February Newsletter 2012

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					Welcome to the wonderful month of February. We’ve had a very
successful first half of the year, and we look toward the second half with
great excitement and anticipation. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching
there is a definite feeling of love in the air. We will hold our Valentine’s
Party in the morning on Monday, the 13th. The children are welcome to
bring in Valentine’s for their friends, if you would like. We have found that
what works best, is if the children just put their own names on the
Valentine cards. Please do not put names of the other children on them,
as it becomes VERY time consuming helping 12 kids find the right bags to
put them in. We have 12 children, 6 girls and 6 boys. A volunteer list will
be available at the front desk.

                           Important Dates:
                   February 8th     Dylan 4 years

                   February 13th    Valentines Party

                   February 20th Presidents Day
                                 (no preschool)
                   February 27th
                                 Field Trip 9:30am

                   February 23rd     Pajama Day

     In regards to the new schedule change policy, Christmas break and spring break
     (according to the Vallivue school calendar) will not count towards your pre- scheduled 10
     days off. All other days will be counted.

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