How Snoring Affects People by anamaulida


									Snoring is often dismissed as being a harmless, though embarrassing
personality trait, but most of the time, there's a lot more to it than
that. In many cases, snoring causes a wide range of ill effects that
don't necessarily go away when the sun comes up. In other cases, snoring
is actually a sign of something much worse, sleep apnea. Whether snoring
is a symptom or the problem itself, there are a number of problems that
snoring can cause, both to the snorer and to their partner.The first
effect of snoring is also the most commonly noticed. It is embarrassment.
Though over half the population snores and most of those snore regularly,
it's still embarrassing to find that you've been sawing logs in your
sleep. To most people, the embarrassment of snoring is a passing thing
that they can easily laugh off, but others have more of an issue with it.
People who snore regularly and loudly can be so embarrassed by it that
they insist on sleeping alone, even at the risk of losing a
relationship.Another effect of snoring is an inability to get a good
night's sleep. This can affect both the snorer and their partner. Without
a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep, people have difficulty
concentrating, making decisions, and even performing normal everyday
tasks. They find themselves more easily worn out and their quality of
life suffers for it.This disruption of sleep can lead to another issue;
relationship problems. It may sound ridiculous to say that someone could
end a relationship over a partner's snoring, but it happens more often
than you might think. Few things are more irritating than being unable to
get to sleep because someone next to you is snoring. To see someone in
such irritating light even a few hours a night can actually color the way
someone is seen during the day. People naturally pull away from or avoid
the things that cause them stress. When that thing is their own partner,
they can find themselves arguing not so much because they disagree with
the other person but because their lack of sleep has made them irritable
towards their partner.These are the things that snoring can cause, but
what about the times when snoring is actually being caused by something
worse? In some cases, snoring is actually a sign of obstructive sleep
apnea, a condition in which your breathing is seriously obstructed while
you sleep. People with sleep apnea tend to snore louder than normal.
Sleep apnea can be very dangerous and anyone believed to have sleep apnea
or who show signs of it should see a doctor as soon as possible.Snoring
can cause serious problems or it can be a sign of one. But there's one
thing snoring is not and that's incurable. There are a number of
treatments available, from throat sprays and tablets to acupressure rings
and oral devices. If you or your partner snores, take the time to look at
the options. It could save you a lot of trouble and discomfort.

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