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									Animation Animation is hot favorite career amongst today youngsters, 1
among 5 students is choosing Animation as a professional career.
Animation in simple words is worth giving life to a lifeless character,
it starts from striking of an idea, sketching that idea or characters,
and finally animating that character with the help of animation
software's it was just a brief about animation. Let's discuss in detail
as what pre-requisite is required to be an animator, what is the
difference between 2d vs. 3d animation, and finally what the career & job
prospects are? What is Animation? & what are the different types of
animation As we all know animation is moving the static object into
moving object, we see animation in films, cartoons, tv commercials etc.
Mainly there are two types of Animation i.e. 2d Animation & 3d Animation.
2D term "2D" refers to animation that is created using two dimensional
drawings i.e. length & breadth, it adds movement and action to static
images while 3d animation "3D" refers to animation that is created using
three dimensional drawings i.e. length, breadth & depth, three-
dimensional images have a feel of depth to them, thus making them look
more real. As technology advances, it is expected that 3D computer
animation will assume an even more important role in the entertainment
world. Pre-requisite required being an Animator: To be a professional
Animator an Individual must have creativity skills, good drawing and
sketching skills, students can pursue this course at under graduate or at
graduate level also as these are diploma courses and it doesn't require
any such pre-requisite degrees or certificates. Course Duration &
Training A person must take proper training rather an individual must go
for a diploma course in Animation from a reputed Institute Like ADMEC
Multimedia Institute, which is offering highly creative and professional
training for animation course , Institute is offering a comprehensive
program in Animation i.e. Animation Master which is a complete 18mths
diploma course covering each and every important Animation software's
like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max, Mays, After Effects, Zbrush,, FCS
Master etc, Institute is also offering various other course like
Multimedia, Web, Graphics etc & is also offering evening & weekend
classes for working professionals. Job / career Prospects:    Animation
Industry is expanding it has spread its wing in India also from Hollywood
to bolly wood films we see animation, jobs and demand for free lancers
has certainly according to the data provided by computer animators is
bright and expected to grow by about 16 percent between 2006 and 2016, A
person after completing a complete 18mths Animation course have various
career opportunities like   Animator- Rigging Artist, Digital Artist, ,
Texturing Artist, Compositor, Digital Effects Animator , Digital Effects
Painter, Modeller, Lightening Artist Pre-Visualization Artist etc. For
more information plz click on the given below links http://www.graphic-design-

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