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					WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY                                                                                                                                                 July 2009

direct to consumer
  Product Review:
  POS Software
  Choosing the right POS system can help wineries streamline
  their tasting rooms to maximize profits

  Jody Purdom
                                                                                                                                     Jody Purdom has been a freelance writer
                                                                                                                                     for the wine trade, business and high tech-
                                                                                                                                     nology press for the past 10 years and
                                                                                                                                     resides in Sonoma, California.

AS TECHNOLOGY HAS taken hold of       the   thing else—including their online           Transactions need to be fast and easy,        Because the POS software available
tasting room, efficiencies have             store, wine club, allocations, account-     and the right POS product can make all      today has so many elements in
abounded. What used to be a paper-          ing, inventory, customer database and       the difference.                             common, wineries researching new
intensive system based on the humble        shipping compliance modules—is the            Wineries still using a cash register-     solutions will want to consider where
cash register has morphed into a            ultimate destination.                       based system are jumping on the POS         these solutions differ to help guide their
variety of sophisticated solutions based       There are close to 20 true POS soft-     bandwagon quickly for obvious rea-          decision. To begin, they’ll need to ana-
around the latest in technology. Point      ware vendors in the market today.           sons. Jim van Lobed Sels is the general     lyze what factors are most important to
of sale (POS) is just a piece of the        Weeding through the lot to find the         manager for Spokane-based Arbor-            their business and choose from there.
bigger, direct to consumer puzzle but is    right solution can be overwhelming. To      crest Wine Cellars. When tasting room       For instance, is integration with other
extremely important, nonetheless. It        alleviate some of the confusion, we’ve      traffic grew to 30,000 visitors per year,   modules like wine clubs and online
allows wineries to organize and stream-     taken a look at these products to illus-    his winery knew it was time for a           stores important? Or, for wineries that
line their tasting rooms and to manage      trate their similarities and their impor-   change.                                     do a fair amount of business off-site,
wine clubs and e-commerce sites in a        tant differences.                             “We looked at what tools we could         would a web-based solution be the way
way that maximizes profits.                                                             use to show a profit in the tasting room    to go? To follow are the three most
   Whether large, small or somewhere        WHAT POS SOFTWARE DOES                      since that end of our business had          important attributes to consider when
in between, almost all wineries are         Because there are numerous common-          grown so quickly,” said van Lobed Sels.     shopping for POS software.
embracing POS in new and innovative         alities to POS software, customers can      “The cash register didn’t give us
ways. Wine Business Monthly has taken       expect almost all vendors’ solutions to     enough information on what was              POS, Wine Club and Online Sales
on the task of sifting through the mul-     do the following:                           selling. Our new POS solution,              System Integration
titude of choices to help wineries find     • Ring sales at a register-like station     VinBalance, is very detailed, which         As wineries become more sophisti-
the solution that is right for them based                                               helps us provide a higher level of cus-     cated about marketing, they are dis-
on the set of parameters most impor-        • Have a discounting routine that           tomer service to visitors to the tasting    covering that integrating sales in the
                                              automatically deducts from a cus-
tant for their business model.                                                          room because we can pull up that cus-       tasting room with online sales and
                                              tomer’s purchase whether online or
                                              at the tasting room                       tomer and know what they’ve pur-            those from wine clubs is critical to
USAGE SCENARIOS                                                                         chased in the past.”                        business. This is as important from a
                                            • Have data-capture capabilities
Traditionally, POS software has been                                                      But even wineries with some form of       marketing perspective as it is for inven-
                                              including customer’s name, phone
used almost exclusively to ring tasting       number, mailing address and email         a POS system in place are looking to do     tory control.
room sales. But as wineries have grown,       address. Some products are capable        better for their customers. Jessup             Integrating the POS/club/online sales
adding elements like wine clubs and           of capturing data via driver’s license    Cellars Winery in Yountville, California    systems enables the winery to have one
online stores, POS has begun to play a        or credit card.                           switched from a POS system based            database with all customer informa-
more important role. When integrated        • Track customer metrics like buying        around a popular accounting package         tion. Having a single customer database
into all levels of the sales process, POS     patterns and preferences                  to Winery Direct from Microworks to         has important benefits. One is the elim-
can improve the efficiency of an already                                                add efficiency to a cumbersome process      ination of data input mistakes. When
                                            • Track and adjust inventory
profitable sales channel by automati-                                                   of hand-entering credit card numbers        working across more than one cus-
cally calculating sales and generating      Conversely, offering high levels of cus-    each and every time. “Now, once we’ve       tomer database and/or sales channel,
records and reports for tracking and        tomer service to winery clientele is also   entered a credit card number, it stays in   even the most conscientious and well-
inventory purposes.                         of the utmost importance. Regardless        the system which speeds up the sales        trained workers can make mistakes.
  Given that, once a winery imple-          of size, wineries do not want to have       process for our customers to the tasting    Additionally, opportunities for special-
ments a basic POS system, they soon         tasting room visitors stacked up at the     room,” said Danielle Kneifel, director      ized customer service can be lost if the
realize that integrating POS with every-    registers waiting to make a purchase.       of hospitality.                             tasting room employee is unaware that

 66 Wine Business Monthly
Product Review: POS                  Software

                                                                                              Database integration is one of the       eCellar from Missing Link Networks,
                                                                                           more important aspects of choosing a        Inc., a Web-based solution that helps tie
                                                                                           wine club program, especially in terms      together the wineries three physical
                                                                                           of user-friendliness. Even conscientious    locations, streamlining sales from mul-
                                                                                           and well-trained employees can make         tiple channels as well as those from
                                                                                           mistakes when they are working with         their wine club.
                                                                                           two, three or more customer databases          Other times, integration is a key
                                                                                           across      several    sales   channels.    aspect when a winery is planning to
                                                                                           Additionally, opportunities for special-    grow. “We do most of our sales through
                                                                                           ized customer service are lost if the       the tasting room, and in order to posi-
                                                                                           tasting room employee is unaware that       tion ourselves to grow, we had to
                                                                                           a visitor is a long-time club member or     upgrade from our cash register system,”
                                                                                           if a wine club manager doesn’t know         said Lou Facelli, owner and winemaker
                                                                                           that a member also makes monthly            at Woodinville, Washington-based
                                                                                           purchases from the tasting room.            Facelli Winery.
                                                                                              “Previous to the wine club software,        “Winery Direct from Microworks
                                                                                           we had been doing manual charging           helped us organize our business and
                                                                                           and maintenance of the club just            move away from the slips of paper we’d
                                                                                           through our POS software and paper-         been accumulating. Now, we can put
                                                                                           work books—which was massively              more people through the tasting room
                                                                                           time consuming,” said a New York            because things run smoothly. Inventory
                                                                                           winery’s tasting room manager, who is       is now done in 10 minutes. And even
                                                                                           using WineClub Manager from                 though our systems are currently sepa-
                                                                                           Elypsis, which also provides the            rate, ideally we’d like to tie them
                                                                                           winery’s POS system.                        together for enhanced efficiency. For a
                                                                                              Integration with the POS, Microsoft      company of just four people, that frees
                                                                                           Store Operations Manager, was the fea-      up a lot of time to do something more
                                                                                           ture that was most important to her, in     productive.”
                                                                                           conjunction with secure credit card            If the winery chooses a POS system
                                                                                           storage and fast charging, which she        from a different vendor than the one
                                                                                           said couldn’t be accomplished without       that provides their club/online
                                                                                           integration with their POS.                 sales/systems, the winery needs to make
                                                                                                                                       sure that there is some level of compat-
                                                                                           ACCOUNTING SYSTEM                           ibility between the wine club software
                                                                                           INTEGRATION                                 and the POS system. Even if full data-
                                                                                           Wineries have also found it extremely       base integration would be impossible, a
                                                                                           helpful to integrate sales with             robust tool for importing and
                                                                                           accounting. Unfortunately, wineries are     exporting data would reduce the
                                                                                           occasionally locked into the accounting     number of issues of maintaining dif-
                                                                                           department’s preferred software rather      ferent systems.
                                                                                           than what might work best for tasting
                                                                                           room staff or wine club managers.           Compliance
                                                                                           Similarly, the accounting department        To return to the issue of integration for
                                                                                           might find other systems difficult to       a minute, let’s say that a customer in
a visitor is a long-time club member or          “We chose a Web-based solution            work with or from which to extract          the tasting room is looking to buy some
makes regular monthly purchases from          from Submerce because it offered an          data. For this reason, wineries need to     wine and ship it to his home state.
the tasting room.                             all-in-one solution that integrated our      consider how a POS program will fit         Unfortunately, he neglects to mention
   Integrating databases throughout the       POS, e-commerce and wine club sys-           within the overall office framework         that he’s already received a shipment at
sales channel allows easier tracking of       tems,” said Andrew Leckey, the busi-         across all departments before making a      home (in the same state) via the wine
customer purchase history and                 ness technology manager for Newton           decision.                                   club.
increases opportunities for personal-         Vineyards in St. Helena, California.           Such was the case with Flora                Shipping compliance being what it is,
ized customer service. It is also less dif-   Leckey calls this ability the “holy grail”   Springs, based in St. Helena. Wine club     this is a sticky issue and one that
ficult to integrate additional modules        since it means the winery can capture        manager Kenny Werle said his                wineries deal with on a regular basis. By
into the system (think inventory con-         customer information no matter where         accountants were “really picky” about       having an interface between a sales
trol, e-commerce or multi-site support        a purchase is made—be it at the tasting      the reports they wanted to receive. “We     database and the shipping compliance
as the winery’s needs grow).                  room, online or through the club.            chose a vendor that could provide a         module, staff in the tasting room will
                                                                                           system that was completely customiz-        instantly know that this customer has
                                                                                           able for our needs so we can give           exceeded his shipping allotment for the
                                                                                           accounting the types of reports they        month and make recommendations as
                                                                                           want,” said Werle. Flora Springs is using   to how to best accomplish this pur-

 68 Wine Business Monthly
Product Review: POS                Software

chase. That’s the beauty of a fully inte-   Small                                        sell to boutique wine shops in the Napa    receivable. In 2005, we decided to
grated, intuitive system.                   Tiny TreAnelli Wines in Los Olivos,          Valley only. (Cakebread isn’t found in     switch to a more integrated solution to
  Casa Nuestra Winery & Vineyards           California produces 2,000 cases each         Costco or Bevmo!, lending an air of        handle our complex needs.”
in St. Helena is using Winery Pro from      year and has no plans for immediate          exclusivity to the brand.) A large-scale      As a Microsoft Gold Certified
Technology Consulting Alliance.             growth. Since its installation, VinNOW       wine club is also part of the mix.         Partner, Elypsis recommended that
According to Stephanie Trotter-             from Update Software has met every              Joe Martinez, accounting and IT         Merryvale convert to Microsoft
Zacharia, director of sales, the program    need of tasting room manager Janeen          manager for the winery, said that AMS      Dynamics         NAV (Navision) for
is compliant with features that help her    Garcia. “With VinNOW, I’m able to see        was already in use as a basic inventory    accounting and Microsoft Dynamics
know what to do when shipping any-          each customer’s history through one          and POS package (at the register only)     Retail Management System (RMS)
where in the country, including auto-       screen, which simplifies marketing,”         when he joined the company in 1996.        for point of sale. The products are inte-
matically calculating and adjusting         said Garcia. “It’s a very user-friendly      As Cakebread has experienced steady        grated and incorporate both retail and
sales tax rates.                            program with a variety of reporting          growth over the years—their wine club      wholesale sales with full financials that
   Similarly, Monica Smith is the tasting   features and customer database options       alone has grown from just 200 mem-         enable Merryvale to monitor alloca-
room manager at St. Francis Winery          that is perfect for a winery our size.”      bers to close to 10,000—they’ve            tions, depletions and inventory in mul-
and Vineyards in Sonoma Valley. She is                                                   expanded into a larger facility. Since     tiple locations. The products also
using Napa Valley POS and said that         Medium                                       AMS had always met their needs,            integrate well with other products from
the real-time compliance module built       Columbia Valley’s Barnard Griffin            Martinez decided to let the package        Elypsis including WineClub Manager
into the software makes it easy and         Winery in Richland, Washington makes         grow along with them.                      and an online sales platform.
foolproof to get this oftentimes thorny     about 75,000 cases annually and uses            “The customers to our tasting room         “We feel that the system is a robust
aspect of sales correct each and every      VinBalance software for a solution that      become our ambassadors,” said              data warehouse that has diverse and
time.                                       handles POS in the tasting room as well      Martinez. “We need to make the tasting     comprehensive capabilities as well as a
                                            as their wine club.                          room experience as smooth as possible      lot to offer,” said Cohen. “Working with
WINERY SIZE                                    Tasting room manager Kim                  so that positive word-of-mouth adver-      Elypsis allows us to customize
It’s safe to say that no two wineries are   Gravenslund said the previous system         tising keeps spreading.”                   reporting to our specific needs which is
alike. Many larger wineries already have    consisted of a cash register for retail         Integration was a key factor as the     important for a winery our size.”
a POS system in place but are driven to     sales and a self-made spreadsheet            winery was looking to link modules
upgrade simply to stay ahead. Smaller       product to manage the wine club. It          including purchase orders, MRP and         WEB-BASED
wineries may be looking to stay lean,       was anything but sophisticated.              inventory as well as accounts payable      Over the last few years, Web-based
making small batches of handcrafted            “We literally went from the Dark          and accounts receivable. As a beta site    solutions have grown in popularity. For
wines but using sophisticated software      Ages into the 21st century,” said            for a compliance module, Cakebread         the non-technology inclined, Web solu-
that can run operations as well as the      Gravenslund. “Installing VinBalance          and AMS learned a lot from each other,     tions put IT issues on someone else’s
big guys. Still others come to the game     has brought efficiency, accountability,      helping hone their solution further.       plate entirely, allowing wineries to
with a definitive plan of growth and        tracking by way of reports and inven-        Today, updated sales tax tables include    simply make and sell wine. Web solu-
choose a solution that can meet the         tory control.”                               information for city, county and state,    tions also offer the latest in technology
challenge.                                     Gravenslund added that she loves the      simplifying shipping. A new shopping       with instant upgrades and generally
                                            product for its user intuitiveness, track-   cart enhancement to AMS will be            come with cool, edgy technology that
Poised for Growth                           ability and user-friendliness. “Inte-        added shortly.                             can transfer readily to a customer’s
Brian Roeder, president of Barrel Oak       grating our tasting room sales, wine            “We wanted a fully integrated system    online store.
Winery in Delaplane, Virginia, had just     club and online sales was critical from      that could handle our volume,” said           Web solutions are also built to inte-
such a strategy in mind. His winery         an inventory control standpoint,” said       Martinez. “AMS was already being used      grate all operations including account-
opened last year and is expected to         Gravenslund. “With VinBalance, we can        in house so it was a natural progres-      ing, inventory, customer databases,
grow from 3,000 cases to over 10,000        now look up customer history in a            sion. As we continue to grow, AMS will     POS in the tasting room, wine club and
over the next seven years. After doing      flash. It provides us with a lot of neces-   grow along with us.”                       an online store. They are easy to install
some online research and attending a        sary information in a very easy to user         Remi Cohen, vice president of opera-    and use, offer great customer service
winery-specific tradeshow, Roeder           format.”                                     tions for Merryvale Vineyards in St.       and the potential for customized
chose SmartPOS from WineWare.                                                            Helena, California tells a similar tale.   growth. They also offer the ability to
  “This solution is specialized for         Large                                        The winery makes around 100,000            sell from anywhere there is Internet
wineries and is intuitive and easy to       For large wineries, a fully integrated       cases each year. They’ve used Elypsis      access.
use,” said Roeder. “Our winery has          system is often the best choice.             for most of their software needs over         So if Web solutions are so great, why
done an enormous amount of retail           Cakebread Cellars in Rutherford,             the past 15 years because, according to    isn’t everyone using them? For one,
sales in 11 months due, in large part, to   California uses a solution from AMS to       Cohen, Elypsis is a local business and     many wineries are limited by shoddy
our online marketing. This level of         manage sales of more than 100,000            an industry leader in accounting soft-     Internet access due to remote geog-
growth is unprecedented in Virginia,        cases each year. Cakebread has no            ware for the wine industry.                raphy. Second, there’s cost. Web-based
and because of our success we’ll be         budget for advertising and, as such,            “Prior to 2005, we used an              systems typically have a low entry cost
opening two more tasting areas soon.        relies completely on word-of-mouth           accounting software called Solomon,        but then charge additional fees on top
WineWare is developing a system that        marketing to sell wine.                      which was sold or leased to us and sup-    of the initial commitment and gener-
can accommodate that growth as well           Today, between 70 and 80 percent of        ported by Elypsis,” said Cohen.            ally each provider has a different phi-
as where we go in the future.”              Cakebread’s sales are through restau-        “Although it was a simple product to       losophy of how these charges are
                                            rants. The balance is sold through the       manage, it did not integrate with our      calculated. Wineries need to be aware
                                            tasting room and to distributors who         point of sale system or our accounts

                                                                                                                                                             July 2009 69
Product Review: POS               Software

of how these costs add up or change as     room that integrates the back end for         an online store is helpful but not a deal-   Management System, is a next genera-
sales grow.                                allocations. It works out much better         breaker. Mainly, small wineries want         tion, customer-centric point of sale
   Finally, some wineries worry about      because it really is all one system. It’s a   customers buying and coming back for         solution for small to medium-sized
security issues, sending and storing       big help.”                                    more.                                        retailers. It provides single and multi-
sensitive customer information like                                                                                                   store retailers with a feature-rich POS
credit card numbers over the Internet      BUYING                                        Wineries requiring a high level of           directly integrated with an end-to-end,
rather than in-house. Credit card pro-     So far, we’ve sketched out the many           flexibility might consider a Web-based       centrally managed retail operations
cessing, whether in the tasting room or    attributes a prospective customer can         solution. As long as Internet access is      suite. For wineries, it offers shipping, a
via a wine club or online store, is one    expect to find when looking for a POS         reliable, a Web-based system has many        website, and wine of the month club
of the most basic functions of selling     solution. Now, it’s time to discuss the       advantages, including no investment in       administration with all transactions
wine but it is also one of the riskiest.   best options for the various situations       an IT infrastructure, automatic soft-        and corresponding data centrally
Identify theft and credit card fraud has   and winery sizes based on what we’ve          ware upgrades, innovative technology,        processed and visible in real time across
made protecting credit card informa-       already learned.                              easy database integration, easy-to-          all stores and e-commerce and call
tion critical.                                Be advised that only a few vendors         access customer information and              center channels.
   PCI compliance standards demand         offer a truly complete out-of-the-box         reporting capabilities from anywhere,
that companies follow a set of require-    solution that integrates POS, wine club,      easy coordination of tasting room,           Cypress Solutions’ Infinity POS uses
ments or risk fines or even lose the       e-commerce and email marketing.               wine club and e-commerce site. This          Microsoft SQL Server technology at
ability to process credit payments. So     These include Elypsis, EVT Solutions          model also easily supports wineries          each POS terminal so that each ter-
wineries are extremely careful about       and WineWeb Enterprises.                      with multiple locations as each site can     minal runs 100 percent independently
handling sensitive customer data. But         However, the remainder of the ven-         tie into the off-site database simultane-    and, using their patented Linker tool,
vendors of Web-based solutions are         dors offer efficient solutions to handle      ously.                                       exchanges data with the store server
adamant that their systems are             POS and available add-ons or integra-                                                      every 15 minutes enabling virtual real-
secure—and for wineries that do opt        tion with other third parties to take         Wineries    that    want    consistency      time data with no single point of failure
for this type of POS solution, it’s a      care of most other sales channel              should look for a vendor that provides       in the POS system. The Linker also
match made in heaven. Jacques              options. Many also offer modules or           a comprehensive software suite.              handles multi-site communications in
Mercier, the proprietor and winemaker      integration for accounting, PCI com-          Products that are integrated with one        a chain environment. Head office per-
at Solune Winegrowers in Grass             pliance, shipping and more.                   another and incorporate retail and           sonnel have access to the full point of
Valley, California, is using WineWeb          Here, then, are Wine Business              wholesale sales, financials and inven-       sale data within 30 seconds of the sale
POS. He said it gives him instant access   Monthly’s recommendations based on            tory control across the entire sales         being made at the POS terminal.
to customer records, regardless of his     size and/or situation:                        channel are a solid choice.
location, even following his sales                                                                                                    Elypsis is a leader in supplying wineries
remotely.                                  A large-scale winery with a substantial       VENDORS                                      with integrated software solutions that
   “WineWeb helps us coordinate all        wine club, high volume of tasting room        Active Club Management provides              optimize business operations and retail
three components of our business           traffic and a busy e-commerce site can        solutions as a service. Working with         sales management. Products include
including the tasting room, wine club      benefit from a solution that is com-          existing software, Active Club               accounting and financial management,
and our online store in one integrated     pletely integrated. Integration across all    Management can be added on to                inventory management, retail tasting
all-in-one package,” said Mercier. “And    sales channels brings a ‘big picture’         process individual and multiple sales.       room systems, and wine club manage-
vendor support is great because soft-      aspect to a winery rather than distinct       The Active Club Management solution          ment. Elypsis provides wineries with a
ware upgrades come to us automati-         departments working separately. Only a        and team help wineries build a com-          comprehensive view of their business.
cally online. Even if we change            handful of vendors offer powerful             munity of revenue-generating clients         Unlike older technologies or single
computer systems we can still access       robust software suites that can encom-        and streamline operations with seam-         stand-alone application products,
the latest version of WineWeb. It meets    pass everything from accounting pro-          less integration with QuickBooks,            Elypsis brings together the systems
our needs perfectly.”                      grams, inventory control, shipping            ShipCompliant, UPS, FedEx and GSO            wineries need to remain focused on
   Quintessa in Rutherford, California     compliance, e-commerce applications           shipping (without any import/exports),       business performance, improve man-
is another Web-based POS success           and more.                                     print and email communications and           agement insight, increase operational
story. Consumer sales coordinator Erin                                                   more.                                        effectiveness and sell more wine.
Lynch said that that using eCellar from    Smaller wineries have quite a few
Missing Link enables them to integrate     choices when researching POS options.         AMS offers the most complete suite of        EVT Solutions launched bLoyal (ver-
their tasting room with allocations.       But what really matters is being able to      software available to the wine industry      sion 3.0) in March 2009 with a renewed
Before installing eCellar, Qunitessa       build a customer database to market           and the only full-spectrum solution          focus on providing clients with the best
depended on a POS system in the            effectively and grow business; an effi-       crafted specifically for the wine            multi-level loyalty platform across all
tasting room and a separate back-end       cient POS system in the tasting room is       industry. Working with their client          sales channels. The goals of bLoyal are
system to handle allocations, a growing    key to this effort.                           base, AMS has developed a suite of           to enable retailers to increase their rev-
part of their business. The problem,          Systems that are easy to learn and use     software that is flexible, stable, compre-   enues by empowering them to: reach
said Lynch, “was that the data lived in    are advantageous for tasting room staff.      hensive, scalable, powerful, well sup-       more customers through inte-
two different worlds. We had trouble       Speed is especially important when            ported, economical and easy to use.          grated multi-channel sales such as
merging the database from the tasting      tour buses pull in and there are only                                                      stores, Web stores, marketplaces and
room to do an allocation,” said Lynch.     two registers available to ring sales and     CORESense POS and Store Operations           kiosks; sell more to each customer
“Now, we use eCellar from Missing          capture customer information. A low           solution, a key component of                 using automated multi-layer loyalty
Link as our POS system in the tasting      level of integration between a club and       CORESense’s   Integrated    Retail           programs; process customer purchases

 70 Wine Business Monthly
Product Review: POS                Software

including single order and batch order      (RMS) forms the foundation which           words like description, type, price, vin-    WineWare         Software       Corp.’s
processing as well as the most competi-     is enhanced by developing add-on           tage, unit price and more. No frustra-       SmartPOS, designed with touch screen
tive rates for payment processing across    solutions to solve real-world problems.    tion punching multi-level button             technology for easy navigation, is a
all channels; gain customer insight with                                               systems; winery staff will spend more        proven software application which may
a consolidated online analysis of their     Orion Wine Software is a leader in         time relating to customers.                  be customized for the retail sales in a
customers, products and transactions        providing software and information                                                      winery tasting room. The POS applica-
information.                                services to the wine industry. As the      Update Software, Inc.’s VinNOW is            tion tracks inventory, sales and cus-
                                            largest provider, Orion Wine Software      designed for wineries by winery              tomers. SmartPOS is integrated with
Microworks Technologies, Inc. offers        offers an all-encompassing suite of sys-   owners. It features real-time wine club      the SmartClub wine club system.
an all-in-one solution to manage a          tems. Orion’s core products represent      management, point of sale cash register      SmartPOS is also integrated with
tasting room, wine club, direct mar-        some of the most well established wine     functions (tasting room), customer           QuickBooks and ShipCompliant, also
keting, e-commerce and compliance           solutions available. Now under one         contact information, accounts receiv-        for no additional fees. New items
seamlessly using Wine Direct 4.1. Wine      roof, Blend, WiPS, WIMS, Dar-              able and inventory. There are extensive      include EasyID scanner for age verifica-
Direct is a full suite of modules           Wine and POSR come together to             sales reporting tools, including this year   tion and driver’s license information
including sales and fulfillment, touch-     create the most complete wine tech-        to last year comparison. With just a         capture as well as pin pad entry devices
screen POS, tax paid and bonded             nology solution.                           couple of mouse clicks, staff know           with integrated signature capture capa-
inventory tracking with allocations,                                                   where inventory is and its value.            bility so the credit card doesn’t have to
wine club, customer relationship man-       Submerce is designed from the ground       VinNOW is designed for a single stand-       leave the customer’s hands. Custom
agement (CRM), direct shipping com-         up to manage winery and wine mer-          alone computer or a network multi-           reports can also be generated.
pliance and reporting, and integrates       chant models. With Submerce’s “create      person operation.
with Microsoft Office, e-commerce,          once, use many” philosophy, customer                                                    REVIEWING KEY
accounting systems and fulfillment          accounts and product management is         Ingio’s VinBalance winery software           BUYING ELEMENTS
houses.                                     stored in one location and updated         provides a complete suite that includes      Regardless of winery size, finding the
                                            across a company’s POS, OMS, e-com-        POS, wine club, winery production,           right fit is critical. Many vendors
Missing Link Networks, Inc.’s eCellar       merce and wine club in real time.          production costing and full accounting.      offering POS solutions serve certain
offers an integrated philosophy, not        Submerce gives tools to manage e-com-      The whole winery team has a single,          niche markets and are good at honing
piecemeal, and is unlike any other          merce, wine clubs and CRM in one           powerful yet easy-to-use tool for man-       in on what’s important to those market
system in the wine industry. It puts all    easy-to-use web application. Submerce      aging the tasting room and working           segments. Key elements when making a
of your customers and orders in a           has partnered with real-time compli-       together.                                    decision about what to buy include
single, integrated database where they      ance technology service providers to                                                    software and database integration, cus-
may be queried in unlimited ways for        offer a seamless integration of their      WineWeb Enterprises provides winery          tomer service from vendors as well as
better marketing, merchandising and         powerful state compliance tools with       websites with an integrated winery-          that which is given to winery cus-
sales reporting, from anywhere at any-      Submerce’s available sales channels.       specific content management system, e-       tomers, shipping integration as well as
time via the Web. Launched in 1999,                                                    commerce services to accept and              PCI compliance. A scalable system that
eCellar™ has emerged as the first Web-      Technology     Consulting    Alliance’s    process customer orders online, email        can grow as a winery does is also crit-
based system that allows wineries to sell   Winery Pro integrated point of sale        campaign services to easily create, send     ical. But whatever the case, perhaps
and market direct, covering all sales       system is built for easy use so winery     and manage broadcast emails to sub-          most important is any vendor’s strong,
transaction points in real time.            staff (even the winemaker) can breeze      scriber lists, eMarketplace promotion        like-minded customer base which
                                            through a sale. The POS transaction        services to gain exposure for wines and      means better and faster software
Napa Valley POS is completely focused       screen allows key entry of barcode         a point-of-sale system for winery onsite     upgrades for all users. And this com-
on providing POS solutions for Retail       scanning of products. If the product       sales processing.                            monality among customers brings a
and the Wine Industry. Microsoft            can’t be located, the POS operator can                                                  level of comfort when committing to a
Dynamics Retail Management System®          conduct a quick search by product key-                                                  purchase. wbm

                                                                                                                                                             July 2009 71
Product Review: POS              Software

 Company Name
 Phone                                                                                                                  Wine Club                E-commerce
 Web site                            Software Title       Pricing                                 Full suite*           Integration              Integration

 Active Club Management              Active Club          One time set-up fee of $500.              Yes                Proprietary               Yes, via WineWeb
 Livermore, CA                       Management           Takes 0.5% of sales through                                  Wine Club Software
 925-447-2582                                             POS per month with a                                  maximum of $50.

 Advanced Management Systems         AMS Winery           Not available (NA)                        Yes                NA by press time          Yes
 Santa Rosa, CA                      Software

 CORESense                           CORESense            $15,000 for POS on unlimited              Yes                Proprietary               Yes, own application included
 Saratoga Springs, NY                                     workstations including set-up,                               Wine Club Software
 866-229-2804                                             data import, web site, wine-of-                                        the-month club and email promotions

 Cypress Solutions                   Infinity             $1,495 to install first terminal,         Yes                Infinity Wine Club        Yes, own customizable application
 Irvine, CA                                               $995 for each terminal after that.                           and Vin65

 Elypsis Inc.                        Elypsis Retail       Base POS is $1,190 per register           Yes                Built on Microsoft        Yes, web service to eWinery
 Napa, CA                            for Wineries         up to five, discount after that.                             Dynamics RMS              Solutions web sites and file
 707-257-8912                                             Additional modules can be                                                              import/export for others                                          purchased separately.

 EVT Solutions                       bLoyal               Starting at $1,190 per register,          Yes                Proprietary               Yes, own hosted and can connect
 Redmond, WA                                              w/additional charges for                                     Wine Club Software        to any 3rd party through web
 425-860-1715                                             multiple location wineries                                                             service APIs.

 Microworks Technologies, Inc.       Wine Direct          $1,495 for POS software                   Yes                Proprietary               Yes, through web services
 Napa, CA                                                 integrating credit card processing                           Wine Club Software
 877-642-7696                                             and compliance checking

 Missing Link Networks, Inc.         eCellar              $4,195 for licensing at one               Yes                Proprietary               Yes, have own application
 Calistoga, CA                                            POS register and 2 virtual terminals,                        Wine Club Software
 707-942-9700                                             plus $130 per month for unlimited                                      application support and automatic
                                                          upgrades and updates

 Napa Valley POS                     Microsoft            $1,190 per register plus                  Yes                Interface to Vin65,       Yes, interface to Vin65, IBG,
 Napa, CA                            Dynamics RMS         Microsoft annual maintenance fee                             IBG, Submerce             Submerce

 Orion Wine Software                 Wims - Winery POS,   $3,000 to $10,000 depending               Yes for Wims,      Yes, built-into Wims,     Yes, standard open interface
 Santa Rosa, CA                      POSR Retail Suite    on winery size, configuration,            No for POSR        No for POSR               used to integrate to many
 877-632-3155                                             number of users, options                                                               ecommerce providers

 Submerce                            Submerce POS         $4,999 for unlimited seats.               Yes                Proprietary               Yes, built in
 Napa, CA                                                                                                              Wine Club Software

 Technology Consulting Alliance      Winery Pro           $4,800                                    Yes                Proprietary               No
 Santa Rosa, CA                                                                                                        Wine Club Software

 Update Software, Inc.               VinNOW               Starts under $5,000 for                   Yes                Proprietary               Yes, integrate with Kreck Design
 Hopland, CA                                              complete software package                                    Wine Club Software        and VinterActive

 Ingio                               VinBalance Winery    $5,000 to $20,000                         Yes                Proprietary               No
 Walla Walla, WA                     Software             depending on number of users                                 Wine Club Software

 WineWeb Enterprises                 WineWeb POS          $600 to set up and 0.5% of                Yes                Proprietary               Yes, have own module
 Santa Fe, NM                                             net sales, not to exceed $50 per                             Wine Club Software
 888-236-0058                                             month. Additional modules can                                and also through Active                                          be added for an additional fee.                              Club Management

 WineWare Software Corp.             SmartPOS             $695 to $995 for software,                Yes                Proprietary               In process
 Paso Robles, CA                                          $3,800 including hardware,                                   Wine Club Software
 805-227-0202                                             training, tech support

                                                                                                     * (POS, Wine Club and eCommerce)

72 Wine Business Monthly
                                                    Plug-ins      Multiple    Touch
Accounting                                           for gift     tenders     screen    PCI            Compliance                                Database
Integration                                            cards      on a sale   capable   Compliance     Integration       Platform                Integration
Yes w/QuickBooks,                                           Yes      Yes       No         Yes          Integrated        PC                      SQL server/ Sybase
Business Works,
General Ledger Accounting

Yes, NA by press time                                       No       Yes       Yes        In process   Batch processed   PC                      Pervasive SQL

Yes, QuickBooks                                             Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          In process        Web-based               MySQL

Yes, QuickBooks, SAP, Great Plains                          Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Batch processed   PC                      Microsoft SQL server

Yes, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV                        Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL server

Yes, QuickBooks among others                                Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        POS is PC-based         Microsoft SQL server
                                                                                                                         Add-ons are web-based

Yes, QuickBooks, PeachTree, SAP, AMS                        Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL server

No                                                          No       No        Yes        Yes          Integrated        Web-based               Microsoft SQL server

Yes, Dynamics Great Plains,                                 Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL server
QuickBooks, MYOB, Peachtree

Yes for Wims w/PeachTree, Great Plains,                     Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL server
Business Works, MAS, QuickBooks and
more. No for POSR

Yes, QuickBooks, JD Edwards, SAP                            Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        Web-based               Microsoft SQL

No                                                          No       Yes       No         Yes          Batch processed   Mac & PC                FileMaker 10

Yes, QuickBooks complete API integration                    Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL

Yes, built in                                               No       Yes       Yes        Yes          Batch processed   PC                      Microsoft SQL server

Yes, QuickBooks through WebConnect,                         No       Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        Web-based               Windows SQL server
PeachTree and more through an export file

Yes, QuickBooks                                             Yes      Yes       Yes        Yes          Integrated        PC                      Microsoft SQL server

NOTE: Information for this table was provided by vendors.

                                                                                                                                                                July 2009 73

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