Because Newsletter Sept-Oct 2010 by pengxuezhi


									                                                                                                       Sept/Oct 2010

                                   It’s about Hope, Healing and Life
                          Donor support helps Parma Hospital care for people

               People fighting cancer are not alone:                                      Donors                       9
                  Thanks to you, they have support!                                       January 1–July 31, 2010

                                                                                          Family Resource Room         7

                                                                                          Memorial Funds               4

                                                                                          Parma Hospital Cancer        2
Caring well for the person who has been diagnosed with cancer goes                        Center 10th Anniversary
beyond radiation and chemotherapy. It involves supporting the heart and
mind of the human being who has heard the words, “you have cancer.”                       Season of Life Hospice       3
Caring also includes emotional, educational and sometimes material                        Improvements
support to help strengthen the mind, body and spirit of the whole person.
It requires a shift in perspective so that we understand the individual                   Student Service Awards       6
facing cancer not as a “cancer patient” but rather, as a unique and
valuable individual who is taking a tough journey right now.                              The Power of Giving          8

                                   Donors help caregivers make a difference

              The Parma Hospital Cancer Center team               These items and other
              considers the care of the whole person,             small treasures are
              body, mind and spirit, integral to their            designed to provide
              mission. This philosophy is reflected in            emotional support and
              the work of Certified Breast Care Nurse,            practical care tips.
              Jessica Young, who reflects, “We try to
              provide comfort, support and education in           The team works to
              a special way.” One way is by creating              encourage early diagnosis
                   personalized gift bags for women               and provide support for those who are in treatment for
                   whose breast surgery requires                  many types of cancer. Books, videos and other resources
                   overnight hospital stay. The bags are          purchased for the Cancer Center library are available for
                   filled with care supplies, educational         anyone to use in learning more about good self care for
                   information and a breast cancer                life! Donor support helps make these resources available.
                   survivor pin.                                  In the next issue you will learn more about other donors
                                                                  who support the Cancer Center.

                        "No one has ever become poor by giving.” --Anne Frank

                                             Because        1   Sept/Oct 2010
                                       A Celebration of Life: 10 Years of Hope and Healing

                                       The Parma Hospital Cancer Center's model of care was founded on early
                                       principles of Relationship-Based Care including belief in the idea that the
                                       relationship a person has with their caregiver has a significant impact on
                                       how well they recover. The design and environment of the center was also
                                       part of this more holistic approach. Natural lighting in the chemotherapy
                                       areas, relaxing interior design and calming focal points in the radiation
                                       oncology areas create a supportive and comfortable environment where
                                       people receive their treatment.

                                       The 10-year anniversary celebrates the cancer program's affiliation to the
                                       Taussig Cancer Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, ranked #1 in Ohio for
                                       cancer care by U.S. News & World Report. This clinical expertise
                                       combined with Parma Hospital’s excellent, personalized care and
                                       community focus brings high quality, compassionate treatment for the
                                       whole person to this community.

                                       Because of you…
                                       …and other generous people like you with big hearts and innovative minds,
                                       The Parma Hospital Health Care Foundation exists today. Your support helps
                                       Parma Hospital take good care of people. This is why you are receiving
                                       Because: a newsletter for our donors, our community.

                                       As a philanthropist who has given generously from your resources, you
                                       deserve regular communication from your Foundation office. The aim of
                                       Because is to keep you more informed about how Foundation gifts are serving
                                       people. We hope this publication will inspire you to remain active with the
                                       Foundation and to tell others about our work. You are a Foundation partner
                                       and, together we continue making a difference in our community’s health and
A butterfly release was part of the
Parma Hospital Cancer Center 10-                                           The Foundation
                                                                      Has provided $ 62,000 for
year anniversary celebration held
                                                                      Cancer Research through
on June 23, 2010. Participants                                             support of local
from the event were (above):                                            Relay for Life events
Patricia Ruflin, President and
CEO of Parma Hospital who
retired in July; Lollie Stager, vice
president, The Parma Hospital
Auxiliary; and Karen Ellis.

                                              Because     2    Sept/Oct 2010
Donors Help Seasons of Life Hospice Care for the Whole Person

The Hospice movement grew out of a compassionate
vision for support of meaningful life for individuals with
life-limiting illnesses and conditions. Central to Hospice is
care for the whole person and those close to them. The
Hospice model was the culmination of caring people
working together to bring high quality, compassionate,
holistic care that has proven very satisfactory for
thousands of families. This is certainly true for people in                                    Seasons of Life
this community.                                                                                Residential Hospice

Generous donors made the idea of Hospice a reality for
people in the Parma Hospital service area. Their gifts built
Seasons of Life, expanding Parma Hospital’s hospice care to
include the beautiful residential facility. With ongoing donor             2009-2010 Improvements made
support, the Foundation continues to identify opportunities for             possible with donor support
community engagement in care and healing. You will find the
                                                                         New flooring
most recent examples here.                                               Certification for nurses in Hospice Care
                                                                         Wireless access
The dedicated staff, volunteers and resident families are always         Televisions for residents and families
looking for opportunities to improve the service, convenience            Education for staff on care updates
and beauty of the residential facility. In fall 2009, the staff          Volunteer Support
requested funds for an aviary and aquariums. Thanks to                   Dinnerware
generous donors, countless people will experience joy from               Food grinder
these additions.                                                         Picnic table and chairs
                                                                         Software for quality measurement
   Aquariums placed in family lounges provide an
   enjoyable focal point for residents, guests and          New flooring enhances the cleanliness and attractiveness
   staff (below).                                           in the dining area and in resident rooms (below).

 A resident enjoys the aviary (left), where many people have come to know Buttercup & his friends (above).

                                          Because     3     Sept/Oct 2010
The Memorial Walkway Project: 3rd Annual Dedication October 7, 2010

The Foundation, Seasons of Life Hospice and the Parma Hospital Pastoral Care
Department supported the establishment of a community driven tradition in 2008. The
Seasons of Life Memorial Walkway Dedication includes a reading of the memorial names
engraved on bricks, benches and trees donated during the previous year. A Celebration of
Life reception completes the ceremony and assists reflection, healing, fellowship and
meaningful commemoration of the lives gently cared for by Seasons of Life.

                          Memorial Funds made possible by Donors
            The Barrie George                Memorial Fund, for the             Howard Flower, to raise
                  Fund                       Valley Forge Student               money for a memorial
                                             (See article on the                education fund in his name.
          Renaissance Service Award          Renaissance Service
          for a Valley Forge Student         Awards, page 6).                     The Matthew Thomas
          (odd-numbered years)                                                           Fund
                                                The David Stuchlak               Renaissance Service Award
                         The Barrie                   Fund                        for a Holy Name Student
                         Memorial            Renaissance Service Award          Matthew Thomas died of a
                         Fund                for a Valley Forge Student         heart condition while
                         combines the        (even-numbered years)              employed as a therapy
                         passions of                                            attendant at Parma
                         the late Ms.        David Stuchlak was part of         Hospital. He is fondly
          George and her family.             the first graduating class of      remembered by his co-
          Barrie George was a Valley         students who completed             workers for his kindness.
          Forge High School                  their entire high school           His parents originally
          Graduate and throughout            career at Valley Forge             requested that his memorial
          her life a pioneering              High School. Mr. Stuchlak          donations should be given
          advocate for women's               went on to become an               to the Foundation for use in
          sports, pushing for                active community citizen,          a one-time scholarship for
          adequate facilities and            participating in many civic        a 2007 Holy Name High
          opportunities for the              organizations that                 School student accepted
          female athlete. Her                improved community life.           into a college or university
          interests combined with the        Among the numerous                 therapy program. When a
          long term commitment of            organizations that Mr.             recipient was not
          her family, Dr. Robert and         Stuchlak supported, he is          identified, the family
          Mrs. Christine George, to          particularly remembered by         considered other options,
          the Parma Hospital Health          his friends for his                finally determining during
          Care Foundation, led to the        leadership in the Parma            summer 2008 that the
          establishment of The               Area Chamber of                    Scholarship fund would
          Barrie George Memorial             Commerce and the Jaycees.          support the Holy Name
          Scholarship Fund. The              Mr. Stuchlak’s community           High School student named
          fund provides $ 1, 000             leadership and service             in the Renaissance Service
          every-other year, opposite         inspired his friends, Mr.          Awards.
          the David Stuchlak                 Chuck Germana and Mr.

                                              Because     4    Sept/Oct 2010
  Mr. Ralph E. Wagner                wife, Lisa, have been            by adding his own
  Fund for Hospice Care              longtime donors to Hospice       generous gift to those of
                                     through their work with the      his family and friends in
  In 1984 Mr. Ralph E.               Foundation where Brian           2009. Each year during the
  Wagner received hospice            served as an officer. In         celebration of National
  care in his home from              November 2008 they               Nurses Week, a Parma
  Parma Community General            established this fund in         Hospital nurse will receive
  Hospital. Since then his           memory of Ralph E.               a scholarship in the name
  family has been involved in        Wagner with a gift from          of James H. Flower III.
  sustaining this holistic           the Wagner Family                This memorial fund will
  model of care for others in        Charitable Foundation.           support a nurse’s efforts to
  the community through                                               increase his or her
  their volunteerism and their       James H. Flower III              education from the LPN
  philanthropic giving. Mrs.         Memorial Fund for                level to the RN level or the
  Rosemary Wagner, wife of           Nursing Scholarships             RN to BSN program. This
  the late Ralph Wagner, is                                           fund adds another aspect to
  a long term Hospice                J. Howard Flower initiated       the Foundation’s support of
  volunteer have given               this fund with his request       the nursing education
  respite care and other help        that gifts made in memory        process at Parma Hospital,
  for families and supporting        of his son be given to the       which began with the
  fellow Hospice volunteers.         Parma Hospital Health            Nursing School.
  Brian Wagner, son of               Care Foundation. Mr.
  Ralph Wagner, and his              Flower completed the Fund

          Foundation Fast Facts
                                                                                   5th Class to Graduate
●The Foundation has provided $ 4.2 million of                                            December 2010
funding since it was established in 1987.
                                                                       The Foundation raised money to
●$3.4 million for Parma Hospital services and                          help Parma Hospital establish a
 $785,000 for health and human services needs                          nursing school that supports the
 in Parma Hospital’s service area.                                     development of nurses who care
                                                                       deeply about personalized care.
●Major projects include: building Seasons of
                                                                       In the next issue you will learn
Life Residential Hospice; helping establish the
                                                                       more about the school and the men
Tri-C nursing program at Parma Hospital;
                                                                       and women who have learned to be
supporting the growth and expansion of the
                                                                       nurses within Parma Hospital’s
ElderCenter Adult Day Services; education and
                                                                       relationship based care philosophy
research and supporting medical care for people
                                                                       focused on the whole person and
in this community who live without coverage.
                                                                       their family.

                                      Because     5   Sept/Oct 2010
                 Honoring service-oriented young people:
                  The next generation of philanthropists
The Renaissance Service Awards represent one of the Foundation’s longest standing traditions –
honoring and encouraging outstanding young adults who serve this community. The awards are
scholarships given annually to 11 students from Parma Hospital’s service area who demonstrate
exemplary commitment to volunteerism. One student is selected from each of the schools along
with one Parma Hospital Auxiliary student volunteer.

                                            “How far you go in life depends on your being
                                            tender with the young, compassionate with the
                                            aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of
                                            the weak and strong. Because someday in your
                                            life, you will have been all of these.”
                                                                -George Washington Carver

Program co-chairs Dr. Ed and Barb Cottle   The Foundation has given these inspirational words
and Chris and Dr. Bob George are           true meaning in our own community by helping
pictured here with a group of Service      young people who are striving to obtain a good
award recipients.                          education they will use to help our society.

                         2010 Renaissance Service Awards

                                      Because   6    Sept/Oct 2010
  Family Resource Room: A comfortable retreat for families

The Need for Post-Discharge Care                    Parma Hospital Care Givers Reach Out
It is not uncommon these days for                   An interdisciplinary team of Parma Hospital
hospitalized people to require ongoing care         care givers came up with an idea they
after discharge. This might include physical,       believe will provide patients and their
occupational and speech therapy,                    families with a more supportive and caring
medications management, treatments,                 environment in which to make the decisions
personal care, nursing care and in some             that are right for them. The
cases, end-of-life care.                            idea of a Family Resource
                                                    Room involved identifying
                           Information              a space and equipping it
                           Overload                 with resources that families
                           Providing                and other decision-makers
                           information and          can use for gathering
                           education for            information and exploring
                           families about the       their options.
                           various options
                           available to them        The Family
                           is part of good          Resource Room
                           care. This is            A room on the ninth floor
                           particularly true        was identified for
                           today as health          development into a small
                           care has become          yet comfortable space. With
more fragmented and complex. Processing             a donation from the Parma Hospital Health
the high volume of information about health         Care Foundation and the Parma Hospital
care options can be very challenging and            Auxiliary, the space was transformed into a
stressful for families who might find they          room where families can read and research,
are making important decisions about                meet with care givers, place phone calls and
continued care for a loved one within a short       relax with a cup of coffee. In the Resource
period of time.                                     Room families have access to literature, the
                                                    internet, a wide screen television, a desk,
                                                    furniture and a place where they can
                                                    comfortably research, confer with care
                                                    givers or just to take
                                                    a break and
To learn more about Parma Hospital’s
                                                    peacefully think.
  healing Rehabilitative Care, visit.

                                    Because     7   Sept/Oct 2010
                     The Power of Giving and Volunteering

This newsletter will explore the motivation and inspiration behind donor decisions to give to the
Foundation. In this issue we begin with an individual who shares a long history with Parma Hospital.

                       “I receive home heath
                   assistance now and I so appreciate                     Americans are a generous people.
                                                                          They share their resources, both time
                      the care and am grateful for the                    and financial, to improve communities
                          help. I like to do something                    around the world and enhance our way
                                                                          of life. Nonprofit organizations
                              for Parma Hospital. ”                       provide a way for everyday people to
                                                                          bring about change, a way for them to
                                                                          improve their communities, and ways
                                    Doris Lackman was a Parma
                                                                          for them to help where needs are great.
                                 Hospital Auxiliary member with 40
                              years of volunteer service when she         Taken from The Independent Sector’s
                           retired to care for her husband after he       Giving and Volunteering in the United
                        became ill. Doris warmly recalls the              States: Findings from a National
                      wonderful care her husband received from            Survey, 2001.
                    Parma Hospital’s Home Health Care team.

         Mother Theresa experienced                   During the 18th century when there
         deep insecurities from time to               were no hospitals in the United States,
         time about her abilities to do all           Dr. Thomas Bond envisioned a
         that was needed to support                   place that would meet the deep needs
         her community’s mission to the poor          resulting from lack of appropriate care
         and sick. She often anguished about          for the sick and underprivileged,
 going out on “begging expeditions” in order to       individuals with mental illness and
 gather the supplies and money her community          the injured. Dr. Bond soon found that obtaining
 needed to fulfill their mission.                     the funding and public support necessary to
                                                      build a hospital was quite challenging. So, he
 It is reported that Mother Theresa drew              enlisted the help of a very influential friend
 criticism during the early days of her work          known for being committed to everything he
 from individuals concerned that her begging          undertook.
 might reflect negatively on the church. And
 yet, with her dedication and perseverance, she       Benjamin Franklin agreed to join Dr. Bond in
 not only raised a great deal of money during         his efforts to build a hospital. Together they
 her lifetime, she went on to win a Nobel Peace       built a philanthropic community, obtained
 Prize and become one of the world’s most             money from the General Assembly of
 influential women. Source: Love: The Words           Pennsylvania and from community donors,
 and Inspiration of Mother Theresa, 2007.             resulting in the opening of the Pennsylvania
                                                      Hospital in 1754. Source: The History of the
                                                      Pennsylvania Hospital, Digitized version on
                                                      Google Scholar!

 “One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those
 who will have sought and found how to serve.”            --Albert Schweitzer
                                      Because     8    Sept/Oct 2010
Because of you, fulfilling our mission is possible.
This list represents donor gifts from January 1-July 31, 2010.
Annual Giving and Special Gifts
Mr. Steve Adkins                  Mrs. Lisa M. Duliba                 Mrs. Dolores Jadrych
Ms. Hattie C. Ahmad               Mr. Michael and Mrs. Olga Edmonds   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry James
Ms. Katarina Almeddin             Ms. Denise Elber                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jaworski
Linda Ambrose                     Ms. Marianne Ellis                  Mr. and Mrs. Larry K. Jeffries
Mrs. Michelle Amoroso             Employees of Parma Hospital         Mr. Daniel Keller
Ms. Bonita Armstrong              Ms. Barbara Eozanski                Dr. Paul Klatte and
Anonymous                         Ms. Stacey Evans                     Mrs. Nancy Garlisi-Klatte
Ms. Catherine M. Arcuri           Dr. and Mrs. Craig Eyman            Mr. and Mrs. George R. Koehler
Ms. Linda Athens                  Mr. Richard Fabian                  Mrs. Donna M. and Mr. Alex I. Koler
Deborah Audie                     Mr. Stanislav Fabianich             Dr. & Mrs. Keith R. Koepke
Mrs. Sara J. Barwacz              Ms. Pamela R. Falasco               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Kolbus
Rev. & Mrs. Robert H. Bates       Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Farris           Mr. Corey Korsgaard
Dawn Beljin                       Mrs. Kristin Fedor                  Patricia Kothera
Mrs. Louise Bene                  Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Felice       Ms. Denise Krisko
Dr. Alok Bhaiji                   Mrs. Marcia L. Ferguson and         Ms. Charlene Krueger
Mrs. Carol Biernacki              Mr. Joe Tokar                       Mr. and Mrs. William Kusmierek
Mr. Timonthy Blackmon             Ms. Helen Y. Ferricci               Julie Lajko
Janet M. Blanchette               Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferry              Ms. Melinda Lakatos
Dr. Dieter Bloser                 Mr. J. Howard and                   Karen Lamoreaux
Ms. Lynn S. Blume                  Mrs. Barbara N. Flower             Ms. Sharon Leggett
Cynthia Boehnlein                 Ms. Barbara Friedl                  Ms. Jacquiline Lever
Ms. Dorene B. Bonness             Ms. Patricia A. Fuerst              Ms. Jenny Logerwell-Le Brun
Ms. Theresa A. Boures             Ms. Bonnie J. Galicki               Denise Long
Ms. Donna J. Boyd                 Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Geist          Dr. Susan Longville and
Ms. Judy M. Brancazio             Ms. Irene Gennaro                    Mr. Timothy Lutz
Brecksville Women's Club          Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Germana     Mr. John T. Loughner
City of Broadview Heights         Mrs. Sharon Giuliani                Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lovasy
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Burns            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Golembiewski   Ms. Marilyn A. Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance K. Byrne    Dr. K.V. Gopalakrishna              Ms. Patricia E. Macatangay
Ms. Lindsey Cavanaugh             Mr. William Graffins                Mr. and Mrs. John Magill
Ms. Jennie Chaplik                Mr. Anthony Granito                 Mr. Joseph Marason
Ms. Maria Chelbezan               Mrs. Rosemary Gulick                Ms. Sandra A. Marason
Church Without Walls              Mr. Daniel Halcik                   Mr. Anthony Marini
Ms. Irene Christian               Theresa M. Harding                  Mr. Paul Martin &
Dr. Gayle and Mr. Alan Clapp      Mr. Daniel Hare                      Mrs. Sharon Straker-Martin
Comprehensive Kidney Care, Inc.   Ms. Janice Hasselbusch              Ms. Laura Matthews
Karen S. Considine                Dr. David Hedrick and               Ms. Patricia A. McKenna
Nancy Costello                    Mrs. Diane Hedrick                  Mr. Michael McKeon
Dr. & Mrs. Edward C. Cottle       Ms. Laurel Herris                   Mrs. Laurie Melvin
Shelley Cullins                   Ms. Geraldine Hicho                 Judy Mileti and David W. Witt
Dr. Joseph D'Amico                Mrs. Deborah Hill                   Mr. David A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Danko         Dr. & Mrs. John Hines               Ms. Diane E. Miller
Shirley P. Dash                   Lenore Hof                          Ms. Pamela G. Mindzora
Mrs. Cecilia Davila               HMP of Cuyahoga County, LTD         Drs. Anita and Raju Modi
Mr. Fran Davila                   Ms. Sharon L. Hooley                Kim A. Monaco
Dr. Michael Debs                  Allan & Jacqualine Hochschild       Ms. Donna L. Monachino
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence G. Deis     Mr. and Mrs. James Horvath          Ms. Kathleen Monyak
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Deucher      Barbara Humbel                      Mr. Timothy Mosley
Ms. Regina Dravis                 Mrs. Julie Hutkay                   Mr. and Mrs. James Myers

                                  Because    9   Sept/Oct 2010
Mrs. Lori Nadzen                        The Doctors Dominic and Rose Tam             Thal Makroglou
Mrs. Kathryn Nagel                      TOPS Club, Inc.                              Michael Milia
Mr. David and Mrs. Laureen Nedrich      Ms. Susan M. Tremmel                         Robert Moderick
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nelson             Mr. Michael Tretiakow                        Christoper Monaco
Mr. Steve Neylon                        Truist                                       Patricia Mosley
Ms. Linda Nicklas                       Mr. Michael Waggoner                         Douglas Nelson
Nordson Corporation                     Mrs. Kelly Wagner Amen                       Marcia Niemiec
Carolyn Ockuly                          Ms. Sheila Walkuski                          Lori Olszewski
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connor           Ms. Mary K. Walters                          Thomas Pavlica
Ms. Susan Owen                          Jerry Watkins, RN                            Timothy Peskar
Parma Area Morning Kiwanis              Susan G. Watson                              Angelo Pimpas
Parma Hospital Auxiliary                Mr. and Mrs. Marty Vittardi                  Michael Posic
Pamela Pascal                           Ms. Janis E. Watts                           Donald Raczka
Rev. Jon Paulus                         Mr. Joseph Watts                             Mark Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Pearson         Sharon and Mary Wing                         Dr. Patrick Renner
Ms. Charlotte Picha                     Ms. Pamela Yusz                              Scot Reppa
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo N. Pimpas           Ms. Michelle Zack                            Rhonda Sorensen
Ms. Shara Posey                         Mr. & Mrs. Claudio Zanin                     Gerald Szpak
Ms. Lisa Profio                         Nina Zdravecky                               Sandra Szuch
Mr. Marty Pytel                         Ms. Sandra Zecvic                            Brian Vaccher
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Rambasek            Mrs. Stephanie Zelenskas             Diana Vegh
Ms. Christine Reed                      Ms. Arlene Zmijiewski                Kelly Wagner
Mrs. Ellen Rudy                         Mr. Kevin Zupancic                   Dr. David Weiner
Mrs. Patricia A. and                    Mrs. Renee Zupancic                  Mr. Wendel E. and
Mr. Charles E. Ruflin                   United Way of Greater Cleveland      Mrs. Doris Willmann
Ms. Christine Rushnok                    -Donors known as of print date-     Diane Wohlleber
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sack                         Mahmoud Alozzi              United Way of Summit County
Dr. Kourosh Saghafi                              Frank Bajorek               The Estate of June H. Wurster
Ms. Yvonne Schulte                               Sherri Blackwelder
Mr. William Schwartz                             Alan Bodi                   Gift-in-Kind
The Scroggs Family                               John Bundy                  Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Burma
Seasons of Life Fundraising Committee            Michael Carr                City of Brooklyn Hts.
Sharon A. Secura                                 Andrew D’Ambrosio           –Fire Department
Ms. Kimberly A. Shaffer                          Donald Danko                Dave Parsons Band
Mr. Ashok Shah                                   James Doherty               Employees of Parma Hospital
Mr. Steve & Mrs. C.J. Sheppard                   Karen Doherty               T.J. Martin, Tents for You
Mr. and Mrs. Arvel Shreve                        Kimberly Dontenville        Parma Auxiliary Police
Marie J. Sidol                                   Paul Dubitsky               John Przeszlo
Ms. Corrine Skoczen                              Larry Dylag
                                                                             –Coca Cola Bottling Company
Mr. Louis M. Skoletsky                           David Frastaci
Mr. Michael L. Solomon                           Jeffrey Grundman            Dr. James Sechler
Ms. Kathleen Sovizral                            Mary Hartman                Second Time Around
Holly L. Stiles                                  Rondal Hilfer               Top Cats
Michelle Stinnett                                James Humbel                Cullen Waugh
Mr. & Mrs. William Straka                        Karen Kawental              –Bard Peripheral Vascular
Karen A. Sudbury                                 Diane Klembara              Parma Hospital Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Swiger, Jr.              Joyce Luzier
                                                 Steven Madej

                                             Because    10   Sept/Oct 2010
Tribute Gifts: Honors and Memorials

In Honor of Dr. Richard Ader        In Memorial of Thelma H. Barrett   Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Harle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pavolka     for Seasons of Life Hospice        Mr. and Mrs. Eric Harvey
Mrs. Carol Yanico                   Diane Basic                        Mrs. Donna M. and
                                    Ms. Sandra Barrett Broerman         Mr. Alex I. Koler
In Memorial of Mark D. Anderson     Vickie Carlotta                    Mr. John R. Krisch
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Mr. and Mrs. Terrence G. Deis      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuhn
Mrs. Virginia Swift                 Antonietta D'Onofrio               Mr. and Mrs. Kurt LeViseur
                                    Teresa Flowers                     Ms. Jeanne Livingood
In Memorial of                      Rose Gross                         Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mayer
Charles B. Andrew, Jr.              Linda Halfacre                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark McHenry
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harbuck        Mr. and Mrs. David B. Niederst
Mrs. Rose M. Andrew                 Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Herbert        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Heidecker     Debra Janosik                      Mr. and Mrs. David L. Olson
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Kallach      Dr. and Mrs. Palazij
In Memorial of                      Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kennedy    Ms. Arlene W. Parker
Catherine Angeletti                 Mrs. Mary R. Kish                  Elfrieda Patton
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Ms. Lynn Kostura                   Carol D. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Barrett        Celeste Lesniak                    Mrs. John E. Rose
Employees of Parma Hospital         Mrs. Ann Masek                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Salisbury
Gail Fessenden                      Mrs. Jeanne Monahan                Mrs. Myrtle A. Shoemaker
Murray Lancaster                    Kimberly Morel                     Mr. and Mrs. John D. Snyder
Margaret Metzler                    Rita Mulica                        Ms. Lois J. Stone
Anna Pyle                           Mr. and Mrs. Fred Papay            Mr. Ralph R. Stucky
Kathleen Segna                      Parma Hospital Medical Staff       Louise S. Way
                                    Dr. & Mrs. James F. Rambasek       Mrs. Dennis Wickline
In Memorial of Margaret Archacki    Ms. Laurie Regal                   Miss Emily L. Wilson
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Ms. Mary Rodgers
Ms. Susan Ferencz                   Carolyn Schwark                    In Memorial of Virginia Benes
                                    Jewelann Stefanar                  for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of Helen Baechle for    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Talerico        Harold Evans
Seasons of Life Hospice             Mrs. Kathy Vataha
Marion Baechle                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Verdile        In Memorial of Herbert Berry
Ron Baechle                         Ellen Williams                     for Seasons of Life Hospice
Barbara Chandler                    Mrs. Rose Zanotti                  Wanda Hall
Linda Chastain
Elaine Chorich                      In Memorial of Jane Bates          In Honor of Dr. Timmappa Bidari
Doshia Hazelwood                    for Seasons of Life Hospice        for The Foundation
Haven Hood                          Mr. and Mrs. David W. Baird        Dorothy Zarobila
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Krucek          Donald L. Bates
Joan Marcell                        Mrs. Robert Belknap                In Memorial of Mary Ann Biondo
James Nardell                       Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Blank     for Seasons of Life Hospice
Robert Onyak                        Ms. Marcia F. Brown                Anonymous
Meredith Schuler                    Mr. and Mrs. John Busch            Joseph Bercis
                                    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Carpenter    George Fikaris
In Honor of Dr. Michael Barkoukis   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Case           Roger Kingsmill
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pinter         Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cook         Jean Murphy
                                    Ms. Barbara L. Cross               Donald Ponikvar
In Memorial of Thelma H. Barrett    Dr. Carol Crowe                    Kenneth Yoshino
for Parma Hospital Adult Day        Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Doering
Services                            Ms. Jane W. Doughman               In Memorial of Susanne Bly
Mrs. Marcia L. Ferguson             Mr. J. Howard Flower               for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                    Dr. & Mrs. Robert George           Mr. Neil Bly
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gresh

                                    Because   11    Sept/Oct 2010
In Honor of Dr. Trudi Brown          In Honor of Dr. Stephen Clary       Mary Murphy
Ms. Joan B. Kalat                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Barrick        Mary Ann Murphy
Leslie Powers                        Ann Marie Kachmarik                 Anthony Pucillo
                                                                         Shirley Wiecek
In Honor of Dr. Gerald Burma         In Honor of Dr. Jamie Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. William Franko          Mr. Neil Bly                        In Honor of Dr. Nitin Davessar
Mr. Reese Lewis                                                          Mr. Gerald Cerny
Leslie W. Russell                    In Memorial of Elizabeth Conde
                                     Parma Hospital Auxiliary            In Honor of Dr. Neelesh Desai
In Memorial of Randall Campbell                                          Rosemary Edgerton
for Seasons of Life Hospice          In Honor of Dr. William Cook
Mr. Randall M. Campbell and          Mr. Richard Mide                    In Honor of
 Mrs. Florence A Campbell                                                Dr. Lawrence Detwiler
                                     In Memorial of Vincent Cooper       Jeannette Balch
In Memorial of Evelyn Canita         for Seasons of Life Hospice
for Seasons of Life Hospice          Mr. Nathaniel and                   In Memorial of Dante DiFranco
Susan Loeding                        Mrs. Nancy Cooke                    for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                     Mrs. Carolyn Cooper                 Mr. & Mrs. David Betlejewski
In Memorial of Thomas Carlson        Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Giardina
for Seasons of Life Hospice          Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lamb          In Memorial of Kelli Diver
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Cimino          Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lutz         for Seasons of Life Hospice
Lynda W. Corea                       Ms. Angela Maciak                   Mr. and Mrs. David Stager
Kathleen Donoho                      Hanna, Carol and Gordon Manning
                                     Mrs. Cynthia Mills                  In Honor of Dr. John Dobrowski
In Memorial of Stephen Carroll       Mrs. Margene Moulder                Mrs. Carol Yanico
for Seasons of Life Hospice          Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Moulder
Mrs. Joseph Djubasak and Family      Mr. and Mrs. David Moulder          In Memorial of Mrs. Verna Dorn
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nison            for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Honor of Dr. Keuck Chang          Mr. and Mrs. Ray Orobona            Mr. David A. Dorn
Carol Glaser                         Barbara L. Pennington
Gail Stephan                         Mr. and Mrs. Alan Petersen          In Memorial of Mary Dragan
                                     Plans Plus LTD                      for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of Sophie                Ms. Rosemary Szubski-Ropes          Mrs. Joseph Djubasak and Family
Chrzanowski for Seasons of Life      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zehenny
Hospice                                                                  In Memorial of Paul Dubasak
Anonymous                            In Memorial of Edna Crandall        for Seasons of Life Hospice
Lauren Delgado                       for Seasons of Life Hospice         Mrs. Joseph Djubasak and Family
David & Carolyn Grendel              Dr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Fine
Barbara Hilbert                                                          In Memorial of Ralph Edmonds
Michael Keenan                       In Honor of Dr. William E. Crowe    for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Krolikowski   Mrs. Robert Litter                  Mr. Michael and Mrs. Olga
Vicky Meany                          Rose Muller                         Edmonds
Richard Pokrywka                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Philipps
Ms. Bernadette R. Smith                                                  In Memorial of Helen Evans
Doris Sourek                         In Memorial of Robert Cummins       for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                     for Seasons of Life Hospice         Mrs. Andrea Lasko
In Memorial of Frances               Anonymous
Cimperman for Seasons of Life        Lillian Atkinson                    In Memorial of
Hospice                              Mary Brandeburg                     Bernadette Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. David Stager            Attilio Catanese                    for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                     Muriel Cummins                      Diane Barrett
In Memorial of Nancy Clark           Ruth Deppert                        Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie M. Chupa
for Seasons of Life Hospice          Ms. Mary C. Goode                   Jeanette Duke
James Stelbasky                      Norma Jonas                         Ronald & Betty Fischer
                                     Mary Moran-Zarefoss                 Bernadette Gross
                                     Ann Marie Murphy                    Donna Kordel

                                         Because    12   Sept/Oct 2010
Jonathan Lingelbach                 In Honor of Dr. David Fox            In Memorial of Stanley Haase
Irene Livingston                    Joyce Ann Yee                        Mr. J. Howard Flower
Michelle Mencke
Mount Alverna Village               In Memorial of Anthony Gajewski      In Memorial of
Barbara O'Malley                    for Seasons of Life Hospice          Catherine Haberbosch
Sheila Petrick                      International Association of         for Seasons of Life Hospice
Barbara Radomski                     Machinists & Aerospace Workers      Mr. and Mrs. David Stager
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richley           Helen Kuligowski
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Torreiter                                              In Memorial of Norman Hach
Beth Varga                          In Honor of Dr. Timothy Gallagher    for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Work         Ms. Eileen Gallagher                 Veronica Hach
                                    Mrs. Violet Hervatin                 Barbara Trcka
In Memorial of                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Petras
Elizabeth Irene Foltz               Mrs. Helen A. Ramach                 In Honor of Dr. William Hahn, Jr.
for Parma Hospital's ElderCenter    Anthony Scrocco                      Mary Ealy
Ms. Diane Ailor                     Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Steinhauser
Anonymous                                                                In Honor of Dr. David Hedrick
Mr. Dennis Chwirchak                In Memorial of Anita Gambitta for    JoAnn Fellner
Mr. Mike Chwirchak                  Seasons of Life Hospice              Theodore Kocher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Derdoski     Shirley Homer                        Steve Sabo
Mr. Dennis Forman
Janet Palko                         In Honor of Dr. Robert A. George     In Memorial of Evert Heinzerling
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Prinz         Mrs. Christine George                for Seasons of Life Hospice
Ms. Melanie Shwetz                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Derosett
                                    In Honor of Dr. Lawrence Gervasi     Terry Doherty
In Memorial of Dean Fowler          Mrs. Carol Yanico                    Goodman Beverage Company, Inc.
for Seasons of Life Hospice                                              Mrs. Helen Heinzerling
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Asher          In Memorial of Anna Gido             Lori Holzinger
David Bakula                        Mr. J. Howard Flower                 Mrs. Florence A. Klimas
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bakula                                           Susan Loeding
Sandra Ball                         In Memorial of Eleanor Gittinger     Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Mravec, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brown           for Seasons of Life Hospice          Mrs. Lisa Neumeyer
Violet Burt                         Dr. & Mrs. Robert George             Michelle Pallo
Florence Chalfa                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pollak
Mr. and Mrs. William Chalfa         In Honor of Dr. Richard Gittinger    Ms. Bernadette R. Smith
Linda Driscoll                      Mrs. Albert B. Polomsky              Ms. Barbara A. Stark
Antoinette Dubnicka                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Suhay
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Fike               In Honor of Dr. Boris Gliner         Mrs. Marie Uhl
Patricia Fowler                     Donald Salisbury                     Mr. James Werner
General Maintenance
Service Corp.                       In Honor of Dr. Steven Goliat        In Honor of Dr. John Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Gill             Marguerite Meslovich                 Joyce Ann Yee
Mr. and Mrs. John Hiscox
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kane             In Memorial of Joseph A. Grigoli     In Memorial of Estelle Homer
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kennard       for Seasons of Life Hospice          for Seasons of Life Hospice
Dr. Patricia Kissell                Ms. Donna R. Berryman                Shirley Homer
Ms. Patricia Kornowski              Ms. Kathryn A. Brichacek
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lorenz             Ms. Rose C. DeSimone                 In Memorial of James Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Deno Nicholas          Mr. and Mrs. John S. Eddy            for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patterson        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Meda          Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Germana
Ms. Gloria Racine                   Mrs. James Weist                     Jeanine Mooren
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sigmund        Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Zunt        Mr. and Mrs. David W. Novicky
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sandra Soroka                                        Gary Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Welner          In Memorial of Joanne Gutschow
                                    for Seasons of Life Hospice          In Honor of Dr. Daniel Hostetler
                                    Mr. David A. Dorn                    Mr. and Mrs. James J. McCall

                                        Because     13   Sept/Oct 2010
In Memorial of LaNore Huerster     In Honor of Dr. Keith R. Koepke        In Memorial Of Allan Marse
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Richard Stimson                        for Seasons of Life Hospice
Jean Mach                                                                 Donald Hopkins
Mr. Paul A. Zygmont                In Memorial of Viola Lade              Theresa Kegg
                                   for Seasons of Life Hospice            Lillian Marse
In Honor of Glenn Hundertmark      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lade            Marie Sidor
for Parma Hospital's Cancer        Ms. Diana L. Peto
Center                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank Semasko             In Memorial of
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Vittardi                                               Raymond Matyshyn
                                   In Honor of Dr. Joseph Lahorra         Mr. J. Howard Flower
In Memorial of Nicholas Iannetta   Louis Bernhardt
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Mr. David A. Dorn                      In Honor of Dr. Blane McCoy
Susan Loeding                      Ms. Phyllis Morrow                     Camille Bartczak
                                   Ms. Diana M. Neville                   Eleanor Benduhn
In Memorial of Vicki James         Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pavolka        Burdette Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry James           Steve Sabo                             Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kren
                                   Donald Salisbury                       Ms. Rosemary Rosh
In Memorial of Stanley Jopek       Terry Stefanko                         Mr. and Mrs. Rex Smith
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tenninger
Commercial Traffic Logistics                                              In Honor of Dr. Daniel Meges
James Fair                         In Honor of Dr. Raisa Lerner           Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mackert
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Holgate          Ruth Hurjat
Mrs. Lois J. Jopek                                                        In Memorial of Anna Meros
Mary Ann Kelly                     In Memorial of James G. Linn           for Seasons of Life Hospice
Ellen Lavelle                      for Seasons of Life Hospice            Nick Pyros
Virginia Steffel                   Lisa Hollander
Mary Ann Thompson                  Alice L. Linn                          In Memorial Of Carl J. Merrick
                                   Kirk Linn                              for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of                     Shirley Nicholson                      Ms. Elsie Bognar
Catherine Kacenjar                 Robert Torkar                          Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Zakowski
for Parma Hospital ElderCenter     WQIS Staff – NEORSD
Ms. Rosanne Kacenjar                                                      In Memorial of Giuseppe Miceli
                                   In Honor of Dr. Charles LoPresti       for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of Charles Kasik       Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gimmel               Maureen Cepek
for The Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Verdile            Mr. William Moysey
Mrs. Doris R. Campbell
                                   In Honor of Dr. Christopher Loyke      In Honor of Dr. Radu Mirodon
In Honor of Dr. Lawrence Kass      Irene Patrick                          Christine Reed
Eleanor Benduhn
                                   In Memorial of Bertha Majka for        In Memorial of Marion Mog
In Memorial of Fran Kelley         Seasons of Life Hospice                for Seasons of Life Hospice
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Kathryn Jennings                       Debbie Clipper
Mr. and Mrs. David Stager                                                 Elizabeth Enderle
                                   In Memorial of Joyce Malcomb for       Jeremy Fear
In Honor of Dr. Khem Khooblall     Seasons of Life Hospice                Peter Filipic
Dorothy Zarobila                   Ms. Janet Schmid                       Joyce Kiether
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. McIntosh
In Memorial of Bluford W. Kirby    In Memorial of                         Daniel Minelli
for Parma Hospital's Cancer        Robert E. Maloney                      Positive Education Program
Center                             Mr. J. Howard Flower                   Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Prioletti
Laura Kirby                                                               Prudential Foundation
                                   In Honor of                             Matching Gifts
In Memorial of Kathryn Klubnik     Dr. Thomas Mandat                      Kathleen Rudiger
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Raymond Barcik                         Mary-Louise Shepard
Rita Sotu                          Camille Bartczak                       Edward Susin
                                   Dorothy Javorffy                       Larry Susin

                                       Because    14      Sept/Oct 2010
Michael Tansey                    In Honor of Dr. Florin Penciu          In Memorial of
Rose Urban                        Camille Bartczak                       Melvin Reckling, Jr.
Susan Urban                                                              Elizabeth W. Morrison
Martha Ward                       In Memorial of                         Ms. Janice Toyota
Geraldine Werner                  Dr. Marvin L. Perry                    Mr. Pierre Zanin
Joann Zawistowski                 Dr. James Sechler &
                                   Mrs. Veronika Ilyes-Sechler           In Memorial of
In Honor of Dr. Nelson Mostow                                            Donald & William Reiman
Mr. David A. Dorn                 In Honor of Dr. James Persky           for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                  William Illuzzi                        Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Rinicella
In Honor of Dr. Gleb Moysaenko                                           Mr. David & Mrs. Marilyn Vassel
Ms. Irene B. Auping               In Memorial of
Mrs. Laverne M. Regner            Rose Marie Piskach                     In Memorial of
Pauline Smolarchuk                for Seasons of Life Hospice            Genevieve Radoss
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bowers            for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of Juanita Nenadal    Dempsey Scheiman &                     Gail K. Miller
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Associates, Inc.
Barbara Lange                     Mr. and Mrs. James Longrich            In Honor of Dr. Patrick Renner
                                  Ms. M. Bernadette McCrone              Ms. Joan B. Kalat
In Memorial of Michaline Ochwat   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McDonald          Mrs. Carol Yanico
for Seasons of Life Hospice       North Coast Therapy Associates, Inc.
Brecksville Women's Club          Mr. and Mrs. David Reed                In Memorial of Jeanne Reynolds
Ms. Mary Ann Schreiber            Kenneth Sakie                          for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Trattar          Patricia Flowers
In Honor of Dr. Samuel Pagano                                            Herbie Herbst
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Felice     In Memorial of Dale G. Polick          Alice Hocevar
                                  Mr. J. Howard Flower                   Ms. Rosemany Luebke
In Honor of                                                              Geraldine L. Pofok
Parma Hospital Physicians         In Memorial of Lucy Predina            Ramona E. Sazima
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Coso           for Seasons of Life Hospice
Pauline Hajzak                    Donna Bonvissuto                       In Memorial of Mary Roelle
Mike Kalevakis                    Karen Brady                            for Seasons of Life Hospice
Milivoj Krstin                    Marianne Gebura                        Kimberly Farkus
Mr. John Morgan                   Leah Glagola
Subba Oruganti                    Bernard Javorek                        In Memorial of Dolores Rogers
John F. Petrof                    Pamela Kelly                           for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Preseren       Donna M. Miller                        Anonymous
Mr. Frank Rudowsky                Edward F. Miller
Judith A. Squires                 Grace C. Miller                        In Honor of Dr. Nader Roheny
Mary Thoma                        Jo Ann Predina                         JoAnn Fellner
David Weiner                      Joe Predina                            Ms. Joan B. Kalat
                                  Michael Schulz
In Honor of Dr. Bobby Paul        Patricia Schulz                        In Memorial of Stephanie Safarz
Dorothy Petras                    Janet Sipols                           for Parma Hospital ElderCenter
                                  Rosalind Soboslay                      Jeff and Kathy Phillips
In Memorial of Lucille Pawlak     Kathryn Tribble
for Seasons of Life Hospice                                              In Memorial of Stephanie Safarz
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartong       In Memorial of Emily K. Prevost        for Seasons of Life Hospice
Ms. Roseminda Jessop              for Seasons of Life Hospice            Mrs. Sophie Kope
Dr. and Mrs. George Kopf          Ruth Ann Fashimpaur
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mullen                                                 In Honor of Dr. Kourosh Saghafi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Palladino     In Memorial of Jason Reagon            Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cesaratto
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schneider    for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Slezak     Mrs. Teri Reagon                       In Memorial of Dorothy Sako
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Vergilii                                           for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                                                         Erin Renz

                                      Because     15    Sept/Oct 2010
In Honor of Dr. George Saridakis   Mary Anne Wiltrout                   In Memorial of Joseph Stachnik
Audrey Fedak                                                            for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                   In Memorial of                       Rita Sotu
In Memorial of Haig Sarkissian     Richard Smallwood
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Mr. J. Howard Flower                 In Memorial of Robert Suren
Teamsters Local Union No. 507      Mr. and Mrs. David Nedrich           for Seasons of Life Hospice
In Memorial of Phyllis Schabel     In Memorial of                       Mary Lou Ansberry
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Richard Smallwood for                Angie Arnold
Mr. Alfred E. Frey Jr.             Seasons of Life Hospice              Mr. Kenneth L. Bathgate and
Helen Kuligowski                   Ms. Barbara Ashton                    Mrs. Cathy Watson Bathgate
Ruth McLeod                        Mr. and Mrs. David Bittel            Mrs. Robert Beckman
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Byrnes       Mary Behrens
In Memorial of                     Ms. Lee Joanne Collins               Michael Benedictis
Leonard Schenkelberg               Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Delvecchio      Gregg Bernier
for Seasons of Life Hospice        Allan & Jacqualine Hochschild        Roberta J. Birch
Mr. Philip M. Nelson               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kawa           Wendy Blausey
                                   Mrs. Mary Ann Lanser                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Boyko
In Honor of Dr. Stephen Schnell    Mrs. Adrienne I. Larkman             Brecksville Little Theatre
Mr. David A. Dorn                  Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mackert              William Brinkman
Ms. Marge Grabowski                Mr. Paul Martin &                    Mary Chapman
Miss Margaret C. Tomec              Mrs. Sharon Straker-Martin          Alan Chermak
Mrs. Carol Yanico                  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McAndrew     Columbia Gas
                                   Ms. Patricia Moore                   Patricia DeSantis
In Memorial of                     Mr. Steele Nowlin &                  Mary Kay Dessoffy
Joan Schwarzwalder                  Ms. Christine Jayjack               Sheila K. Devney
for Seasons of Life Hospice        City of Parma/                       Ms. Susan A. Didion
Susan Loeding                       Communications Center               Gery Evans
                                   PSE Credit Union                     Thomas J. Evans
In Honor of                        Mr. Ralph Reynolds                   Ms. Patricia J. Factor
Dr. Raymond Seballos               Ms. Joan Rusnak                      Jeanie Feagan
Joyce Ann Yee                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salerno           Joy Garapic
                                   Mrs. Donna Smallwood                 Genentech
In Memorial of Raymond Shaker      Mr. David Snowden                    Angelica Harris
Mr. David A. Dorn                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Soldan       Laverne Kocurko
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Weckman            Mary Kay Kraft
In Honor of Dr. Tim Sidor          Ms. Esther Winar                     Mrs. Virginia Kukla
Mrs. Violet Mazzola                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wray            Bonnie Lang
                                                                        Martha MacLachlan
In Honor of                        In Memorial of Emilie Smeyak         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Menge
Dr. Salvatore P. Sidoti            for Seasons of Life Hospice          Mr. and Mrs. George J. Mickol
Mrs. Katherine Wiese               Rita Smeyak                          George Mitchkash
                                                                        George M. Mitchkash
In Honor of                        In Memorial of Jeanette Smola        Mrs. Eleanor F. Opalach
Dr. Michael Silverman              for Seasons of Life Hospice          Raymond Paglio
Mrs. Ellen Rudy                    Bill Bunevich                        Dianne Palivoda
                                   Margaret Finnegan                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Patsey
In Memorial of Patricia Singel     Peg Simmons                          Robert Petulla
Mr. J. Howard Flower               Elizabeth Sloan                      Patricia Rush
                                                                        Jill Savetski
In Memorial of Charles T. Sloban   In Memorial of James Speigal         Ana Seidel
for Parma Hospital's Rehab Unit    for Seasons of Life Hospice          Skylander's Golf Club/Women's
Eleanor Baker                      Richard Prosser                      Mr. and Mrs. Bob Suren
Patricia Cannon                                                         Sally Suren
Geraldine Finotti                                                       Amy Sweet
Precious Metal Plating Company                                          Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thom, Jr.

                                       Because    16    Sept/Oct 2010
Jack Tibbitts                       In Memorial of Helen Vigh             In Memorial of Walter
Mr. John Veres                      for Seasons of Life Hospice           E. Zacharias for Seasons of Life
Mary Lou Weber                      Mrs. Carol Falk                       Hospice
Mary Ellen Young                    Ms. Joyce Fox-Benepe                  Joanne Regan
John Zamiska                        Elizabeth Musser
                                                                          In Memorial of Mary Zadel
In Honor of                         In Memorial of George Vislosky        for Seasons of Life Hospice
Dr. Vincent Sustersic               for Seasons of Life Hospice           Sharon Beaird
Mrs. Ruth M. Abbott                 Mrs. Joseph Djubasak and Family       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Daugherty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gulick                                                Michael Zadel
Mrs. Joseph A. Schuerger            In Honor of Jerry Vittardi
Terry Stefanko                      for Parma Hospital's Heart Center     In Memorial of James A. Zalenka
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Marty Vittardi           for Parma Hospital ElderCenter
In Memorial of                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James W. Zalenka
Genevieve “Jean" Szudarek           In Memorial of
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Peter VonMehren                       In Memorial of June Zippilli
Florida Department of Corrections   for Seasons of Life Hospice           for Seasons of Life Hospice
Ron Szudarek                        Shirley Homer                         Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mikel
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zippilli
In Memorial of                      In Memorial of
Michael “Mickey" Tober              Alice Chewning Blunk Werner           In Honor of Dr. Christine Zirafi
Mr. J. Howard Flower                for Seasons of Life Hospice           Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Hopp
                                    Enid German-Beck
In Memorial of Dolly Toto           Cherie MacArthur                      In Memorial of Dorothy Zygmont
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Laura Werner Rose                     for Seasons of Life Hospice
Cleveland Akron Swing & Hustle      Frieda Stelmach                       Gloria Rej
Club                                Mrs. Virginia Swift

In Memorial of Sephus Tucker        In Memorial of Marie Norma Wing
for Seasons of Life Hospice         for Seasons of Life Hospice
Mrs. Joyce Dobransky                Ms. Jeannette O'Hare
Sue Laabs                           Mrs. Darlene M. Perko
Deborah Moherek                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Work
Marisa Pignataro                    Ms. Irene V. Wyderka
Joy Willard
                                    In Memorial of
In Memorial of John D. Turner       Dr. Donn A. Wolfson
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Marvin Wolfson
Mr. Michael and
Mrs. Olga Edmonds                   In Memorial of Jackson Wyckoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wetherbee       for Seasons of Life Hospice
                                    Barbara E. Drook and
In Memorial of John Vedouras         R. Timothy Moroney
for Seasons of Life Hospice         Fedeli Group
Ms. Francesca DiBlasi
Theodore J. Golubski                In Memorial of
Marcie Goodman                      Helena D. Yurchisin
Ms. Ann McAulay                     for Seasons of Life Hospice
Parma Auxiliary Police              Peter Filipic
Ms. Kimberlie M. Pilar
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Shook
Emily Vedouras

                                        Because    17     Sept/Oct 2010
                                                            The Foundation office makes every
                                                          attempt to reflect accurate and current
                                                         donor information. We apologize for any
                                                          unintentional misspellings or omissions
                                                              and request notification thereof.

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                                                Heart Care
Primo’s Deli–Mr. Bob Mileti                                              Chairman, Board of Directors
Romano’s Farmers Market & Deli                                           Parma Hospital
                                            Patient Care Units
Royal Park Fine Wines                       Nursing Education
Royal Towne Florist                           Pastoral Care              Terrence G. Deis
Santo’s Italian Restaurant                                               President & CEO, Parma Hospital
Seize This Day Coaching
Mayor Robert A. Stefanik                                                 Mary Dejak
 – North Royalton                                                        President, Parma Hospital Auxiliary
Stonebrook Golf Academy
Mr. Phil Tagami                                                          Michael Barkoukis, M.D.
Ticknors Mens Clothier                                                   Parma Hospital Medical Staff
Today’s Business Products
Trolley Tours of Cleveland
                                                                         Toni Sidor
Westin St. Francis Hotel                                                 Parma Hospital Medical Guild
– Mr. Jon Kimball
Westwood Country Club
                                                                         Marcia L. Ferguson
                                                                         Executive Director

                                                                         Peggy Farris

                                                                         Mary Jo Pimpas

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