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									And so, this year is almost over. But the Genoa events scheduled for
these last days of 2011 are really a lot: a rich calendar of appointments
is waiting for all the people who will go to the -œcity of the
Lighthouse-• in the last month of 2011. All these events are organized on
the occasion of the earliest edition of GenovaInBlu, kermis of
appointments realized in conjunction with the 51th Genoa International
Boat Show. Between the Genoa events organized in the month of December,
there is one in particular that you cannot miss (and the other events are
also newsworthy): we are talking about Sonorità del Sud. Un viaggio
attraverso suoni, parole, musica (-œSonority of the South. A journey
through sounds, words, music-•). This is an exhibition, set until
December 29 in the halls of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa
Croce, that through visual works and songs (traditional and contemporary)
will narrate the theme of the -œjourney to the South-•. This exhibition,
one of the last Genoa events in 2011, is organized in cooperation with
Goethe Institutes of Genoa, Barcelona and Lisbon, with the respective
academies of music, and in collaboration with the Museum of Caxo of
Lisbon and with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (Macba).
Until January 8, 2012 at Luzzati Museum will be set an exhibition
completely dedicated to the famous Argentine cartoonist Guillermo
Mordillo, where will be on display the works appeared on greeting cards
and t-shirt, exercises books and diaries, cups and every imaginable
gadget. The open time of this exhibition: from Tuesday to Sunday,
11am/1pm and 3pm/7pm. And, another of the Genoa events organized on the
occasion of GenovaInBlu, you can do the guided tour to the Grimaldina
Tower during the entire month of December. Since the Fourteenth Century,
this tower was used as a prison. And this past is still alive on the
walls of the Grimaldina: touching supplications and afflicted
declarations of innocence, mingled with ancient drawings, are legible
within the structure. The Grimaldina Tower, except on Monday, is open
every day from 10am to 6pm. These are the last Genoa events organized in
2011. And for this reason you cannot miss them.

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