Engage Targets with an M16 Series Rifle by L4522foG


Engage Targets with an M16-Series Rifle/M4 Series Carbine Using an AN/PAQ-4-Series Aiming Light
Conditions: Given an M16-series rifle/M4-series carbine with a mounted, zeroed, and operational AN/PAQ-4 aiming light, at
least one magazine with ammunition, engage able targets, and a requirement to engage such targets.
Standards: Detect, identify as threat, and determine range to targets in assigned sector of fire; fire the M16-series rifle/M4-series
carbine using the AN/PAQ-4 aiming light and appropriate engagement techniques so that each target is hit or suppressed.
                        Performance Steps
                        1.   Ensure the ON/OFF switch is set to the correct position.
                             a. Activate the AN/PAQ-4 in the #4 ON MOMENTARY position when
                        using the M16A1/A2.
                             b. Activate the AN/PAQ-4 in the #2 ON MOMENTARY position when
                        using the M4.
                        2. Detect targets.
                        Note: Detection of targets depends on your position, your skill in scanning, and your ability
                        to observe the area and recognize target indicators. The three methods of search are the self-
                        preservation method, the 50-meter overlapping strip method, and by maintaining
                        observation of the area.
                        3.   Assume an appropriate firing position.
                        Note: Assuming an appropriate firing position includes selecting the best available cover
                        the situation allows. The firing position selected should protect you from enemy fire and
                        observation, yet allow you to place effective fire on targets in your sector of fire.
                        4.   Determine range to targets.
                        5.   Identify targets by distinguish between threat and non-threat targets.
                        6.   Fire on targets using the AN/PAQ-4.
                             a. Use the AN/PAQ-4 by—
                                   (1) Pressing the ON/OFF switch against the weapon handguard to
                        activate the infrared aiming light (IAL) and project an infrared pulsing spot
                        toward the target.
                                   (2) Firing the weapon when the IAL is on the desired point of impact.
                                   (3) Releasing the ON/OFF switch to deactivate the IAL.
                             b. Use appropriate aiming and engagement techniques.
                        Note: Aiming and engagement techniques include combat fire techniques, CBRN firing,
                        night firing, moving targets, and short-range marksmanship techniques.
                             c. Fire on the targets until they are destroyed, suppressed, or you receive
                        an order to cease fire.

Evaluation Preparation: Setup: Provide the Soldier with the equipment and/or materials described in the conditions statement.
Brief Soldier: Tell the Soldier what is expected by reviewing the task standards. Stress the importance of observing all cautions,
warnings, and dangers to avoid injury to personnel and, if applicable, damage to equipment.
                        Performance Measures                                                        GO       NO GO
                        1. Ensured the ON/OFF switch was set to the correct                         ——        ——
                        2. Detected targets.                                                        ——        ——

                        3.   Assumed an appropriate firing position.                                ——        ——

                        4.   Determined range to targets.                                           ——        ——

                        5. Identified targets by distinguishing between threat and                  ——        ——
                        non-threat targets.
                       Performance Measures                             GO   NO GO
                       6.   Fired on targets using the AN/PAQ-4.        ——   ——

Evaluation Guidance: Refer to chapter 1, paragraph 1-9e, (1) and (2).
Related: FM 3-21.75 (FM 21-75) and FM 3-22-9

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