Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Are Good and They Are Ethical for Human Warfare

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					It seems there is an uproar in the Middle East and Africa, especially
from the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Somalia Pirates that UAVs are
inhumane and unfair. They are very angry and want them all grounded.
Well, surely they do, but I would submit to you that the reason they are
complaining about them, is that they are quite effective. You see, these
UAVs are terrorizing the terrorists. That's ironic isn't it, you see they
feel it is okay to threaten and terrorize the Western World, but they
don't like it too much when the shoe is on the other foot; surprised,
because I'm not.Okay so, let's discuss this, because it seems there are
some Americans and others around the world that don't like the concept of
robotic warfare, it's new, scary, and Hollywood has really challenged it
from a philosophical perspective with many Sci Fi thrillers such as the
Terminator Series of action dramas.Now then, there was an interesting
article in Space War Online News on December 8, 2011 titled; "The ethics
of unmanned vehicle warfare," by by Alexandra Schwappach and Austin
Smith, reprinted from Medill News Service, Washington (UPI). The article
stated;"The U.S. military has faced criticism over the ethics of the use
of the unmanned aerial vehicles as the number of strikes carried out with
drones skyrocketed in recent years and killed 1000s of people, "I think
these questions would be more relevant if there had not been a human in
the loop," and "In 2010, 748 militants were killed by drone attacks and
46 non-militants were killed collaterally."Yes, these are perhaps worthy
of discussions, and ethicists love to talk about all this, along with
academics who are by their very nature left-leaning thinkers, perhaps due
to their shielding from the real world out here. What appears to be
happening now is a PR challenge brought on by our enemies who are using
the media, and anyone who will listen to hear their plea. Perhaps, those
cultures which allow the festering of terrorists, or turn a blind eye,
and even the terrorists themselves, may wish to rethink their own
international behavior, and activities before complaining about the
justice served by our robotic drones or UAVs in this case.UAVs are
efficient, accurate, and less costly. As the US works to reign in its
military expenditures and put a cost analysis to defensive systems, it's
no doubt that in a good many cases these drones make a whole lot of sense
for a whole lot of reasons. Further if the terrorists want the drones to
stop terrorizing them, all they have to do is stop using terrorism to
serve their skewed view of reality onto the Western World. Please
consider all this.

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