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									Permit Tracking System


Our Mission Statement: To offer the most
 cost-effective, intelligent, and achievable
 Data Technology solutions to help cities to
 accomplish their daily tasks.

Our Vision: CTPermits has been created to
 enhance the process of collecting and
 managing the city permit applications.

Our Values: Honesty, Fairness, Quality,
 Dedication, and Results
              Why CTPermits ? (1)

CTPermits is a web based software
 with a friendly user interface that
 allows cities keep track of planning
 and building permits.

CTPermits consists of 4 major modules:
     Planning
     Building
     Code Enforcement
     Economic Development.
            Why CTPermits ? (2)

CTPermits software interfaces with the
 Geographic Information System (GIS)
 to locate parcels within the City
               Demo – Functionalities (1)

 Permits                      Building
      Sign Permit
                                     calculates building permit
      Subdivision Minor
                                     fee and impact fees

     Subdivision Major
     Architectural Review          Generates building
      Design                         inspection forms in PDF files.
     Fence Permit             Code Enforcement
      PUD Minor Application
                                     keeps track of any building
      PUD Major Application

     CUP Minor
     CUP Major                Economic Develop.
     Variance Minor                lists commercial and
     Variance Major                 industrial vacant lots.
     Pre Application               Users can add photos for real
     Lot Line Adjustment            estate opportunities.
              Demo – Functionalities (2)

 GIS                             Admin Tools
     APNs on MAP                     Manage User Accounts
     Public Notice                   Edit Status Menu
                                      Edit Fee factors
 Open Projects
     Shows the status of Open

 Search Tools
      Search Owner
      Search Applicant
      Search APN By Address
      Search By Application
     Search Applications by
              CTPermits Objectives

   User Friendly
   Simple graphic template
   Time Savings
   Security
   Fast retrieval of information
             Minimum Requirements

Desktop Pc:
     Screen resolution: 1024x768 Minimum
     Ram Memory: 512Mb Minimum.
     Pop-up Blocker: disabled on this site.
             Technology Structure

   PHP programming language

   PostgreSQL Database

   Local – Remote Server
                           PHP vs. FileMaker

                                                                FileMaker's built-in
                                                  PHP             web publishing
                                       Any ODBC compatible
                                       database, including:
                                       PostgreSQL, FileMaker,
                                       MySQL, OpenBase,
                                       FrontBase, Oracle, SQL
                  Compatible databases Server                       FileMaker
                      Execution speed            Good               Average
                         Highly scalable
                       Development time        Excellent             Excellent
                              Large projects
                         Mid-sized projects        X
                              Small projects       X                     X
    Deployment without special software            X
Integrates with non-web-based software                                   X
                   Built-in session tracking       X
             Cross-platform deployment             X                     X
            Built-in two-way XML support
            Security, "hacker-resistance"      Average              Mediocre
    Many public code libraries available           X
                               Software cost     free                 $2,499
                     Why PHP

Due to the following:
     Faster
     Cheaper – No license required.
     Very reliable
     More flexible
     Compatible with the most popular
                        Why PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL perform great with tools that
 involve mapping features.
                          PostgreSQL                    MySQL
  Data Integrity      The data has to be            No Constrains
                     correct by enforcing           Corrupts table
   Server Side        Advanced Security
     Speed                 Excellent             Very Good but in more
                                                 complicated instances
                                                cannot index everything
    Stability      Strong reputation for rock
                         solid reliability
     License               No need              Dual License: GPL and a
                           Free Use              traditional commerical
              GIS architecture

Element                   Description
PostgreSQL Information’s storage
    PostGIS Tool that allows to convert the
            information stored in the DB in to
 Shapefiles Geographical files generated by ESRI

 MapServer To create "geographic image maps"

 Search by To retrieve all the APNs by a given
   location radius

   The demo is available at:


One-on-One demo sessions are available
         (remotely or on-site)
     inquire at info@ctpermits.net
        Why TechnoNet Group ?

Strong and passionate multi - task team
Competence – a tradition of excellence
Expertise – over 10 years developing
Customer care
         Contact Information

For any questions and issues:
 TechnoNet Group Inc.
 964 Fifth Ave
 San Diego, CA 92101
 Phone: (619) 233 4136
CTPermits is a product of TechnoNet Group Inc.
         Thank you so much
for your attention and for considering


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