A Glimpse Of Mexico - The Country, Its People And Its Economy by anamaulida


									The United Mexican States or Mexico has a total land area of 1,964,375
square kilometers. Its topography consists of coastal low lands with
central high plateaus and mountains towering up to 5,400 meters in height
above sea level. It is situated on the southern part of the United States
sharing borders along Mexico's north to eastern side. On its east-south
section, is the Gulf of Mexico while Guatemala shares its land borders on
the southern tip. On its western side, there is the Pacific Ocean and the
Gulf of California that partially separates the mainland from the Baja
California peninsula.Its populationThere are 20 major metropolitan areas
in Mexico; one is Mexico City, its capital. This city has about 22
million people as of 2010. Mexico as a whole has a total population of
113,724,226 per census of 2010 and this increased by 1.103% on that same
year as compared with the previous year. Sixty percent of the people are
of Indian-Spanish descent while 30% are Indians and another 9% are
Caucasians with the remaining 1% for others. Majority of Mexicans are
believers in God; 76.5% are Roman Catholics, 6.3% are Protestants and the
remainder of 17.2% represents other religions and those without.Its
working class distributionMexicans are mostly working on the services
sector where 62.9% of them are employed. Another 23.4% of the working
population are connected with various industries like manufacturing,
mining and oil. Agricultural workers account for the remaining 13.7% of
the Mexican workforce. The local economy is supplemented by foreign
exchange earnings derived from oil exports and foreign remittances of
Mexicans working in the United States.A bit of its economyIn 2010, Mexico
has recorded a total of $21.3 billion in cash remittances of Mexican
workers from the United States. This source of foreign exchange is the
second biggest dollar earner of Mexico. It ranks second to oil exports.
The economy grew by more than 5% in 2010.With these economic data and
other considerations, the World Bank rated Mexico as an upper-middle
income nation. This rating has given Mexico a big boost in the world's
perspective as a nation with a vibrant economy. Aside from this fact,
Mexico is considered as the third largest trading partner of the United
States after Canada and China. It has registered a total exports of $300
billion in 2010 and 80% of these products went to the United States. Its
exports are composed of electrical and machinery 38%, transport
equipments and road vehicles 17.8%, while mining and crude oil exports
shared 14.6%.The economy of Mexico is indeed in an upswing mood and it
continuously perks up several industries including the real estate in
Mexico as well as tourism. This could be seen on the number of tourists'
arrivals in 2010 that have reached 21.3 million. Come and visit this
beautiful country!

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