Comedy Screenwriting by anamaulida


									Comedy screenwriting does not come naturally to most writers. Comedy
screenplays are very diverse from other genres of writing. Usually a
comedy has a happy ending, while focusing on the characters, their
experiences, actions and reactions. The funny elements are brought in
through their activities or their dialogues. Comic films are some of the
oldest ones made. To date, comedies enjoy a very special position, being
loved across gender or age. Comedy screenwriting is an art form that
requires a special personality.It is fairly easy to write about
tragedies, but with humor things are more unpredictable. The writer can
never really fathom what the audience will find funny and what they will
find lame. While attempting comedy screenwriting the author should keep a
few tips in mind:• Being humorous cannot be taught. It is an inborn
talent. Either you have it or you don't. If you fall in the latter
category, avoid this genre altogether. Just because you can amuse others
does not mean you can take up screenwriting as a profession.• Choose
your genre of comedy which range from buddy comedy, romantic comedy, a
sitcom or a fine blend of many.• Comedies are lighthearted stories
and do not need elaborate plots or subplots. They are crafted solely for
the purpose of amusement. Concentrate more on bringing in fun and frolic
in a light story rather than the traditional drama or the three acts
structure.• Comedy screenwriting proves lucrative since it is in
great demand and such movies are cheaper to make. "Funny is money."
Ensure that your script makes you laugh. The light experience of writing
comedy is often enjoyable for the writer.• The jokes should blend in
well with the script and not seem to be artificially dragged in. These
ought to be portrayed through comical anecdotes rather than witty
dialogues.• Be original. Do not copy others. Audience is unlikely to
laugh at something that they have already seen or heard.• Make it
snappy. Refrain from dragging the story on unnecessarily. Timing the
jokes appropriately is the key to successful writing of humorous
scripts.• Take to comedy screenwriting together with someone who is
full of jokes and natural wit. The two of you together can hit it off
well in creating something that will go down in history.• Writing
funny stories with a universal appeal is the ultimate goal of a comedy
script writer. Quirky characters or ironical situations bring in a wealth
of fun to your comic story.Although comedy screenwriting can be taught,
it does help to have an innate sense of humor. For those who love comedy,
but struggle with screenwriting, a professional writer for hire may help.
If your screenplay is well-written and sold to an agent, you will be
laughing all the way to the bank!

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