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									When frustration runs high, economic worries take hold and/ or relationship conflicts arise we become off

Looking at what is triggering your anger and developing new approaches of expressing unpleasant feelings
can help you to feel in control of your emotions.

After looking over this information and feel you may benefit from anger management, reach out - many
resources exist. Ventura County, CA residents are invited to contact me at 805-204-7315

Consider This

"Acceptance of others, their looks, their behaviors, their beliefs, bring you an inner peace and tranquility --
instead of anger and resentment." ~ Unknown

Women and Anger

Anger tends to be one of the strongest feelings we experience.

In general, femaies have been taught to avoid expressing their anger , while males get the message that
expressing anger is more of a normalcy.

Women thus tend to behave in passive-aggressively ( holding grudges/ resentments or pouting/ sulking) or
turn their anger inwards and behave self destructively. Some things that set women off include; others' poor
behaviors, feeling powerless, a sense of unfairness tend to elicit anger in women.

It is not unusual to keep anger bottled up inside (until ready to explode), others may displace their anger on
innocent people (i.e. the cashier, children, elderly, the unknown individual driving next to us).

Men and Anger

Often, when men express their anger in an unhealthy manner they may find themselves in trouble with
others, with the law or ultimately end up feeling bad about themselves.

One of the many tools I use to address anger, includes taking a hard look and documenting the costs of your
anger, the triggers of your anger and more.
Anger & Disappointment

When we feel disappointed or let down, this may be a trigger for anger. Feeling "hurt" usually underlies

There are ways to work through this hurt and lesson its grip on your life and how it may impact the
decisions you make.

Change How You Think About "It"

Do you curse, start name calling, blaming others for your emotional state? When we are angry, we are in an
"emotional state" of REACTING, and we have abandoned all "logic".( even if we think this may not be the
case ).

Try Humor

"Humor" can help defuse your feelings of anger. Try finding the humor in an upsetting situation, in order to
take the edge off.

Therapy Can Help

When anger impacts your relationships, your employment, your health and your life in general a
psychologist or other licensed mental health professional can work with you in developing a range of
techniques for changing your thinking, behavior, and to understand & notice your own personal cues.

Relationship SOS

When Anger
Is Present

Couple's Anger Management Available
(Only if NO Domestic Violence is present)
Ventura County, CA

Anger Management in Ventura County, CA If you live or work in the Ventura County area:

Providing anger management in the 805.
Options include: Therapeutic Support Groups, Individual Counseling, Coed groups and Men's Groups.

Whether you are seeking help because a friend, supervisor or loved one has asked that you do so or it is
related to a court order - help is available.

(805) 204-7315

Your Anger Style - Where'd It Come From?

If you find that you lack the proper skills to manage your own anger,
it is NOT because you are stupid or a bad person. You never learned how to do anger in a healthy way.

Our first teachers were our parents or caregivers
 we learned how to "BE" in the world by watching and incorporating their
coping skills, be it healthy or unhealthy that was not a factor,

We were children.

Can you change this hard wiring, this learned behavior? The answer is a big resounding

anger management techniques

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