The Falcon is a motion sensor by 3WzFb4


                                                           APPLICATION NOTES
                                                             Industrial Doors


TECHNICAL       Supply voltage                                         12 to 24 VAC / VDC: -5% to +10%
SPECIFICATION   Mounting heights (two different sensors)
                              Standard                                FALCON: from 11.5 to 23’
                              Xtra Low                                FALCON XL: from 6.5 to 11.5’
                Operating temperature range                            -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to +60°C)
                Degree of protection                                   NEMA 4
                Tilt angle                                             0° to 180° in elevation
                Dimensions                                             6.54” D x 4.14” W x 3.82” H
                Technology                                             Microwave
                Microwave (Activation) Pattern                         Wide pattern (FALCON XL): 13’ (W) x 6.5’ (D) for a mounting
                                                                       height of 8.2’
                                                                       Narrow pattern (FALCON): 13’ (W) x 16’ (D) for a mounting
                                                                       height of 16
                Detection Mode:                                        Bi-Directional: Uni-Directional Approach: Uni-Directional
                Housing                                                ABS and Polycarbonate
                Bracket Material                                       Black anodized aluminum

                      The Falcon sensor is a choice over inductive ground loops. Short installation time, and remote control
                       programming make it very user-friendly.
                      Sensor comes packaged with a 30’ 5-conductor cable.
                      The Falcon has the ability to discriminate between people and vehicles.
                      The sensor has the ability to ignore approaching or departing traffic.
                      When the sensor is used in a “vehicle only” mode, parallel traffic rejection is inherent to the operation.
                      The housing is NEMA 4 rated and is extremely reliable in abusive environments. May also be used in areas
                       requiring NEMA 4, but not necessarily vehicular traffic.
                      The mounting bracket allows for wall mount or overhead ceiling mount.
                      Sensor should not be mounted to high vibration surfaces such as a door canopy that houses the operating
                      Sensor should not be placed near metal halide lights.
                      For maximum sensitivity and function, sensor should not be placed behind anything.
                      Remember. The Falcon is a motion sensor, and thus still requires some type of presence sensing device for most
                       applications (ie. Safety beams, overhead infrared curtain – see also BEA, Inc. Microcell, FlexIR, Iris and DK12)
                      The Falcon is also available in an explosion proof housing – Falcon EX.

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