Google Chrome OS How Will it Fit in Today s Operating System Landscape (PDF) by CarrieBevill


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Chrome Beta for Android browser demo:

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The Chrome and Android operating systems are Google's two newly developed platforms that
they are working on. Chrome OS is primarily based on their Chrome browser that runs web
applications. It is designed to be a very simple, intuitive computer operating system that can be
used on a number of devices. The question is, where will this platform really fit in?

It is difficult to determine many people will switch over to Chrome OS. One big problem is that
Android already exists. It is on a number of mobile phones now and soon to be netbooks and
tablet computers. Developers and manufacturers have been using and developing for Android
much more than Chrome. While it is a good browser, there doesn't seem to be a place for it yet in
the market place.

Some have argued that Chrome OS could be a quick boot option for Windows computers. The
idea is that you could boot into Chrome to send quick emails or check something on your laptop or
netbook. While this may seem like an ideal place for this type of technology to fit, there are already
quite a few alternatives. First, many can use their smart phone for quick internet tasks. Secondly, if
someone wants a quick boot system there are a wide variety of open source operating systems
that have been able to do this for a number of years.

It seems that if Google wants this operating system to have a place, they will have to make a
Chrome OS hardware device just like they have done with the Nexus One phone running Android.
This could possibly be a tablet computer or a simple netbook that is designed to run this operating
system exclusively in order to help boost its popularity.

Another option is that Android and Chrome could become the same project down the road as
Google attempts to fully enter into the operating system market down the road.

Google will launch the Chrome OS very soon, but many people are unsure where it will fit into
today's crowded operating system landscape. In the very near future, we will not only see what it
can do and where it will fit in, but if it will be a good fit for your particular computing needs.

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Chrome Beta for Android browser demo:

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