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									                                                                     The get up and go newsletter of the
                                                                       National Seniors Association
                                                                             Liverpool Branch Inc.
            second wind                                         P.O. Box 197, Kemps Creek, NSW 2171
President                 Secretary                                  Treasurer                     Editors
Barry S                   Margaret S                                 Ken F                Barry L & Shirley B

   No. 12 March 2003                     had never been to the Cemetery
                                         before, wonderful cakes –
   March Meeting Minutes                                                           Tour Coach pick up
                                         congratulations and thanks to the         The coach picks up at the rear of
                                         ladies who organised this.                the Liverpool Catholic Club at the
 Minutes of the meeting of the           Next two trips will both have 8am
 National Seniors Association,                                                     designated time & then at the
                                         pick up, still seats available for the
 Liverpool Group held on Thursday                                                  Interstate Terminal at Liverpool
                                         Mt Tomah Trip.                            Railway Station 15 minutes later.
 27 March, 2003 at the Francis           Choices for lunch: picnic or eat at
 Greenway Centre at 10.30am                                                        The bus will not set down at
                                         the Richmond Club.           No one
                                                                                   Liverpool Station on the return
                                         appeared interested in having a           journey. If you are running late
 Meeting opened: 10.31am                 picnic so Alan will make a booking
 Present: 48 members and 1 visitor                                                 or are unable to attend please
                                         at the club on the understanding          contact Alan
 Apologies: Barry and Margaret S,        that we will have to leave Mt Tomah
 Ken F, Enid and Gordon H, and Jean      by 1.30pm, but this should leave
 S.                                      sufficient time to see most of what             The next 2 Trips
                                         is offering.
 Confirmations of Minutes of last
                                                                                  May 22nd Kangaroo Valley pick
 Meeting:                                General Business:                        up 8 am
 Confirmed: Shirley W ,Seconded:         1. We will celebrate our 1 st            Mittagong for morning tea, then
 Len L                                      Birthday at April Meeting.            Kangaroo Valley via       spectacular
                                         2. We need parkas and warm               Fitzroy Falls and the historic
 Business arising from the Minutes:         jumpers for Liverpool night           Hampden        Suspension Bridge.
 Big Morning tea to be held at May          Patrol for distribution to the        Explore craft shops in the valley.
 meeting, decision made to have a           needy (Olwen can elaborate).          Barbeque lunch at Fitzroy Falls, The
 jar for donations to be taken for the   3. Ken our Treasurer is having           Sharpley Vale Fruit World if time
 Cancer Council and join in the             knee replacement surgery              permits, then home. Cost $33.00
 Nationwide Big morning tea                 today.                                with lunch all inclusive.
 programme                               4. Next meeting Thursday 24th
                                            April 2003 Francis Greenway           June 19th         Sydney Historic
 Correspondence in: Nil                     Centre                                Homes. Pick up Morning tea
                                                                                  in the city. Vaucluse House,
 Correspondence out: Newsletters
                                                                                  purchased by William Charles
                                         Speaker Michael Frew on Alternative      Wentworth in 1827 and expanded
 Treasurers Report -                     Energy –                                 on the original structure. Watsons
 Due to the imminent knee                Renewable energy         basis of        Bay for lunch at own expense, then
 replacement surgery there is no         greenhouse effect - things that can      on to Elizabeth Bay House built in
 report for this month.                  be done to alleviate it                  1835 with magnificent view of
                                                                                  Sydney Harbour.      Cost $20.00
 Membership Officer’s Report – no        Example is here on earth on a cold       each, plus lunch. Return 4.30 pm.
 new members this month.                 day inside the car can be warm but
                                         outside can be extremely cold.           Book      early       to    avoid
 Speaker Organizers Report:
 Booked up to September, June will       The talk was well received and           Invite your friends to join you on
 be an address from Head Office and      provided some serious food for           the day.
 still awaiting information regarding    thought. Mike Frew proved to be a
 this speaker and content.               good speaker.
 New speaker arranged – subject:
 Youth – how to keep yourself young,     Raffle drawn – special feature of
 interesting speaker doing this.         raffle was having Easter Eggs as the     Second Wind is edited and published for the
 Favourable comments on the              prizes – 3 in all.                       Liverpool Branch of the National Seniors
 speaker for February, no one knew                                                Association by Barry L and Shirley B.
                                         Meeting closed: 11.42                    Copyright remains with the author, or where
 dying could create so much fun –                                                 author is not indicated copyright remains with
 this is encouraging                                                              the publisher.
 Last Outing Report:                      The next meeting will be on             Other Branches of the NSA are free to use any
                                          Thursday 24th April 2003 at the         material from this newsletter without seeking
 Spectacular scenery, Alan said he                                                permission.
                                          Greenway Centre. 10:00am for            Editors reserve disclaimer rights on
                                          a 10:30am Start.                        contributions.
                                           We are The Survivors
Outing    Cancellation       Policy
If with reasonable notice members
                                                                                         For Sale
cancel or cannot attend an outing,     (For those people born before 1940)
payment can be transferred to                                                   It has been suggested that a ”For
another outing. If a refund is         We were born before television,          Sale” section might be included in
requested, and the seats cannot be     before penicillin, polio shots, frozen   this newsletter. What do you think?
resold, the cost of the outing minus   foods, Xerox, contact lenses, videos     Do you have something you no
the cost of the coach will be          and the pill. We were before radar,      longer need. If so let the other
refunded only.                         credit cards, splitting of the atom,     members know about it and maybe
                                       laser beams and ballpoint pens.          make a little spending money.
Cake or biscuits for morning                                                    Telephone Barry
tea on tours                           Before dishwashers, tumble dryers,
The committee is looking for           electric blankets, air conditioners,
volunteers to form Speakers to
   Future Guest a group                drip dry clothes and before man          Next Tours
supply cakes and biscuits for          walked on the moon.                      Kangaroo Valley
selected Coach Trips any one           We got married first and then lived      In this modern age it is hard to
interested please see Lorraine or      together, (how quaint). We thought       imagine that early settler life
Olwen at the next meeting.             “fast food” was what you ate at Lent,    depended on the rivers. Much of the
                                       a Big Mac was an oversize raincoat,      produce in and out of Sydney was
Future Guest Speakers                  and a crumpet we had for tea.            transported to outer settlements by
                                                                                the many rivers.
 24th April Patient Support Group.     We existed before house husbands,        The Shoalhaven River was such a
Speaker Val Keen                       computer dating and sheltered            transport system.    The Kangaroo
(Health Service. Problems and          accommodation, was where you             Valley tour will remind you of the
complaints)                            waited for a bus.                        days of early settlers and you will
                                                                                experience the atmosphere of
29th May Your Health. Speaker          We were before day care centres,         isolation experienced by our early
Robert Kelly.                          group homes and disposable               pioneers.
(About aging, what causes it & how     nappies. We had never heard of FM        Fitzroy Falls remains one of our
we can slow it down)                   radio, tape decks, artificial hearts,    Southern Highlands tourist gems
                                       word processors, or young men            and the ever changing view down
26th June The speaker on this          wearing earrings.    For us “time        the M5 to Mittagong is worth the
day is being organised by the head     sharing” meant togetherness, a chip      trip.
office of The National Seniors.        was a piece of wood or a fried           May is a pleasant time to be in this
                                       potato, Hardware meant nuts and          area, the use of English deciduous
                                       bolts and software hadn’t been           trees means the autumn colours will
                                       invented.                                capture your imagination.
                                       Before 1940 “Made in Japan” meant        Join this outstanding tour set for
                                       junk, the term “making out” referred     22nd May for only $33 all inclusive
     Write your Life                   to how you did in your exams, “stud”     with lunch leaving 8am and
                                       was something that fastened a            returning by 4.30pm
The group enjoys the opportunity       collar to a shirt and “going all the
to jog the collective memory and it    way” meant staying on the bus to         Sydney Historic Homes.
has proven to be very encouraging      the terminus.                            Vaucluse House was built for Sir
to read snippets of our writings to                                             Henry Browne Hayes about 1840
the others for comment and             In our day cigarette smoking was         and was named Vaucluse [a French
approval.                              fashionable, grass was something         variant of vallis clausa] because the
Anyone who would just like to have     you mowed. Coke was kept in the          site was a sheltered, enclosed valley
a look at what we do is most           coal shed, a joint was a piece of        and Vaucluse was the name of the
welcome.                               meat you ate on Sunday and pot           French home of the poet Petrarch.
Meetings are held at 10.00am first     something you cooked in.                 Not far from Vaucluse House is
Wednesday of the month at the                                                   Neilson Park. Many Sydney born
home of Trevor and Shirley B.          Rock music was fond mother’s
                                                                                people have fond memories of
The May Write your Life will be held   lullaby. Eldorado was an ice-cream,
                                                                                Neilson Park in it’s heyday. The view
on Wednesday April 30th. June          a “gay person” was the life and soul
                                                                                of the harbour is spectacular from
reverts to first Wednesday in month    of the party, while “aids” meant just
                                                                                the beach and the area boasts some
4 June.                                beauty treatment or help for
                                                                                old trees that shade the picnic tables
                                       someone in trouble.
                                                                                scattered throughout the Park.
                                       We who were born before 1940             Elizabeth Bay House is a Regency
                                       must be a hardy bunch, when you          Mansion built between 1835 and
                                       think of the way in which the world      1838 for Alexander Macleay, the
                                       has changed and the adjustments          house commands magnificent views
Reminder!!                             we have had to make. No wonder           of Sydney Harbour.
Parkas & Jumpers are desperately       there is a generation gap… BUT…          Both houses are protected by the
needed by the Liverpool Night Patrol                                            National Trust in New South Wales
If you have any of these that you no   By the grace of God we have survived.    and have been furnished in a
longer need, could you please bring                                             manner appropriate to the 1800’s
them along to the meeting in May.
                                                                                Tour starts    9.00am     and   ends
They will be most appreciated.

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