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James Hannah Acorn 1 Acorn 2 Customer Acorn 3 (Ms. Sherana Boone) Acorn 4 (Ms. Laverne Boone)

James: Oh here you go. Game face. Hannah: O this..[unintelligible] [unintelligible] James: So this is the … Hannah: Is this housing? James: Is this, Is this housing? Acorn 1: Excuse me? James: Is this housing? Acorn 1: Acorn housing yes. James: Yeah, We‟re here for the ah event today, Acorn 1: Upstairs to the right. James: Ok Acorn 1: So actually that‟s who you need to talk to you do not need to um ah sit in on the [unintelligible] Acorn 1: Ok? Customer: Ok

Acorn 1: Ok Acorn 1: Hold on a second Acorn 1: Yes James: I think I had talked to you on ah.. Acorn 1: No you talked to Ms. Boone James: I talked to Ms. Boone - Is she upstairs? Acorn 1: Yes she is upstairs. James: Alright. James: Steps here. James: Hello James: Oh boy. Late entrance. Acorn 2: You know how much money you make every year. Right? for every home James: Place to sit Acorn 2: Okay

[Acorn Housing Presentation]

20:18 Acorn 1: Could I help you? James: Uh the the women that you‟d said the, that I had talked to the other day… Acorn 1: Miss Boone, yes. James: What was her name? Acorn 1: Miss Boone. James: Well would she just be able to chance to talk to me for a couple of minutes. Cause I‟d just wanted to ask her a a question. Acorn 1: Not until the seminar is over.

James: What Time?… Acorn 1: You have to stay until the seminar if you want to get credit for it. You can not be coming in and out of the seminar only the break-time or when we um change up speakers. James: Is there, is there any way that I could go to a another seminar in the future just and just speak with her to see if I am eligible initially? Acorn 1: She will not, she can not verbally tell you that after this seminar. James: Not eligible for the home loan, I just have some other questions to ask about um the housing program. And I didn‟t get a chance to ask her during the week because I have to work. So Is there any way that I can just talk to her for just a few minutes. I‟ll be more than happy to attend a future seminar. Acorn 1: So so you saying that you gonna leave the seminar now? James: Because I thought I would be able to talk to her today for like just 15 minutes. So I‟ll be happy to come back to a different seminar to to Acorn 1: This is basically on the seminar… James: But I, I had some questions for her ah- some unique questions You can‟t call her at the close of the day? James: I couldn‟t do it this week and I just want to talk to her now. Is there, is there any chance that she‟ll be able to meet with me for… Acorn 1: Not today. James: She can‟t, she can‟t talk for like 5 or 10 minutes? Acorn 1: Not today because the only problem about that once one clients start talking then everybody else wants to talk. We don‟t do that on Saturdays. On Saturdays its strictly about the seminar and then you make your appointment after the seminar the day you come in bringing your documents and talk about it [unintelligible]. James: Ok, its just .

Acorn 1: Its just too many people James: I completely und… Acorn 1: And we‟re not allotted that much time. James: I completely understand. Its just that I have a unique situation. And I don‟t even think I might be eligible for any of this Acorn 1: You mean… James: and I just want to ask the question. Acorn 1: What do you mean a unique situation. I keep hearing you say that. What are you saying? James: Well, my ah, my partner is a ah, she‟s in a unique line of business and I don‟t know if you allow Acorn 1: Unique line of business? What are you saying? James: Housing Acorn 1: If you don‟t tell us we can‟t help you. James: My girlfriend is a prostitute. Acorn 1: Okay. James: And I don‟t know if Acorn 1: I kind of figured that James: Know if Acorn 1: Okay, but go ahead. James: So I, I‟m running for, I go to Georgetown law school Acorn 1: Uh huh, James: You know James: And I‟m running for a local election and we‟ve gone to a lot of mortgage brokers a lot of mortgage banks and they just kick us right out. Acorn 1: Okay Well uh

James: They call the authorities on us. Acorn 1: Okay. Well we have a Realtor, I don‟t know if um, she can answer that question for you but umm, as long as you have your documents James: Um huh Acorn 1: That we ask… James: Um huh Acorn 1: That we asking you to bring in.. James: Umm humm Acorn 1: When you have those documents ready you can sit down with um James: But, but before going through all this process because I don‟t want to waste your time and frankly the banks have wasted my time, I want to make sure that that‟s okay. Acorn 1: Boone and Boone question. This gentleman is a law student at Georgetown, his partner is a [unintelligible] working girl and they umm have been turned down several times at different banks what um I mean, Acorn 3: What does she have - Well that‟s because she has to show some kind of income. Acorn 4: Yes, sir. James: Well she has an income. Acorn 3: No, no she has to show it. Acorn 4: Okay let me help them out. Acorn 3: Okay, [unintelligible] Acorn 4: She‟s self-employed. James: Yes. Acorn 4: Well what you need to do, um has she filed taxes the last week?

James: No. Acorn 4: Okay, that‟s your challenge. Okay what you got to do from this day forward is she needs to set herself up, you know like, um how do I say this. She needs to start keeping track of income, create a, create a new name herself in business James: Um huh Acorn 4: Not the lady of the night thing but, create the name of a lil company. Okay? And then she needs to start taking track of her income and she needs to file taxes. You need to file taxes every year to establish an income. Even though she‟s self-employee because the one thing they‟re gonna look for the guys that run this are very tight and they want to see two years of tax returns. They want to know that shes got an established income, and then she‟s gonna have to keep records of how much shes, you know like a a log of how much shes making so that they can track that. And then [garble] James: I know. But I hear what you‟re saying but I can‟t make this official. We can‟t put this on tax returns. Hannah: Well and I need a house kind-of soon and I can‟t I mean is there a way I can make up two years of tax returns? Acorn 4: No you can‟t make it up. The guidelines are too tight. She can‟t. James: What I‟m saying is that, you see what I‟m saying, we can‟t put this on paper. Hannah: Yeah you can. How? Acorn 4: She doesn‟t have to James: legal in this area okay? Acorn 4: Okay baby. James: Prostitution is not legal in this area. Hannah: Here we should sit. Acorn 4: Just listen, listen to me for a minute.

Acorn 4: She is in a business. Ok. I have a business. I have a trading as name. I‟m a sole proprietor. She‟s a sole proprietor. James: Um hum. Acorn 4: Okay, what ever her name is. She can be Judy Joe ah, LLC. Your not saying it is what she does, you just saying you just provide service. Its what it is, okay? She provides a service. Hannah: That‟s what America is based on, goods and services. Acorn 4: Yes, it is a service. Acorn 4: Okay. James: Yeah, but its not just any service and this is why everyone else has denied us because they don‟t want to brake the law. And I don‟t want to be ineligible because I‟m breaking some law. Acorn 4: Okay. Acorn 3: Then she can‟t be involved. Acorn 4: You not, you‟re not following what I‟m saying. James: Okay. Acorn 4: You can have a business. She‟s not going to put [unintelligible] that she‟s doing prostitution. James: She‟s not going to put on there? Acorn 4: No, she doesn‟t have to. James: But that‟s the reason for the, for us getting her the house. James: I don‟t they say they can‟t meet with us but Acorn 4: But I was saying Acorn 4: You‟re not following me. James: I‟ve, I‟ve, here‟s the thing

Acorn 4: [unintelligible] I have a business called legal investment services. I made up this name. Okay, James: yeah, yeah. Acorn 4: I made up this name okay. And I have, I own a couple of pieces of property, I have my tenants write the checks out to legal investment services James: Um hum Acorn 4: And I take those check and I put them in that bank account. Now when I file my taxes, I don‟t file under legal investment services. I‟ll file it as a sole proprietor, Laverne LaBoone. You understand what I‟m saying, Laverne LaBoone? James: Laverne LaBoone. Acorn 4: Okay, even though I‟m showing income on my taxes. Okay it‟s the same with her. She can be a sole proprietor and she‟s making money, not saying that its those kind of services but she‟s just, whether she wants ta sell goods, whether she‟s on the telephone, whether she‟s in marketing, she provides a service as a marketer – do you understand what I‟m saying? James: I understand. Acorn 4: Goods and ser, You don‟t put down “I‟m a [unintelligible] I‟m a Lady of the Night and this is where I‟m getting my income.” They don‟t want to know where your moneys coming, all they want is accountability if you have a bank account or money going into the bank to show that you‟ve got income coming in monthly. If you have your records where you‟re documenting your records when she‟s filing two years of taxes. Acorn 4: That‟s it. Hannah: Well, I mean do I have to give all my money to the bank? Acorn 4: If you want to, If you want to make enough money to show a, to be able to qualify for a home

Acorn 4: So you, you need to understand if for example, if you want to buy a home that‟s like $150 – $200,000, then you probably need to sit with a lender. For example and say, I want to buy a home in this price range, if you make a ton of money Hannah: Um huh Acorn 4: Then the lender will say “Okay well you need, Lets see if you make $50,000 a year, and you tell him well I make about $60,000 a year. If you make $60,000 a year then he will do the calculations and then he‟ll let you know how much house you can purchase. But you do have to put the money in the bank so its goin through the system James: Um huh you have to have accountability because lenders want to see bank statements. Hannah: If, If, If I put my money in the bank and they somehow find out the line of business I‟m in can they take all my money and take my house? Acorn 4: No they can not, they can not. Acorn 4: See again, a lot was said some, some its all about disclosure. And you don‟t have to sit back and tell people what it is that you do. Now I have my own company, I provide a service I am a marketer. I, I‟m, I‟m a consultant. James: But, but maybe, I really appreciate this but there is one variable here – It‟s not just her. This housing is gonna be for a lot of girls. Okay. Acorn 4: I can‟t touch that. Now I‟m not interested what this house is gonna be for [unintelligible] …She needs to show accountability but it comes to what the lenders want. [unintelligible] they gotta see two years of tax returns. James: Um huh Acorn 4: And they want to see um that the money is in the bank and they gotta see where there is a flow of consistent income coming in to be able to qualify for the loan. Hannah: Um huh.

James: Well we‟ve definitely have enough…But we definitely have enough cash. Definitely Acorn 4: And see once upon a time, they had what they called no doc loans where you didn‟t need no document as long as you could show income and money in the bank. [unintelligible] but see that no doc some of that stuff has been outlawed at least in Maryland. You might be able to get a conventional, no doc loan but again you still have to show two years of verification. Hannah: Do you have info on the no-doc? Acorn 4: Excuse me? Hannah: Do you have info on those types of companies? Acorn 4: You see, Again, Again, that‟s where your going to have [unintelligible] your going to have to talk to a lender again. Acorn 4: But, but just Acorn 3: What Acorn 4: Just, I just, I tell Oh Um, I tell you what, let me just give you my card. James: Um hum Acorn 4: Just give me a call. The main thing is she‟s gotta get documentation together bottom line. [Garble] James: I don‟t want, I don‟t want the Feds involved. Documentation. Acorn 4: Sweetie. No. No. James: Documentation is is Acorn 4: It‟s legal documentation. If she‟s got a bank account and she‟s gonna have money in the bank.

James: We don‟t, we don‟t, she doesn‟t have a bank account. Acorn 4: Well then she‟s gonna have to make her self out one. Here‟s, here‟s.. Hannah: I‟m kind of afraid to make any „cause ever since I met him I left a group of people and one guy in particular who was abusive and very controlling and um every since I‟ve left he‟s followed me and there‟s problems and I feel if there‟s more paper he‟ll somehow get a hold of that and I might end up dead and then I won‟t be around. Acorn 4: Let me say this to you baby to to keep this for real, okay, keep this real. You have a situation where you can‟t buy a home because you don‟t have the proper documentation. If in fact, we put the documentation together and you start putting money in the bank, ok and its not we have to do it with a disguise, start putting money in the bank and if you make if you make $4,000 consistently just make sure $4-5,000 is flowing through that bank account. On a $5,000 income per month that might be $60,000 a year. [unintelligible] ..your‟re going to have to write it off you‟re going to have to have some expenses. Acorn 3: Profit and Loss Acorn 4: Yeah, profit and loss statement. So you might want to say well because I am a consultant - don‟t tell them [unintelligible] and when you come to a business, you don‟t dress like that. Okay. James: Well, well she has to work later today. Hannah: And, I was working all night so… Acorn 4: But still [whisper] James: Alright, alright Acorn 4: If you walk in a bank like that its just [unintelligible] James: Yeah. Yeah. Acorn 4: Its business. I just want to point it out to you.

James: See this is the problem because I‟ve had my political meetings and she‟s my girlfriend and I‟m trying to set her up with a place so she doesn‟t have to be beholden to some pimp. You know what I – trying, trying to give her a new life. Hannah: And he also wants me to have a place so that I‟m not always around him when he has his meetings and I have someone (staying with me?) James: And she has some other girls some, some what? El Salvador? Hannah: Yeah, their… James: El, El, thirteen El Salvador girls working its just Acorn 4: Okay to keep this real, you need, you can‟t not, you can not buy a home right now until you get your documentation together [unintelligible]. Because, because so many people are losing houses and because a lot of lenders are just puttin‟ people in houses, James: Alright. Acorn 4: So verification of documentation, I, I‟m just trying to help you. James: Well, we‟ve got the money. We got the money. So like you said. Acorn 3: Paper trail, you‟ve gotta have a paper trail. You‟ve gotta have a paper trail. Acorn 4: Gotta have a paper trail. Acorn 3: You have to have a paper trail. James: Okay Acorn 3: So you could say, you name of your company is Hoppins, James: What is it? Acorn 3: Hoppins, Acorn 3: Hoppins, Wha, I don‟t care. I‟m just givin you a an example. Make it Hoppins. Acorn 4: You are a consultant, whatever you consult is your business but that you have to show a profit and loss. Yeah.

Acorn 3: You have to now because of the way the bankin system is goin. She has to. James: Ah. Acorn 3: The only other option you have is that you put it all in your name and she is not on the loan. James: So, I can be the one who ah, I have documentation right? So, I can, I can be the one basically put up the house for it and she can perform tricks in the house. Acorn 3: Yep. James: Okay, and well all those girls too? All those, there‟s like 10 girls? There‟s 10 El Salvadorians. Acorn 3: I understand what you‟re saying but because she has no paper trail, she won‟t be able to get anything right now. Acorn 4: She can‟t do it - She can‟t do it … James: But, but I could do it for her. Acorn 3: Yeah, you could, the loan to be in your name and everything. James: And she can use the house for her business. Acorn 3: How you do it is your business – it‟s your house. Acorn 3: Whatever your doin there is your business. James: I see. Acorn 4: Let me say this to you, James: Yeah, Acorn 4: Since you‟re a nice boy and your trying to put a girl back on the straight [unintelligible], James: I understand Acorn 4: You want to make sure that you distance yourself from that. Straight up. And the other thing is – okay, I know this is no disrespect to you, sweetheart. Okay? James: Um hum

Acorn 4: The other thing is, you can buy the home. James: Um hum. Acorn 4: If you but the home, you have no knowledge of what‟s goin on in that home. He‟s just [garble] the landlord. I. I t, say that again. Acorn 3: You have no knowledge of whats goin on you just the landlord. Acorn 4: You have no knowledge of what‟s goin on, I‟m just keeping it real – your just the landlord. James: I‟m just the landlord. Acorn 4: You‟re just the landlord. And I‟ll tell you another thing. What‟s your name? James: My name is James. Acorn 4: James, that‟s a good name – its my sons name. James, don‟t be going over there. Hannah: Well, I… James: Well, she‟s my girlfriend. Acorn 4: Look, baby. Acorn 3: You‟re missing what we‟re saying to you, James. James: I‟m sorry. Acorn 4: Take your, Open up your ears. James: Alright. Acorn 4: Ok take away the defenses. James: Got it. Acorn 4: Okay? You‟re in law school. You‟re in political stuff.

James: Um hum Acorn 4: I‟m saying James: Yes Acorn 4: all someone needs to do is get wind that you got a house and that your girlfriend is over there running a house of women of the night. You will not have a career. You will be smeared and tarnished for life to come. So what I‟m saying to you, all I‟m saying to you sweetheart, if your going to buy the home. Buy the home, you‟re the landlord. If you go over there and you go over there to pick up the rent once a month and get you butt up outta there and you and your girl friend go somewhere else – you all do what chu gotta do. But I would not be hanging around that house for anybody to put the dots together. Hannah: And I could just, when you know, the girls that are going to be living there, their going to be paying me so I could just, ya know, sinc... give him the cash. Acorn 3: Yeah, but what we‟re saying is that he can‟t hang out at the house. Acorn 4: He can‟t hang out there. James: But, but, but… Acorn 3: We know she‟s your girl friend, but we‟re talking about your career. How far you trying to go? James: I‟m using the money that she‟s getting, you know what I mean? Acorn 3: Okay. But you don‟t know where its coming from. Hannah: It‟s cash. James: I, I, I personally know where its coming from. Acorn 3: Right, but when the police ask you – you don‟t know where its coming from – that‟s what we‟re trying to tell you James: Alright. Acorn 3: We‟re looking out for you. And, We‟re, we‟re..

Hannah: So he should just keep the cash on his boat? O, o, ok James: Ah, this is just too, Ah, I can‟t Acorn 3: If he‟s gonna be [garble] James: I‟m using the money, alright. I‟m using the cash. I‟ve gotta get the cash somehow. You tell me you want me to be disconnected from the house but, I gotta get the money. Acorn 3: Right. James: She‟s giving me the money – alright. Acorn 3: What we‟re saying to you is not that you can‟t go to the house, you can‟t hang out at the house. You know when I go to my boyfriends house I stay for the weekend, the week whatever. You can‟t do that cause your going to be a lawyer. And if you plan on doing anything, you can‟t hang out at the house. You can go there for a couple of hours but the days and nights – no, no. James: Alright. Acorn 3: She‟s gonna have to be at your house. We‟re looking out for both of you. Hannah: You know I understand. James: Alright. Acorn 3: You don‟t want to draw attention. Hannah: I want him to have the best future – I understand that. Acorn 3: Right. Hannah: And I want him to be successful and why I‟m working so hard and bringing these girls in so when he does run for office he has unlimited funds. Acorn 3: Oh I understand, I understand all that, I‟m just telling you since you want to do something political –

James: Alright Acorn 3: you can be doing that hanging out at her house. James: I understand, I understand. Acorn 4: This I want to say too. If you‟re getting this cash money and, and James [unintelligible] you could be accountable where this cash is coming from. So James what you got to do is set you up a business like you a consultant. You‟re the one that needs to say your self-employed cause your going to be having this cash come in. You have to have your, you have to have something set aside for the cash. You the one that needs to establish a business. James: Alright, so I need to set-up a separate consultancy. Acorn 4: So here‟s I‟ll tell you another thing – I‟ll tell you another thing too. Acorn 3: The uh, uh, ummm so basically, Acorn 4: I don‟t have here‟s the other thing, I don‟t have my real estate card, cause I‟m a realtor. Acorn 3: Go ahead. Acorn 4: I don‟t have my but I‟ll give you this card this has my email on it and my cell phone. James: Email – cell phone. Acorn 4: Cell phone. James: Alright Acorn 4: But that‟s, that‟s not what I‟m doing here I would consult with [unintelligible] I‟m a real estate agent. James: Okay. Acorn 4: But [unintelligible] represent a client I‟d represent you on real estate on the real estate side. But, see that why I can talk to you from a perspective of the [garble] side. But you James, still has to, have you worked a full-time job, do you have a full-time job?

James: Ah yeah. Acorn 4: Do you have a part-time job. James: I‟ve had a part-time job. Not right now Acorn 4: Okay. Acorn 3: No, no, no, I was just… Acorn 4: Um, And then there is also going to want to see that you‟ve been making income on it on a part-time job for as well as two years to make income. James: That‟s going to be a problem, that‟s going to be a problem. Because she‟s bringing in money I could never bring in. Acorn 3: Okay. No, no. hold on. Its about time for you to go up so let him – give her a call. James: Alright Acorn 3: That way you can do it on a call. Give her a call Hannah: Also, since you are a realtor are there certain neighborhoods where it would be okay and like people would see me but that he would be safe coming too. Acorn 3: Ohhh. Okay. James: She might be able to help us. Acorn 4: No, no, no. lets keep this real - let‟s keep this real. Bottom line you got activity with people come in and out of a house and you got neighbors, people see stuff. If they see stuff so don‟t think that people won‟t eventually call the cops. SO what ever you do. Hannah: Yeah that‟s a big concern. Acorn 4: You gotta be low key. Hannah: Yeah Acorn 4: Understand? James: Yeah Acorn 4: I gotta go upstairs

Acorn 4: There‟s one other thing I wanted tell you – what your gonna have to do is say that you‟re getting a gift from somebody. James: Okay Acorn 4: Okay, but the money got to go in the bank. Because they want to see verification, that they may want to show verification of a bank account. James: Like a gift from Acorn 4: And, and, and, she gonna have to be a sister. Hannah: My sister, his sister? Acorn 3: Give her a call. James: Alright. I‟ve got your business card. James: Thank you. Acorn 3: We‟ll work it out. And, once you work it out she‟ll tell you what to do - you‟ll Acorn 4: come back to see me. Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah Okay James: I got your business card Acorn 3: Yeah that‟s her business card. When you get finished just come back and see me – once she tell you all you need to do. James: You mean like a later date or Acorn 3: Yeah Acorn 4: Alright Acorn 3: Once you get cause you have to establish that paper trail. Hannah: Well what if, if he just does all the paper work and I just give him the cash then. [garble] Acorn 3: When ever you get finished and you get it all straightened out – give me a call. James: So like next week or something? Acorn 3: Yeah, that‟s right – I‟ll be here. James: Alright

Acorn 3: I‟ll be here all next week. James: What‟s your name? Acorn 3: Sherana Boone James: Are you related to Laverne? Acorn 3: No. No. We just happen to have the same name. James: What a coincidence. Hannah: I really – tell her I liked her necklace. Acorn 3: Okay – no problem. You all have a good one. James: You too.

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