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Quick List of People's Misconception on Psychics to a Fortune Teller


									There have been many misconceptions about a psychic and a fortune teller
and their psychic reading abilities and fortune-telling.As many people
have been easily duped by those who claim to have psychic readings
abilities, it has become really important to know the difference and
clear up these misconceptions.List of Misconception about Psychics to a
Fortune Teller and their DifferenceHere is a quick list of people's
misconception on psychics to a fortune teller:Fortune-Telling is True.
No. Basically, authentic fortune tellers do not exist because no one is
capable of predicting the future. As with psychics, they do not claim to
be able to tell people exactly what is going to happen next but rather
they describe trends and paths that an individual might be on, and use
their ability to shed some light on their projected endpoint.Psychic
Advice And Readings Must Be Followed. No, a true psychic will not make
decisions for you. True psychics do not forget that individuals still
have free will over every situation they are in. As a psychic reader is
predicting a trend and not an unchangeable event, individuals can still
change the trends and paths that they are on in their life and thus,
alter their future and change what they don't like according to their
choice.Fortune tellers often boast of the ability to tell their clients
what will happen in their future or the future of their families. They do
this through a series of asking personal questions, searching into the
person's history, or making vague blanket statements that could apply to
anyone at any time. Then they put fear in you, so you will believe them
and follow their advices.Psychic Readers Are "Right" On Everything.
Nobody's perfect! Remember that the reader predicts "possibilities and
probabilities" not certainties, and because people have free will and
this always comes into play, a psychic reading may not turn out right.
But take note; what you consider to be invalid information at the present
time could turn out to be quite accurate in the future.As regards to
fortune tellers, they are known to ask their clients not to share what
they learned with others during their session. In this way, they can
cover themselves when the prediction turns out to be wrong and thereby
allows the client to interpret it themselves without skeptical outside
opinions, giving them an excuse for their wrong predictions.More
information is needed to get an accurate reading. No. Be vigilant of
psychic readers who pump you for information. Though occasional questions
are okay in order to clarify an issue, only a few information is needed
as psychic readings are solely reliant on the intuitive powers of the
reader. On the other hand, as fortune teller are known to go through a
series of asking personal questions, searching into the person's history,
or making vague blanket statements that could apply to anyone at any
time, be wary of them as they can work wonders with bits of information
that you have unwittingly provided.A psychic reader who advertises is not
a true reader but a fortune-teller. No, don't be afraid of the psychic
reader who takes advantage of the power in the newspaper, magazine,
Internet, or signs in front of his/her home and advertises on them. It is
entirely their decision on the way they make themselves known to the
public. What is important is the content of the reading and the overall
general feeling that you get from the reader.

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