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President's Message Relentless Traffic Demand Meets its Match in by wangnianwu


									November–December 2004                                                                                                     Westernite

  Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                November–December 2004 Vol. 58 No. 6

                                                                                                                                Winner of the
President’s                                      Relentless Traffic Demand Meets                                               Annual Meeting
                                                                                                                              Best Paper Award!
Message                                          its Match in Isolated Corridors
      The holiday                                                                                 during the project.
season is just around                                                                             •   Is it reasonable to assume that
the corner, and we’re                            By Paul F. Brown, P.E. (M)                           roadway capacity will limit the
all looking forward to                                                                                demand forecasts under the no-action
celebrating with our                                                                                  scenario and if so, how?
families and friends. I                          Introduction                                     •   Should capacity-constrained land-use
know for many of us                                                                                   forecasts be applied under the build
this means not only                                    Many transportation planners and
our loved ones at                                traffic engineers spend much of their
                                                 careers developing and applying travel           •   Could land use grow despite capacity
home but also our                                                                                     limitations, resulting in changed travel
friends and business associates. Those           demand forecasts. The transportation
                                                 planner is often involved in regional                patterns within the corridor?
intrinsic qualities that make our families                                                        •   Will land-use forecasts change
so special are in many ways why we               forecast development and application for
                                                 transportation plans, sub-area analyses,             between no-action and build
work together so well as a team. This, in                                                             scenarios, creating potential land-use
turn, makes our ITE family so special            and National Environmental Policy Act
                                                 (NEPA) studies. The traffic engineer often           impacts that must be evaluated under
because we can share our successes,                                                                   NEPA?
failures, difficult problems, experiences        applies more detailed forecasts for traffic
and gain insight with our ITE friends            impact analyses, corridor studies, and
and associates.                                  engineering design.
                                                       Although the goals may be somewhat
                                                                                                  Problem Definition
      As I travel to different ITE sections,
I see the commitment that all of our             different, the steps are usually similar. The         As described above, our project faced
members have that makes each section             study area is defined, anticipated changes       a crucial issue—how could we address the
so successful. For example, recently I           in study area land use are developed, new        projected growth within the bounds of our
visited the Central California Section,          trips associated with the land use are           constrained corridor? In order to
where Mike Bitner was honored by his             estimated, the trips are assigned to the         understand the problem, the first three
colleagues as an outstanding ITE                 roadway network, and the network is              steps of the process were examined.
member. It was my pleasure to present to         analyzed to determine impacts. See the
him a Presidential Proclamation                  flowchart below.                                 The Study Area and Roadway
proclaiming “Mike Bitner Day” for his                  The author was recently presented               The study area consists of a narrow
36 years of exceptional dedication to            with a project where this process broke          corridor of rural mountain communities
ITE. I also recently visited a recent            down. The first three steps were performed       southwest of Denver whose populations
Intermountain Section meeting in Las             according to the normal process. However,        rarely exceed several thousand residents.
Vegas, and had the pleasure of                   when the assignment was undertaken, a            Existing land use is typically low-density
presenting Walt Vodrazka with a similar          flaw became readily apparent. The initial        residential or agricultural (density is often
                         (Continued on page 3)
                                                 25-year forecasts far exceeded the roadway       controlled by terrain). Limited retail
                                                 capacity under the no-action scenario.           parcels provide some neighborhood
                                                 Since the study area had a choke point           services. Many residents rely on the
                                                 where one roadway connected it to the            Denver area for at least some of their retail
    What’s In This Issue                         remainder of the metropolitan area, there        and employment needs.
                                                 was no “network” on which to distribute               The roadway under study is a 15-mile
                                                 over-capacity trips. Alternate routes were       segment of two-lane highway with a
 Kalispell Call for Abstracts               2    available, but they are such that corridor       narrow, winding alignment and significant
 Get to Know Your Leadership                3    delays would still be preferable to “going       grades. As part of the capacity analysis
                                                 the long way.” Another approach was              efforts, the corridor was broken into seven
 Section and Chapter Activities             6    necessary.                                       segments and analyzed per HCM rural
 Traffic Videotapes Wanted                  8          This paper outlines the procedural         methodologies. Due to the Denver-
                                                 changes that were undertaken to address          oriented trip patterns in the corridor, the
 In WesternITE 50 Years Ago                 9    this critical project issue while staying                                  (Continued on page 4)
                                                 within the bounds of the NEPA process. It
 Positions Available                       10
                                                 also examines four related questions raised

                                                          www.w                                                            Page 1
Westernite                                                                                                  November–December 2004

Call for Abstracts for the
2005 District 6 Annual Meeting
The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) for the 2005 ITE District 6 Annual Meeting is now
formally accepting proposal abstracts for presentations in the following topic areas:

•     Traffic Engineering                       •   Livability/Community Issues                •   ITS Applications/Research
•     Transportation Planning                   •   Traffic Operations & Management            •   Commercial Transport Issues
•     Traffic Safety                            •   Rural Planning, Safety, and Design         •   Asset Management
•     Multi-modal/Transit                       •   Access Management/Mobility                 •   Leadership/Education

     Authors should not feel constrained        •   Supporting author name(s)                      Abstracts for the 2005 District 6
by the preceding list of topics. If you have    •   Presentation topic area (from list or          Annual Meeting
a presentation that falls outside of the            suggested)                                     c/o Robert Marvin
scope of the list of topics given, submit       •   Abstract text (250 word maximum)               Marvin & Associates
the abstract with your own topic                                                                   1260 S. 32 nd St. West
suggestion. It is the goal of the LAC to              An electronic abstract submittal form        Billings , MT 59108
provide the highest quality of                  can be downloaded soon. Submitters are
presentations on a comprehensive array          requested to use this electronic form                Questions or Comments? Please
of topics, and as such, we will work with       whenever possible.                             contact Mr. Marvin through e-mail at the
you to include any worthy presentation in             Abstract submittals should be sent to    address given above, or call him at (406)
the technical program.                          Robert Marvin, Technical Chair for the         655-4550.
     It is anticipated that the 2005 District   2005 Annual Meeting. It is strongly                  The selection of technical program
6 Annual Meeting technical program will         preferred that all submittals be made via      presentations will be completed by
comprise three program tracks, each of          e-mail in PDF or Microsoft Word®               February 25, 2005 . Shortly thereafter, a
which will consist of topic areas similar in    format. Should PDF or Microsoft Word®          listing of chosen abstracts will become
focus. The title of each track will be          formatting not be feasible, other common       available on the District 6 website
determined from the distribution of topics      word processing formats would be               ( If your abstract is
areas selected for presentation. A              acceptable.                                    not listed, please understand that we had
minimum of twenty-four technical                      E-mail submittals should be              to make some very hard decisions on
sessions are planned, with 90 or more           formatted as follows:                          which abstracts to include. We encourage
papers to be presented.                               The PDF or Microsoft Word® file          you to submit a paper or presentation
     Abstract submittals must be                should be named with the lead author's         anyway—all submissions will be included
postmarked by January 14, 2005.                 last name followed by an underscore and        in the conference compendium, and if
Abstract submittals crediting multiple          the words 2005Dist6Abstract. For               you submit a presentation or paper, we
authors must designate one lead author.         example, a submittal by Mr. Marvin             will include you in a pool of alternatives
Unless it is otherwise indicated, the lead      would be titled                                to fill in for the inevitable no-shows or
author will be expected to make the             “Marvin_2005Dist6Abstract.” Please             cancellations that occur.
technical presentation.                         include a subject line in the e-mail that is         A CD compendium of submitted
     Abstracts must be formatted to             indicative of the submittal. Email             papers will be prepared for distribution at
include the following elements:                 submittals should be submitted to              the meeting. To be included in the
                                                                   compendium, papers must be submitted
•    Title
                                                      If an abstract cannot be submitted       by Friday, April 15, 2005. Detailed
•    Lead author contact information
                                                via e-mail, printed copies and an              requirements for paper submittals will be
     (name, organization, address, phone
                                                electronic version (on either a CD or a        provided to authors once abstracts are
     number, fax number, and e-mail
                                                3.5” floppy disk) may be sent by regular       selected.
                                                mail to:

    Page 2                                             www.w
  November–December 2004                                                                                                                           Westernite

                                                               Montana. It’s the perfect family getaway
                                                               location, with both old-west charm and
President’s Message                                            spectacular scenery. There are outdoor
                                                               activities for the entire family such as
(Continued from page 1)
                                                               hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and
proclamation for his many hours assisting                      biking.
both the local ITE section and the                                  Kalispell is located in northwest
University of Nevada, Las Vegas student                        Montana at the north end of Flathead
chapter.                                                       Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake
      When you visit the WesternITE Web                        west of the Mississippi. The west entrance
site (, you can see the                     to Glacier National Park is only a short
fine work Jon Pascal does as our                               drive away. Family night will be held at
webmaster keeping us current with what is                      Summit House atop the Big Mountain Ski
going on in our profession. I invite you to                    Resort. Take the gondola ride to the top
visit our excellent web site often. A                          and enjoy a spectacular view of Flathead
                                                                                                                       Mike Bitner and his wife receive a proclamation from
technical editor is needed to work with                        and Glacier National Park. You can still                Zaki Mustafa declaring “Mike Bitner Day”
managing editor John Kerenyi for our                           submit an abstract for a technical paper
award-winning newsletter, WesternITE. If                       too! [see the facing page for more details—Ed.].
you are interested, please contact me as                            Best wishes to all for a fantastic holiday
soon as possible, since we expect to fill this                 season!!
position at our next mid-year meeting on
January 28th in Ontario, California.
      Believe it or not, we are already
making plans for the 2010 annual meeting
which will be held somewhere in
California. Two sections have already
indicated an interest in hosting the
meeting, but it’s not too late to apply. If
your section would like to host the 2010
meeting, please send me a letter of interest
so the Board can consider all possible
options at the Ontario meeting in January.
The winning location will be chosen at the                 Walt Vodrazka (center, with plaque) receives Zaki’s Presidential proclamation together with many members of the
2005 annual meeting.                                       UNLV Student Chapter that were there to congratulate him, as were several local, District, and International ITE
      I am really excited about our next                   elected leaders.
annual meeting that will be at Kalispell,

                Get to Know Your Local Leadership
                                                                                                                Arizona Section
                                                                                                                The Arizona Section elected the following offi-
                                                                                                                cers for 2004-2005:

   Central Coast Section
   The California Central Coast Section elected the
   following officers for 2004-2005:

                                                                                                 Scott Nodes,            Mark Poppe,             Kim Carroll,
                                                                                                  President              Vice President           Secretary

                 Left to right: Mike Bitner, President; Lisa
                 Wallis, Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Mills,                                                       Micah Henry,         Sarath Joshua,
                                Vice President                                                                   Treasurer           Past President

                                                                        www.w                                                                         Page 3
 Westernite                                                                                                 November–December 2004

                                                scenario since the revised zoning is not a      grow despite adjacent unmet demand. The
                                                “committed” improvement. Therefore, two         second approach determined the highest
Feature Article                                 sets of future volumes were presented           unmet demand in the study area,
                                                throughout the NEPA document.                   calculated the unmet demand percentage in
(Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                that segment, and applied the percent
northerly segment exhibits the highest          Our Approach to the Problem                     reduction corridor-wide. Since both
volumes today, while the southerly                                                              approaches have flaws, the No-Action
segment exhibits the lowest volumes.                 After a review of the problem              volume was assumed to lie between these
                                                definition, we knew we had to develop a         two values, and ranges were presented in
Land-use Plans and Trip Productions             defensible solution. The solution had to fall   the NEPA document.
     Area land-use plans called for much of     within NEPA guidelines, and had to be
the agricultural and vacant land in the         reasonable to the agencies and area             Process Summary
corridor to develop with residential land       communities.                                         The new process that was developed
uses as the Denver exurbs expand. Since                                                         for the subject project is summarized in the
much of the corridor is outside of the          Peak Spreading                                  flowchart below. This flowchart replaces
Denver region’s travel demand model,                 The future ADT forecasts and existing      the simple assignment assumed at the start
land-use forecasts were based on adopted        hourly counts were used to produce peak-        of the project.
local zoning plans and through the help of      hour forecast volumes, which were used to
the project’s land-use committee. Based on      evaluate future peak-hour level of service.     Project Conclusions
these inputs, new trips for the corridor were   These analyses showed that the No-Action             The process described above resulted
forecast, aggregated, and distributed to the    peak hours were over capacity for the three     in an analysis that conforms to NEPA
study roadway. This effort resulted in          northerly segments, but there was available     requirements, has agency and community
volumes that increased by up to 119% from       peak shoulder capacity. These three             buy-in, and has led to a successful project.
existing conditions in the horizon year.        segments exhibited peak shoulder                Each step taken follows practices applied
                                                operations where the future LOS was poor        elsewhere to a unique rural corridor.
Reactions to Initial Results                    (D/E), but capacity was not actually
     These early volume forecasts raised        exceeded. This pointed to the first element     Transportation Planning
various concerns. The sponsoring agencies       in the preferred solution—peak spreading.       Implications
reacted negatively because the future                Peak spreading was defined for each
volumes appeared to exceed planned              peak hour as traffic that could shift to one         Each of the four general questions
corridor capacity. The communities              adjacent hour. In addition, one hour on         posed at the beginning of this paper are
reacted negatively because they did not         either side of the peak could spread into       addressed in this section. These questions
understand how their zoning decisions           adjacent hours to allow for peak hour           are answered in the context of the subject
could result in that much traffic in their      spillover. This led to No-Action scenarios      project, but could be transferred to other
communities. Meanwhile, the project’s           where three or more hours operated at           isolated corridors where applicable.
FHWA representative asked that induced          capacity during the AM and the PM
growth be considered in the corridor.           periods. We considered this reasonable          Impact of Capacity Constraints on Demand
Therefore, the project team developed a         since existing counts reflected several 90-          The first question states, “Is it
“revised zoning” scenario with less overall     minute peak periods.                            reasonable to assume that roadway
land-use growth. This scenario reduced                                                          capacity will limit the demand forecasts
volumes by up to ten percent at key             Unmet Demand                                    under the No-Action scenario and if so,
locations. However, the decrease was not             A second step was also necessary since     how?” Our team concluded that the answer
enough to address the no-action capacity        peak spreading could not accommodate the        to this question was yes. The public will
constraint issues. Since the existing zoning    entire future forecast. Under NEPA, a full      find facilities that are less congested and
scenario reflected build-out of all zones at    No-Action scenario must be evaluated.           provide easier access, resulting in supply-
the maximum density allowed by zoning, it       However, peak spreading and the revised         and-demand equilibrium as described by
was considered the high forecast, while the     zoning scenario were insufficient to reduce     Jack Leisch1. Most travel demand models
revised zoning scenario was assumed to be       volumes to the future two-lane capacity.        assume this equilibrium is required, and
closer to what may actually be built in the     Therefore, it was assumed that some             strive to achieve it across the model
corridor. For the EIS, NEPA required that       corridor travel demand would be unmet.          network. However, in an isolated corridor,
our team maintain the existing zoning           The unmet demand was simply the over-           there are no other paths to be used during
                                                capacity peak volume that could not be          equilibrium calculations. Since
 About the Author:                              eliminated through peak spreading. Unmet        transportation systems cannot provide
 Paul F. Brown, P.E.,                           demand was considered a No-Action               equilibrium, land use must do so.
 is a senior                                    “impact.”
 transportation                                      The unmet demand presented a               Multiple Land-use Scenarios
 engineer with Carter &                         unique problem in the analysis. Since the            The second question states, “Should
 Burgess in Denver. He                          volumes vary widely along the corridor, it      capacity-constrained land-use forecasts be
 was the traffic                                was possible to be within the roadway’s         applied under the build scenario?” In the
 engineering lead for                           capacity in one segment and not in the          study corridor, the build scenario was
 the study described in                         adjacent segment. Our team developed two        evaluated and the new roadway facility
 the article. He holds a                        approaches for this issue. One approach         operated at LOS D or better under both
 BSCE from Polytechnic University (New          assumed that the unmet demand within a          land-use scenarios. Therefore, build
 York) and is a Member of ITE.                  given segment would be specific to that         capacity constraints were unnecessary, but
                                                segment; other segments would continue to       various land-use scenarios were evaluated

     Page 4                                             www.w
 November–December 2004                                                                                                     Westernite

(Continued from page 4)                            •    New capacity attracts trips from parallel        Harry, “Accounting for Induced
as part of the project. Littman states, “Most           facilities. In the project corridor, this        Travel in Evaluation of Urban
transport models treat land-use                         shift cannot occur since there are no            Highway Expansion,” TRB 77th
development patterns as an exogenous                    parallel facilities.                             Annual Meeting (January 1998).
impact unaffected by transportation                                                                      Abridged version available on FHWA
decisions.”2 The consideration of multiple              The NEPA work performed for our                  Web site.
zoning scenarios in this project has shown         corridor should capture induced growth in
that land use and transportation analyses          the project area, based on DeCorla-Souza’s       7.   ibid., Section 2.0, page 2.
can be linked, and that analysis of various        definitions. The two land-use scenarios
land-use sets can actually benefit the             address the first component, the second
NEPA process.                                      and third components are expected to be
                                                   minimal in the corridor, and the fourth
Impacts of Capacity Constraints on Land Use        element is not applicable to the corridor.
      The third question states, “Could land

                                                                                                    Sign of
use grow despite capacity limitations,             Conclusions
resulting in changed travel patterns within
the corridor?” The answer to this question              Many travel forecasting efforts follow
                                                   tried-and-true processes, flowing from

                                                                                                    the Times
is a resounding yes3. Peak spreading is a
concept that has been studied repeatedly.          study area and land use definitions to
Research shows that significant volumes            calculating trips and assigning them to the
are fleeing the peak in various urban areas        transportation network. This paper
in favor of the shoulders of the peak4.            examined one case where this traditional
                                                   process could not be applied.
Induced Growth                                          The author presents a methodology
      The fourth question states, “Will land-      for addressing forecasts in isolated
use forecasts change between No-Action             corridors, where alternate paths are non-
and Build scenarios, creating potential            existent. Generally, the land use changes
land-use impacts that must be evaluated            and trip generation need to be revisited in a
under NEPA?” Induced growth has been a             way that allows these elements to feed the
recent buzzword in our profession, and             isolated corridor appropriately. Several
many technical papers have been prepared           accepted effects were applied in this
on the topic5,6. The concept holds that            process, including peak spreading and
added roadway capacity “generates” more            capacity constraints. The paper also
traffic on that roadway, although                  discussed how the proposed process fits
definitions vary widely. DeCorla-Souza             within the NEPA process.
outlines four distinct elements in his
induced growth definition7, which is used          Notes:
by the FHWA. The following summarizes              1. Leisch, Jack E., “A Plan for
these elements and their applicability to               Coordination of Transportation with
this analysis:                                          Land Use for Urban Development,”
•     Some induced growth is due to “new”               Traffic Engineering, May 1970.
      person-trips. The differing zoning           2.   Littman, Todd; “Generated Traffic:
      scenarios change the number of                    Implications for Transportation
      person-trips in the project corridor,             Planning,” ITE Journal, April 2001.
      acknowledging this effect.
•     Some trips get longer when capacity is       3.   Op. cit.; Purvis, Chuck; “Peak-
      added, so planners must be aware of the           Spreading Models—Promises and
      “unit of measure” (trips vs. miles). In           Limitations.” Available online from
                                                        the Metropolitan Transportation                  “Who would have thought that
      other words, longer trips are not                                                             such signs of angst and disregard for
      necessarily new trips. Since relatively           Commission.
                                                                                                    public property would be on display in
      few services are found in the project        4.   Levinson, David and Kumar, Ajay,            an ostensibly perfect suburban commu-
      corridor, this effect is anticipated to be        “Operation Evidence of Changing             nity such as Foothill Ranch, California?
      minimal.                                          Travel Patterns: A Case Study,” ITE              “Wait a minute, I think I know
•     Trips will return to the peak hour if             Journal, April 1994.                        what’s going on… isn’t this the Oakley
      capacity is added. This phenomenon is                                                         surfwear and sunglass factory’s private
      the reverse of peak spreading. In the        5.   Noland, Robert B. and Coward,
      “Build” scenario for this study, the              William A., “Analysis of
      facility is forecast to perform at LOS            Metropolitan Highway Capacity and
                                                                                                    Submitted by Jim Otterson, Huntington
      D or better for all hours of the day.             the Growth in Vehicle Miles of
                                                                                                    Beach, California
      Therefore, it is anticipated that this            Travel,” TRB 79th Annual Meeting
      phenomenon will be minimal in the                 (January 2000).
      study corridor.                              6.   DeCorla-Souza, Patrick and Cohen,

                                                           www.w                                                              Page 5
 Westernite                                                                                                 November–December 2004

                       Section and Chapter Activities
                                                 •    Jodi Chew, Secretary                     neighborhood. The project was initiated in
                                                 •    Robert Nehmad, Treasurer                 1993 by the local community in response to
                                                                                               BART’s plans to expand the existing
                                                       The featured speaker was Abe Wong,      parking facility at the BART station.
                                                 Hawaii Division Administrator for the         Although the project has been open for less
                                                 Federal Highways Administration               than one year, its dramatic impacts on the
                                                 (FHWA). Mr. Wong described how federal        local neighborhood can already be seen. A
                                                 spending affects Hawaii, including the
Hawaii Section                                   current TEA-21
                                                                                               blighted area has been beautified, and as a
                                                                                               result crime has decreased. The vacancy
                                                 reauthorization issues.                       rates in the surrounding areas have
July Meeting                                     Hawaii generally receives                     dropped from around 80% to less than 1%.
     The July luncheon meeting was held          about $120 million per year                   Fruitvale is once again a vibrant, lively
on the 20th at the office of Belt Collins in     from the FHWA’s $30                           neighborhood. The panel discussion was
Honolulu. The featured speaker was               billion program.                              followed by a walking tour.
Thomas Quinn, Director of the Hawaii                                                           More information about the
Center for Advanced Transportation               Cathy Leong, Past President                   Fruitvale TOD village can
Technologies (HCATT). HCATT was                                                                be found at
established in 1993 as the Hawaii Electric                                           
Vehicle Demonstration Program. Its
objective is to develop zero- or low-                                                          Sam Tabibnia, Scribe
emission transportation vehicles and
infrastructure. Recent, current, and future
projects include:
•    Testing rapid-charging (10 minutes
     instead of several hours) electric
     vehicles supplied by Hyundai.               San Francisco Bay
•    An electric Waikiki trolley (not
     currently in use) and an electric bus       Area Section
     which HECO still uses to transport

     Hybrid buses which support the
                                                 September Meeting
                                                      The first meeting of the season was
                                                                                               New Mexico
     airport’s WikiWiki system and in the
     City and County of Honolulu’s bus
                                                 held on the 16th at the Jaliscos II Mexican
                                                 Restaurant located in the Fruitvale Transit
     fleet that may be used as part of the       Village in Oakland. The meeting’s feature     September Meeting
     Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.             presentation was “Fruitvale TODay: a               Pat Noyes, District Six International
•    Currently developing a 30-foot fuel         Look at the New Transit Oriented              Director, installed the New Mexico
     cell bus that will be used at the           Development (TOD) in Oakland’s                Section’s new officers [see the Sept-Oct issue,
     Hickam Air Force Base.                      Fruitvale Neighborhood.” A panel              Page 3—Ed.]. Pat then co-presented the
•    Future development of a hydrogen            representing the various organizations
                                                                                               technical portion of the meeting with
     refueling station for fuel-cell vehicles,   involved with the project discussed the
                                                                                               Jeanette Walthers from Bohannan-Huston,
     multi-vehicle charging stations, and a      project, its challenges, and its successes.
                                                                                               regarding the traffic management program
     lithium-battery-powered van.                The panel consisted of: Tom Limon,
                                                                                               for Los Alamos County. The success of the
                                                 representing the local community group;
     More information regarding HCATT                                                          program is, in part, attributed to a two-
                                                 Wlad Wlassowsky, Transportation
can be found at their website,                                                                 level approach to solve the speeding
                                                 Services Manager for the City of Oakland;                                                                            problem in a neighborhood. Level 1 tools
                                                 Jeff Ordway, manager of property
                                                                                               include use of a speed-monitoring trailer,
                                                 development for the Bay Area Rapid
Annual Meeting                                                                                 targeted enforcement, sign installation, use
                                                 Transit (BART); Tina Spencer, manager of
     The Hawaii Section Annual Meeting                                                         of a neighborhood speed awareness
                                                 long-range planning for the Alameda-
was held on August 17th at the Wisteria                                                        newsletter, and a neighborhood speed
                                                 Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit);
Restaurant in Honolulu. President Cathy                                                        watch program.
                                                 and James Corless, a senior planner with
Leong presented Certificates of                                                                     If the program has not achieved the
                                                 the Metropolitan Transportation
Appreciation to the outgoing officers and                                                      desired results as determined by the
                                                 Commission (MTC).
committee chairs. Tellers Robert Miyasaki                                                      residents, Level 2 of the program is
                                                      The project, which is located at
and Panos Prevedouros announced that                                                           implemented. Level 2 improvements
                                                 Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland,
based upon a tally of the votes received for                                                   include median modifications,
                                                 consists of 38,000 square feet of retail,
the 2004-2005 elections, the following were                                                    neighborhood entry islands, neckdowns,
                                                 community amenities such as a library and
elected as the incoming officers:                                                              curb extensions chokers, speed humps, and
                                                 a senior center, and 47 residential units
•    Wayne Yoshioka, President                                                                 raised crosswalks or speed tables. Level 2
                                                 oriented around a pedestrian plaza that
•    Greg Hiyakumoto, Vice President                                                           improvements require additional field
                                                 links the BART station and the existing

    Page 6                                               www.w
 November–December 2004                                                                                               Westernite

(Continued from page 6)                        •   July 20                                     Hammontree, Tom Puto, and Joe Wilson.
studies, neighborhood surveys, 67%             •   October 19
neighborhood petition support, and review                                                      October Meeting
by the Transportation Board. The process           Please save these dates                          The October luncheon was held in
helps to ensure that the                       and watch your Section                          conjunction with the 77th Colorado
improvements are                               newsletter for more details.                    Transportation Conference (CTC) at the
warranted and will be                                                                          Omni Interlocken Resort Hotel in
effective.                                     Ray Chong, Scribe                               Broomfield, Colorado, on the 15th. The
                                                                                               conference was sponsored by the Colorado-
Tom Blaine, Vice President                                                                     Wyoming Section and was well-attended
                                                                                               by many transportation professionals from
                                               Colorado-                                       across Colorado.
                                                                                                    US Congressman Bob Beauprez was
                                               Wyoming Section                                 the featured luncheon speaker. Honorable
                                                                                               Mr. Beauprez is the first representative
                                                                                               from Colorado to serve on the House
                                               End-of-Year Golf Tournament
Central Coast                                       This annual event,
                                               held on June 9th at the
                                                                                               Transportation Committee. He presented
                                                                                               some excellent insights into the workings

Section                                        Saddle Rock Golf
                                               Course near Denver,
                                                                                               of the Transportation Committee and the
                                                                                               status of the proposed transportation bill.

August Meeting                                 had over 100                                    November Meeting
     The August luncheon was held on the       registrants. Thanks to                               The November luncheon was held on
10th at the Hungry Hunter Steakhouse           Section Golf                                    the 12th in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at
Restaurant in the City of Thousand Oaks.       Committee members including Joe Hart,           the Embassy Suites Hotel. The meeting
Twenty-eight people attended. The guest        Mark Proper, and Jon Blake. Plans are           was attended by 45 members and guests.
speaker was Mr. Dragan Buha, a Resident        already underway for next June’s                     It was announced that two Front
Engineer with Caltrans. He provided a          tournament and for a tournament to be           Range transportation initiative ballot
good overview of the $110 million Santa        held in conjunction with the Colorado           measures (Fast Tracks in Denver and the
Clara River Bridge widening on State           Transportation Conference in October            Rural Transportation Authority in
Route 101 between Oxnard and Ventura.          2005.                                           Colorado Springs).
This is the largest State-funded project in                                                         Rob McDonald from the Pikes Peak
                                               September Meeting
the Los Angeles area. Mr. Buha described                                                       Area Council of Governments (PPACG)
the various complexities in building the            The September luncheon was held at
                                                                                               introduced the speaker, Transportation
project, including traffic management plans    the Holiday Inn Select in Denver. New
                                                                                               Planning Director of PPACG, Craig
and endangered species.                        Section President, Nate Larson, presided
                                                                                               Casper. Craig presented an update of
                                               over the meeting that was attended by over
                                                                                               what’s happening at the PPACG. The
October Meeting                                70 members and guests.
                                                                                               passing of the RTA means new funding for
      The October luncheon was held on the          Highlights of the luncheon included a
                                                                                               transportation projects in the region of $1
12th at the Mussel Shoal’s Restaurant at the   presentation from the new Executive
                                                                                               Billion dollars in the next 10 years. He also
Cliff House Inn (between Ventura and           Director of the Denver Area Regional
                                                                                               indicated identified that the PPACG will
Santa Barbara). Twenty-seven people            Council of Governments (DRCOG),
                                                                                               soon be updating their transportation
attended. Rob Eaton, Principal of Traffic      Jennifer Schaufele, and the installation of
                                                                                               model. The new model will likely include
Signal Maintenance, and Doug Bilse,            new officers by Pat Noyes, International
                                                                                               expanded traffic analysis zones and
Associate Traffic Engineer with the City of    ITE Director. The section’s officers for this
                                                                                               different development scenarios. Mr.
Camarillo, presented a traffic signal          year (2004-05) are:
                                                                                               Casper also discussed the modification of
coordination project in Camarillo. The         •    President: Nate Larson                     the transit system from the existing “hub
project updated timing and coordination        •    Vice President: Will Johnson               and spoke” system to an Express Route
on three major arterials: Las Posas Road,      •    Secretary-Treasurer: Bill Hange            system.
Carmen Drive, and Santa Rosa Road. Rob         •    Past President: Allen Albers
discussed the scope of work, challenges of                                                     Upcoming Events
the project (e.g. incompatible hardware),           Two student scholarships were
                                                                                                   Upcoming events include:
and lessons learned. Doug described the        awarded by the Section: $1000 was
                                                                                               •   December 3rd: holiday luncheon/
intricacies in using Synchro in developing     awarded to graduate student Anna Bunce,
                                                                                                   meeting in Denver
timing plans.                                  and $500 was awarded to Benjamin
                                               Weaver. Benjamin is a University of             •   January 28th: Vendor
                                               Wyoming Senior and ITE Student Chapter              Show/Luncheon
Upcoming Meetings                                                                              •   April 1st: Joint meeting
     The Central California Section’s          President.
                                                                                                   with Women in
quarterly meeting dates for 2005 have been                                                         Transportation
                                               Fall Golf Tournament
set as follows (all of which fall on                                                               Seminar.
Wednesday):                                         The Section’s fall golf tournament was
                                               held at Pelican Lakes Golf Course in
•    January 19
                                               Windsor, Colorado on September 17th. A          Bill Hange, Scribe
•    April 20
                                               total of 110 people registered. Winners of
                                               the tournament were John Clark Ed

                                                       www.w                                                          Page 7
 Westernite                                                                                                        November–December 2004

WANTED: Peak-Hour Traffic Surveillance
Tapes for Intersection Research
     University of Hawaii at Manoa, Civil and    Requirements
Environmental Engineering, Traffic and
Transportation Laboratory—Various                     The requirements for the tapes are as
concerns have been raised about the              follows:
variability of inputs and the uncertainty in     •    The intersection should be controlled
the outputs of signalized intersection                with actuated signals and the terrain
analysis with the Highway Capacity                    should be level.
Manual (HCM). A survey by Dr. A. Tarko           •    The subject approach must have at
at Purdue University and a discussion                 least two exclusive through lanes and
report of the Highway Capacity and                    one exclusive left-turn lane.
Quality of Service Committee of the              •    At least one signal head visible on the
Transportation Research Board indicate                tape (per sample at right).
                                                                                                   Sample frame of desired video of intersection operation.
that most HCM users would prefer                 •    At least five normal weekdays from
knowing the confidence intervals or range             each location are needed.
of the Level of Service.                         •    Both morning and afternoon peak              waivers of liability or promissory notes to
     We conducted analyses of the HCM                 periods are desired (but are not             the effect that these tapes will only be used
delay model for signalized intersections              required).                                   for research are required, then we will
using data from one intersection approach        •    A good view of the end of queue is           review and sign them. We appreciate your
from Honolulu and nine from suburban                  preferred but not required.                  willingness to help us with this research
Chicago. Our papers received an                  •    The camera should be somewhat                project. Please contact the researchers for
enthusiastic response and encouragement               zoomed in to the approach, as in the         more information:
to collect a nationally representative                sample to the right, to facilitate counts    •    Dr. Panos Prevedouros, Associate
sample. We would like to solicit the help of          and measurements.                                 Professor, (808) 956-9698,
ITE’s District 6 cities and jurisdictions with                                                
surveillance cameras at intersections of              If the unit extension of the actuated        •    Jerry Ji, Research Assistant, (808) 956-
arterial streets to provide us with tapes of     signals for the phases serving left-turn and           0949,
signalized intersection approaches so that       through movements is available, then
we can analyze a large, representative           please indicate it on the tapes. Blank tapes
sample.                                          will be sent to those who send us tapes. If

 Arizona Section Creates
 Active-Member Group
     Two years ago, the Arizona Section          •   Collecting Items for a Domestic              activities, AMG has made significant
began an experimental committee called               Violence Shelter                             contributions to the community, the
the Active Member Group (AMG). The               •   Spring Training Baseball Games               Arizona Section of ITE, and our
AMG was to be a forum for ITE members            •   Bowling Night                                profession.”
to become more involved in networking,           •   Technical Tour of the Coyotes Arena               The majority of the AMGers are
their community, and also to become                                                               young professionals; however, there is no
more knowledgeable about our                          The AMG receives funding from the           age restriction. The AMG meets once per
profession. Each year, the group has             Arizona Section and also holds                   month, separately from the Arizona ITE
planned or been involved with a variety of       fundraising events in hopes of one day           monthly meeting/luncheon, to plan
events, including sporting events,               becoming self-reliant. The group’s most          events and to network with each other.
technical tours, social hours, family            recent fundraising event was a                   The group has now grown to over 20
events, a charity golf tournament and            competition for a new Arizona Section            members. If you would like further
other charity activities. Events have            logo. The winning logo was embroidered           information about AMG, please contact
included:                                        on polo shirts that were sold at the section     Chris Williams at
•    ITE Future Cities Judging Team              meetings.                               or
•    ITE Future Cities Golf Tournament                Sarath Joshua, Past President of            (602) 277-4224.
     (Benefiting the Phoenix Future Cities       AZITE, says, “Over the span of two short
     Competition)                                years, through their various projects and

    Page 8                                               www.w
November–December 2004                                                                             Westernite

            In WesternITE 50 Years Ago
                          This cartoon appeared in the December 1954 WesternITE.
                        They apparently took their awards pretty seriously back then too!

    Have you purchased your copy of the WesternITE Compendium yet? For only $20 you, too, can peruse
WesternITE’s archives to find gems like these, or to learn “new” tricks from old pros. For more information, please
   contact the San Diego State University Student Chapter at or (858) 560-4911.

                                              www.w                                             Page 9
 Westernite                                                                                                  November–December 2004

                         Positions Available
                                                Reams, Office Administrator, at                  performs other related duties as required.
                                                                             Requirements to File: Proof of
                                                                                                 graduation from an accredited college or
                                                                                                 university with a bachelors degree in Civil
                                                   CITY OF LONG BEACH, CALIF.                    Engineering or Urban Planning with an
      Transportation Planner/Engineer (Full-                                                     emphasis in transportation planning/
                                                     Transportation Planner—Job Number:
Time)—CHS Consulting Group, a fast-                                                              engineering and two or more years of paid,
                                                127. Salary Range (Monthly):
growing transportation planning and                                                              professional experience in transportation
                                                •    Grade I: $3,974 to $5,407
engineering firm in SF and Oakland CA,                                                           planning/transportation engineering or
                                                •    Grade II: $4,289 to $5,837                  traffic engineering. A copy of diploma or
has immediate openings for one mid to
senior level transportation planner and one     •    Grade III: $4,622 to $6,297                 transcripts is required by the close filing.
mid to senior level traffic engineer                  Appointment may be made at any                   Proof of a valid motor vehicles
positions. Candidates should have at least      grade level, depending on qualifications.        operator's license is required at time of
5 years experience with strong analytical,      Benefits package includes vacations,             selection interview (A current DMV
computer, written, and communication            holidays, bereavement and sick leave. In         driving record must be submitted to the
skills. Candidates with experience in HCS,      addition, employees in this classification       hiring department at time of selection
EMME2, TP+, SYNCHRO, CORSIM,                    earn benefits, including a comprehensive         interview.)
and VISSIM are preferred. The ideal             vested retirement plan and extensive                   Desirable Qualifications: Knowledge
candidate for the traffic engineer’s position   medical, dental and life insurance plans.        and experience using traffic engineering
should be a licensed TE or CE in the State            Applications available: 7:30 a.m. To       and transportation engineering/planning
of California or is capable of obtaining the    4:30 p.m., October 1, 2004 through               principles and methodologies (including
license in the near future.                     January 2, 2005.                                 computer software applications.)
      We have a number of exciting projects           Filing deadline: 4:30 p.m., January              Selection Procedure: This
currently underway, including areawide          7, 2005. Applications will not be accepted       examination will be conducted using the
planning studies, traffic analysis, signal      after that date and time. Postmarks will         continuous, non-competitive procedure of
design projects, traffic engineering studies,   not be accepted.                                 placing qualified individuals on an eligible
and EIRs. We offer competitive salary and             Examples of Duties: Under direction,       list, with those receiving Veteran's Credit
benefits.                                       assists in traffic analyses and preparation of   first, and then in the order in which
      Send resume and cover letter to CHS       traffic studies for Port of Long Beach           applications were filed. Screening of
Consulting Group, 500 Sutter Street, Suite      facilities, transportation projects and          candidates will be conducted on the basis
216, San Francisco, CA 94102 or email to        environmental documents (EIR/EIS);               of the application, supplemental
or fax to (415) 392-9788. Any question          manages and assists in the review of             application, and resumes submitted.
regarding this offer, please call Ms.           consultant traffic studies; assists in the       Resumes will be accepted, but may not be
Williams at (415) 392-9688. EOE                 review/analysis of regional transportation       substituted in lieu of the required
                                                studies/issues pertaining to outside             application and supplemental application.
                                                agencies such as SCAG, LACMTA,                   As vacancies occur, the names of qualified
  TRANSPORTATION SOLUTIONS,                                                                      applicants will be submitted to the
                                                Caltrans and USDOT; conducts or assists
                                                in the review/analysis of traffic issues;        requesting department for consideration.
                                                conducts or assists in the analysis of                 Applicants will be contacted shortly
      Transportation Engineer—
                                                regulatory (e.g., Congestion Management          after applications have been filed. If you do
Transportation Solutions, Inc. (TSI) is a
                                                Program) and legislative (e.g., proposed         not receive notification, contact the civil
specialized transportation planning and
                                                State transportation bills) issues; assists      service office at (562) 570-6202.
traffic engineering firm in Redmond,
                                                Port engineering division in development               This information is available in an
Washington, that serves high-profile
                                                and conceptual design of roadway and rail        alternative format by request to (562) 570-
public, private, and institutional clients
                                                facilities; collects,                            6202.
with development feasibility,
environmental review, traffic operations,       develops, analyzes
and signal design. The ideal candidate is a     various types of data for
highly motivated ethical person with 3+         use in Port
years of experience looking for increased       transportation studies;
client-focused management responsibility.       manages Port
A strong technical foundation with              consultants and staff
extraordinary interpersonal and                 interns; evaluates and
communication skills is required. MSCE          develops strategies on
and/or PE desirable. Send resume to Lynn        funding issues; may
                                                represent the Port of
                                                Long Beach at outside
                                                agency meetings;
        Tell them you saw                       prepares reports and
      their ad in WesternITE!                   correspondence;

   Page 10                                              www.w
 November–December 2004                                                                                            Westernite

                                   Positions Available
                                               technology. To learn more about our           degree in planning, urban studies,
                                               opportunities contact Jonda Franklin at       environmental engineering or related field;
                                               425-233-3208 or visit our website at          AICP certification and/or P.E.; 10+ years’
                                      EEO/AA Employer                 experience in transportation/corridor
                                                                                             planning; experience with NEPA
                                                                                             documentation for CDOT projects desired.
     CH2M HILL is committed to                  SHORT, ELLIOTT, HENDRICKSON                       For confidential consideration, please
moving the Northwest into the future!                                                        send resume and salary history to
Our engineers, planners, and scientists act          Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH),
                                                                                    or fax to 612.758.6701.
as environmental stewards while helping        a leading multidisciplined consulting firm
                                                                                             Please refer to job number when submitting
governments provide modern mobility for        based out of the Mpls/St.Paul area, is
                                                                                             your resume. EOE/AA
moving people and products safely. We          looking for the following positions at our
need your talents to deliver innovative        Boulder, CO office. We have 5 offices in
transportation projects and help our clients   Colorado.                                               RBF CONSULTING
build a better world.                                Traffic Engineer—Job #0028
     Career Opportunities in Bellevue,               Candidate must have a Bachelors              Founded in 1944, RBF Consulting has
Portland and Boise:                            degree in Civil Engineering; State of         a staff of over 800 professionals and is
                                               Colorado P.E. registration; and 7+ years’     located in offices throughout California,
•    Traffic Engineers
                                               experience in transportation/traffic          Arizona and Nevada. We are currently
•    Transportation Design Engineers
                                               engineering. Experience in traffic signal     seeking Transportation/Traffic and Bridge
•    Transportation Planners                   design, signing and striping plans and        Engineers to join our design team and help
•    Travel Demand Modeler                     traffic impact studies highly desired.        construct improvements to modernize the
•    Design Team Leads                         Working knowledge of HCS, Synchro, and        entire 12-mile length of the SR-22 (Garden
•    Project Managers                          CORSIM desired, as well as established        Grove) freeway.
•    Bridge Engineers                          client base in Colorado’s Front Range.             Positions require a BSCE, 3+ years of
                                                     Transportation Planner—Job #0029        related design experience, and strong
    CH2M HILL offers professional
                                                     Candidate must have a Bachelors         AutoCAD and/or Microstation skills.
growth, challenging projects, and the latest
                                                                                             Professional registration is preferred.
                                                                                                  RBF offers an excellent compensation
                                                                                             and benefits package including a generous
                                                                                             matching 401(k) plan, profit sharing and
                                                                                             bonus plans, and relocation assistance.
                                                                                             Join a Firm committed to career growth,
                                                                                             teamwork and family values!
                                                                                                  Visit our website at
                                                                                             and send us your resume:
                                                                                                  RBF Consulting
                                                                                                  14725 Alton Parkway
                                                                                                  Irvine, CA 92618
                                                                                                  Fax: (949) 855-7060

                                                                                                        LLG ENGINEERS
                                                                                                   Linscott, Law & Greenspan,
                                                                                             Engineers (LLG) is an established traffic
                                                                                             and transportation engineering firm with
                                                                                             offices located in San Diego, Costa Mesa,
                                                                                             Pasadena, and Las Vegas. Over the past 37
                                                                                             years, our firm has provided engineering
                                                                                             solutions for over 6,000 projects including
                                                                                             traffic impact studies, Project Study
                                                                                             Reports, Project Reports, roadway
                                                                                             alignment studies, demand management
                                                                                             studies, parking studies, traffic signal
                                                                                             designs, signing/striping plans, and traffic
                                                                                             control plans.
                                                                                                   LLG currently has openings for a
                                                                                             Traffic Engineer/Transportation Planner

                                                      www.w                                                       Page 11
 Westernite                                                                                                     November–December 2004

                                      Positions Available
to join our teams in the San Diego and             new system.                                           TransCore is currently searching for
Costa Mesa offices. The position requires a              We are seeking candidates with high-       an ITS Engineer. This full-time position
bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering,            level experience with traffic signals and        would be based in our downtown Los
Urban Planning or a related field and              controllers (TS-2 type). In addition, we will    Angeles Office.
between 1–5 years of professional                  give preference to candidates that have
experience in the transportation field.            experience with fiber optic equipment and        Job Description
Experience preparing traffic impact studies        electronic troubleshooting. The successful       •    Develop system requirements based
is required.                                       candidate will have the unique opportunity            on the needs of the involved Agencies
      LLG offers excellent salaries and            to deploy, develop and maintain the City’s            (e.g., traffic control systems,
benefits, quarterly profit sharing bonuses,        Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)              communications, etc.)
and a very enjoyable working environment.          equipment that includes fiber optic and          •    Prepare conceptual and detailed
We are offering an acceptance bonus to             wireless communications equipment for                 designs for placement of ITS devices
qualified candidates. For further                  traffic signals, CCTV cameras, variable               (e.g., CCTV cameras, traffic signals,
information please visit our website at            message signs, and vehicle detection                  CMS, other ITS equipment, etc.) and, if interested,           systems.                                         •    Perform system analysis and designs
fax or email your resume to John Keating’s               Candidates are required to have five            for development of communications
attention at:                                      years’ experience in the installation,                networks to support ITS programs
      LLG Engineers                                maintenance, and repair of electric,                  (landline & wireless communications)
      4542 Ruffner Street, Suite 100               electronic, and digital traffic signal control   •    Perform system alternatives analyses
      San Diego, CA 92111                          devices. In addition, the successful                  and develop a recommended approach
      Fax: 858.300.8810                            candidate must have possession of, or                 based on feasibility, functionality, and
      Email:              ability to obtain, an International                   cost (e.g., communications, traffic
                                                   Municipal Signal Association (IMSA)                   control systems, other ITS equipment,
                                                   Level II Traffic Signal Certification within          etc.)
       CITY OF PEIORIA, ARIZ.                      one year of hire and an Arizona Driver’s
                                                   License within one month of hire. An             Required Skills
     Sr. (Traffic) Engineering Technician—
                                                   Associate of Arts degree with major course       •   Experience with design of traffic
     $44,701 - $57,221—The City of
                                                   work in civil engineering or closely related         management systems including signal
Peoria, Arizona, is one of the fastest-
                                                   field is desirable.                                  systems, traffic surveillance systems,
growing cities in the United States.
                                                         This position opens October 25th,              and traveler information systems
Located near Phoenix, the city
                                                   2004. Review of applications will begin          •   Experience with analysis and design of
encompasses over 162 square miles, with a
                                                   November 29th, 2004, and continue until              communications networks for traffic
current population of 126,000 and
                                                   the position is filled. See                          management systems and other ITS
projected build-out of 253,400 residents by
                                          for application and                 applications/equipment
the year 2030. The successful candidate’s
                                                   more information.                                •   Experience with communications
duties will include inspecting new traffic
signals, traffic signal controllers, fiber optic                                                        networks, systems, and architectures
cable, wireless communication equipment,                                                                (e.g., fiber-optic, wireless, leased line,
CCTV cameras, and Dynamic Message                                                                       twisted-pair/copper, etc.)
Signs (DMS). In addition, the employee                                                              •   Experience in developing Client
will review plans related to traffic signals,                                                           requirements and performing system
communication devices, signs, pavement                                                                  needs analysis
                                                        ITS Engineer, Los Angeles—As the
markings, and temporary traffic control.                                                                 Education: BS Civil Engineering or BS
                                                   largest firm in the United States
The City will be installing a new traffic                                                           Electrical Engineering
                                                   specializing in Intelligent Transportation
signal system and thus, the employee will                                                                Salary: $60,000 – $80,000 + benefits
                                                   Systems (ITS), TransCore
assist with technical activities related to the                                                     (commensurate with experience)
                                                   ( provides value with
                                                   dedicated project staff who are experienced           Interested applicants please send
                                                   in ITS and understand issues surrounding         resume in an MS Word version to
 Positions Available Ads:                          ITS planning, design, and deployment. For
                                                   30-years, TransCore has been involved in
 To place your ad, e-mail your ad to               the planning, design, and deployment of The                 Advanced Transportation Management
 deadline is the 28th of the previous odd-
 numbered month. The cost is $1.50 per
 word, with a minimum cost per ad of
                                                   Systems (ATMS), Advanced Traveler
                                                   Information Systems (ATIS),                      Don’t forget…
                                                   communications networks, and other ITS           The latest Positions Available ads are
 $100.00. Ads are also posted on our               applications.                                    always on our Web site!
 web site at More
 information is available on our Web site.

   Page 12                                                 www.w
 November–December 2004                                                                                                       Westernite

                                      Positions Available
                 AAE, INC.                         pm, Friday, November 12. $19.48 to                      capacity analysis and signal timing
                                                   $27.27 hourly.                                          software such as Synchro.
     Traffic Engineer/Signal Designer
                                                                                                      •    Knowledge of standard PC platform
     Brea, California, Salary: $60K-$90K
                                                                                                           including hardware. Proficient with
     Seeking a Traffic Engineer/Signal                       CITY OF ANAHEIM                               Microsoft Windows and Office
Designer with a minimum of 5 years of
                                                        Associate Engineer (Traffic                        products (Word, Excel, Access and
experience. Responsible for the design,
                                                   Engineering)—$64,350 to $88,482 per year—               PowerPoint); graphics software (Visio,
construction and engineering of traffic
signal projects and systems. California            The City of Anaheim is currently accepting
Civil/Traffic Engineering registration is a        applications for an Associate Engineer.
plus. Send resume/salary history to AAE,           Applications will be accepted through
Inc., 601 S. Valencia Avenue, Suite 250,           Thursday, December 9, 2004. To obtain an            Data Collection
                                                   application please visit
Brea, CA 92823, or email to                                or call (714) 765-5111. This position               Fund Proposals
                                                   •    Professional journey-level field
                                                                                                       Due December 10th
      TOWN OF GILBERT, ARIZ.                            experience in troubleshooting
                                                                                                            It’s not too late for your student
                                                        electronics and signal control
     Senior Traffic Engineering Technician—                                                            chapter to submit a proposal to get paid
                                                        communications; experience with
Requires Associate's degree and three                                                                  to collect data for the traffic engineering
                                                        traffic signals and systems.
years’ related experience. Details and                                                                 profession. But you’ll have to hurry
                                                   •    Knowledge of traffic engineering
application at Apply                                                             because time’s running out! Please visit
                                                        principles in the areas of traffic signal
in person at Town of Gilbert Employment                                                       for more information.
                                                        control systems, signal timing,
Center, 50 E Civic Center Dr., Gilbert, AZ
85296. Open until filled. First review 5:00

 Legislative Update
                        As this column is         continuing resolution extending general
                        prepared one week         governmental spending through
                        before the November       November 30. In the final days of the
                        2 election date, most     session (which ended in early October),
                        legislative matters are   House and Senate Committees passed
                        in continuing             HR 5082/S.2884 (Transit Security),
                        resolution status         which is intended to provide $35B in              opportunity in 2006 or even 2008, if the
                        during recess,            funding over three years to “harden”              2004 campaign is unsuccessful (due to
                        pending the result of     mass-transit systems with both capital            tight economic times or other factors). At
Walt Stringer,          the elections and, in     and operating grants, and a variety of            the state level, transportation interests
District 6 Legislative Washington, a likely       administrative provisions related to              await the result of the fate of Props 68
Committee Chair        special session starting   assessment of system security needs,              and 70, with a negative outcome on these
                       in mid-November.           including employee training, with                 two propositions helping to ensure future
      At the Federal level, on the final day      funding provided via the Dept. of                 state transportation funding (the
of FY04 (September 30), Congress                  Homeland Security, to avoid competing             California Transportation Commission
extended TEA-21 for eight months                  with other existing funding streams. The          has yet to begin funding projects again at
(HR5183), with the actual funding levels          new Export Tax Bill (HR4520) will also            2002 levels of activity, despite the
to be included in the FY05 Appropria-             provide highway transportation funding            presence of an approved state budget,
tions Bill (HR 5025), with $5.2B for              benefits due to ethanol tax and anti-fuel-        with CTC agendas listing “cash flow
transit and $24.5B for highways expected          tax-evasion provisions.                           uncertainty” as the reason for continued
to be provided (the amounts are a pro-                  In California, many counties have           funding holds).
rata for eight months, based on the               placed transportation sales-tax extensions             If your state or locality in District 6
previous year’s funding). Minor revisions         on the ballot, with terms of 20-40 years          had a ballot issue related to
include depositing the 2.5c/gallon                starting in 2008, when the current                transportation funding or other items,
ethanol fuel tax into the Highway Trust           revenue streams from 1980’s-era taxes             please let me know (email to
Fund instead of the General Fund, and             ends. This time around a two-thirds      and we’ll include it
releasing approximately $4B in highway            majority is required, versus the original         in the next column, the first of 2005.
funds placed on hold (due to rules                requirement for a simple majority in the          Happy Holidays and a great New Year to
disputes) in earlier short-term funding           ’80’s. Many counties decided to begin the         all!
extensions. Congress also passed a                process in 2004 in order to have another

                                                           www.w                                                             Page 13
 Westernite                                                                                                                                             November–December 2004

                                                                   CARTER & BURGESS, INC.                                          FEHR & PEERS ASSOCIATES, INC.

                                                                   Comprehensive transportation planning and engineering:          Traffic Engineering ● Transportation/Transit Planning ● Parking ●
                                                                   Denver, CO               (303) 820-5240                         Signal Design ● Bikeway Studies
                                                                   Las Vegas, NV            (702) 938-5600                         Denver, CO                 (303) 296-4300
             SUPPLIERS                                             Los Angeles, CA
                                                                   Phoenix, AZ
                                                                                            (818) 784-7585
                                                                                            (602) 263-5309
                                                                                                                                   Lafayette, CA
                                                                                                                                   Reno, NV
                                                                                                                                                              (925) 284-3200
                                                                                                                                                              (775) 826-3200
                                                                   Salt Lake City, UT       (801) 355-1112                         Roseville, CA              (916) 773-1900
COUNTS UNLIMITED                                                   Oakland, CA              (510) 465-8400                         San Francisco, CA          (415) 369-0425
Traffic data collection specialists serving Southern California.                                                                   San Jose, CA               (408) 278-1700
Manual, machine counts of types customized to your needs:          CATALINA ENGINEERING, INC.                                      Salt Lake City, UT         (801) 261-4700
Speed, Classification, Volume ● Radar ● Travel ● Video             Traffic Engineering ● Roadway Design ● Research ● Traffic
Barbara N. Sackett, President                                      Operations ● Civil Engineering ● ITS                            HEXAGON TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
Tel (909) 247-6716           Fax (909) 924-8604                    180 W. Magee Road, Suite 140                                    Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand
                                                                   Tucson, Arizona 85704                                           Forecasting ● Traffic Simulation ● Traffic Operations ●
TRAFFIC RESEARCH & ANALYSIS, INC.                                  (520) 544-4067            FAX (520) 544-9616                    Environmental Impact Studies ● Traffic Impact Studies ● Parking
Specializing in all types of traffic data, including machine and                                     Studies ● Transit Studies ● Signal Design
manual counts, speed, classification, video logging, road                                                                          40 South Market Street, Suite 600
inventory, GIS mapping, and GPS data collection.                   CHS CONSULTING GROUP                                            San Jose, CA 95113         (408) 971-6100
DBE CERTIFIED                                                      Transportation Planning ● Transit Planning, Operations &
Susan Medland (866) 840-1500 email:              Design ● ·Traffic Operations ● Traffic Signal Systems           HIGGINS ASSOCIATES
Traci Stevens (916) 772-0872 email:              Design ● ITS ● Traffic Engineering/Traffic Safety ● MBE/DBE     Traffic Engineering ● Signal Operations ● Comprehensive
With offices in Arizona, California, and Colorado.                 500 Sutter Street, Suite 216 · San Francisco, CA 94102          Transportation Planning ● Geometric Design ● Signal Design ●
                                                                   Sa Francisco, CA        415/392-9688 Fax 415/392-9788           Parking
          PROFESSIONAL                                             Oakland, CA
                                                                   www.chsconsulting .net
                                                                                           510/272-9597 Fax 510/272-0792           1335 First Street, Suite A, Gilroy, CA 95020
                                                                                                                                   (408) 848-3122              Fax: (408) 848-2202

                                                                   CK ENGINEERING, INC.
                                                                   Traffic Engineering – Operations, Studies, Designs ●            HNTB CORPORATION
ABRAMS ASSOCIATES TRAFFIC ENGINEERING                              Street/Highway Design ● Roadway Lighting ●                      Transportation ● Traffic ● Planning ● Bridges ● Airports ●
Traffic Planning & Engineering ● Development Services ●            Parking – Studies/Layout ● ITS – Toll Systems, Port of Entry    Highways ● ITS
Litigation Consulting                                              ● Municipal Engineering ● Construction Management               200 E Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 200
2815 Mitchell Drive, Suite 120                                     16448 North 40th Street, Suite A                                Santa Ana, CA 92707
Walnut Creek, CA 94598                                             Phoenix, AZ 85032-3337 (602) 482-5884                           Phoenix                     (602) 528-4300
(925) 945-0201              FAX (925) 945-7966                        (602) 482-2885 FAX                   Denver                      (303) 839-8300
Web:                                                                                                      Seattle                     (206) 455-3555
                                                                   CRAIN & ASSOCIATES OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                       Las Vegas                   (702) 365-9334
ADVANTEC CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC.                                Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning         
ITS ● Communications ● Systems Engineering ● Traffic               2007 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 4 ● Los Angeles,California
Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Control ● Traffic Impact     90025 ● 310 473-6508 ● Fax: 310 444-9771                        ITS ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS, INC.
Studies ● Parking Studies (DBE/MBE)                                                                                                Intelligent Transportation Systems ● Traffic Engineering ● Traffic
21700 Copley Drive #350, Diamond Bar, CA 91765                     ROBERT CROMMELIN & ASSOC., INC.                                 Control Systems ● Transportation Planning ● Design/Build
(909) 860-6222             FAX (909) 860-6722                      Consulting Traffic Engineers, Experienced in Traffic            Specialists ● Communications                         Engineering Evaluation and Testimony as part of Litigation      Phoenix, AZ                 (602) 943-2525
                                                                   73-255 El Paseo, Suite 9       (760) 568-6838                   Salt Lake City, UT          (801) 281-9695
ALBERT GROVER & ASSOCIATES                                         Palm Desert, CA 92260          FAX (760) 568-9850
Signal System Design ● Coordination ● Operations ● Impact                                               JONES & STOKES
Studies ● Modelng ● Design/Build ● Parking & Access ●                                                                              Transportation Planning ● Air Quality and Noise Studies
Inspection ● Implementation                                        CTS ENGINEERS, INC.                                             Oakland, CA                 (510) 433-8962
211 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 208                                 Traffic ● Transportation Planning & Design ● ITS ● Transit      Sacramento, CA              (916) 737-3000
Fullerton, CA 92835                                                Facilities ● Highways ● Bridges ● WBE/DBE                       Los Angeles, CA             (213) 627-5376
(714) 992-2990            FAX (714) 992-2883                       Washington                         Oregon                       Phoenix, AZ                 (602) 256-6662
                                                                   1412 112th Avenue NE Ste 102       3300 NW 211th Terrace        Bellevue, WA                (425) 822-1077
AUSTIN-FOUST ASSOCIATES, INC.                                      Bellevue, WA 98004-3760            Hillsboro, OR 97124          Other offices in Portland, OR; San Francisco, San Jose, Irvine,
Traffic & Civil Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic    (425) 455-7622                     (503) 690-8080               San Diego, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Salt Lake City, UT
Signal Design ● Parking Analysis and Design                        FAX (425) 462-1374                 FAX (503) 645-5930 
2020 North Tustin Avenue                                      
Santa Ana, CA 92705-7827                                                                                                           KAKU ASSOCIATES, INC.
(714) 667-0496              Fax (714) 667-7952                     DARNELL & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                      Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Parking
                                                                   Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering & Design          1453 Third Street, Suite 400
BOYLE ENGINEERING CORPORATION                                      Services ● Traffic Control Signal Systems ● Impact Studies ●    Santa Monica, CA 90401
Transportation & Traffic Engineering ● Highways ● Structures       Bikeways ● Parking ● Air Quality Analysis                       (310)458-9916              FAX (310) 394-7663
● Transit Signals ● Traffic Control                                1446 Front Street, Suite 300
1501 Quail Street                                                  San Diego, CA 92101                                             KATZ, OKITSU & ASSOCIATES
Newport Beach, CA 92660                                            (619) 233-9373              FAX (619) 233-4034                  Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal Timing ●
(949) 476-3300              Fax (949) 721-7141                                                                                     ITS ● GIS                                             (DBE)
                                                                   DAVID EVANS AND ASSOCIATES, INC.                                1055 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 300
BKF ENGINEERS                                                      People in Motion. the DEA Team!                                 Monterey Park, CA 91754         (323) 260-4703
Traffic Engineering ● Signal Design ● Traffic Impact Studies ●     In 20 offices throughout the west                               San Diego, CA                   (619) 683-2933
Geometric Design ● Parking                                         Transportation Directors:                                       Tustin, CA                      (714) 573-0317
540 Price Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 482-6300            Claudia Hirschey, P.E.      Ron Anderson, P.E.                  San Bernardino, CA              (909) 890-9693
San Jose, CA               (408) 467-9100                          Bellevue, Washington        Portland, Oregon
Walnut Creek, CA           (925) 940-2200                          (425) 519-6500              (503) 223-6663                      KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES, INC.
Pleasanton, CA             (925) 396-7700                          Transportation ● Land Development ● Water Resources ●           Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ●
                                                                   Energy ●                                         Communications ● Software ● Civil engineering
BUCHER, WILLIS & RATLIFF CORPORATION                                                                                               Regional offices in: San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Long
Providing Innovative Solutions Since 1957                          DKS ASSOCIATES                                                  Beach, Pleasanton, Oakland, Sacramento, Carlsbad, Riverside,
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering/Operations ●         Traffic and Transportation Engineering and Planning ●           CA; Las Vegas, Reno, NV; Tucson, Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO
Transportation Engineering ● Bridges/Structures ● Municipal        Intelligent Transportation Systems                              Regional Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ (602) 944-5500
Engineering                                                        Oakland CA (510) 763-2061                             
Seattle, WA                (206) 448-2123                          Offices in: Phoenix, AZ; Irvine, San Jose, and Sacramento,
                                                                   CA; Tampa and Tallahassee, FL; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA        KORVE ENGINEERING, INC.
CAMBRIDGE SYSTEMATICS, INC.                                        Web page:                                 Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering
A National Leader in Transportation Planning ● Travel              email:                                    ● Land Development ● Multimodal Facilities ● Rail Planning
Demand Forecasting & Analysis ● Freight Modeling &                                                                                 155 Grand Ave., Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 763-2929
Planning ● ITS & CVO Products & Services ● Transportation &        DOWLING ASSOCIATES, INC.                                        Offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City
Land Use Analysis ● Transportation Finance                         Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Research ●
Oakland, CA                             (510) 873-8700             Traffic Software ● Computer Models
Seattle, WA                             (425) 837-1450             180 Grand Avenue, Ste 250, Oakland, CA 94612                    LANCASTER ENGINEERING
Cambridge, MA (headquarters)            (617) 354-0167             (510) 839-1742 phone       (510) 839-0871 fax                   Traffic and Transportation Engineering ● Light Rail ● Traffic                                                     428 J St, Ste 500, Sacramento, CA 95814                         Control ● Traffic Impact & Planning Studies
                                                                   (916) 266-2190 phone       (916) 266-2195 fax                   Union Station, Suite 206, Portland, OR 97209
                                                                                                       (503) 248-0313             FAX (503) 248-9251
                                                                   ENTRANCO, INC.
                                                                   Full-service planning, design, and environmental services for
                    Save for your                                  Traffic and Transportation projects. Offices in Bellevue,
                      RFP lists!                                   Olympia, WA; Boise, ID; Phoenix, Tucson, AZ; & Helena, MT
                                                                   For information call 1-800-454-5601

    Page 14                                                                    www.w
 November–December 2004                                                                                                                                                  Westernite

LEE ENGINEERING, LLC.                                              THE MOBILITY GROUP                                                  SIEMENS ITS
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS                Transportation Planning ● Transit Planning ● Parking ● Traffic      A business unit of Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
3033 N. 44th Street, Suite 375                                     Planning & Engineering ● Management                                 Project Management ● ITS Strategic Planning ● ITS Design ●
Phoenix, AZ 85018          (602) 955-7206                          18301 Von Karman, Suite 580, Irvine, CA 92612                       Systems Integration ● Communications Network Analysis and email:                     (949) 474-1591            Fax (949) 474-1599                        Design ● Operations and Management
                                                                                                          2030 Addison Street, Suite 640, Berkeley, CA 94704
LSC TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                                                                                                   Phone: 510.540.7659 Fax: 510.540.7612
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Transit Planning   MULTITRANS TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                         Los Angeles      626.294.9255       Tucson     520.290.8006
& Facilities ● Signal/Roundabout Design ● Resort Planning ●        Traffic Operations ● Transportation PLanning ● Traffic Impact       Salt Lake City 801.269.9068         Portland   503.624.7635
Parking                                                            Studies ● Speed Limit Studies ● CMP Projects ● Parking ●  
Tahoe City, CA             (530) 583-4053                          Transit ● Collection of all types of traffic data
Denver, CO                 (303) 333-1105                          1280 Boulevard Way, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94595               TJKM TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS
Colorado Springs, CO       (719) 633-2868                          Walnut Creek:      (925) 930-0500            Fax (925) 660-1911     Traffic Engineering and Planning ● ITS and Modeling Services ●
                                                                   Dallas, TX:        (972) 387-5270       Signal Design/Operations ● Traffic Impact Studies ● Parking/
LIN CONSULTING, INC. (DBE/MBE)                                                                                                         Safety Studies ● Freeway Operations ● Staff Services
Traffic, Civil, and Electrical Consulting Engineers                NBCE, INC.                                                          Pleasanton, CA 94588       (925) 463-0611
ITS Design ● Signal ● Lighting ● Studies ● GIS                     Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Civil Engineering   Santa Rosa, CA             (707) 575-5800
21660 E. Copley Drive, Suite 270                                   ● Surveying & Mapping ● School Facilities Engineering     
Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (909) 396-6850                               17501 E. 17th St, Suite 270, Tustin, CA 92780 FAX (909) 396-8150                           Tel. (714) 573-9999        Fax (714) 573-9877                       TRANSCORE                                                                                       Traffic Engineering/Operations ● Traffic Control Systems ●
                                                                                                                                       Transit ● Parking ● Highway Design ● Roadway Lighting ●
LINSCOTT, LAW & GREENSPAN                                          OLSSON ASSOCIATES                                                   Environmental Forecasting ● Travel Forecasting ● Transportation
Engineers & Planners ● Traffic ● Transportation ● Parking          Traffic Engineering/Operations ● ITS ● Traffic Studies ● Signal     Planning ● ITS ● Toll Systems ● CVO ● Port of Entry Systems
Costa Mesa, CA           (714) 641-1587                            System Design ● Transportation Planning ● Lighting ●                9480 Carroll Park Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
Pasadena, CA             (626) 796-2322                            Landscape Architecture and Urban Design                             (858) 826-3400
San Diego, CA            (858) 300-8800                            Phoenix, Arizona           (602) 748-1000                           Offices nationwide.
Las Vegas, NV            (702) 451-1920                            Denver, Colorado           (720) 962-6072
                                                                                                         TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES
LOCHNER                                                                                                                                TSM/TDM Planning ● Management ● Evaluation
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Land Use           ORTH-RODGERS & ASSOCIATES, INC.                                     234 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 400
Planning ● Signal Design ● Traffic Impact Studies ● Parking ●      Traffic/Highway Engineering & Design ● Transportation Planning      Pasadena, CA 91101         (626) 796-3384
Highways ● Bridge Design and Inspection ● Environmental            ● Environmental Science/Planning ● Municipal Services               FAX (626) 796-2425
Studies ● Corridor Planning ● Public Involvement ● Construction    SOUTHWEST OFFICE             Ph: (702) 233-4060
Engineering and Inspection                                         1140 N Town Center Dr,       Fax: (702) 233-4560                    THE TRANSPO GROUP
H.W. Lochner Engineers and Planners                                Ste 190                               Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning
5908 Yellowstone Road, Ste A                                       Las Vegas, NV 89144          Principal: Richard T. Romer, P.E.      11730 118th Ave NE, Ste 600       176 S Stevens St, Ste 200
Western U.S. Offices:                                                                                                                  Kirkland, WA 98034                Spokane, WA 99201
Cheyenne, WY 82009        (307) 632-9646                           P&D CONSULTANTS, INC.                                               (425) 821-3665                    (509) 462-0606
Bellevue, WA              (425) 454-3160                           Specializing in Surface Transportation and Airport Engineering ●
Salt Lake City, UT        (801) 262-8700                           Western Region: Orange, San Diego, Ontario, Pasadena, San
Portland, OR              (503) 586-0100                           Francisco, CA; Las Vegas, NV                                        TRANSPORTATION PLANNING & ENG., INC.
Boise, ID                 (208) 336-2983                           Lew Garber, P.E. (714) 835-4447                                     Victor H. Bishop, P.E., President
Big Fork, MT               (406) 837-6878                                                               Signal System Design & Traffic Operations ● Transportation                                                                                                                  Planning ● Parking & Access ● Project Impact Analysis
                                                                   PAT NOYES & ASSOCIATES                                              2223 112th Avenue NE, Suite 101
LSA ASSOCIATES, INC.                                               Public Process Design & Facilitation ● Neighborhood Traffic         Bellevue, WA 98004          (425) 455-5320
Transportation Engineering and Planning ● Parking Studies ●        Management ● Traffic Incident Management Programs
Capital Project Development                                        1566 County Rd. 83 ● Boulder, CO 80302                              TRANSTECH ENGINEERS, INC.
20 Executive Park, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92614                      (303) 440-8171                            Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Construction
P (949) 553 0666 F (949) 553 1670                                  e-mail:                                            Management ● Highway Design ● Municipal Engineering                                                                                                              624 Brea Canyon Road
Riverside, CA             (909)781-9310                            PENFIELD & SMITH                                                    Walnut, CA 91789           (909) 595-8599
Ft. Collins, CO            (970) 494 1568                          Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Parking ● Civil
Pt. Richmond, CA          (510) 236-6810                           Engineering ● Surveying ● Land Use Planning                         T.Y. LIN INTERNATIONAL/CCS
Berkeley, CA              (510) 540-7331                           PO Box 98, Santa Barbara, CA 93102                                  Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Highway
                                                                   Santa Barbara, CA         (805) 963-9532                            Planning and Design ● Structural Engineering and Inspection ●
MCCARTHY ENGINEERING, INC.                                         Santa Maria, CA           (805) 925-2345                            Intelligent Transportation Systems ● Traffic Signal Design &
Traffic Engineering ● Impact Studies ● Parking Designs ● Land      Camarillo, CA             (805) 981-0706                            Timing ● Construction Traffic Handling ● Program/Construction
Development ● Bikeway Design ● Traffic Operations ● Traffic                                                                            Management ● Serving Clients Throughout the Nation
Calming ● Litigation consulting and testimony                      RBF CONSULTING                                                      2290 N First St, Suite 102               Tel (408) 544-2477
737 Orchard Drive, Paso Robles, CA. 93446                          RBF Provides Comprehensive Transportation Planning ● Traffic        San Jose, CA 95131                       Fax (408) 544-2478
805-238-9585; 805-237-8556 FAX                                     Engineering ● Design Services ● Highway Design ● Traffic  
email:                                                Signal Systems
                                                                   Twelve offices located in California, Arizona, and Nevada           URBAN CROSSROADS, INC.
MEYER, MOHADDES ASSOCIATES                                         (800) 479-3808                                 Transportation Planning ● Impact Studies ● Traffic/Acoustical
ITS ● Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Traffic                                                                          Engineering ● Transportation Modeling ● GIS ● TDM
Control Systems ● Communications ● Transit ● Parking ●             RICK ENGINEERING COMPANY                                            41 Corporate Park, Suite 300
Construction Management                                            One City Blvd. West, Suite 1285 ● Orange, CA 92868                  Irvine, CA 92606
1515 S. Manchester Avenue                                          (714) 939-1440             Fax: (714) 939-1441                      (949) 660-1994             FAX (949) 660-1911
Anaheim, CA 92802          (714) 780-7243                                                   
Los Angeles, CA            (213) 488-0345                          San Diego ● Orange ● Riverside ● Sacramento ● Phoenix ●
Long Beach, CA             (562) 432-8484                          Tucson
Sacramento, CA             (916) 772-7976
Oakland, CA                (510) 832-4662                          RK ENGINEERING GROUP, INC.
Boise, ID                  (208) 345-4630                          Transportation Planning—Traffic Engineering
Idaho Falls, ID            (208) 528-8538                          Acoustical and Transportation Demand Management Studies
Las Vegas, NV              (702) 384-2525                          20201 S. W. Birch Street, Suite 250
Denver, CO                 (720) 898-0265                          Newport Beach, CA 92660
Reno, NV                   (775) 847-7243                          (949) 474-0809             Fax (949) 474-0902
Minneapolis, MN            (612) 379-3885                

                                                                   ED RUZAK & ASSOCIATES, INC.
                                                                   Traffic & Transportation Engineering ● Consulting for
                                                                                                                                         Professional Services
ITS Planning, Engineering & Deployment ● Signal System
Design, Coordination & Timing ● Traffic Engineering,
                                                                   10061 Talbert Avenue., Suite 200 Fountain Valley, CA 92708            Directory Listings:
Transportation Planning                                            (714) 964-4880             FAX (714) 964-7219
18662 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 435, Irvine, CA 92612                  999 Green Street, Ste 1103, San Francisco, CA 94133                   To place or modify your ad, send an e-mail to
(949) 727-3399            FAX( 949) 727-4418                       (415) 929-8745                                               The
                                                                                                                                         deadline is the 28th of the previous odd-
                                                                                                                                         numbered month. The cost is $200 per year
MIRAI ASSOCIATES                                                                                                                         for the first seven lines, plus $40 per
Transportation Planning ● Traffic Engineering ● Travel Demand
Forecasting ● Growth Management
                                                                                                                                         additional line. Web links on our Web site,
11410 NE 122nd Way NE, Suite 320                                                                                                         with logo placements, are available for an
(425) 820-0100            FAX (425) 821-1750                                                                                             additional $120 per year.

                                                                               www.w                                                                                         Page 15
 Westernite                                                                                                                                                       November–December 2004

        Official Publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers                                                            Nov–Dec 2004 Vol. 58 No. 6

                                                                District 6 Officers for 2004 – 2005
Transportation and Transit Planning, Traffic Engineering,
Civil/Structural Engineering Design
Denver                (303) 293-8080
Phoenix               (602) 371-1100
Portland              (503) 224-4706                            President                                          District International Director                    District Administrator
Salt Lake City        (801) 904-4000                            Zaki M. Mustafa, P.E.                              Ray Davis, PE, PTOE                                Jenny Grote, P.E., PTOE
San Diego             (619) 557-0580                            City of Los Angeles                                City of Belmont                                    City of Phoenix Street Transp. Dept.
Seattle               (206) 727-3367                            221 N. Figueroa St., Suite 300                     1070 Sixth Avenue, Suite 306                       200 W. Washington St, 6th Floor
Santa Ana             (714) 835-6886                            Los Angeles, CA 90012                              Belmont, CA 94002                                  Phoenix, AZ 85003-1611
Tucson                (520) 887-1800
                                                                (213) 580-5361                                     (650) 595-7459                                     (602) 262-7597
VRPA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.                                                                                 (602) 495-0336 fax
Certified DBE/MBE                                                                                                                                           
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● ITS ●           Vice President                                     District International Director
Modeling ● Signal Systems ● Parking ● Environmental             Ken Ackeret, P.E., Ph.D., PTOE                     Pat Noyes                                          International Vice President
Fresno, CA           (559) 271-1200
                                                                Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.                   Pat Noyes & Associates                             Tim Harpst, P.E. PTOE
San Diego, CA        (858) 566-1766                             1050 E. Flamingo Road, Suite S210                  1566 County Road 83                                City of Salt Lake City
                                                                Las Vegas, NV 89119                                Boulder, CO 80302                                  349 South 200 East, Suite 450
WASHINGTON GROUP INTERNATIONAL                                  (702) 734-5666                                     (303) 440-8171                                     Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Signal          (702) 735-4949 fax                                                          (801) 535-6630
Systems ● Signal Timing ● ITS ● Environmental Studies ●                                                                           (801) 535-6019 fax
Corridor Planning ● Transit/Rail ● Tollways ● Civil/Roadway ●
                                                                                                                   District International Director          
720 Park Blvd, P.O. Box 73, Boise, ID 83729                     Secretary-Treasurer                                Rock Miller, P.E., PTOE
Tel: (208) 386-5000 ● Fax: (208) 386-5180                       Dalene J. Whitlock, P.E., PTOE                     Katz, Okitsu & Associates
Offices: Irvine & Oakland, CA; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV;       Whitlock & Weinberger Transp.                      17852 E. Seventeenth St, Suite 102
Dallas & Houston, TX; Bellevue, WA; Cheyenne, WY                509 Seventh Street, Suite 101                      Tustin, CA 92780
                                                                Santa Rosa, CA 95401                               (714) 573-0317
Traffic Engineering and Design ● Transportation Planning ●
                                                                (707) 542-9500                                     (714) 573-3172 fax
Highway Design ● Environmental Documentation                    (707) 542-9590 fax                       
3788 McCray Street        Phone (909) 686-1070        
Riverside, CA 92506       Fax (909) 788-1256                                                                       District International Director–Elect                                          Past President                                     Rory Grindley, P.E., PTOE
                                                                Ransford S. McCourt, P.E., PTOE                    Pierce County Public Works &
"W-Trans," a certified DBE/WBE
                                                                DKS Associates                                     Utilities Department
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Designs for     1400 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 500                    2401 S. 35th Street, Room 150
Livable Communities ● Municipal Services ● Pedestrian           Portland, OR 97201                                 Tacoma, WA 98409                                   Local Arrangements Committee Chair:
Safety/Planning ● Traffic Calming ● Roundabouts ● Traffic       (503) 243-3500                                     (253) 798-7250                                     Michael Sanderson, P.E., PTOE
Signal Design/Timing                                            (503) 243-1934 fax                                 (253) 798-3661 fax
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 542-9500
                                                                                                                                                                      Engineering, Inc.
                                                                                                      1260 S. 32nd St W
WILBUR SMITH ASSOCIATES                                                                                                                                               Billings, MT 59102
Traffic Engineering ● Transportation Planning ● Rail ●                                                                                                                (406) 656-5255
Highways ● Transit ● Parking ● Traffic Signals ● ITS ●                                                                                                                (406) 656-0967 fax
Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning ● TSM                                                                                                                       
San Francisco, CA       (415) 495-6201
Los Angeles, CA         (213) 627-3855
Salt Lake City, UT      (801) 363-3955                          Managing Editor                                   Technical Editor                                   Webmaster
Seattle, WA             (425) 821-4887                          John A. Kerenyi, P.E., PTOE                       Nathan M. Larson, P.E., PTOE                       Jon Pascal, P.E.
Tempe, AZ               (480) 775-4344
                                                                Kimley-Horn and Associates                        URS Corporation                                    The Transpo Group
                                                                2100 W Orangewood Ave                             1225 17th Street, Suite 200                        11730 118th Avenue NE
WILLDAN                                                         Suite 140                                         Denver, CO 80202                                   Suite 600
Engineers and Planners ● Traffic Engineering ● Transportation   Orange, CA 92868                                  (303) 299-7835                                     Kirkland, WA 98034-7120
Planning ● Complete Municipal Services ● Revenue
Management                                                      (714) 939-1030                                    (303) 293-8585 fax                                 (425) 821-3665 x 230
2125 E Katella Ave #200                                         (714) 938-9488 fax                                                  (425) 825-8434 fax
Anaheim, CA 92806-6073        (714) 940-6300
Regional Offices in Anaheim, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San
Bernardino, San Diego, Phoenix, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento
and Ventura                                                     WesternITE newsletter is the official publication of District 6 of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Its purpose is to share information
                                                                on transportation topics between members and to communicate to members the activities of District 6. Articles relating to these purposes are
Y&C TRANSPORTATION CONSULTANTS, INC.                            always welcomed and may be sent to either editor. The opinions, findings, techniques and specific equipment cited by individual authors of
Traffic Engineering ● Traffic Signal & Lighting Design ●        WesternITE newsletter articles do not constitute the endorsement of same by WesternITE. Reprint of any newsletter material (except if
Signing and Striping ● Construction Zone Traffic Control        copyrighted) for the purpose of sharing technical information is permissible given that proper reference and the above paragraph accompany
3250 Ramos Circle, Sacramento, CA 95827                         the reprint.
(916) 366-8000              Fax (916) 366-8008
                                                                     Westernite                                                                                                   ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
                                                                    ITE District 6                                                                                               LOS ANGELES, CA
                                                                    c/o John Kerenyi
                                                                                                                                                                                  PERMIT # 32365
  Change of Address:                                                Kimley-Horn and Associates
                                                                    2100 W Orangewood Avenue, Suite 140
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  or call, fax, or mail changes to:                                 Dated Material - Time Value
  Institute of Transportation Engineers
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  (202) 289-0222 / Fax: (202) 289-7722

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