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FionaCarnibella_CV by huanghengdong


									                            Dr Fiona Carnibella
                                                                         915 Pakenham Road
                                                                       Pakenham Upper, 3810

Interest in   Medicine has been a true journey for me; through it I have come to appreciate
Palliative    Palliative Care as one of the most diverse and exciting areas of medicine.
              I enjoyed my medical training, however the reality of working in an often hectic
              hospital system was often less than satisfying. Skimming the surface became
              increasingly uninspiring, and I was contemplating leaving.

              It was Palliative Care that showed me what medicine could be at it’s potential. It was
              the man at home lying on a piece of foam thumping his chest in anger at his pain, the
              man with a brain tumour shouting at me to get out of his house, the young girl pleading
              with her eyes that she isn’t ready to die. There was science, but also pain and love and
              suffering and kindness, anger and hate, apathy and hope, despair and faith; because
              there were people.

              It took Palliative Care to show me how to treat a person, in all aspects of their
              humanity. I think that all of medicine has so much to learn from Palliative Care.

              In combination with advanced training in Palliative Medicine, I plan to undertake Pain
              Medicine Training through the Faculty of Pain Medicine division of the Australian and
              New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

              I am currently a basic trainee with the Royal Australian College of Physicians. I am
              applying for prospective accreditation for Palliative Care advanced training to start in
              2012 with approval pending passing the FRACP exam in that year.

Current       Palliative Medicine Registrar – Southern Health part time 2011
Position               Community Registrar South East Palliative Care - February – June
                                  Assessment and treatment of patients in their home
                                       o Symptom control
                                       o Psychosocial support
                                       o Identification of palliative emergencies
                                       o Reviewing goals of care
                                  Telephone triage and patient assessment
                                  Working collaboratively with Multidisciplinary Team
                                  Communication and collaboration with GPs and specialists

                      Consult Registrar Monash Medical Centre - June-August
                                 Working with palliative care clinical nurse consultants
                                 Review of patients referred to consult service
                                 Identifying potential admissions to inpatient unit
                                 Cover inpatient registrar and ward round attendance weekly
                                 Chronic Pain Medicine Clinic
                                       o This has been a valuable insight into the way both
                                           malignant and non-malignant pain is managed outside of
                                           palliative care.
                                 Attendance at VPMTP trainee education sessions
Career      Basic Physician Training 3 2010
History             Southern Health
                                General Medicine Registrar
                                General Medicine Registrar (nights)
                                Cardiology
                                Haematology and Oncology
                                Palliative Medicine Registrar – McCulloch House

            Basic Physician Training 2 2009
                    Latrobe Regional Hospital
                                Aged Care Registrar
                                      March 2009 – Feb 2010

            Medical Resident and Registrar Positions 2008
                   Palliative Care Registrar
                               McCulloch House Southern Health
                               Weribee Mercy Hospital
                   Renal HMO
                               Western Health
                   Endocrinology/Infectious disease HMO
                               Maroondah Hospital
                   Rehabilitation HMO
                               Latrobe Regional Hospital

            Basic Physician Training 1 2007
                    Western General Hospital
                                Endocrinology HMO
                                Palliative Care HMO
                                Emergency Medicine HMO
                                Rehabilitation HMO
                                Nights (medical and surgical)

            Patient Centered Learning facilitator (clinical tutor) 2006
                     Monash University

            Medical Internship 2004
                   Western General Hospital
                           General medicine (20 weeks)
                           Acute aged care
                           Emergency medicine
                           General surgery

Education   Bachelor of Letters 2006
                    Majoring in history
                                20th Century history
                                Eastern and Western religions

            Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1998-2003
                     Monash University

Clinical Skills      Communication Skills
Relevant to                Understanding the patient and family perspective
Position                          o Their experience of illness
Applied                           o Contribution of life experiences that may impact on distress
                                  o Cultural and spiritual influences
                           Effective communication based on understanding
                           Working as part of Multidisciplinary Team
                     Symptom control
                           Experience with
                                  o Use of ketamine
                                  o Use of methadone
                                  o Management of terminal agitation
                                  o End of life decision making
                           Identification and treatment of palliative emergencies
                           Treatment advice centered around patient and family needs
                     Technical skills
                           Lymphoedema drainage, abdominal paracentesis
                           With further training in pain medicine I would like to gain proficiency in nerve
                            blocks (eg saddle block)

Achievements         Presentation at VPMTP Trainee Education Session June 1st 2011
                                ‘Non cancer disease processes in Palliative Care’

                     Mindful Connections Creswick Conference 2011
                               Communication Skills Session

                     Monash University essay prize 2006
                               David Cuthbert Prize for the best history essay on ‘the role of globalisation in the
                                spread of disease as well as in measures for its prevention’.

                     TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Certification 2005
                                International Teacher Training Organisation, Guadalajara, Mexico

Interests            Photography
Outside of                  Advanced Diploma of Photography Course (1 year) 2008
Medicine                    Cycling photography registered business in 2008
                                    Published photos in ‘ride’ magazine
                                    Cycle Sport Victoria pamphlets and website
                            English as a Foreign Language teacher, Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2005
                            Kingswood Golf Club member

References        Associate Professor Kate Jackson
                          Director, Supportive and Palliative Care
                          Southern Health and Monash University
                          (03) 9594 5347

                  Dr Leeroy William
                          Palliative Medicine Specialist
                          Southern Health
                          (03) 9594 5323


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