delivery Service      year of the downtown plan and still very engaged. Had the plan changed?
  Pat Sedlock-Pat Sedlock Commercial Real Estate   Absolutely. Had some things changed they now wished hadn't changed? Yes. Had
        Dr. Jill Shackelford- KCK USD 500
                                                   new things been added that were not issues 27 years ago? You bet. When we were
         George Turner- General Motors
                                                   there the city was gearing up for an election on a mass transit system. They certain-
      Frank Weatherford-TranSytems Corp.
                                                   ly hadn't planned that one 27 years prior.

                                                      I want to leave you with two things. First a request to please be involved in this
                                                   planning process because Kansas City, Kansas affects not only its own residents and
                                                   businesses, but the entire metro. Secondly, giving you an opportunity to send your
                                                   thoughts in writing. Enclosed in this mailing is the survey those attending the recent
                                                   meetings have been given to fill out. Take a look, write down your opinion and send
                                                   it back to the Unified Government by September 15th. When is the last time some-
                                                   one asked you to assist in planning a community's future?

These companies have committed to underwriting our Chamber’s activities for 2006. If your
company is interested in sponsorships for 2006, please contact Patrick McCartney in the
Chamber office at 913-371-3070.

                          PLATINUM PARTNERS
                             General Motors
                            Kansas Speedway
                Pearcy Tice Krizman Communications, Inc.
                       Providence Medical Center
                            GOLD PARTNERS
                        Brotherhood Bank & Trust
                          JE Dunn Construction
           KCK Community College Business & Continuing Education
                           Procter and Gamble
                      Security Bank of Kansas City
                   Time Warner Cable Business Class
                                  SILVER PARTNER
                                    Bank Midwest
                                   Commerce Bank
                                  Country Club Bank
                               Home Builders Association
                                 Kansas Gas Service
                                      UMB Bank
                                 Walton Construction

                                   BRONZE PARTNER
                                     ATMOS Energy
                                 Board of Public Utilities
                                    Great Wolf Lodge
                             McAnany, Van Cleave and Phillips
                                     The Woodlands
                                    Wyandot Center
                               Zimmer Real Estate Services

                                     Five for $500 Partners
                                       Able Employment
                                     Benefits Design Group
                         Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City
                                        Hilton Garden Inn
                                 KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union
                                       Mark One Electric
                                         Neff Packaging
                         Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City

                                    Three for $300 Partners
                                   Basic Business Products
                                    Kross Office Outfitters
                               National Agricultural Hall of Fame
                                 Western Wyandotte Investors


The KCK Chamber and T-Rex Cafe invite you to join us for food, fun, and
           prizes along with networking opportunities.

       Wednesday, October 25 T-Rex Cafe 5:00-7:00 p.m.
                 1847 Village West Parkway
                         Upcoming Business After Hours
                  November 15- Side Pockets Bonner Springs

             Mayor Joe Reardon, Commissioner Tom Cooley, Chamber President
             Cindy Cash and the staff break ground on the new Culver’s in Village
             West scheduled to open November 6.

Harvesting New Members
 The Kansas City Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce fall membership drive will kick off September 20 and run through
October 31. Several incentives will be available for both volunteers and new members.

  There are variety of opportunities for members to “harvest leads for your business” by volunteering during the member-
ship drive. Volunteers are asked to help the KCK Chamber prior to
the drive by choosing leads from our database or providing potential
member leads of your own in advance. You can reap new business
opportunities by inviting potential members to join you at upcoming
chamber events beginning with the Business After Hours at the
Kansas City Renaissance Festival on Wednesday, September 20.
Contact Janet Reed at the Chamber office to review your potential
“crop” of prospects and inform them about upcoming Chamber
events. Then invitations can be sent or, if you think hey are a hot
lead for you, hand delivered by the volunteer.

  Rewards for volunteers harvesting new members include:

       One New Member:
              One Set of KCK Chamber Membership Mailing Labels ($50 Value)
       Two New Members:
              One Set of KCK Chamber Membership Mailing Labels ($50 Value)
              Free KCK Chamber Newsletter Insert ($125 Value)
       Three New Members
              One Set of KCK Chamber Membership Mailing Labels ($50 Value)
              Free KCK Chamber Newsletter Insert ($125 Value)
              Gift Basket from Tiggy & Tillies ($45 Value)
       Four New Members
              Free KCK Chamber Newsletter Insert ($125 Value)
              Chamber Membership Information Disc with quarterly updates ($500 Value)
              A Round of golf at Hallbrook Country Club with Bill Crandall, Chairman of the Board or a VIP dinner
              package for two at the New Theatre Restaurant
       Five New Members
              Free KCK Chamber Newsletter Insert ($125 Value)
              Chamber Membership Information Disc with quarterly updates ($500 Value)
              A Round of golf at Hallbrook Country Club with Bill Crandall, Chairman of the Board or a VIP dinner
              package for two at the New Theatre Restaurant
              Attend a “High Achiever” Luncheon with Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Mayor Joe Reardon for you &
              one of your new members.

  The Chamber would like to thank our members who have donated prizes to use as incentives for those companies who
join during the fall membership drive; National Agricultural Hall of Fame, Side Pockets Bonner Springs, New Vision
Photography, DaVinci Reprographics, TBS Janitorial, Dos Mundos, Anderson Restaurant Group and the New
Theatre Restaurant. A special thanks also goes to our membership drive sponsor, The Kansas City Renaissance

  For more information on the fall membership drive or to volunteer contact Janet Reed, director of sales for the KCK
Chamber at 913-371-3070 or

LITTLE BITS…                                                    LITTLE BITS…
    Shawnee Mission Medical Center will donate 72                  The Kansas Department of Commerce recognized over
automed external defibrillators (AEDs) to police depart-        50 east-central Kansas businesses for their contributions
ments throughout Johnson County-establishing the area as        they make to their communities and state economy. In the
one of the most progressive heart safe communities in the       retail category Nebraska Furniture Mart was recognized
nation.                                                         and in the distribution category Wagner Interior Supply
                                                                was honored.
  Providence Medical Center has recently appointed three
area individuals to the Board of Directors. The new board           Country Club Bank chairman Byron Thompson cele-
members include Rosana Privitera Biondo, president of           brated 50 years in the banking business by being inducted
Mark One Electric, Sister Pam Hinkle, physician assistant       into the Missouri Bankers Association 50 Year Club.
with Caritas Clinic, and Sister Linda Roth with Sisters of
                                                                  The KCK Greenmarket will run through October 7th at
Charity of Leavenworth.
                                                                6th Street and Tauromee. There will be locally grown
                                                                fruits and vegetables, local family entertainment and infor-
    Sunflower House presented the Lionheart Award to
                                                                mation and services for healthy families, homes and com-
Wyandotte County Deputy District Attorney Sheri Lidtke
                                                                munities. For more information call 913-526-0688.
for her work in the community and 13 years as a volunteer
with Sunflower House. Also, presented with this award             The Screenland Granada is now open in downtown
was Sheri Garner, a counselor at Junction and Morris            KCK at 1015 Minnesota Avenue. For more information on
Elementary schools in the Turner School District. Garner is     movie times or private functions including theme parties,
an active member of the Sunflower House Education               conferences and seminars call 816-421-2900.
Committee and helps recruit new schools for safety pro-
grams. Sunflower House is a child advocacy center serv-            The Wyandotte County Lewis & Clark Bicentennial
ing children and families in Johnson and Wyandotte coun-        and Ethnic Festival will be held September 15-17 at
ties.                                                           Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Kaw Point. Admission
                                                                and parking is free. For a complete schedule and direc-
   BHC Rhodes recently honored its 2006 Community               tions go to or call
Leadership Award winner Courtney Christensen. This              913-787-5568 for more information.
award is given to an industry professional for his or her
efforts in giving back to Kansas City.                           The Kansas City Business Committee For the Arts hon-
                                                                ored three metro area businesses for their commitment to
  A Fast Trac Entrepreneur class will be offered for those      partnering with the arts. The award winners were Nash
individuals interested in owning their own business. Cost       Resource Group, The Sweet Life and Blue Cross Blue
is $40 and classes will be offered September 6-November         Shield of Kansas City.
15 or September 9-November 13. For more information on
                                                                  Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare
these or future classes call Kelly Henning at 816-235-6188.
                                                                celebrated its employees, consumers, Board of Directors
                                                                and community partners at it annual meeting. Nineteen
  Bishop Ward High School will be hosting a benefit auc-
                                                                employees received service awards; three community part-
tion on October 28 at 6:00 p.m. at Kansas Speedway. For
                                                                ners were honored and the board re-elected officers and
more information, to volunteer or make a donation call
913-371-6901 or visit
                                                                  Kansas City Kansas Community College has received
  Engineering News-Record ranked four local engineering         10 years of accreditation, the most allowed, by The Higher
firms, Black and Veatch, HNTB, Burns and McDonnell              Learning Commission of the North Central Association of
and Terracon, in the top 50 of the top 500 national design      Colleges and Schools.
firms in the United States.
                                                                   The American Red Cross Wyandotte County Chapter
    Kansas Speedway was honored by the Kansas                   raised $3,000 during their first annual Ride for the Red in
Department of Commerce, Office of Minority & Women              Kansas City for local disaster relief on August 19th.
Business Development as the Minority Business Advocate
of the Year for their significant impact on minority business
enterprise and contributions to minority business develop-

727 Minnesota Avenue PO Box 171517 Kansas City, KS 66117                           September/October/November 2006
913-321-5800 800-264-1563

                                                                                             FESTIVAL & Event DATES
T-Rex Cafe Grand Opening                                                                              SEPTEMBER
                                                                                             2-24       Croatian Heritage Month
   T-REX, a $15 million dinosaur-themed restaurant, opened its doors to visitors on                     Strawberry Hil Museum
Tuesday, July 25 at The Legends in Village West. T-REX transports family adventure to
a whole new era with face-to-face encounters with life-size animatronic dinosaurs,           Weekends Kansas City
                                                                                                       Renaissance Festival
hands-on activities and mouth-watering food. With cascading waterfalls, ice caves, bub-                 Bonner Springs, KS
bling geysers, flowing lava, and a Discovery Dig, would-be paleontologist of all ages will             913-721-2110
enjoy uncovering the past.                                                                   15-16     International Lineman’s
                                                                                                        Rodeo Ag Hall of Fame
   Bring your appetites! T-REX                                                                          913-721-1075
is offering an extensive menu                                                                15-17    2006 Lewis & Clark
with items like Macadamia Nut                                                                         Bicentennial Celebration
Crusted Snapper, Bronto                                                                               Kaw Point Park
Burger, Mammoth Mushroom                                                                              913-596-5800
Raviolis      and    Dino-Mite                                                               29-Oct 1 Kansas Speedway Series
Chocolate Cake, its sure to sat-                                                                        Kansas Speedway
isfy the tastebuds of any carni-
vore to herbivores. After your                                                                           OCTOBER
dining adventure, make your
                                                                                             7          Silver City Day
own souvenir at the first ever                                                                           Emerson Park
Build-A-Dino by Build-A-Bear                                                                             913-432-2506
Workshop where you can build                                                                 15-Nov. 20 Scarecrows on Parade
your own dino friend.                                                                                    Bonner Springs
  Also at T-Rex is the Paleo Zone which offers guests a hands-on prehistoric experience.     22-23      Turner Days
Unearth the past on the Discovery Dig. Explore hidden treasures of the mine. Pan for                   Steineger Field
precious stones, gems and fossils in Discovery Creek. Plus, expand your knowledge of                   913-375-9044
the dinosaur era on the interactive Paleo Screens.                                                     NOVEMBER
                                                                                             24        Woodlands Fall Futurity
 T-Rex Cafe is also available for birthday parties, corporate events and educational tours             The Woodlands
and outings. For more information call 913-334-8888 or visit                         913-299-9797

                                                                                             For a complete listing of festivals
                                                                                             & events go to and
                                                                                                 click on calendar of events

Renaissance Festival Celebrates 30th Season
  The 2006 Kansas City Renaissance Festival opened its gates for the 30th season Labor Day weekend and will run weekends through
October 16. Nearly 16 acres of shaded lanes come to life with over 500 costumed characters, more than 160 artisans, 13 stages brim-
ming with unique, live entertainment, festive and beautiful music and food befitting

  Opening gate ceremonies will now begin at 9:45 a.m. for a day of unpredictable
surprises until 7:00 p.m. each night. Adult ticket prices at the gate are $15.95, kids
are $7.95, student/seniors are $15.50, two-day passes are $25 and season passes are
$59.95. Some weekend offer special discounts are advertised on the web, radio,
print, and television.

  Also this season is the all new Fabulous Feaste of Fooles. Join the Ren Fest for a
six course feaste held each day at 3:00 p.m. in the Wildewood hosted by her majesty Queen Elizabeth and her latest suitor, the King of
France. Cost is $45 and includes admission to the festival.

  For more information on the Kansas City Renaissance Festival call 913-721-2110 or go to

KCK Visitors Guide                                                       Lewis & Clark festival
  Plans are being made to publish the 2007 Kansas City Kansas-             “Shall We Gather at the River”: The Wyandotte County
Wyandotte County Visitors Guide,Visitor Brochure, and Calendar          Lewis and Clark Bicentennial and Ethnic Festival will be held
of Events brochure. The goal of these pieces is to promote the          September 15-17 at Lewis and Clark Historic Park at Kaw
area as a tourist destination and increase the number of overnight      Point. Admission and parking is free.
stays. All three pieces will be ready for distribution in February
2007.                                                                      There will be encampment and living history demonstra-
                                                                        tions, performances by Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum
  Grand Communications, a division of the Kansas City Star, will        Corps, fireworks, ethnic music and dance performances by
again design and print the materials.Jen Anderson, a representative     more than 20 local groups, ethnic food and craft vendors and
from Grand, will be contacting area attractions, restaurants and        much more.
hotels to explain advertising opportunities or she can be reached
at 816-234-4075 to reserve your space.                                      For a complete schedule and directions pleaseve visit
                                                               or call 913-787-5568 for more
  There will be 30,000 visitor guides printed, 150,000 visitor          information.
brochures and 30,000 calendar of events printed.

  If you have any questions or need more information on these
pieces please contact Bridgette Jobe at 913-321-5800 or
                                           New Manager at                     Holiday Lighting                  Visitor Inquiries
       New Manager at
                                          Holiday Inn Express                     Ceremonies
       Great Wolf Lodge
                                     The Holiday Inn Express is         Two holiday lighting celebra-     The Kansas City Kansas
The Great Wolf Lodge has
                                     pleased to announce the hiring     tions will be held in Wyandotte   Wyandotte County CVB
announced Patrick Alvarez as
                                     of their new general manager       County this fall.           On    mailed 5,082 visitor informa-
their new general manager. Mr.
                                     Renne Hadley. Ms Hadley pre-       November 17 will be the           tion packets in May, June and
Alvarez previously served as
                                     viously held the Assistant         Mayor’s Downtown Lighting         July. The website received
assistant general manager.
                                     Manager position at the hotel.     Ceremony at 7th and Ann and       76,560 unique visitors during
                                                                        on November 18 will be the        the same time. Leads are
                                                                        Legends Lighting Ceremony         retrieved from reader services
                                                                        with a live 40 foot tree.         requests, letters, phone calls
                                                                                                          and website inquiries.
Golf Tourney Wrap Up

  The Chamber’s Annual Sunshine Scramble at Falcon Lakes Golf Course was a tremendous success again this year rais-
ing over $13,000. The weather was excellent for mid-July, the course was in great shape with plenty of food and drinks
for everyone. All the ingredients needed for a fantastic golf

   Winning teams in the morning A flight were; First State
Bank first place, Better Business Bureau second place and
ATMOS Energy third place. Winners in the morning B
flight were; McAnany Van Cleave and Philips first place,
NPB Companies second place, and Unified Government
third place. In the afternoon, the A flight winners were First
State Bank first place, The Woodlands second place, and JE
Dunn third place. Winners in the afternoon B flight were
Terracon first place, Jay Wolfe Chevrolet second place and,
Walton Construction third place.

 Thank you to our sponsors for this event including, Bank
Midwest, Jay Wolfe Chevrolet, Heavy Constructors Association, Mr. Goodcents Subs and Pastas, Terracon, Walton
Construction and Kansas Gas Service.

  Thanks also to Pearcy, Tice, Krizman Communications for their work on the golf flyer and volunteer recruitment, and
Harvest Graphics for the printing of the flyers. Also, thank you to all the companies who donated prizes for the golf tour-
nament. And finally, thanks again to all of our great volunteers! Without their help events like this would not be nearly as

 Make sure to hold Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at Falcon Lakes on your schedule for next year’s Annual Sunshine Scramble.

                              SPEED UP YOUR BUSINESS
                                   WITH OFFICE DEPOT CHAMBER DAY AT
                                           KANSAS SPEEDWAY

       Network with business leaders from over 20 Kansas City area chambers of commerce.
     Don’t miss the door prizes, great food and NASCAR action on the track throughout the day.

                                     FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2006
                        Networking and lunch in the VIP Pavilion (outside Gate C)
                         $30 per person (includes lunch & qualifying day ticket)
                              Reservations are required by September 15
                           913-371-3070 or e-mail

Welcome Our NEW MEMBERS!
      Marilyn Alstrom                     Jerry Thorsen                     Len Morizzo
        (Non-Profit)               (Technical Building Services)           (Shoes Retail)
     20/20 Leadership              Automated Control Systems          Clarks/Bostonian Outlet
    4223 N 127th Street                    7856 Barton               1829 Village West Parkway
   Kansas City, KS 66109                Lenexa, KS 66214               Kansas City, KS 66111
       913-721-3933                       913-248-8828                     913-334-5500            

       Shannon Millett                  James Hendricks                        Bill Dean
(General Merchandise Wholesale)           (Restaurant)              (Contractors-Heating & Cooling)
     Costco Wholesale                 Danny’s Bar and Grill                Dean Mechanical
     9350 Marshall Drive            10940 Parallel Pkwy Ste Q                 PO Box 423
      Lenexa, KS 66215                Kansas City, KS 66109               Basehor, KS 66007
         913-227-3703                    913-328-0247                        913-724-3294        

       Matthew Wells                      Darren Chaney                     Kevin Shockley
        (Insurance)                         (Insurance)                    (Gourmet Shops)
Delta Dental Plan of Kansas             Goodman Gravley                    Harry and David
  9300 W 110th St Ste 450               Insurance Source             1843 Village West Pkwy C-109
 Overland Park, KS 66210                  14812 W 117th                  Kansas City, KS 66111
       913-381-4928                      Olathe, KS 66062                     913-334-9983                  913-782-1404        

        Melody Foster                      Marilyn Kubler                     Ruby Lane
     (Darts & Dartboards)          (Social Service Organization)             (Blueprinting)
        Horizon Darts                        JENIAN                   K.C. Blueprint & Planroom
      2415 S 50th Street                   5930 Albervan                      2106 Swift
    Kansas City, KS 66106              Shawnee, KS 66216               N. Kansas City, MO 64116
        913-236-9111                       913-268-4472                      816-527-0900                                        

        Ron Ferris                       J. Kent Eckles                      Carl Little
   (General Contractors)             (Government Agencies)              (Copiers & Supplies)
 Kansas Building Systems           Kansas Dept. of Commerce           Konica Minolta Business
       PO Box 3447                     552 State Avenue                      Solutions
    Shawnee, KS 66203                Kansas City, KS 66101               8220 Melrose Drive
      913-972-7889                       913-281-3000                    Lenexa, KS 66214                       913-438-4227

       Mary Ellen Sippel                   Kris Harris                      Moira Holland
          (Investments)           (Screen Printing & Embroidery)        (Engineers-Consulting)
          Merrill Lynch               NKC Custom Apparel           Professional Services Industries
       3401 College Blvd              2904 Rochester Street         1211 W Cambridge Circle Drive
     Leawood, KS 66211               Kansas City, MO 64120              Kansas City, KS 66103
          913-226-4420                    816-584-8877                      913-310-1600      

Welcome Our NEW MEMBERS!
             Steve Housh                          Tapan Banerjee                         Brad McCausland
         (Sportswear Retail)                   (Engineers-Consulting)                     (Discount Store)
       Sportz Nutz of Kansas                   TapanAm Associates                              Target
    1843 Village West Pkwy C-111                 201 W 135th Street                   10900 Stadium Parkway
       Kansas City, KS 66111                   Kansas City, MO 64145                   Kansas City, KS 66111
            913-596-6889                           816-941-6100                            913-328-3323                             

           Darren Sissel                             Craig Staab                           Gregg Brown
             (Pumps)                       (Cellular Telphone Equipment)                     (Printers)
      Thompson Pump & Mfg                          T-Mobile USA                            Trojan Press
         504 S 70th Street                    12980 Foster St Ste 200                     1635 Burlington
       Kansas City, KS 66111                 Overland Park, KS 66213               North Kansas City, MO 64116
           913-788-2583                             913-206-0009                           816-221-6477             

             Pam Cooper                             Mary Murphy                           Priscilla Petrini
         (Shipping Services)                  (Retirement Community)                   (Youth Organizations)
           The UPS Store                      Victory Hills Retirement                Youth Entrepreneurs of
       10940 Parallel Parkway                        Community                                Kansas
       Kansas City, KS 66109                     1900 N 70th Street                     4601 State Avenue
            913-299-3200                       Kansas City, KS 66102                   Kansas City, KS 66102                         913-299-1166                           913-279-2301

Ambassador of the Quarter
  Congratulations to Melynda Steward on her selection as Ambassador of the Quarter.
Since joining the Ambassadors, Melynda has been actively involved as a greeter and
other activities at Chamber events. She also serves as chair of the Power Networking

   Melynda is the owner of Maintenance Made Simple. Maintenance Made Simple
helps people feel more comfortable in their home or office space by completing repair,
improvement, and remodeling projects – both large and small. The company’s mission
is to redefine the service experience for repair and improvement projects by “Making
Maintenance Simple” and becoming a lifelong “go to” partner for repairs and improve-
ments for clients.

  Before starting her own business, Melynda worked at Hallmark for nine years where
she held various technical positions assisting in the print production of non-card product. Melynda is a Certified Quality
Engineer and a Certified Quality Manager through the American Society for Quality.

  “The KCK Chamber has been a wonderful source of connections for my business. It’s a wonderful forum for meeting
new leads and referral partners that help me grow my business. It’s the best networking forum available for Wyandotte
County. It’s a great way to meet prospects and it’s more fun and more effective than making cold calls.”
  Congratulations to Melynda and a big thank you for her continued support of the KCK Chamber.

                            MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS
The KCK Chamber would like to thank these members who have reached the following membership renewal
milestones in September, October and November and have worked with the Chamber to create a quality
community in which to work, live and conduct business.
50+ years                                           15 + years continued
• Ferris Kimball Company                            • U.S. Engineering Co.
• Burke Travel Inc.                                 • Nelson Enterprises
• George F. Porter and Sons Inc.                    • El Centro Inc.
• Y.M.C.A.                                          • Eidson’s Floral and Travel
40+ years                                           • Core Carrier
• Providence Medical Center                         • Kansas Secured-Wyandot
• Bellemore Homes Inc.                              • Catholic Cemeteries Association
                                                    • Cingular Wireless
20+ years                                           • Rogers Wholesale Liquor
• Ash Grove Materials Corp.
• J.M. Fahey Construction Co.                       10+ years
• Allied Callaway Equipment Co.                     • Citizens Military Committee
• Hughes Development Corp.                          • The Salvation Army of Kansas City Kansas
• Standard Motor Products                           • Smallville Communications
• McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips                    • L. G. Barcus & Sons Inc.
• Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC                • Overhead Door Co. of Kansas City
• Barnes & Dodge                                    • The Woodlands
• Gatton Rental & Investments                       • Wyandotte Credit Union
• The Fagan Company                                 • KCK Community College Endowment Assoc.
• General Automatic Sprinkler Fire Protection Co.   • Mosaic
• Berkel & Company Contractors Inc.                 • Kansas City Apartment Guide/Haas Publishing
• Mark One Electric                                 • Great Plains Drilling
• Kansas City Kansas ATS
• Ryan Building Material Co.                        5+ years
• OHS-Compcare                                      • Environmental Audit & Compliance Inc.
• APAC Kansas Inc.                                  • Marc Carver Photography
• KVC Behavioral Health Care                        • Fishman & Co. Realtors
• Letko Competition Cycles                          • City Vision Ministries
• Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co.                • DLR Group
• Burke Inc.                                        • NTS Trucking
• Board of Public Utilities                         • Oppenheimer & Co.
• Foley Company                                     • Credit Motors Inc.
• Wyndot Paper Supply                               • Wagner Auto Body & Sales Inc.
• Children’s Mercy Hospital                         • Catholic Charities
• Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad             • Reilly & Sons Inc.
• Power Equipment Sales                             • DeeAnn Richards Behrens DDS
• Black and Veatch                                  • Commenco Inc.
• Power Equipment Sales                             • Wyandotte Credit Union
• Capital Electric                                  • All Pro Construction Inc.
                                                    • HNTB
15+ years                                           • Turner Construction
• Musselman & Hall Contractors                      • Texaco Starmart
• Midwest Mechanical Contractors                    • Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ & Catering
• Keebler                                           • Zimmer Real Estate Services Inc.
• McDonald’s Restaurant
• University of St. Mary                                                                        13
                            MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS
The KCK Chamber would like to thank these members who have reached the following membership renewal
milestones in September, October and November and have worked with the Chamber to create a quality
community in which to work, live and conduct business.
5+ years cont                                          • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
• Target Communication                                 • KCK Huggers-Special Olympics
• National Fire Suppression                            • Insco Industries Inc.
• George K Baum and Company                            • Construction Anchors Inc.
• The Celsius Tannery                                  • Construction & General Laborers #1290
• Operating Engineers Local 101                        • Heart of America Surgery Center
• Altria Corporate Services                            • Comfort Inn
• George K Baum and Company                            • SPEC Roofing Contractors Supply
• Sunflower Publishing                                 • Hallier Reed LLC
• Schutte Lumber                                       • Chem-Trol Inc.
• Central States Contracting Service Inc.              • Hertz Contractors Supply Co.
• Carter Waters Construction Materials                 • Greater KC Building & Construction Trades Council
• Mr. Goodcents Subs and Pasta                         • School Linked Services
• Central Motorcycle Inc.                              • Gould Evans Associates LLC
• Martin Marietta Materials Inc.                       • Employer Health Services
• L.I.S.C. of Kansas City                              • Lighthouse Insurance Services LLC
• Carter Glass Co. Inc.                                • Panel Systems Plus
• MC Lioness Realty Group                              • Kansas Department of Social & Rehabilitation
• Black’s Liquor Store                                   Services
• CHWC                                                 • The Clevengetr Group of Smith Barney
• Ferguson Enterprises                                 • HDR Engineering
• Kuhn and Wittenborn Advertising                      • Shawnee Mission Medical Center
• Croft Rental Inc.                                    • Barton Solvents
• Henzlik-Oliver Real Estate Companies                 • Parris Communications
• Wal Mart Store #1151                                 • Innovative Adhesives Company
• Lake Quivira Country Club                            • Coldwell Banker Regan Realtors
• RED Development/The Legends at Village West          • Sanctuary of Hope
• Ed Millberger Pest Control                           • KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union
• New Theatre Company                                  • Effective Sales Development
• Goeddecke Company

     Small Business of the Year                     New Small Business of the Year
           Mema's Bakery                                        Alpha and Omega
      Johnny C's Deli and Pasta                            Blessed Trinity Home Health
           Chateau Avalon                                      Pride of Kansas City
           Heathwood Oil                                    Maintenance Made Simple
           First State Bank                                         HealthPros
       Kross Office Outfitters                              Julian Business Solutions
       American Sweeping Inc.                                McCabe's Liquor Market
  ROMAC Liquid Waste Disposal Systems                          Hangers on the Hill
                ABMI                                           Amy Renee's Bakery
       Art's Mexican Products                                  JaZMM Enterprises
         Kansas City Kansan                                        Intelli Think
     Roger Smith and Sons Toyota                                   Planet Video
        Southview Homecare                                    Danny's Bar and Grill
              Two West                                           ER Urgent Care
        Kansas City Catering
            TBS Janitorial
                                             Join the Chamber for the 2006 Small Business of
          Mark One Electric
                                               the Year Awards luncheon presented by Bank
       Benefits Design Group
                                              Midwest on Friday, October 13 from 12:00-1:30
             Roses Only                      p.m. at Argosy Casino. Reservations can be made
          Kansas Colloquies                  for the luncheon by calling the Chamber office at
        Kansas City T-Bones                         913-371-3070. Tickets are $20 each.
              Golden Ox

                   Is your company having challenges reaching the
                              Spanish-speaking market?
                       Are you unable to communicate with your
                      Spanish-speaking employees or customers?

                                 Here are two solutions.
                     Class #1 Spanish for Customer Service Level 1
                                When: Ten 2-hour sessions
        Tuesdays from 8:30-10:30 a.m. October 10, 2006 through December 12, 2006
                            Where: KCK Chamber Boardroom

            Cost: $165 per person (minimum of 10/maximum 15 people per class)

                     Class #2 Spanish for Customer Service Level 2
                                 When: 5 2-hour sessions
      Thursdays from 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. October 12, 2006 through November 9, 2006
                             Where: KCK Chamber Boardroom
            Cost: $165 per person (minimum of 10/maximum 15 people per class)

            No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary for the Level 1 class.
              For more information or to reserve your spot call 913-371-3070
                                               Mayor Joe Reardon and Congressman Dennis
                                               Moore help with the ribbon cutting on the new
                                               Wyandot Center facility at 1301 N 47th Street.

Mema’s Bakery celebrated the opening of
their new location in The Legends in Village
West with a ribbon cutting on May 18th.

                                               Alfonso Zarate with the Unified Government
                                               along with Chamber Ambassadors and and the
                                               staff of Insurance Auto Auctions cut the rib-
                                               bon on their new facility at 2663 S 88th Street.

        1                  2           3                           4        5                    6       7
                                           Ambassadors 7:45 a.m.
                                            Hilton Garden Inn
                                            Business Programs
                                             9 a.m. Chamber
        8                  9         10                  11                12                   13       14
                                            Executive Comm                       Small Business
                                              7:30 a.m.                           Awards Lunch
                                               Chamber                          11:30 a.m. Argosy

      15                 16          17                 18                 19                   20      21
                                            Business Expo                         Congressional
                                               1-6 p.m.                               Forum
                                            Reardon Center                       Hilton 11:30 a.m.

      22                 23          24                          25        26                   27      28
                                            Board Meeting 7:30 am
                                             Hilton Garden Inn
                                            Business After Hours
                                             T-Rex Cafe 5 p.m.

       29                 30          31

                                                                   1        2                    3           4
                                           Ambassadors 7:45 a.m.                First Friday Focus
                                            Hilton Garden Inn
                                                                                    11:45 a.m.
                                             Business Programs
                                              9 a.m. Chamber
                                                                                Great Wolf Lodge
        5                  6           7                   8               9                    10      11
                                             Executive Comm
                                               7:30 a.m.
      12                  13         14                          15        16                   17      18
                                           Board Meeting 7:30 a.m.                 Congressional
                                               Hilton Garden Inn                      Forum
                                           Business After Hours 5 p.m            Hilton 11:30 a.m.

      19                 20           21                         22        23                   24      25

      26                 27           28                         29        30

           Cindy Cash             Bridgette Jobe - Director of Tourism       Jim Thompson - President
        President & CEO                       Maila Yang
                                           Roseann Armenta
Chris May          Shoua Thao
Patrick McCartney Janet Vogel
Linda Sanders     Jeff Warren
Denise Stephens

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